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If you are a real estate agent or broker that is looking to for more insight and direction on how to get more listings, sell more homes to your investors, and work with more buyers, then this podcast is just for you! Every week, Master Sales Trainer and coach Debbie De Grote interviews the real estates industry's best, brightest and most profitable.

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If you are a real estate agent or broker that is looking to for more insight and direction on how to get more listings, sell more homes to your investors, and work with more buyers, then this podcast is just for you! Every week, Master Sales Trainer and coach Debbie De Grote interviews the real estates industry's best, brightest and most profitable.

    Changing Your Mindset

    Changing Your Mindset

    Hello and welcome to Debbie's Tips.
    I wanted to talk to you today about your mindset.
    As you woke up this morning and were heading to work or going to your office or your desk at home, what were you thinking about?
    Were you thinking about the problems and the dramas ahead, that you might be facing in the day? Were you worrying about where your next deal is going to come from? Or were you thinking about the opportunity?
    One of the tough things about being an entrepreneur is that you must create every day from scratch, and there's no guarantee of payment. There's no security. And yet the great thing about being an entrepreneur is that opportunity is unlimited.
    So as you think about your day today, I want you to think, what are the opportunities that I should be taking advantage of?
    What are the calls I should make that will lead to my next big transaction?
    And what am I avoiding that if I just do it, I will have a successful day?
    So remember, think opportunity.

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    Talent Is Overrated

    Talent Is Overrated

    Hello and welcome to Debbie's Tips.
    I was thinking about something as I was reading a book this weekend called, Talent is Overrated.
    Is it truly the natural born talent that separates the super achievers in the real estate industry from those who don't achieve the success they deserve?
    After 20 years of coaching and over 80,000 coaching calls, I believe that while talent is great and it's incredible to be a natural, what I notice to be consistent when it comes to top achievers and top producers is drive and determination.
    Sometimes people who are super talented are content to rest on the laurels that their talent will pull them through, leading them to possibly be a little bit lazy at times about doing the work.
    They may not always put in the effort to laying the foundation, practicing skills, to showing up and doing the things that they need to do even when they don't feel like it.
    However a person who is very driven and very goal oriented seems to always find a way.
    So if you don't feel like you're a natural born salesperson, don't worry about it.
    Because I also read there's only about 2% of the population that would be considered natural born for anything. The rest is just a learned habit.
    So practice your drive and discipline.
    In fact, one of my clients calls it being rigorous.
    It’s time to be rigorous about the activities today to achieve the goal that I have set.

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    Your Pre-Appointment Warmup

    Your Pre-Appointment Warmup

    Hello and welcome to Debbie's Tips.
    What is your pre-appointment warmup?
    I was talking to someone in Canada, and he is the leader of a team that lists over a thousand properties a year.
    Here is his pre-appointment warmup: He puts the top down on his car, and he blasts the theme from Rocky, the Eye of the Tiger song.
    This is how he gets his mind in the game, and maybe it works because of course he takes a lot of listings. What’s funny is he even does this in the winter, even though it's a little cold in Canada in the winter. But he's discovered that that's what he needs to get his mind in the game.
    But how many times have we done the opposite of this?
    We kept putting off preparing for the listing appointment until the last minute, and now we're throwing things together and we're rushing over there. We’re worried about running late, we're maybe even talking on the phone trying to fix a deal problem as we drive, only to arrive with our mind in turmoil and chaos.
    So instead, let's set aside at least the 30 minutes before.
    Remember, there's a lot of money on the table, so take your time to get your head in the game. Take your time to get organized.
    Whatever works for you, if it's listening to great music, listening to scripts, or just driving over quietly thinking about the appointment ahead.
    You worked hard to get to the table, we want to be sure that we're at the top of our game when we get there.

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    Getting The Referrals You Deserve

    Getting The Referrals You Deserve

    Hello and welcome to Debbie's Tips.
    Today I wanted to talk a little bit about referrals. We all love referrals and want more referrals, and yet sometimes you wonder, why do my friends, my family, my raving fan clients, not give me the referrals I deserve?
    A couple of reasons for this could be possible.
    One, they just might not be the connector type. There are certain people who are very proactive about helping, but others are a little shy or timid to bring it up. So it could be just their personality type.
    Also, often we can give the impression that we're so busy and so successful, potentially they think that you don’t need them. It could also be that they're not completely clear on all the market areas that you service. Along that same line, they might not be aware of all the price points that you cover.
    So let's make sure that you talk to them about how much you value and appreciate the referrals, and how you love to build your business working with the people you know and their friends and family, that you're passionate about it.
    Also, let them know the geography that you cover. In fact, some of our clients simply say, “I'm licensed in the state of X.” And of course, let them know that whether it's a condo or a mansion, you are there to help.
    Be sure to tell them how to deliver those referrals to you.
    I always used to say to clients, “I so appreciate it if you will mention my name and give them my number.”
    But sometimes they're just a little bit too shy to do so.
    In that case you could try saying, "Why don't you do this for me? If you'll call me or text me their information, I'll be happy to reach out, because I want to make sure they're well taken care of."
    Make it a great day and go get those referrals! 

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    Structures And Systems To Build Your Real Estate Business

    Structures And Systems To Build Your Real Estate Business

    Hello and welcome to Debbie's Tips.
    There is something I keep hearing. I hear it as I travel across the country, and I've already heard it three or four times this week. "I need systems for my business."
    Great top producing agents are making terrific money, and yet they're saying, "I'm not sure where that next deal is going to come from. I hope I achieve my goal, but how do I create this predictable machine that delivers the same amount of production, month after month after month? I need to be sure this gets me towards that ultimate annual goal that I have set."
    This is probably one of the biggest challenges of the real estate business.
    In the book the E-Myth, which Michael Gerber wrote years ago, he talks about the entrepreneurial myth. Just because somebody, for example, is a great pie maker, doesn't mean there'll be a great pie shop owner. So there's a difference between being an entrepreneur and being a technician. The real estate business attracts entrepreneurs.
    I want you to ask yourself, are you truly building a business?
    There needs to be structures and systems for everything you do, so that you can fine tune those structures and systems to create a predictable process.
    Next, there needs to be at least three to five methods of lead generation. I always encourage agents to start first with their three best methods. This is common sense, going to areas that you're already good at and closing the gaps. When you have your three methods dialed in and running like a machine, you add a fourth and even a fifth.
    Running a successful business includes tracking your numbers. Both your conversion numbers, money and financials, profitability. We need to track our numbers because businesses measure profit.
    Also, I want you I think about increasing your opt-in list.
    Now, there's a difference between leads and contacts and connections. I know an agent that has 20,000 people in his e-marketing list. Now, some of those people, a much smaller number, are receiving mailings and phone calls.
    But then there's this nice large group that are just the community connections that his team has collected over time, that they e-market to. And you know what? They get seven to nine listings a month, often from people they don't even know or remember.
    So think about yourself as a business. Run your business as a business.
    If you need some help, reach out to us. Our coaches are experts at creating a business that is yours, unique and alone, your custom success blueprint.

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    What Sellers Really Want

    What Sellers Really Want

    Hello and welcome to Debbie's Tips.
    I wanted to answer an interesting question that came in to me today.
    Someone asked, "Debbie, what do sellers really want from me when I go out on a listing appointment?"
    This is a great question. Often here at Excelleum, the coaches and I say to clients, let's enter the conversation that's going on in the mind of the prospect. Let's not push our agenda at them, instead, let's meet them where they're at. So if we think about it that way, what does the seller really want from us?
    First of all, they want to be heard. They want us to listen to their goals, their dreams, their wishes. They want to tell us about their property. They want us to appreciate their property. They want us to be the champion of their home, of their value, and they want to know that you're going to fight for them.
    Next, they want to hear about the marketing. What are the things you're going to do to bring exposure to the property, but to also deliver that right buyer? And for all of you listening to or reading this, if you think about emphasizing the proactive marketing methods, you can also get a little bit away from some of the heavy spend. Because now you're showing them that it's not just about running ads in a magazine, it's about the proactive things you do to go out and find the ideal buyer.
    And let's be sure that you're leveraging the tools and the resources that your company provides and always thinking too, that whatever feature or tool we're presenting, we're going to need to also answer the question, what benefit does this provide to the seller? Because to everything you say, often they're thinking, so what does that mean to me?
    Of course they want to know a little bit about you and your track record. For those of you who have a great track record, leverage the power of that. For those of you who do not have a big track record, leverage the power of the track record of your company. Use what you've got.
    After that, are we going to be able to prove to them that everything we say we'll do, we'll actually do? Absolutely. The proof would be in your reviews and your testimonials.
    So here’s what they really want to know, to sum it up.
    That you're on their side, defending their home, defending its value.
    They want to know who you are and what you bring to the table and if they feel comfortable working with you.
    They want to know a little bit about what are you actually going to do to market their home and find their ideal buyer.
    And last but not least, they want some reassurance or proof that you will actually keep those promises and keep those commitments.
    So think about it from their perspective.
    Walk a mile in their shoes, enter the conversation in their mind and make sure that when you're there at that meeting, that it's very engaging and interactive and they feel that you are really listening.

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