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Welcome to Strength In Business, hosted by strategic marketing consultant, CEO, author and international speaker Krisz Rokk. On this podcast you’ll find actionable sales and marketing strategies, techniques and tips that will help you generate consistent results, boost profits and increase client retention. Furthermore, I’ll share with you current trends, thoughts and answer your burning business questions.

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Welcome to Strength In Business, hosted by strategic marketing consultant, CEO, author and international speaker Krisz Rokk. On this podcast you’ll find actionable sales and marketing strategies, techniques and tips that will help you generate consistent results, boost profits and increase client retention. Furthermore, I’ll share with you current trends, thoughts and answer your burning business questions.

    Thinking Outside The Box

    Thinking Outside The Box

    We live in a box, we drive to work in a box, we eat lunch from a box, we look the entire day into a box and we go to bed in a box only to repeat the whole process again the next day. This is how most humans live their lives. And then you wonder why you’re not creative enough, why you can’t come up with new strategies and ideas for your business or why you can’t find your soulmate.

    We have lost touch to the very core of who we are as a species. We wonder clueless, shoeless in a 3D world letting external sensors stimulate and twist our perception while sucking in the very life force that enables us to experience this material realm from a higher self.

    We hunt material things to fill a void that is perpetually created by well-designed marketing campaigns that trigger our need for significance, safety or love. The need for growth and contribution is purposefully left out of the equation as it might turn our senses towards our inner world thus showing us the real truth – namely, that we are amazing complete and whole human beings equipped with everything that is required to thrive on planet Earth.

    But who benefits from people who live a blissful and fulfilled life?

    Certainly not the big corporations and banks who rely on the low frequency marketing weapons lack, fear, guilt, shame, anger and lack of worthiness just to name a few of them.

    As old life and belief systems collapse, the opportunities for creating something new and beautiful that is centered around communities, nature, love, kindness and a healthy co-habitat arise. It’s totally up to us whether we want to continue the low frequency lifestyle that’s being perpetrated by certain entities or if we’re ready to embark on a different journey where these triggers have no effect.

    Leave the Box for XXX Sake

    Let’s apply the above to entrepreneurship and small business owners, as corporations abide to shareholder interests you as an employee can’t control.

    Why is it that your best ideas come to mind when you’re out in nature, playing outside with your kids or taking a walk on the beach with your loved one?

    You see, all of these places have one thing in common:

    They are not trapped in boxes.

    Therefore, in order for you to be able to think outside one or multiple boxes is to leave the freaking box. Actually pretty straight forward, yet so phenomenally revolutionary for many fellow humans to grasp.

    Be practical. Stop fantasizing and get out of your box on a regular basis. The answers will rarely if ever come to you in a box and if so happens, they might as well be programs you’ve picked up from different media outlets without being consciously aware of.

    My absolute best business ideas pop up when I’m scuba diving. Once I leave the box in the shape of a boat and enter the underwater realm, my senses are heightened and all earthly matters vanish. My mind is relaxed allowing the heart to pick up information faster without interference.

    In your case it might be yoga, playing tennis, hiking, walking your dog, picnicking with your friends, building castles in the sand with your little ones or enjoying opera in outdoor venues with your better half.

    Everything that drags you out of your box can be helpful for your business. Aside from moving your body to get from A to B which benefits you health wise, you also get the advantage of meeting people and being exposed to new thoughts, ideas and perspectives.

    Who knows, your next client or business partner might as well had th...

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    Your Mess Is Your Message

    Your Mess Is Your Message

    Who would have thought that what bothered me most in my corporate career will one day become the catalyst for my message on my entrepreneurial journey. In the beginning the road seemed a bit foggy but as I dug deeper into the rabbit hole, the veil lifted and things got crystal clear.

    The other day I was listening to an interview by Mark Moss with Mike Dillard on Odysee about building cash flow, mental edge and crypto cycle timing. I used to follow Mike Dillard’s work a decade ago as he was one of the early promoters of online marketing products and a highly successful Internet Marketer. However, as time went by I lost track of him only to find out that he went through some real hardships regarding his health.

    Apart from him sharing how he overcame a hefty mold intoxication that ravaged his brain and mental capacities thus ruining his entire business as he couldn’t generate any income for two years, what stuck with me most was the idea that a negative event can become the fuel for your new message.

    Intuitively I knew Mike was right. Seeing and experiencing the corporate mass marketing mess drove me towards a personalized marketing approach. Concepts that are tailored to individual needs, wants, talents and skill sets is what I’ve been focusing on from day one as a business owner.

    You see, sometimes a little reminder can go a long way and even trigger a post like this one.

    Capitalize on Your Mess

    What are some of the most disturbing things that happened to you? Have you suffered a serious illness and recovered from it? Maybe you made some terrible mistakes and had to declare bankruptcy that taught you a thing or two about what to avoid in business.

    All of us have gone through hardships and just when we think things are in balance, we can rest assured that the next hammer is waiting just around the corner.

    We can fall victim to mess or we can transform it into something meaningful. How we dissect and look at things matters. If we allow ourselves a paradigm shift and enable our senses to perceive the so called negative from a different perspective, we change and so do our outcomes.

    Witnessing how millions of dollars are spent on meaningless advertising campaigns targeting everyone with a pulse and a wallet, was excruciating. Seeing firsthand how marketing and sales silos are kept in an illusionary fight over who’s right and wrong, gave the terms ego and significance a whole new meaning.

    While big brands can more or less afford to play these ridiculous games, although it’s the messed up psychology of employees and teams behind these brands not the brands per se who are the cause of the problem, small businesses are forced to think, act and market differently to stay and more importantly, thrive in these highly competitive environments.

    While corporations have seemingly unlimited financials, entrepreneurs and small business owners dispose of a more lethal weapon that allows them to move and implement ideas quickly. On top of that, the second has the advantage of human warmth as in knowing the persona that drives the vehicle. Corporations can play nice by naming a charismatic CEO whose name will be implanted all over the media, but you and I know that shareholders could care less about what’s being presented to the masses. It’s all about meeting their numbers.

    Corporations will never be able to draft highly individualized and personalized marketing messages that appeal to every single one of us.

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    Hope Is A Beggar

    Hope Is A Beggar

    This is a time in history when it is not enough to simply hope; this is a time to know and more importantly, to know how. It’s definitely a great time to invest in yourself because you are investing in your future.

    In order for something new to emerge, the old needs to dissipate and dissolve. The collapse of the familiar systems causes an enormous amount of stress for all living organisms. As frequency and vibrations change, energy transforms. Those who cringe to the old and are afraid to let go, suffer unnecessarily, whereas the ones who embrace the unknown will eventually thrive. How so? Well, it’s because possibilities only exist in the unknown.

    Evolution stems from the unknown. Regurgitating the same old thinking patterns and behaviors only leads to more of the same results. If we want things to change, we need to change.

    While the majority is desperately trying to force their way back to the cozy and familiar old times, the other group is fascinated and excited by the possibilities they are able to create. This is where investing in yourself pays out. Strengthening mental stamina and increasing your energy to be able to better navigate the unknown with all its facets and surprises has never been more crucial.

    Hope is Not a Strategy

    Hope, similar to luck is a miserable strategy; yet so many people continue to give their precious time and energy to it. The same is true for dwelling on an issue or painting the most negative scenario which again is quite unlikely to happen, unless of course, we really invest our utmost intention and emotions to bringing this possibility into our 3D-reality.

    If you’re a surgeon and a patient is delivered to you after a hefty car crash, you can’t sit back and hope his wounds will close magically. You need to perform your best surgery by giving it all your knowledge and experience, provide the patient with all the necessary medication, vitamins and minerals and ensure everything is done correctly, so that he/ she doesn’t catch an infection. Once you and your colleagues have provided the patient with excellent care, you can add hope as an additional spice to the performance of his natural immune system.

    The same is true in business. You can’t just launch a product, setup a website, write a piece of content and hope that thousands will flock to you by giving you their attention or eagerly opening their wallets. The chances for this to happen are slim to none.

    The legit “overnight successes” you see online are most of the times individuals who have put in a boatload of work consistently for the past 10, 20, 30 or more years. That’s the “ugly” part nobody wants to acknowledge; it’s the thing that is being left out of the equation on purpose because for one it’s unsexy in terms of marketing and second of all because everyone is obsessed with Disney fairytales that happen maybe once in a lifetime.

    The Unknown – The Best Place to Create From

    I’ve dedicated an entire blog post to why you need to make uncertainty your best friend and I highly recommend you check it out.

    Unless you want to go through this 3D-game called life scared to death while handing your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing to the external environment, you’re well advised to embrace and become familiar with the unknown on a cellular level. You need to turn your attention inwards and trust that innate intelligence to guide you.

    After the World War II we have dedicated our lives to accumulating material goo...

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    Decentralization in the Era of the Unknown

    Decentralization in the Era of the Unknown

    The constant push towards centralization raises some big questions and concerns whether this is a desirable path especially for smaller entities. Both centralization and decentralization have their strengths and weaknesses, however, when it comes to enhancing creativity, enabling a more harmonious communication and celebrating freedom of choice, the latter has a clear advantage.

    Often times the either or approach has not gotten us very far as a society. Looking for synchronicities and combining the benefits of different approaches, perspectives, patterns or belief systems is what propels us to new levels of understanding and ultimately, forces us to grow and evolve as a species.

    Lately, the topic of decentralization has been picked up by many mainstream magazines, consulting agencies and big businesses. I’ll leave the theory, the analysis and interpretation of fancy survey results to the likes of McKinsey, PWC or Forbes and I’d like to look at decentralization from the perspective of small businesses and solopreneurs.

    Whereas big businesses can afford to “play” with concepts as they see fit, smaller entities do not have the luxury of throwing millions of balls to a wall and not be bothered if none sticks.

    Why Decentralization Matters?

    During the past months and years we have witnessed the downside of centralization stronger than ever before. We’ve seen numerous people demonetized, banned and de-platformed from social networks and video hosting providers. Some of them even got their email accounts shut down.

    This behavior is destructive and can ruin a small business whose entire revenue relies upon these centralized entities. What makes things worse is that often times one action triggers a multiple with it, meaning that you might experience being excluded from several networks at the same time.

    Fortunately, while all these wars were taking place on the bigger networks, new decentralized blockchain-based platforms have emerged that look very promising.

    If for whatever reason YouTube has cut you off from monetizing your videos, you might consider joining the LBRY network. You might have heard of Odysee by now, if not, check it out. It’s a very popular frontend of the LBRY blockchain.

    Another censorship-resistant, decentralized blockchain-based platform that can be seen as a mix of Twitter and Facebook is Flote. The project is still in beta but with live streaming being launched soon, it looks really enticing.

    Next on my list of decentralized networks that I want to call your attention upon is the HIVE blockchain. With its many frontends and features, Hive has become my absolute go-to platform in terms of blockchain and cryptocurrency news as well as travel tips. Although the onboarding process isn’t self-explanatory and understanding how the network works requires several hours of commitment, what you get out of Hive is definitely worth the investment.

    Instead of being at the mercy of some Silicon Valley giant that makes a boatload of money from your data and the precious time you spend on the network, why not turn things around by holding the private keys and thus being in control of your own data plus being rewarded in cryptocurrency for the valuable content and comments you put out there?

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    Business Lessons from the Inquisitive Mind

    Business Lessons from the Inquisitive Mind

    Seeking the truth in business can be daunting. Whereas principles are key to building a solid foundation and often apply as are, strategies, tactics and techniques change, mold, diversify and transform what once used to be set in stone. Therefore, embarking on this journey with an inquisitive mind will help you lift the veil and uncover tidbits the vast majority of business owners will never experience (see).

    Since early ages, humans have created businesses of all kinds, sizes and shapes. Some do it out of necessity, others out of passion. And than there are those who set out to building and running businesses out of pure curiosity, fueled by an inner calling to expand their knowledge, creativity and intellect aka to push human boundaries and experience unimaginable growth.

    I’ve always been fascinated by the latter due to their unshakable conviction and strength. If there’s one thing in life we can all be certain of is the fact that we have an innate intelligence that awaits every single one of us to be awakened. Those who listen to their inner source will put all their energy into activating their utmost talents thus recognizing that living a blissful life is absolutely attainable.

    How an Inquisitive Mind Helps You in Business

    I love to work with curious people who are looking for different ways to up their business game. Some of the most exquisite encounters I have had so far was during my intensive Facebook advertising workshops across the world.

    By the look of it you’d say these were either some tired employees who wanted to get rid of their boss and make money with Facebook and Instagram ads as they saw people living quite well off of this type of work or a bunch of small business owners who wanted to get additional revenue from online advertising alongside their offline shops.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. I had employees from world-renown banks as well as big tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard or Google come to my workshops armed with a suite of unconventional questions allowing me to share highly-sophisticated advertising techniques that can be applied successfully well beyond the Facebook ecosystem.

    Then there were medical doctors, eCommerce business owners, yoga teachers, farmers, architects, engineers and creative people from all walks of life who questioned the core aspects of Facebook’s portfolio. This required me to dive deeper into human psychology and marketing philosophies in order to convey the key elements of what makes an advertising campaign deliver consistent results over a long period of time.

    Let the following business lessons guide you on your entrepreneurial path:

    1. Know exactly who you are. Know your talents and what you’re really good at. Know your values and what you’ll never be willing to compromise on. Define your own spectrum of integrity, loyalty and boldness.

    2. Practice problem-solving irrespective of the products and services you’re offering. Practice out-of-the-box thinking. Make it a habit to push your boundaries and expand your comfort zone on a daily basis.

    3. Pull yourself out of the business regularly. You need to yank yourself out of your daily business routine as well as thought pattern in order to see the bigger picture and come up with new ideas, approaches and solutions.

    4. See what other industries are excelling at and introduce that amazing juice into your own business. Adapt what needs to be adapted to accelerate growth.

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    Swing it Like Pareto

    Swing it Like Pareto

    According to the Pareto principle, 20% of the products, services, features, you name it, generates 80% of the business. I’ve seen this principle play out in big corporations with 400+ brands and I witnessed it inside small businesses alike. So, why not focus more on the chunk that has the biggest impact?

    While pursuing my corporate career I noticed an interesting phenomenon that was playing out especially during Christmas. The other holiday seasons like Easter or Halloween were put on a different production and delivery plan (schedule), however, when it came to Christmas and New Years Eve, major shifts were taking place in order to ensure full shelves in stores. One global company I worked for went as far as stopping all production lines for three weeks and going full throttle on six brands that were responsible for roughly 85-90% of the revenue.

    After leaving the corporate world and joining the entrepreneurial land, I discovered something rather peculiar in the realm of small businesses. Instead of focusing on the products and services that were generating the Pareto part of the equation, the vast majority of small businesses I was interacting with, either didn’t know their numbers or didn’t want to face reality and cut down on the portfolio when times required so.

    To Deploy Pareto You Need to Know Your Numbers and Be Willing to Take Bold Decisions

    The corporate world loves numbers. Employees across the company’s departments are asked to provide their bosses with all kinds of stats and analytics which in a best case scenario is later used to develop future strategies and double down on the tactics that have proven to work. Obviously, this is rather a ‘dream scenario’ as reality looks shamelessly different; but that’s a topic for another day.

    The vast majority of small businesses operate very differently for various reasons such as for example size, money, market share etc. What happens in a small business is clearly reflected in the thinking pattern of its owner and the actions / non-actions the entity is performing.

    If the founder or CEO doesn’t shy away from digging into the numbers, understanding causalities and being committed to building a generational business, he / she will definitely have a solid framework that will allow him/ her to take bold decisions.

    What speaks for small businesses is the ability to implement decisions fast, adapt quickly if things go wrong and readjust the course on the go. No need for well-known corporate time suckers such as board meetings or conflicting ego personalities who are stuck in their own world and mostly unwilling to cooperate for the greater good. Therefore, small businesses are well advised to maximize on one of their core advantages which is flexibility.

    Here are a sample of questions you should have the answers ready for:

    * What products or services are generating 80% and more of your business?* How many of them are we talking about? Most likely it will be a handful of products / services.* Do you have a seasonal business? How is this reflected in the Pareto system?

    Recently I talked to a farmer who is offering his fresh produce on the local market. He also started an online shop to cater for the needs of a younger generation looking for healthy produce in their approximate neighborhood.

    While going through his portfolio, I noticed a lot of discrepancies. This is when I started asking him the questions I listed above. His answers came as a surprise even to him personally. He never contemplated on this issue as he was so deeply entrenched in the day-to-day business that he didn’t take the necessary time ...

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3 Ratings

the_charles ,

Great Info on FB Ads

I wanted to learn more about running profitable Facebook ads for my business and found a lot of actionable information on Krisz’ podcast.

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Wickedly Smart!!!

I am beyond grateful for having come across this podcast. Its straight-to-the-point, "meat on the bone" succint style is refreshing as you won't find any of the fluff or filler content most marketing podcast are rife with nowadays. Krisz teaches Current, Proven, and ACTIONABLE strategies that are ready for you to deploy - Today!

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I absolutely love it.

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