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Those are the big questions I seek to answer on the UNTAPPED show - a podcast for go-getting humans who want to learn how to make money simply by being them, build multiple revenue streams and live life on your own terms!
Learn how to tap into your potential and create more income and impact through expert interviews, inspiring case studies and real-time coaching with Natalie Sisson.

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UNTAPPED - Make more income and impact Natalie Sisson

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Those are the big questions I seek to answer on the UNTAPPED show - a podcast for go-getting humans who want to learn how to make money simply by being them, build multiple revenue streams and live life on your own terms!
Learn how to tap into your potential and create more income and impact through expert interviews, inspiring case studies and real-time coaching with Natalie Sisson.

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    Eps 95: How to pivot, start over and succeed with Kelsey Chapman

    Eps 95: How to pivot, start over and succeed with Kelsey Chapman

    Ever wondered, “How about I start over”? 
    Now, before you say…..Woah, Natalie! Hold up, girlfriend. What’s going on in that head of yours...hear me out. 
    A start-over can be amazing. It can be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself. And there are tons of reasons for it to happen: 

    Maybe you run a business, but you realise it isn't aligned with who you've become. (Good reason to start over)Maybe you’re playing small and you know in your soul it’s time to play big. Maybe your business just isn’t doing it for you anymore. (Start over ASAP, girlfriend)Maybe you need a change. Maybe you need something new. Maybe you’re just not in alignment with your business anymore; orMaybe you're after a challenge. (Again...a start-over is sounding amazing right now)
    My advice? Listen to that inner voice. It is trying to tell you something.
    Whatever the reason, it’s OK to want change. Change actually isn’t the thing we need to watch out for. What we need to watch out for is how we handle the change. 
    That’s exactly what my guest, Kelsey Chapman talks about in today’s episode. This powerhouse grew a multiple 6-figure business in two years from a blog and side hustle. And then she gave it all up to start again from scratch.
    Kelsey knew that if she was going to conquer the overwhelm of starting again, and not burn herself out the way she had with her previous biz, she was going to have to tackle something very early on. What was this thing? All in the podcast, lovely.
    The main thing, she says, is not to get stuck in your old patterns and habits. We have to shift our mindset. And to do this, we need help.
    One key way to do this is through mentorship, which Kelsey (and myself) are huge believers in. So much so, that she’s written a book about it (what a Queen), due for release in February 2021
    It’s time for you to go from dream to done. Tune in to Episode 95 here.
    In this episode we uncover: 
    ✅ How Kelsey’s lack of boundaries lead to her resenting and totally hating her own business, and how she had to sort that out in a hurry.
    ✅How competency is different from flow - because you might be competent at some things but if they don’t give you flow, you gotta say NO.
    ✅ How to build a new business and not slip back into those old patterns and habits. 
    ✅ Why having a team means you can produce more, go further and be more powerful.
    ✅ What it means to be a misfit in your industry and;
    ✅ How mentoring can literally be a game-changer.
    Take a closer look at Kelsey’s awesomeness on her website.
    Listen to this episode of UNTAPPED where I share why too much change can be dangerous. 
    You can also read about my Madonna crush and how reinvention can be POWERFUL.
    Are you ready to bring in $10K months to your business? Check out the details for The $10K Club here.

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    EPS 94: Create YOUR Freedom Plan - Earn More. Work Less. Be Free.

    EPS 94: Create YOUR Freedom Plan - Earn More. Work Less. Be Free.

    This week is all about CELEBRATION! My book, The Freedom Plan, is two years old, and I couldn’t be prouder. The book was actually created off the back of a best-selling online course. Why? Let’s take a look:
    What if I told you that you can create your own Freedom Plan? So that you can earn more, work less, and be free? Does that sound too good to be true? Well, it ain’t! 
    There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who’ve gone off and figured out their own route in business and in life, based on what they already know, the skills they already have and more importantly, the lifestyle they desire.
    I’ve spent years researching this and discovering how different people can achieve these goals. And then I wrote a book about it! So, that’s what we’re looking at today on the UNTAPPED podcast.
    Before we dive in, it’s important to tell you about a moment in my life that I’ll never forget. I’d developed knowledge about social media in a tech start-up that I’d created. And I realised that I could take all the knowledge I had, and run workshops and courses, and make money from them. 
    I was like, what the what? It meant that I could package everything in my brain, and turn it into a business that I could run from anywhere in the world.
    I went from running a social media bootcamp, to turning that into an online course. Then creating a toolkit and turning that into an online course, to then piloting the first Freedom Plan Course, turning that into my best performing, multiple six-figure course, and then key parts of it into a No#1 Bestselling book.
    When you figure out the right combination of revenue streams, that align with your strengths and abilities, that allow you to live and work from anywhere, you have the most amazing amount of freedom and flow. 
    In The Freedom Plan book, I talk about how all of this is possible.
    Just starting out? No problem.
    Don’t think you have anything to offer? Incorrect!
    No accreditation or certification? Who cares.
    All you need is to be able to teach people something you know, that they want to know. To make the complex simple. It’s not rocket science people!
    But first, you need to be clear on your best path to monetisation. And that’s exactly what we look at in this episode of UNTAPPED.
    In this episode we uncover: 
    The TWO main revenue streams, and how to find the one or combo that’s right for youWhat each revenue method looks like and how you can swap between them at any time to suit your freedom planWhat you need to do to find your platform, and MONETISE itHow other people, just like you, are making money and living free by being THEMSELVES (and how can do it by being YOU)What active and residual revenue streams look like, and which one you can smash
    If you want to take this a step further and start growing your six figure business with a beautiful community of womxn entrepreneurs, and receive unapologetic coaching, accountability, support and help implementing your vision, join the $10K Club here.
    I’m still totally jazzed that this podcast is now a video too! So, now, not only can you hear my dulcet tones, you can also SEE MY FACE. :)
    Are you ready? Let’s dive into just a handful of what I’ve discovered and researched for you! Tune into episode 94 here.
    Are you ready to create your own Freedom Plan? Check out this post + video youtu.be/YQHA7IOqtOg where I share nuggets of revenue-building gold from my book, The Freedom Plan!
    To celebrate two years of my book, The Freedom Plan, you can grab the Kindle version on Amazon for only $0.99c this week. Yup! Crazy, I know.
    I’m celebrating with a deal every day for the entire week - you can get crazy discounts on courses I’ve created that bring what I teach in the book to life. Head to nataliesisson.com/freedom to see them as they’re revealed!
    I also have a free E-book, Get Paid to Be You - 10 wa

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    Eps 93: Manifest Miracles in your everyday world with Lana Shlafer

    Eps 93: Manifest Miracles in your everyday world with Lana Shlafer

    Do you believe that you can manifest miracles? Or are you feeling lost, tired, and not loving the life that you’ve built?
    I believe you can manifest miracles in your everyday life. Yes, you, you gorgeous thing! That’s what tapping into your full potential is all about. I know if you stay connected to your vision and start taking action from that place, you can’t help but create your dream reality. 
    I am a huge fan of envisioning your life and business dreams in vivid detail, and seeing and feeling them so vividly, that they become real to you, and actually happen.
    Over the years I’ve done this in winning a Bodysculping Championship as a complete novice, writing and publishing my first ever Bestselling Book, getting to speak on a TEDx stage, having a six-figure launch, meeting my dream man, and more - all through the power of manifesting.
    That’s why I know you’ll love my kindred spirit Lana Shlafer, who knows exactly how to manifest miracles. Her story and the wisdom she shares with us in this episode are truly extraordinary. 
    She came from communist Russia when she was just 12 years old, where any ideal life she could dream of, seemed near impossible in such a bleak environment. 
    But Lana believed, and she did everything in her power to get over to the US, and begin a new life as an immigrant with hope and a dream, like millions have done before her.
    She had to redefine so many parts of herself and everything she knew to be true up until that point. 
    Lana threw herself into her new life, and worked her way up and into a great career in investment banking. Along the way, she thought she could create enough external success to feel fulfilled. 
    During the birth of her twins, she discovered how powerful we truly are, and made it her mission to continue tapping into that potential.
    Now she teaches others how to manifest miracles in their everyday lives, and the seven common limits we have that stop us from creating miraculous results. 
    In this interview, we discuss how these limits actually aren’t a bad thing and how you can work with them instead of fighting against them.
    Of course, we couldn’t have a chat about manifestation in 2020 without talking about how to manifest even through chaos, right? Lana shares one thing you can do to start manifesting miracles now!
    Are you ready to manifest miracles? Tune into episode 93 here.
    In this episode we uncover: 

    Lana’s incredible story of moving from communist Russia to building a life beyond her wildest dreams (ummm...can we get a ‘Hell yes  to this, please?)How doing her own personal development has been her biggest client attraction method 7 common limits to creating miraculous results and how to overcome themOne thing you can do to manifest miracles in your life right now
    Grab Lana’s free 5 minute gratitude exercise here
    Get a copy of Lana’s book: Manifest That Miracle - Learn Why You Don’t Have What You Want and How to Get It.
    Let Lana and Natalie know how this episode touched you @lana_shlafer and @nataliesisson
    Are you ready to bring in $10K months to your business? Check out the details for The $10K Club here.

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    Eps 92: 7 Figure CEO Mindset vs Lifestyle Entrepreneur

    Eps 92: 7 Figure CEO Mindset vs Lifestyle Entrepreneur

    Here’s something I never thought I’d say: you can absolutely go from entrepreneur to a millionaire CEO in four steps. And they’re four pretty easy steps. They just take a lot of YOU to get them done. But YOU are awesome. So, let’s smash this.
    What is the difference between being a lifestyle entrepreneur and being a 7-figure CEO? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
    At least, there doesn’t have to be. A lifestyle entrepreneur is defined as “an individual who creates a business for the purpose of changing their lifestyle instead of making profits.” 
    But we are not definitions in a dictionary, are we? Hell, no. As someone who spent nine years as a lifestyle entrepreneur, I’ll say it again: HELL NO to that.
    And I say it in my UNTAPPED podcast this week too.
    Here’s why: there is no reason why you can’t have your cake, and eat it. Yes, you can focus on your lifestyle, work 20-25 hours a week, and spend the rest of your time exploring the city you’re in. But you can also make a (BIG) profit if you operate a great business, and you’re clear on your intentions.
    I know that as a lifestyle entrepreneur I wasn’t taking myself as seriously as I could have, and there were certain steps I had to take to scale my business. Because, honestly…why couldn’t I have the mindset of a 7-figure entrepreneur, and do it while keeping my lifestyle in mind?
    Besides the profit you can make in your business (did I mention it’s big?), this mindset also helps you achieve the things that keep your soul fed. You’ll hire people, improve lives, and make the impact you want to make.
    So, how do we shift that mindset, and get all the juicy millionaire entrepreneur goodness flowing? We cover a lot of this in the $10K Club - our beautiful community of womxn entrepreneurs. You can join the $10K Club here (aka the most unapologetic badass ladyboss club out there).
    In this episode we uncover: 

    What millionaire business-owners do really wellWhat an integrator is and why you need one, like, yesterdayHow systems can help you kick ass in true YOU styleHow to be memorable (because when people remember you, that’s when the magic happens)Why it is so important to hang out with a certain kind of person
    Want to become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, read my bestselling book The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Create freedom in business and adventure in life
    Want to take that to the next level, buy my bestselling book The Freedom Plan: Work less. Earn more. Be free.
    Want to be a $10K Club Queen, and get that 6-figure journey started? Check out all of the details here.
    Find the podcast post on my website here https://nataliesisson.com/7-figure-ceo-mindset-vs-lifestyle-entrepreneur/

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    Eps 91: Learning to Lead with Katie Anderson

    Eps 91: Learning to Lead with Katie Anderson

    Do you consider yourself a leader even if you’re just starting out in your business?
    I believe the moment you choose to follow your own path and show up in what you are truly believe in and are skilled at, is the moment you become a leader.
    You don’t have to be famous, an expert or have 10,000 Instagram followers to be a true leader. It’s about being committed to your goals, being a lifelong learner, and truly being intentional about what action you’re taking.
    That’s why I’ve brought in  internationally recognized leadership coach, Katie Anderson, on the UNTAPPED podcast to discuss what it means to be a leader. 
    Katie went from a traditional corporate background in academia and healthcare operations, before becoming a leadership coach and consultant on her own terms. 
    She is well versed in leadership internationally, as she has lived in 6 countries herself, and is getting ready to pack her bags again to live in Mexico with her family.
    Katie’s biggest lessons in leadership came from her time living in Japan. She brought home many valuable lessons in leadership from the Japanese culture. Including some intentional dolls that are a tool Katie loves to use in her work. 
    You’ll hear all about the Daruma dolls in this week’s episode. I think the most incredible lessons Katie brought back with her was through connecting with Toyota leader, Isao Yoshino.
    She is a bit of a super connector herself, always looking to build genuine relationships with people who have aligned values. You’ll hear about this and how connections lead her to writing and publishing her book on Learning to Lead, in today’s episode!
    By the way, if you loved Katie’s story and goals, she is a member of The $10K Club. If you want to be a part of a group of women with values and missions aligned with your own, check out the club here.
    In this episode we uncover: 

    How to develop resilience, even if you get knocked down multiple times (hint the dolls do this well!)How to be a leading learner, even if you’re a solopreneurWhy failure can be so beneficial to your growthThe influence Japan has had on Katie’s life and businessHow Katie took the leap from the corporate world to owning her own business
    Learn more about Katie and connect with her here: kjbanderson.com
    Grab a copy of Katie’s book: Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn
    Want to be a $10K Club Queen, like Katie? Check out all of the details here.
    Want more on being a leading learner? Check out this post + video from me on being a leading learner, not an expert!

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    EPS 90: How To Find Your Soul Aligned Purpose with Shanna Lee

    EPS 90: How To Find Your Soul Aligned Purpose with Shanna Lee

    Having an aligned purpose in life is something everyone wants, but not everyone understands. In fact finding your purpose in life can feel like a bit of a puzzle, especially if you’re feeling stuck in life.
    You might be wondering where to even begin to find your purpose.I think your authenticity is where your purpose really lies. But I know, if you’re looking for your life purpose, authenticity can feel just as far out there to really tap into.
    In this week’s episode of UNTAPPED, I’m sitting down with celebrity manifestation and business coach Shanna Lee, to talk about how to find your purpose in life.
    I think the number one mistake people make when looking for their life’s purpose, is that they mistake purpose for a life that looks good on the outside. Because of that, people spend so much time searching for purpose outside of themselves and they miss what’s been under their nose this entire time.
    Our guest today understands that crossroad. Shanna went from being a very successful real estate agent to a soul aligned business owner. The path didn’t make logical sense, nor did it make sense to the people in her life, but Shanna knew this was the right path for her. 
    Before she made this move, she felt like she was out of alignment and only focusing on the external world instead of her inner peace and happiness. She was ready to reignite her passions and truly live her purpose.
    Now she is an expert in leading purpose-driven individuals and supporting the development of their core mission from the ground up.
    Shanna believes we are naturally here to be fulfilled and joyful, and I couldn’t agree more.
    If you’re ready to tap into your purpose and manifest a life even better than your dreams, tune into Episode 89 here!
    In this episode we uncover: 

    How and where to find your life purposeThe number one reason people don’t make changeHow your authenticity is your superpower  Why clarity is so important to finding your purposeWhat labels you need to drop in order to find success
    Connect further with Shanna Lee on her website The Soul Frequency here
    Join Shanna’s free Facebook group The Soul Frequency VIP 
    A great resource to start tapping into your purpose and full potential: 10 Questions To Unlock Your Potential 
    Ready to get paid simply by being YOU?! Grab my free guide: Get Paid To Be You here

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