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A podcast for stutterers to leave messages which I play on my show. Radical idea, I know, but it's always great to meet (and hear) fellow stutterers. If you stutter, or just curious about stuttering, you may enjoy this show!

Stuttering is Cool Daniele Rossi

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A podcast for stutterers to leave messages which I play on my show. Radical idea, I know, but it's always great to meet (and hear) fellow stutterers. If you stutter, or just curious about stuttering, you may enjoy this show!

    Drawn and heard

    Drawn and heard

    Episode #262: I chat with comic book artist, Jean-Sébastien Bérubé, about his experience with stuttering openly in the media after drawing two autobiographical comic books that mention his stuttering; Comment je ne suis pas devenu moine (How I Didn’t Become a Monk) and Vers la tempête (Towards The Storm), both published by Futuropolis. The result created a very powerful transformation and a boost of confidence for Jean-Sébastien. A topic I talk about a lot on my podcast.

    What I like about these two books is they aren’t exclusively about stuttering, which is usually the case in across the entertainment world such as the movie, The King’s Speech. Being autobiographical, the protagonist in Jean-Sébastien’s books lives a life of ups and downs and with worries and drama like all of us – the protagonist just happens to speak with a stutter. A goal I have with my own Franky Banky comics.

    Links mentioned on this episode:

    * International Stuttering Association Online Conference* Excerpt of my video chat with Jean-Sébastien* Franky Banky comics* Franky Banky comics in Spanish* Stuttering is Cool shop* Sign up for my newsletter!

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    New book progress and 400 geese

    New book progress and 400 geese

    Episode #261: I hope you’re having a great start to the new year. I’ve been busy drawing my next Franky Banky book which I will provide a read-along preview on this episode! Then I’m joined by what must have been 400 geese.

    This episode is brought to you by the Stuttering is Cool shop and FrankyBanky.com. Let’s connect on Instagram at @heyfrankybanky.

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    Second half of 2021

    Second half of 2021

    Art by Willemijn Bolks

    Episode #260: Snow report. Join me on my walk as I give you an update on what I’ve been up to the past six months including the new Franky Banky book I’ve begun working on, new products in my shop, cartooning workshops I’ve given, being interviewed on CNN, the passing of Lynne Mackie a stuttering shining star, the tight Stamily community, and lots more.

    Links mentioned on this episode:

    * Remembering Lynne Mackie* Lynne was big on theatre and the arts. A scholarship fund supporting young people who stutter in arts and theatre was set up in Lynne’s honour. Please donate!* Stamily * My interview on CNN Prima

    I was also among four people with a variety of differences featured in an art video project by University student and future medical illustrator, Simone Noelle.

    Podcast cover artwork by Willemijn Bolks.

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    The misunderstood definition of acceptance

    The misunderstood definition of acceptance

    Episode #259 – Who knew accepting your stuttering can be controversial? For some, like myself, accepting one’s own stuttering is the definition of empowerment, freeing one from worrying about stuttering, and opening up many opportunities in all facets of life. For others, it’s the definition of… giving up and defeat?

    You can understand why I’ve always had a hard time understanding the latter. After all, I produce a podcast named Stuttering is Cool!

    Join me and a few of my friends from around the world where they teach me that acceptance can mean different things to each individual. This episode begins with an engaging chat with Angélica Bernabé, from Centro Especializado en Tartamudez in Peru, who recently gave a presentation about stuttering acceptance to speech-language pathologists.

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    A work in progress

    A work in progress

    Episode #258: I speak with Ari Waldman, co-funder of Pathway With Stuttering, an initiative that takes a unique approach to supporting people who stutter. Learn about Ari’s journey from covert stutterer to overt stutterer working in commercial real estate sales and how Pathway With Stuttering uses a wholistic approach that not only covers stuttering via Schneider’s Speech’s free Transcending Stuttering (I drew cartoons for the workbook!), but also other aspects of life including health, religion, professional networking, and more!

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    Bringing awareness and diversity for children

    Bringing awareness and diversity for children

    Episode #257: I chat with Sherrika Meyer, author of the Lil Herbie series of books for children, about her experiences growing up with stuttering and how she came to create the Lil Herbie series. However, Sherrika is not just an author, she is also the founder of Every 1 Voice Matters which breaks down communicative, social, and cultural barriers to teach kids to live their best lives through community events, school assemblies, and even a pop up Santa!.

    Sherrika is an unstoppable dynamo and a great example that you can live a very successful life even when you stutter!

    I also give a quick update on the Joint World Congress on Stuttering and Cluttering taking place on May 27 to 30, 2022.

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4.3 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

FrankyBankysFriend ,

He understands me!


Evan Sherman ,

Incredible Stuttering Podcast

Daniele's stuttering is cool podcast is my favorite podcast to listen to on the way to work everyday. Keep those recordings coming Danny!

kr1shna ,

An inspiration

Danny is an inspiration to all stutters. This podcast is a must listen if you are interested in or care about stuttering.

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