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Inger and Jason talk about work, but you know - not in a boring way. Practical, implementable productivity hacks to help you live a more balanced life. Find us on Twitter: @thesiswhisperer and @jasondowns.

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Inger and Jason talk about work, but you know - not in a boring way. Practical, implementable productivity hacks to help you live a more balanced life. Find us on Twitter: @thesiswhisperer and @jasondowns.

    IS this book b******t? Habit Three of the seven habits of highly effective people

    IS this book b******t? Habit Three of the seven habits of highly effective people

    Jason and Inger are behind on their podcasting schedule because Inger had Not-Covid/ Not-flu and too sick to record last Sunday. Meanwhile Jason has injured himself at Brazilian Ju Jitsu - again.

    Jason texts a picture of his inner thigh to Inger, live on air, to show her the damage. She is shocked (not at the body part itself, because she lives with a pair of 50 year old male inner thighs) because she didn't know bruises could actually be that big.

    In our listener feedback section, Martin Emo speak pipe's in some Good Advice on making our sound better. Inger tried to action with a 'there I fixed it' style home brew 'confuse and diffuse' set up .... with egg cartons, and a towel.  Further work needs to be done, but she's quite happy with how it turned out. Matthew sent us in a good #bujo numbering system by email, so the pair are really benefitting from all the free consulting offered by their audience!

    In our work problems segment, we give Chapter three of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People the full 'is this book b******t?' treatment. As usual, Inger is exasperated with Covey and suggests the book should come with a content warning 'essence of patriarchy', but Jason does a good job of convincing her that a certain amount of preachy-ness is part of the self help genre. Both agree that they could have less Mormonism but that Chapter three is full of excellent productivity tips.

    In our reading section Inger drops the knowledge on a couple of books for distressed thesis writers and finally tells Jason what romance novels she is reading. Inger argues they are 'the instruction manual for women' and Jason reluctantly agrees to try reading one. Jason has been reading about academic integrity, which is a good thing because Inger just wants to benefit from this knowledge and not have to actually do this kind of reading herself.

    Inger has a two minute tip - and it's quite a good one. Jason has been doing 50+ hour work weeks, so he gets a pass this time!

    Thanks to Riverside.fm for supporting the show. We recommend it for all your podcasting and remote recording needs: enter ONTHEREG for a 15% discount or use this link.
    Links to things mentioned in the show
    Seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey
    Story machine - An AI writing generator
    Canada’s Worst Drivers on Youtube
    Romance novels by Kylie Scott (Inger recommends you start with the Stage Dive series)
    Cheating Academic Integrity by David Rettinger and Tricia Gallant
    Write your dissertation in 15 minutes a day by Jean Bolker

    From dissertation to book by William Germano
    I didn’t do the thing today by Madeline Dore
    Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey

    • 1 hr 53 min
    Revisiting the bullet journal and seven varieties of stupidity

    Revisiting the bullet journal and seven varieties of stupidity

    Inger and Jason are back to their usual format now the election is done.

    This is the first weekend in 18 months that Inger doesn't have any political activism planned for the weekend - and she is happy about the election result because a well hung parliament is a good parliament in her book (totally worth a 6 vodka hang over). Meanwhile, Jason has been super busy with being #bigboss but he does have an awesome executive assistant who is now in charge of his diary (which is weird, but in a good way). 

    In the work problems segment, the duo revisit their bullet journal practice, 18 months in, to see what's changed.

    (If you don't use a bullet journal or #bujo, it's a good idea to watch this  4 minute video before you listen otherwise the whole segment probably won't make sense. )

    Will Inger give up Omni? What actual page number is Jason up to now? What happens when you lose your #bujo on the train and a kindly soul returns it to you? (Well, this last one won't happen to Jason because he's sorted that out with an RFID card). You'll have to listen to the episode to find out! (Or skip if if it seems like incomprehensible gibberish, we honestly don't mind). 

    Jason's commute and Brazilian Ju Jitsu practice has made it difficult to read, while Inger has been reading, but a  LOT of trash. She does share an article on the seven varieties of stupidity by Ian Leslie, which the duo agree explains a lot of their life inside universities.

    Finally, in the two minute tip section, Jason is experimenting with 'Hook', a new kind of linking software on the map and Inger is using travel time to put more buffers in her day.

    In other words, a pretty typical episode of On The Reg, but a long one because, well - it's been awhile and we've missed our nerd chats. Queue up a long drive, some gardening, housework or be like Siobhan and get out the knitting :-)

    4 minute video about how to do a #bujo
    seven varieties of stupidity
    If you're interested in the timing app, you can find out more here.
    If you're interested in Omni focus, have a look at this video
    Inger's toying with moving to Todoist to manage tasks
    Jason is playing with Hook, here's their manifesto

    • 1 hr 45 min
    Hunky fire fighters and and existential crisis over bacon and eggs

    Hunky fire fighters and and existential crisis over bacon and eggs

    Warning - there's a LOT of swearing in this one, so if there are sensitive little ears present, maybe save it till later...

    We recorded this on the 10th of April as Scott Morrison called the election. It's another short one as Inger was already deep in campaigning for the Greens, We did manage to cover a lot of ground though (actually, it's not that short because we can't shut up once we get going).

    Jason is still enjoying #newjob where he is temporarily #bigboss. He's thinking about how to keep his people safe by planning a fire drill... which gives Inger the chance to tell him about the time she ignored the fire alarms because a teacher told her too and had to be evacuated from an RMIT building by hunky fire fighters.

    Jason then shares the existential crisis he had at breakfast time from reading Oliver Burkemans '4000 weeks' but the good news is he has worked out why he keeps losing the damn book around the house.

    Inger has a big old rant about the stupid new rule the Australian government has brought in about international students and look - she swears. Like a lot. You can read the article she wrote later that afternoon 'is this now the federal government's most bone headed idea ever'. Inger did find some research to share about podcast listeners though, which shows you are very agreeable types, so hopefully you'll forgive the swearing...

    Finally, Jason has a new Chipolo 'spot card' for tracking his bullet journal in case he loses it and Inger shares her new found love for MicroSoft Teams. Yes. Really.

    It was fun! Stay tuned for an 'unplugged' episode which will drop in a week or so. This campaign campaign is so hectic we don't even have time to write show notes right now, but regular programming will return soon we promise xx

    Oliver Burkemans '4000 weeks'
    Podcast listeners likely to be more agreeable and less neurotic
    Chipolo spot card

    • 58 min
    Someone needs to call the election because we are exhausterated

    Someone needs to call the election because we are exhausterated

    We've been busy, but you know - in a good way. Inger and Jason are both exhausterated - both exhausted and exhilarated at the same time.

    Sort of like how you feel after a good workout.

    Jason has started his new job at Latrobe, where he has an office above the pub and #awesometeam. Meanwhile Inger has a huge face to face teaching thing after 2 years of teaching via a screen, and is swinging into full election campaign mode with the Greens.

    While election campaign season is on, we are making some short episodes of On The Reg, squeezing recording in between Inger's weekend door knocking schedule. Will Scott Morrison just call the election already?? Maybe by the time you listened to this one, we will know what day our democracy sausages will be on the BBQ!

    It's a short one,  for us, but we still had time to talk about some books and stuff, so enjoy.

    Stuff we mentioned:
    Laziness does not exist by Devon Price
    4000 weeks by Oliver Burkeman

    Find out how to Volunteer for the Greens! 

    • 39 min
    So good they can't ignore you... or can they?

    So good they can't ignore you... or can they?

    Warning - there's a lot of swearing in this one, so maybe shield from sensitive little ears...

    Jason is between jobs, which means he's nearly killing his family on a hike and getting suits delivered. Oh - and reading Cal Newport's book 'So good they can't ignore you'.

    Meanwhile Inger is surprised she hasn't caught Covid at any of the 50 year old birthday parties. Oh, and Mr Thesiswhisperer laughed at her for shopping in the 'Influencer' section of JB Hi Fi.

    Shainul, friend of the pod and co-tinny owner calls in and asks a rather tricky question.

    For most of this episode we  discuss Cal Newport's book 'So Good They can't ignore you'. It turns out we had a LOT to say about this book's central theory about job markets and so called 'career capital'. Jason really brought his nerd to the table and convinced Inger that maybe it wasn't as good a book as she thought...

    If you want to leave us a message, got to Speakpipe.com/thesiswhisperer

    Things we mentioned:
    So good they can't ignore you by Cal Newport
    Researchfish accused of ‘intimidating’ academics 

    Buy our TextExpander Book from the Thesis Whisperer

    • 1 hr 43 min
    Is this book b******t? The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

    Is this book b******t? The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

    This episode of On the Reg is slightly delayed because of children being stranded in Western Port Bay, internet upload speeds and an ill-advised attempt to record in the evening after work. In other words, it took time to get our shit together (and not just because we are both now over 50 and the government is starting to show an interest in the contents of our poo (long story).

    This is the first of our special episode series called 'Is This Book B******t?' where we examine the giants of the productivity literature to see if what they say about being productive really stacks up.

     We start with Inger reading 'The Four Hour Work Week' by Tim Ferris in less than four hours and subjecting it to a rigorous feminist critique. Jason comes along for the ride, providing very necessary context and commentary along the way. Inger eventually  rates this book as a 'Type 5' on the Brisol Stool Chart (soft blobs with clear cut edges - passed easily).

    The team go on to take about the Victoria special forces ('The Soggies'), why your brain does a 15 second refresh, why driving a Tesla is like riding a nervous stallion, hyper grooming, the Doom Scrolling Reminder Bot and many other side topics. In other words, it's a pretty standard episode of On The Reg, just a little late!

    PS: there's a bit of the odd crackle and background noise in this one - we were both recording under different circumstances than usual, apologies!

    Things we mentioned:

    Sons of God by Heath O’loaughlin : Amazon Link
    Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss : Amazon Link
    Everything we see is a mash-up of the brain’s last 15 seconds of visual information : The Conversation
    Future Fit by Andrea Clarke : Amazon Link
    Doomscrolling Reminder Bot : Profile on Twitter
    Endless Scream Bot : Profile on Twitter
    Clean Text: removes all the s****y bits from PDFs etc when you cut and paste:  https://apps.apple.com/us/app/clean-text/id414782261?mt=12
    Omnifocus: https://www.omnigroup.com/omnifocus/
    Buy our Textexpander book 

    Buy TextExpander via our affiliate sales link

    • 1 hr 34 min

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