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A Podcast By, About, and For Ageplayers of All Kinds.

The Big Little Podcast spacey and mako

    • Sexuality
    • 4.4, 26 Ratings

A Podcast By, About, and For Ageplayers of All Kinds.

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Mister Padded ,

My favorite podcastI

I have been listening to this show for years now. It is not only my favorite podcast about sexuality, it is my favorite podcast on ANY subject. Mako and Spacey always keep the show fun as well as informative and get tons of great guests. I always come away feeling like I have learned something. If you have an interest in ABDL topics or are just kink adjacent or sex-positive and curious you will want to listen to them all. I never miss it!

Bsheart Thomas Family ,

Great content and well produced

An absolutely delightful show that has top notch production quality. This is an ADULT show, with adult content about adult age play. The presenters and guests are intelligent, knowledgeable and likeable. Whether you are new to the community, been around for a long time or have a loved one that identifies as an ABDL, this is a terrific program.

Lcat2017 ,

Good content but could be more thoughtful and better organized

This show has good content and a lot of potential, but it's not well executed. The hosts are constantly interrupting the guests; often they'll interrupt with unfunny and undermining jokes. A lot of the topics being discussed are serious stuff, and the hosts are sometimes insensitive by making jokes of the points being made. There are so many moments where one of the hosts will interrupt someone, say something off putting, and then there will be a few seconds of painful silence before they pick it back up. The other issue I have is the episodes (the ones I've listened to) have a lot of guests being interviewed at the same time and it gets hard to determine what person is talking and there are a lot of times where multiple people are talking at the same time which makes it hard to listen.

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