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An Irish perspective on news and stories from the world of education

    Programme 395, Home Education Network (31-3-20)

    Programme 395, Home Education Network (31-3-20)

    Presented and produced by Seán Delaney.
    On this week's programme I speak to Lorna Tormey and Pauline O'Reilly from the Home Education Network. Both Lorna and Pauline have decided to educate their children at home and the share the experience for the benefit of listeners who might be interested in doing the same, in the immediate term or in the future. Among the various topics we discuss are:
    Why they began home educating their children
    A typical day of home educating
    Autonomous Education
    John Holt
    Not following a specific curriculum
    A weekly routine that constantly changes
    Giving up a career to home educate
    Choices about secondary schooling and going to university
    Learning algebra
    How different families approach home education
    Helpful sources of information for home education
    Steiner Education (bringing together hands, heart and head)
    Dealing with challenge
    Dealing with boredom
    How active parents are as home educators as children grow older
    Difficult days and creating space for parents’ own projects
    Support of the Home Education Network
    Opportunities for children to socialise with other children
    Play-based learning
    World schooling
    Advice for parents who are currently involved in involuntary home education

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    Podcast 394, Ciara Reilly with a Guide to Teaching Online (23-3-20)

    Podcast 394, Ciara Reilly with a Guide to Teaching Online (23-3-20)

    Presented and produced by Seán Delaney.
    On this week's podcast I speak to my colleague in Marino Institute of Education, Ciara Reilly, about ideas for teaching online and offline while schools are closed. The initial impetus for our discussion was a padlet wall that Ciara developed to support teachers and which is available here. But our conversation covered many additional topics including the following:
    Where to start in online teaching and learning at primary school in particular.
    Digital Learning Framework.
    The value of having children work as a group rather than individually
    Use a timetable with children
    Singapore experience
    Acceptable Use Policies
    What teachers expect from students
    Planning for the future and online learning
    Risk of children spending too much time on screen
    The value of children being bored
    Use of iPads and use of textbooks
    Exam preparation for post-primary students
    Things you can do offline
    Hashtag for teachers to use on Twitter: #edshareie
    And Ciara discusses many resources available to teachers and their students including the following:

    Google Classroom
    Skype Classroom
    Google hangouts
    G-Suite for Education
    Microsoft Teams
    Google Docs
    Quiver 3D
    RTE 10 at 10
    Body Coach, PE with Joe
    Khan Academy
    Epic Reading App
    Teach your monster to read
    Science Foundation Ireland
    Active School Flag and Run around Ireland challenge
    Net Nanny
    Apple Classroom
    CJ Fallon
    PDST Distance Learning Resources

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    Podcast 393, Professor Kathy Hall (11-3-20)

    Podcast 393, Professor Kathy Hall (11-3-20)

    Presented and produced by Seán Delaney.
    On this week's programme I'm delighted to speak to Professor Kathy Hall from University College Cork. In a wide-ranging discussion about teaching, teacher education, research and policy, the topics raised include the following:
    Becoming a primary teacher in Carysfort College
    Doing a Bachelor in Arts degree in University College Dublin, with many other primary teachers, followed by a H.Dip
    Returning to Carysfort to do a postgraduate diploma course in special educational needs
    Starting a Masters degree in Trinity College, transferring to complete and PhD and becoming a teacher educator in Christchurch Canterbury College
    Moving to Leeds Metropolitan University and subsequently to the Open University and two years later to University College Cork
    Her doctoral dissertation on the topic of discovery learning and first language learning
    Her book, Listening to Stephen Read and its implications for teaching reading
    Why some children leave school with limited literacy
    The relationship between policy and teaching literacy
    How the market influences education in Ireland
    Assessing student teachers’ preparedness to teach literacy
    Summative and formative Assessment – Black and William Important Review on Formative Assessment
    Can anyone teach?
    The relationship between skills, practice and reflection in teaching
    School and University roles in teacher education
    The unifying theme across all her research
    Discourse analysis as a research method and what you can learn about classrooms from using this method. In this framework she refers to the IRF – initiation, response and feedback – pattern of classroom interaction.
    Doctoral research topics
    How different opportunities to learn can exist within the same classroom
    Problems with competitive classrooms
    Advice she would give the Minister for Education
    Etienne Wenger Communities of Practice book
    Tara Westover Educated

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    Podcast 392, Darren Ralston from The Ed Narrative Podcast (4-3-20)

    Podcast 392, Darren Ralston from The Ed Narrative Podcast (4-3-20)

    Presented and produced by Seán Delaney
    This week's podcast is a collaborative one with Darren Ralston from The Ed Narrative podcast. Darren was in Ireland to present a workshop at the annual conference of the Computers in Education Society of Ireland (CESI), which was held in Athlone on Saturday last. Among the topics we discuss on the podcast are the following:
    Integrating technology into one’s teaching
    The difference between an instructional coach and a learning technology integrator
    Using virtual reality in the classroom, using Google Expeditions
    How instructional coaches are organised in US schools
    Becoming, and working as, an instructional coach
    Managing his workload as a coach
    Comparing mentoring and coaching as interpreted in his setting
    How he got into teaching
    How he teaches literature
    How he chooses literature to teach
    Teaching drama – using comedic improvisation
    Brave New World
    1984 by George Orwell
    Starting The Ed Narrative Podcast
    Equipment used for podcasting
    Selecting guests for podcats
    Neil Postman

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    Podcast 391, Finbarr Hurley on European Schools and School Leadership (26-2-20)

    Podcast 391, Finbarr Hurley on European Schools and School Leadership (26-2-20)

    Presented and produced by Seán Delaney.
    On this week's podcast I interview Finbarr Hurley about his experience teaching in some European Schools and about his thoughts on leadership. He is currently working as a Coordinator with the Centre for School Leadership. Among the topics we discuss on the podcast are the following:
    Wanting to teach from a young age
    His experience in Mary Immaculate College
    Proving yourself as a teacher when you begin in a school
    The importance of changing career post every 5-6 years
    The importance of figuring out what makes children tick
    Teaching in Cork and Teaching in Brussels
    Designing a classroom of the future
    A synopsis of the European Schools system
    Learning from working alongside teachers from other countries
    Moving to an International School in Qatar
    Working with teaching coaches
    Involving children in parent-teacher meetings
    Teaching without textbooks
    Bringing members of a circus in to work with his students in Germany
    Identifying what is valued in a school, across the school community
    Challenges of being a principal in Ireland
    Providing continuous professional development (CPD) for principals and principals’ needs for CPD
    Why it’s okay for principals to fail (the first attempt at learning)
    One of his own principals
    Simon Senek (Be the last to speak)
    Andy Hargreaves
    Book: Wholesome Leadership
    Luke Jefferson Day, editor of GQ Magazine in London.
    Simone Marchetti – creativity outside of education
    The value of sofas in classsrooms

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    Podcast 390, Liz Dunphy on Early Childhood Education (19-2-20)

    Podcast 390, Liz Dunphy on Early Childhood Education (19-2-20)

    Presented and produced by Seán Delaney.
    On this week's programme I speak to Dr. Liz Dunphy, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education in Dublin City University's Institute of Education about her work. Among the topics we discuss are the following:
    Choosing a career in teaching over one in law
    Becoming interested in early childhood education
    Childcare and the growth of love by John Bowlby
    Her first teaching job
    Doing a Masters degree in education in Trinity College Dublin
    Offering professional development for teachers through the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation
    Children’s early experience of number as seen through a socio-cultural lens
    Looking at how the work of educational researchers complement each other rather than adopting a more polarised approach.
    Her research on early childhood education: mathematics, curriculum, and assessment
    How the area of early childhood education has evolved nationally and internationally over Liz’s career in education to date
    Play, Playful pedagogy, and playfulness
    James McGarrigle – psychologist and a student of Margaret Donaldson
    Why international models of early childhood education cannot be imported directly to Ireland
    Jerome Bruner
    Reggio Emilia model of early childhood education
    Why developments in the last five years have been positive for early childhood education and care
    Choosing a pre-school for your child
    The transition from non-compulsory to compulsory education
    The qualities she looks for in early childhood education practice
    The Katie Morag books with Mairi Hedderwick
    How teachers and children can establish a “shared world”
    Understanding the child from the perspective of their family
    Mathematics with reason: The emergent approach to primary mathematics by Sue Atkinson: 
    Assessment and record keeping in early childhood education settings
    Vivian Gussin Paley Mollie is Three. The Boy Who Would be a Helicopter. White Teacher was also mentioned: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/88364.White_Teacher
    The Erikson Institute
    Herb Ginsburg

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