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Interviews about the pivotal moments that fueled fascinating creative careers. Hosted by Brian Koppelman.

The Moment with Brian Koppelman Cadence13

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Interviews about the pivotal moments that fueled fascinating creative careers. Hosted by Brian Koppelman.

    NEW - Anna Koppelman - 03/25/20

    NEW - Anna Koppelman - 03/25/20

    Brian, with some help from Anna, answers your questions.
    Also, don't forget to order your mug now with all proceeds going to the New York Food Bank

    • 46 min
    Seth Godin - 03/17/20

    Seth Godin - 03/17/20

    Seth explains why this is a time to stop day trading in emotions. 

    • 50 min
    CC Sabathia - 03/10/20

    CC Sabathia - 03/10/20

    Brian talks to CC Sabathia about his life before and after baseball.

    • 56 min
    Thomas Chatterton Williams - 03/03/20

    Thomas Chatterton Williams - 03/03/20

    Thomas Chatterton Williams, author and professor, on the joys and dangers of being a memoirist. 

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Ben Horowitz - 02/25/20

    Ben Horowitz - 02/25/20

    Ben Horowitz, venture capitalist and author, on what it really takes to succeed.

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Richard Marx - 02/17/20

    Richard Marx - 02/17/20

    Legendary Richard Marx on why quitting school and moving to California changed his life.

    • 1 hr 2 min

Customer Reviews

SmittyPDX ,

Brian’s stories > Guest’s stories 🤦‍♂️

Interesting podcast but Brian talks over his guests, often as their making a point or delivering a punchline.

Mr. British Petroleum ,

The Moment Brian's Ego Intervened

Did you know that Brian wrote Rounders, worked with Steven Soderbergh, and that Solitary Man helped get his career back on track? If not, don't worry, he'll remind you of these facts in almost every episode. And if he's not doing that, then he's probably interrupting his guest to bring the focus of the conversation back to himself. Brian, you are INSUFFERABLE. Your need to be called an "ARTIST" is incredibly transparent and you are doing a disservice to your "guests" by bringing them into your egotistical neurosis that you call a podcast. Real artists let their guests talk and ask about them, they don't use the conversation as a basis for name dropping. You did go to dinner with Bruce Springsteen and Edward Norton right?

i8paste ,

A Podcast for Thinkers & Open Minds

I’ve become obsessed with culling this podcast. What I enjoy most is the amount of insight shared by guests. There’s a lot of uncomfortable disclosure. What I mean by that is that people seem to “go there” with Brian Koppelman. Sharing insight or experience they may not otherwise share. That said, I don’t always like the guests - which to me is the whole point. Learning doesn’t always come from the people or experiences you enjoy. It’s a really great podcast for people like me who are pursuing a creative life or simply enjoy being around the creative process.

As of this writing, my favorite eps are these (I have yet to finish listening to the entire catalog):

Christopher McQuarrie
Seth Godin
Robbie Robertson
Gary Gulman
Dan Soder
Learning a lot from these folks.

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