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If you're struggling to navigate through the dissatisfaction, listen to this podcast.

The Misfit Mentor with Larry Merino Larry

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If you're struggling to navigate through the dissatisfaction, listen to this podcast.

    How Much is Enough?

    How Much is Enough?

    Show notes:

    In this episode I pose the question: “How Much is Enough?”  I don’t believe anyone could answer the question for you so today I will pose other questions that help to clarify what's important to you and to know what you really want. 
    Sources and Citations:
     ( 3 Quarks Daily. The Conflict Between Competition And Leisure
    POSTED ON MONDAY, APR 14, 2014 1:10AM BY EMRYS WESTACOTT by Emrys Westacott
    The social-competition treadmill…the hedonic treadmill  are discussed on p. 102 of Jon Rausch,  The Happiness Curve. 

    “How Much Is Enough?” Money and the Good Life (Other Press, 2012), Robert and Edward Skidelsky 

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    The Truth About Goals

    The Truth About Goals

    Todays episode is for you if you wonder IF you can achieve that important goal. I will share what I have learned about this important skill and you will be surprised at what actually works. 

                                    Books and Essays I cite:

    Finish, by Jon Acuff

    The Happiness Curve, by Jonathan Rausch, esp. p.101 where you can read more about  the principles of progress and adaptation. 

    Miswanting Miswanting: Some Problems in the Forecasting of
    Future Affective States
    Gilbert, D. T., & Wilson, Timothy D. ”Miswanting: Some problems in the forecasting of future
    affective states.” In Thinking and feeling: The role of affect in social cognition, edited by Joseph
    P. Forgas, 178-197. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000.
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    The Road to Courage

    The Road to Courage

    This episode ha been one of the most popular over the last year. We are on hiatus and will be back for season 6 in a few weeks. In the meantime please enjoy this episode and don't forget our website is still open: misfitmentor.com

    There are blogs, video teachings and if you need to you can even schedule a free call with me. See you in a few weeks.
    God bless you,
    Dr. Larry Merino

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    The Truth About Aging

    The Truth About Aging

    In todays' episode we discover that everything we know about aging is wrong. And that there are a lot of pleasant surprises waiting for those who gain a clearer understanding of what actually happens when you're in the 40's. 

    Books I refer to: The Happiness Curve, by Jonathan Rausch. Rausch digs into the research and makes a compelling argument about aging.

    Find  Your Why, by Simon Sinek. This author helps you connect to what is important for you. If you don't know why you do something, the chances are good you will stop doing it. 

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    The Worst Kind of Pressure

    The Worst Kind of Pressure

    In today's episode we will get a better handle on the worst kind of pressure -- the self-inflicted kind. What makes this kind of pressure so bad is that you can often believe it is being created by others but again, it is the guy or gal in the mirror who is the culprit. Please listen and use these suggestions. 

    I also referred to Robert Fritz, Your Life as Art, p. 189.

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    Limiting Beliefs with Miles Nitz Part 2

    Limiting Beliefs with Miles Nitz Part 2

    Limiting Beliefs with Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Miles Nitz. Part 2.
    Contact Miles at 260-415-5967

    • 30 min

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Great ideas and examples of folks who needed to get out of their own way.
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