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Enjoy the Vue is a Vue.js podcast bringing you panel discussions, guest interviews, and much more to keep you up to date on what's happening in the Vue and tech communities.

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Enjoy the Vue is a Vue.js podcast bringing you panel discussions, guest interviews, and much more to keep you up to date on what's happening in the Vue and tech communities.

    Episode 9: What to Expect when You're expect()-ing (feat. Jessica Sachs and Lachlan Miller)

    Episode 9: What to Expect when You're expect()-ing (feat. Jessica Sachs and Lachlan Miller)

    Get started with Vue Test Utils

    Guest information
    Lachlan Miller
    Twitter @Lachlan19900
    Book about Vue testing
    Picks: Talks from Vue Amsterdam, Vue 3 source code, the movie "Parasite".

    Name: Jessica Sachs
    Twitter @_JessicaSachs
    Website: https://jessicasachs.io

    [00:00:49] Jessica and Lachlan give a brief introduction how they started working on Vue Test Utils.

    [00:02:32] Jessica and Lachlan discuss working on a rewrite of Vue Test Utils in Type Script.

    [00:04:22] Find out what Lachlan says what’s a priority for them in the next version of Utils. Also, there is discussion of examples of things that Vue Test Utils wasn’t really built initially to help people test that they are now learning.

    [00:07:35] For those who don’t have much background with testing, you can hear how Vue Test Utils fits in the larger scope of application and where does Vue Test Utils fit with Jest and Cypress.

    [00:13:08] Mocking and Stubbing are explained as well as the difference between Mount and Shallow Mount.

    [00:26:36] An important topic Lachlan discusses is documentation and what the team needs to focus on.

    [00:31:54] Jessica touches on one of the things they are hoping to address in documentation, and she spills out a couple of cool “SPOILERS!”

    [00:35:41] What is this talk about, “Imposter Syndrome?” It’s just human, let’s say.

    [00:39:18] Jessica mentions things she built on Vue Test Utils before and things she’s trying to refine.

    [00:44:32] Find out why Jessica has a “beef” with the existence of set props.

    [00:48:21] A question was asked what everyone’s main use of set props is, so listen to hear what they said.

    [00:53:56] Elizabeth’s has two picks: A song called, “I Wish,” by Tom Misch and the movie, “1917.”
    [00:54:29] Ben has two picks: A Netflix show called, “Love Is Blind.” And for gamers out there, “Destiny 2,” and it’s FREE!!
    [00:56:06] Ari has three picks: Two songs by Scattle called, “Relay” and “Serrated.” Also, a show on HULU called, “High Fidelity.”
    [00:57:05] Chris’s has two picks: Both are shows are on HULU called, “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” and “Please Like Me.”
    [00:58:56] Jessica has three picks: An App/desktop game called “Mini Metro,” GitHubs new notifications UI, and an old comedy movie called, “Bull Durham.”
    [01:01:20] Lachlan has three picks: Vue.js 3 source code is an interesting read, a movie called, “Parasite,” and a Vue.js Documentary.


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    Mocking, Stubbing, Mount, Shallow Mount
    Vue.js testing handbook
    Vue.js documentary


    Special Guests: Jessica Sachs and Lachlan Miller.

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Episode 8: Vue's Education Philosophy Brought to Schools (feat. Hope Wilder)

    Episode 8: Vue's Education Philosophy Brought to Schools (feat. Hope Wilder)

    The theme of this episode is EDUCATION. We have special guest, Hope Wilder, the Founder of Pathfinder Community School, which is a self-directed learning community for ages 5-14, located in Durham, North Carolina. They focus on self-directed education and applying principles with children. Remember these catchphrases: Is it good enough for now? Is it safe to try? Those who do the work decide.

    [00:01:13] Chris starts off and talks about his background as an educator and voiced his opinions on the traditional education systems.

    [00:04:21] Hope discusses how she got into education and founding a school. The more she worked with kids, the more she saw that forcing kids to learn things just doesn’t really work.

    [00:06:08] Hope explains what it means for it to be a democratic school and how it’s a very systems level of approach.

    [00:11:22] How do the kids learn skills such as conflict resolution and being responsible for getting their work done when working in groups?

    [00:15:41] Ari wonders if Hope provides any sort of suggestions, guidance, or options for the kids to work from or if it’s very much from their own imaginations and personal motives.

    [00:19:36] Chris brings up finding your own resources and how a former student at Pathfinder, now co-works at a tech company and he’s only 15 years old!

    [00:23:08] Ben asks both Chris and Hope about how they feel that self-directed learning relates to development in the Open Source community as far as the relationship between them and how we can learn from that.

    [00:28:00] Hope discusses sociocracy which is a form of democracy. There are two important principles or catchphrases that they use a lot at the school.

    [00:41:12] Chris gives his thoughts on bootcamps vs self-taught.

    [00:49:09] Hope reveals why she created Pathfinder, which was a part of self-healing.

    [00:57:26] Hope mentions some resources people can dig into if they are looking into self-directed learning for their kids. She gives MANY, so listen.

    Picks of the week:
    [01:01:02] Ben’s pick is a book called, “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown.
    [01:01:54] Chris’s pick is to check out self-directed education, like Pathfinder.
    [01:03:18] Hope has two picks: “Outlander” on Netflix and a blog called “Post Secret.”
    [01:06:38] Ari has three picks: two songs by music group “Moderat,” called, “A New Error” and “Les Grandes Marches.” The third is a TV show on HULU called, “Community.”


    Special Guest: Hope Wilder.

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Episode 7: Workshops 101

    Episode 7: Workshops 101

    Do you want to learn about teaching a workshop? Then this episode is for you. Find out if you are ready, what it takes, and the things you can do to be successful.

    [00:01:02] Ben and Chris talk about their workshops they are doing. Ben expands on how he got into teaching workshops. Did Ben really say teaching workshops is easier than speaking? Chris voices his opinion too.

    [00:06:22] Ari asks Ben and Chris how they come up with content and how do they know it’s good content.

    [00:13:10] Ari and Elizabeth want to know what mistakes the guys have made and what things have they learned from them. And yes, they have made a few.

    [00:20:32] Chris talks about using slides.com for workshops and how it helps.

    [00:25:06] Elizabeth asks in running a workshop what are some formats the guys could suggest using for obtaining feedback on workshops.

    [00:31:05] Chris discusses his four different persona’s that he created for his workshops.

    [00:44:45] Ben talks about how he handled transitions from doing workshops to doing a bigger venue like a conference and how he handled it.

    [00:49:18] Krystal Campioni was mentioned about her talk at a workshop on animating with Vue.

    Picks of the week:
    [00:52:26] Ben has 2 picks: Beat Saver (music packs) and an IPAD App called Shadow Draw.
    [00:53:31] Ari’s pick is a Netflix show called, “The End of the F*ing World.”
    [00:54:12] Chris has 2 picks: Beat Saver and Beast Saber. BennyDaBeast is best mapper and Great Yazer. His second pick is a game called, “Turing Tumble.”
    [00:56:44] Elizabeth’s pick is an energizing article at github repo called, “Things you can do with a browser in 2020._”



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    Episode 6: May the Forms be with You (feat. Marina Mosti)

    Episode 6: May the Forms be with You (feat. Marina Mosti)

    This episode features a new guest Marina Mosti, author of the book "Build Forms with Vue.js." We get the opportunity to chat about forms in Vue, her writing process and her journey as a developer and educator.

    [00:01:25] Marina discusses how she started using Vue and how she started coding using PHP, which led her to Laravel, a free open source PHP web framework.

    [00:04:18] Elizabeth asks Marina what made her want to become an educator and put out those resources into the ecosystem.

    [00:05:39] Marina talks about mentoring other women and offering 5-10 minute workshops and exercises to help them understand various focused topics like principles of UX. Also, she talks about the first article she wrote on date-fns.

    [00:09:23] Marina touches on writing for Progress. Then at some point she started working for VoiceThread and created an educational oriented tool for teachers and users.

    [00:11:12] Marina’s book, “Building Forms With Vue.js,” was an idea based on a personal annoyance she had with websites not being able to submit forms. Listen to hear about what her book is about.

    [00:17:10] Ben asks a question about what it means to “mask your input.” Marina talks about Vuelidate and how it’s an amazing library.

    [00:27:07] Ben asks Marina about how writing a blog was not at all like writing a long article. She elaborates on this.

    [00:32:56] Ari asks about techniques Marina uses to make sure you’re breaking things to a level that’s digestible to someone new to programming.

    [00:40:58] Elizabeth asks if Marina has any suggestions for dealing with CSS and dynamic forms.
    Special Guest: Marina Mosti.

    • 54 min
    Episode 5: Productivity Tools, Workflows & Tabs vs Spaces

    Episode 5: Productivity Tools, Workflows & Tabs vs Spaces

    One of the things we love most as developers are our tools! In this episode, we talk about some of our favorite productivity tools, debate the merits of different keyboard layouts, how we work as developers and more. And yes, we even tackle the infamous tabs vs spaces debate.

    [00:00:40] The panel goes over their developer tool stack. First up…browsers
    [00:03:02] What code editors are they all using?
    [00:04:39] What Terminal App are they using? Who on the panel is using just Terminal??!!! What?!!! Also, Chris Fritz brings up alt keyboard usage and terminal themes.
    [00:09:53] Since they started talking about terminal themes, the group wanted to find out what themes they are using in VS Code?
    [00:14:21] The BIG question?? Tabs or spaces? 1, 2, or 3?? Chris argues that the research shows “2” is the correct answer.
    [00:20:32] What is their GIT methodology?
    [00:27:12] What are some of the other favorite VS Code extensions that they like?
    [00:30:38] What is everyone’s one productivity app that they like to use?


    [00:35:28] Ari Clark’s first pick is an app she picked up from Marina Mosti’s book “Building Forms with Vue.js” called Mockoon, which allows you to mock out servers. Her next pick is a Netflix show called “Diagnosis.”
    [00:36:40] Chris Fritz has more Netflix picks this week. A couple of episodes from Black Mirror that he watched: “San Junipero” and “Striking Vipers”. Chris’s second pick is also for Notion. He uses it for relationships as well.
    [00:39:58] Elizabeth Fine has a “backup” pick, it’s a Testing Handbook for Vue Test Utils by Lachlan Miller.
    [00:40:29] Ben Hong wraps up this week’s picks with the Anime “Dr Stone” available on Crunchy Roll. Of course, as revealed in the productivity segment, Notion is one of Ben’s other picks this week.

    • 42 min
    Episode 4: JAMming, MCing, Vuex & More with Divya Sasidharan

    Episode 4: JAMming, MCing, Vuex & More with Divya Sasidharan

    Sponsored By:

    Enjoy the Vue – Episode 4

    In this episode of Enjoy the Vue we sit down with Divya Sasidharan. Divya will be the Master of Ceremonies at Vue.js in Amsterdam, and just weeks after she is hosting a workshop on “Vue State Management with Vuex” at VueConfUS in Austin. Divya is currently a Developer Advocate at Netlify. She believes that there is a better workflow for building and deploying sites that doesn’t require a server…just ask her about the JAMstack. We chat with her about emceeing, blogging, hosting a workshop, and JAMstack.

    [00:01:51] Divya talks about her involvement in the VueConf’s coming up. Vue.js in Amsterdam and VueConf US where she is hosting a workshop. She gives us a quick peek into this intro to Vuex workshop. At Vue.js she is the emcee.
    [00:05:32] Chris digs deeper into emceeing (vs giving talks or hosting workshops) and what it takes to do it. Divya goes into how it was a natural evolution for her.
    [00:15:55] Chris circles back to the Vuex Workshop that Divya is hosting. She explains how it grew out of previous talks she was doing. Divya likes the fact that there is much more interactivity when doing workshops, vs talks where it’s pretty much a one-way conversation. There are also time constraints when giving talks. A workshop provides so much more freedom.
    [00:24:02] Elizabeth was following Divya’s JAMuary posts about JAMstack. Divya created a series, which involved sharing thoughts and insights about JAMstack on a daily basis.
    [00:34:12] Divya explains what JAMstack is...Javascript, API, and Markup. It’s about building sites as statically as possible. She goes in depth into JAMstack.


    Ari Clark
    Elizabeth Fine
    Chris Fritz
    Ben Hong


    Divya Sasidharan


    Divya Sasidharan Netlify Blog
    Divya Sasidharan GitHub
    Divya Sasidharan Twitter
    Divya Sasidharan Notist
    Vue.js Amsterdam
    VueConf US Austin
    Zumbo’s Just Desserts
    Genmaicha Tea
    Black Clover
    The Ecstatic’s “Explosions in the Sky”
    Vue.js: The Documentary
    Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less
    Baba is You
    Weathering with You


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    Special Guest: Divya Sasidharan.

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Great new Vue.js podcast

The hosts have really good chemistry and the conversations feel natural. I listened to the first four episodes, learned some new things, and am excited for more.

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