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Welcome to Strength In Business, hosted by strategic marketing consultant, CEO, author and international speaker Krisz Rokk. On this podcast you’ll find actionable sales and marketing strategies, techniques and tips that will help you generate consistent results, boost profits and increase client retention. Furthermore, I’ll share with you current trends, thoughts and answer your burning business questions.

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Welcome to Strength In Business, hosted by strategic marketing consultant, CEO, author and international speaker Krisz Rokk. On this podcast you’ll find actionable sales and marketing strategies, techniques and tips that will help you generate consistent results, boost profits and increase client retention. Furthermore, I’ll share with you current trends, thoughts and answer your burning business questions.

    Why You Need to Find the Right Tax Advisor

    Why You Need to Find the Right Tax Advisor

    Are you struggling to find the right tax

    advisor? You’ve worked with different accounting and tax advisors, you’ve

    outsourced this task to bring it back in-house again after being let down by

    different tax professionals and agencies and now you feel disappointed,

    disillusioned and clueless where to start looking for the ‘perfect’ fit.

    If you’ve been in business for a few years, you

    know this is one of the most common problems small business owners face. If

    you’re just starting out, fasten your seat belt and make sure you take some notes.

    Not so long ago I wrote an article about the importance of having written contracts in place. Today I’d like to focus on another major hurdle for a lot of small business owners: accounting and taxes. More specifically, it’s about finding the right tax advisor.

    You see, working with the wrong tax advisor

    will not only cost you tons of money and energy but on top of everything, it

    can lead to long-term damages that are directly correlated with negatively

    affecting your reputation and brand.

    On the other hand, you can have the world’s

    best tax advisor on your team but if that person goes into the financial

    playing game as an individual, not as a team AKA isn’t willing to work

    hand-in-hand with your legal counsel (attorney) and the other players on the

    team, you won’t succeed.

    Remember, business is a team sports. Indeed,

    putting together an amazing team is challenging but you need to strive for it,

    if you’re playing to win.

    Common Mistakes When Hiring a Tax Advisor and

    How to Avoid Them

    Honestly, I could write an entire book about

    mistakes I made when hiring and working with accounting and tax advisors.

    During my corporate career I had the

    opportunity to work with one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting companies. Big 4

    refers to the four largest accounting and auditing firms in the world. These

    are Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young (EY) and KPMG.

    These guys know the ins and outs of the game as they created the loops and

    holes in the system. This is one of the major reasons why corporations and enterprises

    prefer to work almost exclusively with one or more of the Big 4.

    Therefore, if you have the necessary cash, you

    might want to pick one of the above-mentioned accounting firms from the

    beginning and avoid all the trouble that comes from working with smaller and

    less sophisticated entities.

    Below is a small sample of mistakes you might

    encounter along with some practical advice from the trenches:

    1. MISTAKES: Tax advisor doesn’t

    understand your business; he/she applies single rules or a small set of rules

    instead of the entire tax law to reduce your taxes; he/she cares more about

    his/her paycheck than yours; hiring tax professionals who aren’t willing to

    teach you the tax rules.

    PRACTICAL ADVICE: Clarify priorities. Make sure he/she knows your specific situation and is fully

    educated and committed to saving you the most taxes in accordance with the tax

    law. This implies that your tax advisor invests time into getting to know and

    understand your business while using creative strategies in applying the entire

    law, not just a single rule of law in your favor.

    2. MISTAKES: Hiring tax professionals

    based on a handshake; hiring without proper understanding of how tax advisors

    will charge you for their services; hiring based on recommenda...

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    Do You Really Need All Those Facebook Apps on Your Phone?

    Do You Really Need All Those Facebook Apps on Your Phone?

    Battery vampires, data

    gatherers, addiction boosters – these are some of the commonalities of today’s

    social media apps. Does this also apply to the big family of Facebook apps? The

    final decision as to whether you need or want to have all of them installed on

    your phone is totally up to you.

    A recent Pew Research Center study (Fall 2019) found that 70% of Americans are unaware that Instagram and WhatsApp are part of the Facebook group.

    Just a quick recap:

    Facebook acquired Instagram in April 2012 for $1 billion. (Source: TechCrunch)

    Two years later, in early 2014, Facebook acquired the messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion. (Source: Forbes)

    Yet seven years later, the

    vast majority of people continue to be clueless about the fact that these two

    major apps, which they use on a daily basis, are part of Mark Zuckerberg’s

    imperium. This is absolutely mind-boggling.

    Facebook Apps You Might Use

    Facebook holds a decent

    collection of various apps. Some of them have been disabled like for example Facebook Groups, whereas others

    continue to be updated and improved on an ongoing basis.

    Here are some of the most

    common Facebook apps:

    * Facebook

    (Facebook Lite)* Messenger

    (Messenger Lite)* Pages Manager* Facebook Ads

    Manager* Facebook

    Analytics* Workplace by

    Facebook* Instagram* WhatsApp


    is basically the parent app. You can scroll through posts, watch videos,

    interact with your friends and see whether there’s an interesting event nearby

    you might want to attend. If you have a lower end phone with less data or you

    prefer a lighter version with fewer features, you might want to try Facebook Lite.

    The next one on the list is

    the standard Facebook Messenger app

    that also comes with a ‘Lite’ version. This is where you can text your friends,

    make phone and video calls for free or interact with a business.

    If you’re an admin of

    several Facebook Pages, you will most likely use Pages Manager to easily manage and switch between pages, check

    different page notifications, interact with followers and even respond to


    For those of you in the

    advertising business, the Facebook Ads

    Manager will certainly be one of your most ‘intimate’ companion apps as it

    allows you to create new ads, track ad performance, manage ad spend and get a

    glimpse into analytics. If you’re often on the road and need to take a deeper

    dive into analytics so that you can have more in-depth knowledge on specific

    ads and be able to make better decisions, Facebook

    Analytics will come handy.

    Workplace by Facebook is an app suited for larger businesses and global

    organizations with a lot of staff. It’s basically an Intranet, an internal

    social network that enables employees to collaborate and communicate with one

    another. So if you’re a solopreneur or a small business with a handful of

    employees, the likelihood of you using AKA benefiting from this app wil...

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    Don’t Waste Your Time Selling to the Unsellable

    Don’t Waste Your Time Selling to the Unsellable

    Trying to sell to the unsellable is a total waste of time. You might have heard this piece of advice from Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy or maybe recently from Gary Vaynerchuk. Willing to leave the room AKA end a sales pitch early in the game and walk away without a deal requires a great level of self-awareness, an in-depth knowledge of who exactly you want to work with and lots of confidence.

    One of the biggest traps in

    sales are the so-called special deals. Whether you offer them with the clear

    intention to increase your short-term revenue or to acquire a new customer,

    they often turn out to be dangerous boomerangs disguised as festive gifts.

    We all love special deals,

    whether we’re buying a Rolex or we’re shopping for a bicycle casket at Costco.

    What most retailers and businesses do is package these special deals into super

    obvious price discounts.

    Does this type of special

    deal work?

    You bet.

    It works even better for

    those buyers looking for a bargain.

    Obviously, special deals

    aren’t reserved for B2C transactions only. In the B2B world, we come across

    this type of offer more frequently than not. It’s simple and it works.

    But does it mean you’re

    onboarding the right client? Will this client truly appreciate your insights

    and the results you deliver?

    You see, when you want

    something bad enough you’ll do whatever it takes and you’ll pay whatever it

    costs to get it. Your main concern won’t be to get a say 40% discount on that

    particular product or service you desperately desire. You’ll look for other

    qualities, such as for example: a trustworthy seller, a great shopping

    experience, a thorough demonstration of how the ‘thing’ that you’re buying

    works, a chat with another buyer who has achieved great results with the very

    same thing you’re trying to acquire.

    So the important question to

    ask yourself is this:

    Who do I really want to work with?

    Do you want your clientele

    to be made up of individuals who only buy at a discount or do you want to serve

    a group of people whose number one buying criteria isn’t price?

    Ultimately, there’s more to special deals than discounts (AKA price offs), yet most businesses rely heavily on this vehicle to boost sales and gain new customers.

    I learned this lesson the

    hard way. It was before being mentored by marketing legend Dan Kennedy who went

    through the same experience and talks about this topic at length.


    Help those who want AND

    appreciate your support. These type of people are always happy to pay the price

    for action. Whatever you ask, they will pay IF #1 they’re your ideal client and

    #2 they’re convinced that you’ll provide them with a ton of value AKA you’ll

    over-deliver on your promises.

    The Corporate Game: Discussing Unsellable

    Ideas In Never-Ending Meetings

    Special deals are a cheap shot or a ‘simplistic’ method to sell to the otherwise unsellable. More often than not, these people would have never purchased your product/ service if it weren’t on sale.

    I’d like to switch gears now

    and move back in time to when I worked as a sales manager in the corporate world.

    We used to have these yearly meetings (pitches) with the biggest retailers

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    Why Sticking to the Fundamentals Enables You to Become Extraordinary

    Why Sticking to the Fundamentals Enables You to Become Extraordinary

    I’ve written about fundamentals at length.

    Understanding this concept at its core is crucial, yet few people do so. Those

    who do, accomplish what the many consider outstanding, unimaginable, and

    sometimes mystical.

    A house will collapse if its foundation is


    A company will close doors if the groundwork

    isn’t set properly.

    A relationship will never withstand the storm

    if the core values aren’t set in stone.

    Your health will be seriously damaged if you don’t get quality sleep, provide your body with the right nutrients and skip exercises.

    The majority of people invest their precious

    time looking for new “things” to acquire. Some run after material stuff whereas

    others want to learn new skills or experience new adventures. AND, there’s

    nothing wrong about it. What’s dangerous though is if you replace the mastering

    of the basics with the search for new.

    Let’s look at a couple of examples in sports

    before we move into business.

    SWIMMING: The most important thing in

    swimming is proper breathing. Whatever your swimming level, unless you master

    your breathing technique (esp. exhaling

    under the water – disregarded even by some advanced swimmers who like to hold

    onto their breath under the water) you’ll never be able to become

    extraordinary. Breathing is the engine that drives the physical effort.

    JUDO: The most important thing in judo is the study of falling. The so called Ukemi or fall breaking (which includes front, back, right, and left break falls, as well as a forward roll break fall) is a fundamental part of all Judo techniques.

    I had my first judo training at the age of 13.

    Learning to fall the right way transformed my life. Not only did I never break

    a bone or have a massive injury since but it also enabled me to figure skate

    with a level of confidence other kids never had. I wasn’t afraid to fall

    because I knew I could land the right way. Nevertheless, I practiced fall

    breaking for tens of thousands of times in my judo classes. It didn’t require

    me to think about it or waste additional energy and resources on it. It turned

    into a reflex action that happened automatically.

    The Art of Mastering the Fundamentals in


    Studying the fundamentals, sticking day in and day out to building a strong foundation requires resilience and a mind of steel.

    The very same principles that reign in the

    world of sports, also apply to business and other areas of your life. Only when

    you practice and come back to your basics on a regular basis, do you see flaws

    in the structure and are able to strengthen the very core of what you’re

    building: a sustainable, thriving business that will inspire many generations

    to come.

    It’s always the root that produces the fruits.

    And yet, so many people who don’t like the fruits of their own tree move on to

    creating new fruits without understanding the simple fact that by making some

    changes to the roots of that one tree they’d get an entirely different harvest.

    Let’s have a look at some of the foundational

    elements of a successful and sustainable business:

    * Knowing you.

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    A Tribute to Marketing Legend Dan Kennedy

    A Tribute to Marketing Legend Dan Kennedy

    I’ve had several business teachers

    in my life but only one major marketing mentor. He is in his final days in

    hospice as you read this. His name is Dan Kennedy.

    I studied marketing at

    university. I read a lot of books and case studies. After graduation I got a

    job as a marketing consultant at a renowned German company. Later on I

    transitioned into sales and marketing working for one of America’s Top 5

    corporations at that time.

    I thought I knew all that is

    to know about marketing. Fortunately, when I decided to move ‘planets’ and join

    the entrepreneurial world, I realized how little I knew about this amazingly

    sophisticated subject.

    I will never forget the day

    I bumped into one of Dan’s recordings on YouTube where he talked about knowing

    your avatar so intimately well that he / she literally can’t escape buying your

    product or service when your marketing message hits him/ her. Furthermore, he

    emphasized the importance of getting your 3M’s (message, market, media) right

    in order to run successful direct marketing campaigns.

    This might sound pretty

    shallow and theoretical but that was just the opposite for me. The messages I

    was exposed to over the years were plain vanilla, targeting everybody and

    reaching almost nobody. Companies I worked for were afraid to deploy the 3Ms in

    such a way that would allow them to nail down the right audience by

    specifically excluding the wrong clients. To this day, most big players are

    afraid to do that.

    Dan Kennedy was never afraid

    of that. He taught me to focus on the audience that is a perfect fit for my

    business and at the same time to thoroughly exclude the clients I don’t want to

    work with. Everything else would be a waste of time. A lesson that I immediately

    took to heart.

    After watching a few YouTube

    videos I joined Dan’s emailing list, which allowed me to gain access to some

    exclusive materials. I purchased his books on Amazon, I attended his webinars

    and I went to his GKIC SuperConference.

    From day one I was impressed

    with Dan Kennedy’s depth of marketing wisdom and knowledge, his overall

    approach to copywriting and the fact that everything he taught was

    unconventional. I learned from him the exact opposite of what I’ve been taught

    at university. I was hooked forever.

    People who know that I’m a

    student of Dan Kennedy often ask me which one of his books or programs

    influenced me the most.

    I dissected a lot of his

    material but I must admit that it’s his high-caliber Mind-Hijacking Advanced program that impacted me the most. So, if

    your goal is to be a high-performing marketing pro, you need to grab his

    Mind-Hijacking materials immediately. It’s a must-have for every single pro


    5 Impactful Marketing Lessons I

    Learned from Dan Kennedy

    1. The most important question you should ask when

    advertising is, “What’s the most that you can/ will spend to acquire a new


    As I’m a huge proponent of

    advertising, this lesson from Dan was definitely a game changer for me. You

    see, I was taught like most of you to ask a different question, “What’s the least amount you can spend to

    acquire a customer?”

    And with that perspective my

    friends, you’re doomed to fail. The greatest product / service or the greatest

    marketing can’t make up for insufficient capital.

    The business that can spend

    the most to acquire a customer wins.

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    Facebook Advertising Workshop: There’s No Compression Algorithm for Experience

    Facebook Advertising Workshop: There’s No Compression Algorithm for Experience

    My latest Facebook Advertising Workshop in London (UK) has revealed some interesting new insights to running digital advertising no matter the platform. It has also unveiled a better understanding of what drives human behavior.

    Let’s get straight into the “meat” so to speak.

    You see, some people who attend my workshops

    want to run profitable Facebook ads from day one without experience and without

    willing to make mistakes. They feel guilty and fearful about spending money AKA

    they haven’t worked on their mindset as a Media Buyer. They aren’t crystal

    clear about who exactly they want to target and what they want accomplished. On

    top of that, different advertising gurus have misled them to think that running

    ads on Facebook is easy.

    I’ll use this space again, as I did in my

    previous blog posts about Facebook advertising to highlight the following:

    Being a “button presser” on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you

    name it, is easy. Running PROFITABLE ads on all these platforms, especially

    Facebook is not!

    Among other things, it requires the right money

    and media buyer mindset, having solid content and advertising funnels in place,

    knowing your audience and being super diligent and resilient when it comes to

    testing and optimizing in order to get the most out of your ads.

    BTW when I’m referring to Facebook ads I also mean Messenger ads

    and Instagram ads, basically everything that belongs to the Facebook


    Everybody wants to have the hacks, the

    strategies and techniques, the shortcuts but very few are willing to put in the

    work, to learn the ins and outs of a platform that keeps changing almost on a

    daily basis.

    For example, ads that have delivered consistent

    results for the past two years might stop running. Ads you have set up three

    weeks ago might get disapproved because Facebook has come up with a new rule.

    You can read about hacks, strategies and tactics all day long. You can go to all kinds of seminars where you’re told how easy it is to run ads on Facebook but unless you’re willing to invest time and money into consistently running ads yourself, your fantasies about successful ads might as well turn into nightmares and a big hole in your wallet.

    There is no compression algorithm for experience!

    I learned this valuable lesson from my

    high-performance coach and mentor Dan Pena and I’d like to pass this nugget of

    wisdom on to you.

    Stop looking for shortcuts. There are no

    overnight successes in Facebook advertising as there aren’t any in other areas

    of business.

    Who would you rather learn from:

    1) Somebody who has read 250 books on digital

    advertising and attended 60 workshops on Facebook


    2) Somebody who has run Facebook ads for the

    past 10 years on a daily basis?

    You choose. It’s entirely your call.

    I’ve been running Facebook advertising

    workshops all around the globe for a few years now. Based on everything I’ve

    seen and experienced first hand with my Academy students and workshop

    attendees, I decided to structure my 2-hour intensive workshop very differently.

    Here’s what’s different in my Facebook advertising workshop:

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