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Season 6... Spacemusic brings you the best ambient and electronic entertainment from Rotterdam, NL. Perfect music and atmospherics that will keep you company at home, at work, in your car, on the train, on the plane, day and night. Timeless. Have fun with this podcast!... (Feeder)

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Season 6... Spacemusic brings you the best ambient and electronic entertainment from Rotterdam, NL. Perfect music and atmospherics that will keep you company at home, at work, in your car, on the train, on the plane, day and night. Timeless. Have fun with this podcast!... (Feeder)

    NEW Spacemusic Season 7 feed

    NEW Spacemusic Season 7 feed

    Please go and subscribe to the new Spacemusic Season 7 podcast feed. More details at spacemusic.nl The new feed is >>> http://spacemusic.nl/podcast/spacemusic/season7/space7.xml

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    Happy Hour ::: August 2011 (final show season 6)

    Happy Hour ::: August 2011 (final show season 6)

    Happy Hour for august 2011...!!! The final show for this season filled with extraordinary music in the electronica genre. We’re proud to present artists like: CiYou, Easily Embarrassed, Jean Mare, Alexel, Planet Boelex, Saul Stokes, Xerxes, Carbonates on Mars and many more...

    Executive Producers
    Andrew W. - John H. - Rettward v.D. - Michael U. - Henrik J. -
    Jeff W. - Marc V. - Stefan C. - Andy M. - Abraham C.

    Spacemusic has published 40 shows in Season 6: Flying Dutchman mixes, Coffee Breaks, Non-Stop Spacemusic sets, the special Oliebollen Show in three parts during New Year’s Eve, Import from Frisky Radio (Shamanah set), Fresh Air! Lounge series. New items have been the TAKE 5 episodes and the Happy Hour shows; we’re pretty sure there will be more Happy Hours during next season.

    It has been a pleasure producing the podcasts for you. It has taken many hours of listening, compiling, mixing, creating, recording, finalizing, publishing and promoting. Well, the promotion of the podcast is simply something that slips through the fingers all the time as there’s not enough time to handle that part. For those of you following us via Twitter, still the best way to stay informed, and via this site of course.

    Season 6 is now releasing the final show. It’s a cool one with exciting new tracks, known tracks, some chats in between and serious non-stop moments. Plug in your ear buds.... Send some feedback if you like, we’re all ears. Looking forward meeting you on the other side of the break, which will probably be around december. Thank you for your patience, speak soon.

    Tracklist for Happy Hour August 2011

    (00:10) CIYOU - Allright (Funky Downbeat Mix)
    (05:19) EASILY EMBARRASSED - Sylphesizer
    (10:26) EASILY EMBARRASSED - Triplets
    (14:44) EASILY EMBARRASSED - Under The Jester’s Hat
    (17:10) JEAN MARE - Ambient Loungeflight (Chillout Mix)
    (23:43) ALEXEL - Elysian Plains (Original Mix)
    (27:45) SYNTHESIST - Bangdi Dreams
    (30:57) SYNTHESIST - Gong Song
    (38:58) PLANET BOELEX ft. KRISTER LINDER - Forever and Always (for you)
    (46:36) FALTER - Zum Nektar Und Zuruck
    (52:02) XERXES - Can You See This?
    (59:10) SAUL STOKES - Spun Into Static
    (01:06:56) SAUL STOKES - Colonies
    (01:13:35) SPACEMUSIC PODCAST Season 6 final show....
    (01:18:58) CARBONATES ON MARS - The Ocean of Forever
    (01:30:00) XERXES - Modulating Gaia
    (01:36:06) CARBONATES ON MARS - Time in Disarray
    (01:43:20) CARBONATES ON MARS - Memories Of A Martian Future
    (01:47:47) AMBITUS - Won’t Go Back Again
    (01:50:55) DAVID HELPLING & JON JENKINS - The First Goodbye

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    The Dutch brothers Nick and Jeffrey van der Schilden; and Peter Spaargaren have been exploring musical emotions with deep, atmospheric layers since 2006, forming the electronic act ‘Easily Embarrassed’. Combining various styles and flavors, from electro to ambient and from dub to psychedelic, they blend retro synthesizing with today’s sound design. More information: SITE

    ::: SAUL STOKES :::
    Stokes is pleased to announce the release of Sleek Nucleus. Eight effervescent songscapes that simply redefine electronic music. Each song is a crafted fusion of contemporary rhythm and melody sculpted from Stokes' hand-made electronic instruments. A lasting and unforgettable electronic album, Sleek Nucleus continues Stokes' 17 year history of merging sonic innovation with soulful song composition. More Information: SITE

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    Fresh Air! no.18

    Fresh Air! no.18

    July 24th 2011 - opening for this episode: So Good Today, the Yoruba Suite Mix of this Ben Westbeech track, lovely groove isn’t it? So here we are to enjoy a fine new show, while the temperature outside is not even more than 14 degrees Celsius and tons of rain... Let’s get this lounge chair lifted off: the City Lights Lounge album brings a cool track All Day, we love the bassline and typical low-fi vocals.... The brand new album by Merge of Equals to be released July 29th and now on our show! Enjoy the -Heart Of Gold- remix by Gold Lounge, we simply love the vocals and super relaxed atmosphere, almost a pop song with a serious ambient twist! You won’t hear this on the radio is our motto... with our heart of gold we continue to the -Heart and Mind- the so called Sunsphere Mix is one major piece of art! Play this one as loud as possible and invite your neighbours to enjoy the lowww frequencies the right way... From here we go -where the water is- a VARGO 10 years of the best, to be released by August 12th. Sine will show you -The Return - from the Cosmic Chill Lounge vol. 5 compilation, a musthave in your collection. Smoothly but surely it’s time to enter the tear zone - Dry My tears - by Triangle Sun for we know how it feels sometimes... And then -We Go Forward-  a track that needs some extra translation if possible so we love to hear from you.... Beautiful vocals by Lena Kaufman, something special to keep safe in your libraries. Another shower now.... for the greenest plants you can imagine! This track -Beautiful- by Late Night Alumni still is what it says. Now we go behind the scenes... please do remember the name Moodorama, enjoy the Mystery In A Cup Of Tea. Time for the Daily Phenomena by Alexel, certainly keeps you in the right mood and makes you fly away.... and travel with Fade for the -Wonderful Time- track which is really outstanding. Still with us? Good! Cause it’s time to say goodbye... Bye bye to the past, Hello to the future. You know who you are. Life has been crazy the past couple of weeks/months. Love has been making us crazy as well. Some will stay, others will disappear, everything will change, nothing’s the same. Please listen to Andrew Belle’s track -In My Veins- it really makes you think, feel, cry, laugh and so much more.... Thank you for your support! Dedicated to all marked souls.

    Here’s the tracklist:

    [00:00] Welcome to Fresh Air! Lounge Series episode no.18
    [00:52] BEN WESTBREECH - So Good Today (TC’s favorite uptempo starter...)
    [04:49] LIFE AUDIENCE - All Day
    [10:30] MERGE OF EQUALS : Heart of Gold (Gold Lounge Electrolounge Short Mix)
    [14:35] MERGE OF EQUALS : Heart and Mind (Sunsphere Mix)
    [19:38] CHRIS ZIPPEL : Where the Water is (VARGO 10 Years of Chillout)
    [24:12] SINE : The Return [SINE Site Here]
    [29:53] TRIANGLE SUN : Dry My Tears
    [32:20] TRIANGLE SUN : When You Go Forward... (ft. Lena Kaufman)
    [36:15] LATE NIGHT ALUMNI: Beautiful [Late Night Alumni Site Here]
    [40:00] MOODORAMA : Behind The Scenes
    [44:53] ALEXEL : Daily Phenomena [Alexel Site Here]
    [48:34] FADE : Wonderful Time
    [54:32] ANDREW BELLE : In My Veins Myspace site: http://www.myspace.com/andrewbelle

    Show is compressed to a 192Kbps MP3 file. We no longer publish AAC files as it would take another couple of hours work and... some devices do not like the format. Peace!

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    #609 Spacemusic podcast

    #609 Spacemusic podcast

    From the known and unknown past... inspired by a movie or two, this is Spacemusic in a very cinematic style. Not only music can bring back memories, this show proves the power of visuals as well. Even this film poster, even a title, it all makes sense in the end: we’re only human and we need this stuff to survive our very own thoughts. Wanna see this movie again? Listen to the episode, based upon Spacemusic #69 Loup Garou which was published back in 2007 for the first time. This is the remastered edition for free in 192Kbps mp3 format. Sweet dreams.

    (00:22) TALES - 7 Eternal Warriors
    (11:42) Alexy V - 4th Dream
    (14:31) Alexy V - 5th Dream
    (18:30) Bruno Sanfilippo - Piano Textures III
    (23:08) Spheric Lounge - Waiting to be born
    (30:44) Loscil - Micro Hydro
    (33:58) Sonmi451 - Inner Structure
    (39:07) Maneki Neko - Drifting between Stars
    (41:23) Stormloop - Blackfell
    (43:45) Bruno Sanfilippo - InTROworld
    (50:53) TALES - Sagitarius Gate
    (57:57) Biosphere - Startoucher

    © 2011 spacemusic.nl

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    Happy Hour ::: June 2011

    Happy Hour ::: June 2011

    NEW SERIES ! Having a good time, drinks, bites, good music from all over the place... playing tracks that simply need attention. Step into the bar and relax... LIVE electronic (ambient) entertainment coming to you from Rotterdam, NL. This time there's no seriously planned playlist, it's the best music on the fly, no shownotes, no links to sites nor stores. Please, if you have any question feel free to send us an e-mail to spacemusic (dot) NL (at) gmail (dot) com. Cheers!

    Total playing time: 00h54m31s

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    Fresh Air! no.17

    Fresh Air! no.17

    June 5th 2011, time really flies, preparing for Summer... but first open up this show with this marvelous uptempo track by Alpha 9; it takes me back to this weekend in Brussels where I first heard the song on the portable device the other night. Brings back memories and intense feelings - "zo mooi kan muziek zijn" - Let’s continue our journey through the downtempo landscape now.... we meet Vargo and speak One Language to keep things easy, in the Love Lounge is waiting for us: Jean Mare with a special guest star Svetlana. Now let’s ‘Get it On’ with Soundset City, lovely track with a smooth groove and very catchy piano and chords, sticks in the head for sure! Ice cubes from Richard Bonnee, beautiful arrangement, sounds and patterns we hear in the ‘Arctic Circle’... pay attention to the guitar FX, we love this song. Time to sit down, don’t need words to say... ‘Still’ is still my song for you, I feel like a child, you’re there. Turn it into water and fly way, the magnificent sounds of Deeper Sublime really keeps us chilled on our way to the Promised Land by Gold Lounge.... Close your eyes and feel the Omni Ambient; DigiTube superbe soundtrack music just before the beats come in again: we get some Opium by Merge of Equals, tribal influences, great atmopherics and bleeps, album available by June17th and first here on our show! Sit down now and enjoy the sight: Tranquil Dusk has it all, guitar, strings, piano, easy going grooves, fantastic music from the Cosmic Chill Lounge vol. 5 album. Men come from Mars, women come from...? Enjoying the Waterfall effect by Setsuna. Time to get into trance: unique track ‘In My Mind’ by Merge of Equals, try this in your car, hope you have this nice woofer blasting you off this world... and to make this journey complete we invite you to breathe ‘Atesh’.  Finally, meet Alexel from France: he did a great job on the Runaway Sunset track, taken from the album Ibiza Meets Beauty Chill Vol.2  - Fresh Air! no.17 is brought to you by Spacemusic.nl - wanna support us? Please feel free and click the donate button on our site - we appreciate it!

    Here’s the tracklist:

    [00:00] Welcome to Fresh Air! Lounge Series episode no.17
    [00:52] ALPHA 9 : Come Home (TC’s favorite uptempo)
    [06:30] VARGO : One Language
    [10:33] JEAN MARE : Love Lounge
    [14:37] JEAN MARE ft. SVETLANA : Everything
    [20:18] SOUNDSET CITY : Get It On
    [26:49] RICHARD BONNEE : Arctic Circle
    [32:02] ALY + FILA ft. SUE MCLAREN : Still
    [35:42] DEEPER SUBLIME : Hold My hand
    [40:04] GOLD LOUNGE : Promised Land
    [44:40] DIGITUBE : Omni Ambient
    [48:13] MERGE OF EQUALS : Opium
    [52:50] DEEPER SUBLIME : Tranquil Dusk
    [57:37] SETSUNA : Waterfall
    [59:00] MERGE OF EQUALS : In My Mind
    [01:03:32] MERGE OF EQUALS : Atesh
    [01:09:59] ALEXEL : Runaway Sunset

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    MERGE OF EQUALS album ‘Submerge’ already available via BEATPORT here.

    Show is compressed to a 192Kbps MP3 file. We no longer publish AAC files as it would take another couple of hours work and... some devices do not like the format. Peace!

    • 1 hr 14 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

stoneyboarder68 ,

Awesome music from our ambient/downtempo DJ T.C.!!

There’s some really good music here... calming for the soul...and TC has a great speaking voice! Soothing...sad this podcast isn’t running anymore, but at least you have the archives..

celebalu ,

Best podcast!

This is a wonderful podcast. TC's production quality is amazing and is dedication is admirable. I get excited whenever a new episode comes out. I've discovered several artists that I never would have without TC. Its cliche, but I feel like TC takes you on a journey, episode by episode. The New Year's edition was phenomenal in 3 parts too!

The "Coffee Breaks" are great too. Just a little something to keep you going.

If you like John DiLiberto's show "Echoes", you'll love this podcast. It's the only rival I've found.

Keep up the good work TC!

RevRonaldG ,

TC is Awesome!

If you love good music and especially Ambient Music he is the KING!

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