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Explore, space-time, alternate realities, the near future and the unexplained, in a unique genre-crossing blend of original stories for all ages ranging from sci-fi and fantasy to magic realism.

Original Science Fiction – Makeshift Stories Alan V Hare

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    • 4.3 • 60 Ratings

Explore, space-time, alternate realities, the near future and the unexplained, in a unique genre-crossing blend of original stories for all ages ranging from sci-fi and fantasy to magic realism.

    Lunar Rain

    Lunar Rain

    Nikolay, a Russian cosmonaut, is stranded on a secret Red Army moonbase when the Soviet Union collapses. Believing the USSR's dissolution is propaganda to smoke out the lunar installation, he maintains the moonbase avoiding contact with Earth.

    • 29 min
    Escape From Haven (Part 3)

    Escape From Haven (Part 3)

    Gwen discovers Karl's new skin's identity, which lets her track the escapee to a recently reclaimed district. However, the Haven runaway puts questions in Gwen's mind, which she is determined to have answered.

    • 28 min
    Escape From Haven (Part 2)

    Escape From Haven (Part 2)

    After Karl the Haven escapee eludes port security and Gwen, he manages to find the woman who initially helped him break out of the island enclave. He pressures her into again providing him with the means to change identities. By the time Gwen, the inspector designate, tracks Karl’s reluctant collaborator down, the fugitive is long gone; however, shortly after, his collaborator disappears as well.

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    Written by Alan V Hare.

    Read by Mitchel Tew

    Audio Post-production Matthew Erdmann

    Opening and Closing composed and created by David Hume

    Makeshift Stories is released under a creative commons non-commercial attribution no derivative license. Which means that you are free to share our stories just remember to credit us.

    • 23 min
    Life in Kodachrome

    Life in Kodachrome

    Leopold has spent his life repairing appliances, struggles to remain relevant in a world of disposable digital devices. When he attempts to fix an old slide projector; the vintage machine turns out to be more than an obsolete appliance.

    • 18 min
    Redux - Escape Velocity

    Redux - Escape Velocity

    Two young people from a moon orbiting the second planet around Barnard’s Star end up in the same escape pod. On the surface, they are from opposing political systems but soon discover they are more alike than different.

    • 27 min
    Dairy of an Unintentional Extraordinary life: 5 - Takeover

    Dairy of an Unintentional Extraordinary life: 5 - Takeover

    After a massive international corporate takes over Hero-on-the-way and pushes the app's existing superheroes to the bottom of the search results, Honcho and Ephemera decide to fight back.

    • 33 min

Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5
60 Ratings

60 Ratings

cerraeh ,

A serious treasure

I don’t know how I came across Europe I don’t know how I came across your path but I love it your podcast

EFineout ,

Great earnest and original tales of imagination

Something wonderful going on. I love these and binged on all the episodes available. Now I have to wait for new ones and I am so happy when one appears

Mommabird25 ,

Great All Around Listening

This is a great podcast, and there’s a genius at work within it.

I listen to just about every story generated Sci Fi podcast on the net, and there are many good ones, but this one is consistently great, while others are hit and miss.

Let me repeat...real genius. Not every story is perfect, but the main writer has honed his craft so that it feels like listening to gold.

Within this vast array of stories, just about the entire human experience and alien too, I suppose, is touched upon.

I started here in May, 2018; I listen because the stories make me feel something, they open my mind and excite my Sci Fi cravings.

Although the stories are independent of each other, there is a connecting theme running through a lot of them. Many of the same characters, their world’s and timelines pop up throughout the catalogue.

What more can I say? I love this podcast.
It’s appropriate for most ages;
Not too violent or graphically violent
Not weirdly morbid; it doesn’t dump negativity into one’s mind
Not too gross,
Very Interesting, lots of great plots.
Quite often Educational and always thought provoking.
More fun
And fun again

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