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Innovation and futurology in Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing and HR Technology. Matt Alder interviews thought leaders who are influencing and changing an industry

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Innovation and futurology in Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing and HR Technology. Matt Alder interviews thought leaders who are influencing and changing an industry

    Culture As A Hiring Differentiator

    Culture As A Hiring Differentiator

    The employee/employer relationship is changing; employee engagement is at an all-time low, and countless research studies tell us that a significant proportion of the workforce is considering quitting their jobs. At the same time, despite the economic backdrop, many companies are struggling to get the talent they need due to significant skill shortages in some areas.

    So how can employers differentiate themselves and secure and retain the talent they need? A positive work culture has never been more critical and is a strong differentiator for employers focusing on building one.

    My guest this week is Lori Knowles, Chief Human Resources Officer at Memorial Hermann Health System. Memorial Hermann has had some spectacular hiring and retention outcomes in a highly challenging talent market by focusing on their culture. In our discussion, Lori talks us through the five levers they use to drive culture and the results they are getting.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    The current talent challenges in the healthcare sector

    How does workforce flexibility work in healthcare

    Being strategic with just-in-time staffing

    The changing employer/employee relationship

    Employee experience and the moments that matter

    Culture, community and mission

    The five levers that drive culture

    Results and impact on hiring and retention

    The role of technology and AI

    The vision for the future.

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    Round Up May 2023

    Round Up May 2023

    Round up is the monthly show on The Recruiting Future Podcast channel that highlights episodes you may have missed and gives you my take on some of the key learnings from the guests.

    Episodes mentioned in this Round Up:

    Ep 518: Talking About The Future

    Ep 519: Recruiterless Recruiting

    Ep 520: Human Storytelling

    Ep 521: Rebuilding Employer Brands

    Ep 522: Neuroinclusion

    Ep 523: Overcoming Remote Challenges

    Ep 524: Keeping The Needle Moving On DE&I

    Ep 525: Using AI As A Co-Pilot

    Ep 526: Building The Business Case For TA Technology

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    Building The Business Case for TA Technology

    Building The Business Case for TA Technology

    Effective technology is a critical pillar of any TA strategy, and with the current unprecedented pace of innovation, regularly reviewing the tech stack is essential to success. However, securing a budget for new technologies can be difficult with the challenging economic backdrop.

    So what can TA Leaders do to ensure they make a compelling case for investment?

    My guest this week is Jeff Lackey, Founder of JKL Advisors, Former VP of Talent Acquisition at CVS Health, and former Global Head of Resourcing at Rolls-Royce. Jeff has unmatched experience in developing TA Tech Stacks and has some invaluable advice to share on building successful business cases for investment.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    Framework for bringing in TA technology

    Understanding how TA creates value for the organization

    Finding budget within the broader organization

    Creating an agile space to experiment

    Aligning tech stacks

    Avoiding long technology implementations

    How do you get leadership buy in?

    Developing business cases

    Leveraging EVPs

    Mapping talent challenges to specific business objectives

    Advice for TA leaders on dealing with the current market

    Quality candidate experience

    How will TA evolve over the next few years?

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    Using AI As A Co-Pilot

    Using AI As A Co-Pilot

    The vast amount of hype, speculation, opinion, and hyperbole around generative AI can make it difficult to know how to start integrating it into the talent acquisition workflow.

    The long-term implications of AI for talent acquisition are profound, and it is essential for TA teams to get fully up to speed with current capabilities and use cases. So how can AI become talent acquisition's co-pilot, and where is the best place to start?

    My guest this week is Siadhal Magos, Co-Founder and CEO at Metaview. I'm getting tremendous insight into AI's potential by talking to super smart vendors who are baking generative AI into their product sets. Metaview is a perfect example of such a vendor. In our conversation, Siadhal shares his experiences on how AI can save vast amounts of time and resources in the interview process.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    Current market challenges

    How should employers react to the AI revolution?

    Turbocharging productivity

    The top-down drive for efficiency

    How will AI transform TA?

    Detection and pattern recognition

    Making sense of unstructured data in the hiring process

    How is the interview changing

    Building more transparency into the recruiting process

    The importance of specialist tools

    The future of AI

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    Keeping The Needle Moving On DE&I

    Keeping The Needle Moving On DE&I

    Many employers have been publically committing to making DE&I their most important focus for several years now. However, as the economy becomes more challenging and some companies roll back from flexible working, is the needle still moving on diversity, and is it still the business priority that we were promised it would be?

    My guest this week is Michael Barrington-Hibbert, CEO of Barrington-Hibbert Associates and Co-Founder of 10,000 black interns. Michael is an active influencer in driving better diversity and inclusion within the finance sector and instilling a belief in the importance of social mobility. He has essential advice on how employers can keep diversity front and centre by closely aligning DE&I strategies to critical business goals.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    Talent market challenges 

    Wage inflation and overhiring.

    How the pandemic diversified the workforce

    The relationship between flexibility and diversity

    Advice to employers on how not the lose the progress they have made as the market changes

    Diversity of thought and creativity

    Reducing bias in recruiting

    The role of technology 

    The importance of brave organizations

    Aligning DE&I with business strategies

    What will the future look like?

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    Overcoming Remote Challenges

    Overcoming Remote Challenges

    Elon Musk, David Soloman, and Sam Altman are three CEOs who have recently publicly spoken out against remote and hybrid work. Problems with communication, productivity, skills transfer, and culture are some of the most common issues cited but does dragging people back to the office really make these things better? The advantages of hybrid and remote work are considerable, and there are undoubtedly other ways of addressing their challenges than ordering a mandatory return to the office.

    My guest this week is Jen Fong, VP of People at Customer.io. Customer.io is a fully remote business with employees in 30 countries, and Jen offers some great insights on embracing the advantages of remote while dealing with its challenges.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    Current talent market challenges

    Why remote work is so vital to Customer io

    Innovation and global talent pools

    Autonomy and trust

    Dealing with the challenges of remote work

    How do you build community and connection?

    The importance of tools

    Being intentional about meeting in person

    Creating opportunities for people to connect socially

    Building a people-first culture that aligns with company goals

    Ensuring you have the right skills for the future with strategic workforce planning

    Attracting diverse skillsets

    The impact of AI on skills development and recruiting

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
72 Ratings

72 Ratings

J.D. Hanson ,

Relevant Insights Across The Globe Regarding Talent Acquisition

I began listening to Matt’s podcast which happened to air the same year I began a job as a full cycle recruiter in an industry I knew nothing about. I thought maybe during my commute I can learn some tips and tricks to this recruiting thing. I can’t say the podcast made me a superstar at that short lived assignment, but his podcast was a huge factor into why I am still today in Talent Acquisition, no longer striving but thriving. This industry continues to evolve and change at an ever increasing rate, so much so it gets hard at times to keep up. Listen to Matt’s Podcast and you will feel informed and confident as a calm and witty tone invites listeners on a continuous journey to large Fortune 500 companies as well as up and coming startups, peering into the inner workings of what makes a particular company successful in their approach to everything from initial recruitment and marketing campaigns to sourcing and screening candidates and for the lucky who are made an offer we hear stories of best onboarding practices. You cannot succeed as a Recruiter or Sourcer or in any position under the Talent Acquisition umbrella if you do not keep up with the latest and greatest as well as the expanding and changing labor laws that are critical to be informed on. So join Matt on his spirited ventures and find out what hidden secrets some of the best and brightest I'm the industry use that has made them a super success.

SnapDragon66 ,

Critical & Informative

As a business owner with recruiting on my mind way more than I would ever wish, this podcast is a phenomenal find!
I’ve been binge listening and at about 10 episodes in feel more empowered to launch our next recruiting effort than ever.
Most of the information here seems to relate to big and global business so I’m adapting the information to my small 22 person company.
I believe that understanding the larger National and Global trends and tools helps get out of the microcosm of small business that can feel limiting.
It would be amazing to hear some conversations about small business - especially in the professional trades - in the future as we are experiencing unprecedented growth due to the “return to home” sparked by the pandemic.
Thanks for all your fabulous efforts Matt. This is a must-listen podcast and I will be sharing with my fellow business owners!
Monique Allen

Tini Eagle ,

Great Information

The guests are diverse and provide great industry insights. Very current and relevant.

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