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Innovation and futurology in Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing and HR Technology. Matt Alder interviews thought leaders who are influencing and changing an industry

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Innovation and futurology in Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing and HR Technology. Matt Alder interviews thought leaders who are influencing and changing an industry

    The End Of Talent Acquisition?

    The End Of Talent Acquisition?

    It's becoming increasingly clear to me from the conversations I'm having with talent acquisition professionals worldwide that what happens in the coming months will set a course for a wholesale transformation of our industry. Talent markets are changing, technology is changing, employers are changing, and the very nature of work itself is changing.

    So how do we navigate these disruptive times? My guest this week is Joe Mullings, Chairman and CEO of the Mullings Groups of Companies. Joe has some very strong and very well informed opinions on what the future looks like for talent acquisition. Take a listen to our conversation, and I would love to know whether you agree or disagree with him.

    In the interview, we discuss:

       ▪   What happens next?

       ▪   The challenges of the hybrid workforce

       ▪   Disruptive forces in the talent market

       ▪   Building a hiring brand

       ▪   The golden age of recruiting

       ▪   The difference between HR and Talent Acquisition

       ▪   Who has the leverage?

       ▪   Talent Acquisition versus Talent Access

       ▪   Advice for Talent Acquisition and HR professionals

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    Round Up April 2021

    Round Up April 2021

    Round up is the monthly show on The Recruiting Future Podcast channel that highlights episodes you may have missed and gives you my take on some of the key learnings from the guests.
    Episodes mentioned in this Round Up:

    Ep 342: Trust & Accountability

    Ep 343: Scaling Up

    Ep 344: The Future Of Talent Acquisition

    Ep 345: How To Work Alone

    Ep 346: Emotional Wellness

    Ep 347: Change Management & Adoption

    Ep 348: Diversity and Disability

    Ep 349: Automation & Candidate Experience

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    Automation & Candidate Experience

    Automation & Candidate Experience

    As the adoption and sophistication of recruiting automation gather pace, it's essential to understand its constituent parts and the advantages and disadvantages of automating specific recruiting processes.

    One area of the recruiting experience that doesn't get much attention is interview scheduling. A recently published research report from Cronofy has shed new light on the impact interview scheduling has on the candidate experience. I wanted to explore this in more detail.

    With that in mind, this episode has a bit of a different format. My first guest is Adam Bird, CEO Cronofy, to talk us through the report's findings. I then expand out the conversation and bring in talent acquisition leaders Izzy Hung, Global Executive Hiring Lead at Forgerock and Ben Gledhill, Head of Resourcing at Thames Water, to get their thoughts on interview scheduling and recruiting automation in general.

    In the conversation, we discuss:

       ▪   The report's methodology and key findings

       ▪   The impact of a poor interview scheduling experience on candidate decision making

       ▪   Does automation work for all levels of recruiting?

       ▪   The impact of the pandemic

       ▪   Candidate feedback

       ▪   Using technology to facilitate workflows

       ▪   Technical integration

       ▪   Driving differentiation through tech stacks

       ▪   The future for recruiting automation

    Download the report

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    Diversity and Disability

    Diversity and Disability

    Back in Episode 335, I published an interview where we talked about Neurodiversity in the workplace. The episode generated a lot of interest, and many organisations got in touch with me to share their stories. One that really stood out was a non-profit called Creative Spirit, which helps create integrated employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

    Creative Spirit is doing some vital work, and I'm delighted that their Co-Founder Laurel Rossi joins me as my guest this week.

    In the interview, we discuss:

       ▪   Creative Spirit's backstory and purpose

       ▪   Being a genuinely inclusive employer and how the pandemic is changing everything

       ▪   Busting the myths about employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

       ▪   Success stories and shout outs

       ▪   Advice to Talent Acquisition Leaders

       ▪   How to get involved with Creative Spirit

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    Change Management & Adoption

    Change Management & Adoption

    The growth in adoption of Recruiting Technology is continuing to speed up exponentially. There is always a lot of focus on the types of software companies should be buying but often not as much focus on the amount of internal change management involved to make the technology work within the organization. So what how should companies be thinking about this, and what kind of strategies should they be building?

    My guest this week is someone who helps to design change management and adoption strategies on a daily basis. Jen Wilks is VP of Professional Services at Eightfold Ai and has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to share on what makes technology implementations successful.

    In the interview, we discuss:

       ▪   Why change management is so important in software implementation

       ▪   Achieving executive buy-in

       ▪   Pilots and early wins

       ▪   Common pitfalls and mistakes

       ▪   Communication strategies

       ▪   Adoption Planning

       ▪   Gamification

       ▪   Outcomes and success criteria

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    Emotional Wellness

    Emotional Wellness

    After the events of the past twelve months, employees' emotional well-being should be right at the top of the agenda for all businesses. So what can employers do to help, and how does the support they give sit right at the heart of their employer brand and values?

    My guest this week is Dan Anastas, VP of Total Rewards and HR Operations at UI Path. UI Path has made their employees' emotional health a business imperative and uses several different tools and approaches to help them.

    In the interview, we discuss:

       ▪   How the pandemic has affected employee experience

       ▪   Emotional health as a crucial part of well being

       ▪   How UI Path is supporting its employees

       ▪   Thinking about the whole person

       ▪   The role of digital tools

       ▪   The importance of feedback mechanisms

       ▪   Reducing the load

       ▪   Emotional health and Employer brand

       ▪   The future of work and what is next for UI path

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
56 Ratings

56 Ratings

Mark Colgan ,

Extremely relevant

Matt really dives deep in his interviews and has the incredible ability to tease out the most valuable stories and advice. If you’re looking for key insights and actionable advice about human resources and recruiting, this is the podcast you need to listen to. Thanks Matt!

RecruiterinOhio ,

Enjoy listening and learning so much!

I’ve gotten to listen to a few episodes and love the interviews and content. Excited to listen to more.

travelgirl79 ,

Relevant information

I started listening late last year. Matt has great guests and addresses relevant issues to the Talent Acquisition space.

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