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Join Mike Morrison from The Membership Guys for advice, tips and insight on planning, running and growing a successful membership website

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Join Mike Morrison from The Membership Guys for advice, tips and insight on planning, running and growing a successful membership website

    Switching Membership Enrolment Models: Open to Closed

    Switching Membership Enrolment Models: Open to Closed

    Are you toying with the idea of switching from an open to a closed-door membership model?

    Hold on! Before you make the switch, there are some vital things to consider first. In this episode, I’ll take you through the top things to prepare for, decide on, and consider before switching your enrolment model.

    Switching to a closed-door model isn’t a decision to take lightly. It doesn’t just affect your marketing. It can change the whole member experience as well. This episode covers some ways you can weather the storm and make the switch a smooth transition.

    Essential Learning Points:

    *Why you need a solid reason for changing your enrolment model
    *What you need to prepare for and communicate to your members
    *How a closed-door model can change the member experience
    *What switching to a closed-door model will do for member numbers
    *Why you still need to market and keep people engaged throughout the year

    • 37 min
    Behind The Membership: Season 4 Highlights (aka The One where Callie Takes Over)

    Behind The Membership: Season 4 Highlights (aka The One where Callie Takes Over)

    Good news... it's my birthday!!

    Bad news... I literally NEVER work on my birthday…

    It’s one of my rules...

    And as much as I love The Membership Guys podcast…

    I can’t break this rule.

    So I’m taking the day off….

    And that can mean only one thing...


    (And I get to eat cake)

    Join the other (some would say better) half of The Membership Guys for a very special episode, as Callie shares her top takeaways from season 4 of her podcast, Behind the Membership, and reveals the release date for season 5.

    Listen to hear about:

    *The changes membership owners have made to better serve their audiences during the global pandemic. Caryn Liles explains how Covid 19 resulted in her transitioning her well established brick and mortar dog training business to an online membership model, which is now allowing her to provide more in-depth support than before. Katie Wardrobe talks about how she reduced the price of her membership and offered more free content to help teachers adapt to working online, which has increased the growth of her business.
    *How Carole Copeland Thomas’s membership has become more important than ever due to the growing racial tensions across the U.S.
    *Why a one size fits all approach doesn’t work when it comes to memberships. Pamela Mitchell explains how she created a model to suit her needs and Felicia Lo shares the benefits and challenges of running an online membership alongside a well established international yarn business. Steve Pavlina also talks about how he offers a high ticket annual membership that only launches for five days a year.
    *How season 4 reinforced the message that memberships give owners the freedom and flexibility to live life on their own terms. Whether it’s accommodating health issues like in the case of Marisha Mets, building a location independent business enabling family travel like in the case of Trish Blackwell... Or using your membership to reach big goals and eventually give back to underprivileged communities like John Michaloudis.
    *How running memberships can lead to positive change. Warwick Brown explains how leaving his corporate role and launching his membership has led to a happier, more energized life and Warren Mcpherson shares how he reduced his income streams and took ownership of his time so he can spend more of it with his young family.

    • 27 min
    7 Boring But Important Things You Need to Know When Running a Membership

    7 Boring But Important Things You Need to Know When Running a Membership

    Whether you are new to memberships, thinking about starting one, or have been doing it for years, there are some key things that everyone needs to know.

    In this episode, I share some of the admittedly boring yet super important things you need to know about running a membership. This episode covers things like insurance, tax, payments, and copyright laws – all that fun stuff!

    To keep your website and business fully protected, give this episode a listen in case there’s anything you’re currently missing.

    Essential Learning Points:

    *How to cover the legal aspect of running a membership
    *Why it’s important to get a hold over your finances and tax
    *How to protect your website and content from theft
    *What you need to know about insurance and protecting your business

    • 22 min
    8 Ways to Reduce Stress When Running a Membership

    8 Ways to Reduce Stress When Running a Membership

    Is your membership stressing you out?

    When you first started your journey to being a membership owner, the chances are you didn’t picture sleepless nights and dreading going to work. In fact, you probably imagined finally getting to live the life you always wanted ­– so, where’s it all gone wrong?

    Owning any business, including a membership, is going to come with stressors. That’s just a fact. But there are several things that could be happening in your membership that are making you unhappy, that you can do something about.

    In this episode, we talk about the eight most common areas that cause stress for membership owners. We reveal how you can manage these and make running your membership as enjoyable and stress-free as you hoped it would be!

    Essential Learning Points:

    *How to adjust your expectations for your membership
    *Why you should be focusing on the long game
    *How to set manageable deadlines
    *How to be realistic with your content strategy
    *Which tasks you should be outsourcing to free up your time
    *How to stay focused on your own progress
    *Why setting boundaries is essential to managing stress
    *How context can reframe your anxieties

    • 38 min
    When is it The Right Time to Start a Membership Site

    When is it The Right Time to Start a Membership Site

    Are you ready to launch a membership? Are you really ready?

    If you’ve been toying with the idea of launching a membership for some time, you might be wondering if the timing is right. Many business gurus out there will tell you to jump in and “just start,” but hold on!

    Memberships are a funny business. Launching your membership is all about timing it right. If you get it wrong, it’s much harder to change your mind or get out of it when you have paying members with high expectations. You need to do the groundwork first.

    In this episode, we take you through the signs that now is the time to launch your membership. These are signs that your membership will get off to a great start, has a real audience, and won’t fizzle out over time.

    Essential Learning Points:

    *Why timing is so important when starting a membership
    *The downsides of jumping into a membership before you’re ready
    *Why you need to be clear on what you’re offering and who you’re serving
    *How much time you need to dedicate at the beginning
    *Why building your audience before launching a membership is the best move

    • 25 min
    My Fight with Depression - Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

    My Fight with Depression - Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

    In this one-off bonus episode to mark Mental Health Awareness Week, I'm opening up about my history of dealing with clinical depression.

    To say this is not a typical episode of The Membership Guys Podcast would be an understatement...

    There's nothing here about memberships, there are no tips, there is no advice. Just my story of mental health challenges which I'm sharing in the hopes of removing the stigma and normalising discussion around topics like depression.

    If you choose to skip this and stick to the 'membership stuff' then that definitely does not make you a bad person! However if you do listen then I hope sharing this frank, "warts and all" story of my personal fight with depression helps you to either better navigate your own challenges or to support others in your life who are struggling.

    Please consider supporting others by donating to www.mind.org.uk or alternative mental health charities in your area if you can.

    • 1 hr 18 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
118 Ratings

118 Ratings

Crazy for Ewe ,

Great no nonsense, hype-free advice

Love Mike’s lively upbeat style and his approach— instead of “you must do it this way, or you’re a making a huge mistake,” he gives you the pros and cons of each option and what you should consider.

Noballshere ,

All that and a great accent, too

Mike Morrison gives out solid, no-nonsense advice and tips for membership owners on a weekly basis. If you’re over the super hyped, rah-rah YouTube “gurus” then give Mike a listen. I’m almost halfway through the entire collection of 300+ podcasts and it has been amazing. I joined the Membership Academy after maybe the third episode. Mike has been in the game for a while and he knows what he’s talking about. If you want someone to sugar coat the truth, keep looking. Mike tells it like it is:

“If you build it, they will come is not a sound business plan”

“Your member retention strategy needs to be better than hiding the cancellation button“

“I’m one half of the Membership Guys along with Callie Willows, some would say she’s the better half” (the man is a genius lol)

Thanks for all the great advice ... so how long ‘til I’m a millionaire?

Ed Owen

rcp2136 ,

Binge this right now!

Every episode is SO helpful. The info is presented in a concise, immediately applicable way. Thanks guys! I’ll continue to recommend this to all membership site owners I know :)

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