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The Internet's premiere Michael Jackson podcast. We offer news and discussion on Michael Jackson and special interviews with people who knew and worked with the King of Pop.

The MJCast - A Michael Jackson Podcast The MJCast

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The Internet's premiere Michael Jackson podcast. We offer news and discussion on Michael Jackson and special interviews with people who knew and worked with the King of Pop.

    140: Season Seven Christmas Special

    140: Season Seven Christmas Special

    Elise Capron, Jamon Bull, Charlie Carter, Charles Thomson and Taj Jackson join forces to celebrate the holidays and reflect on this past year… Welcome to The MJCast’s annual Christmas Special!Before getting into the bulk of the discussion topics, Jamon breaks the wonderful news that he and his wife Li are expecting Baby #2! The MJCast sends a special congratulations to Jamon, Li and Olivia.The crew then discuss loads of news updates and developments in the world of Michael Jackson, including a new Jackson 5 music video, never-before-seen Dangerous album cover concept art and “MJ: The Musical” reviews. Conversation then shifts to looking back on the year that was, some of Taj’s unique stories and options MJ fans have when they want to respond to Twitter ‘blue ticks’ who drag Michael.We would like to give a special thank you to the incredibly professional and hard working Charlie Carter for editing Season Seven of our podcast. Also, thank you to our amazing listeners for all your support throughout the year and hope that you enjoy our episodes coming up in Season Eight! Happy holidays, #MJFam!This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.Discussion Topics• The Jackson 5 Christmas song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” has received a new animated music video from Motown.• Aerial photos of Neverland with new rides have surfaced.• Mark Ryden has shared never-before-seen early concept art for the Dangerous album cover.• Polo G has released an original song and video that’s a tribute to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.• “MJ: The Musical” review roundups. What seems to be the consensus? New York Times review. Bobby Huntley II review. Show’s cancelled now due to COVID.• 2021: The year that was• ‘Blue ticks’ that drag Michael. Should we call them out or starve them of attention? James Hall of The Telegraph tweeted this.

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    139: Invincible 20 Roundtable

    139: Invincible 20 Roundtable

    Released in 2001, Invincible was the seventh adult, solo studio album from Michael Jackson. Having released HIStory and Blood on the Dance Floor in uncharacteristically quick succession, Jackson had then largely retreated from the limelight for four years, appearing only at a handful of awards ceremonies and benefit concerts between 1998 and 2001.Anticipation in the fan community was high. Appearing at the World Music Awards in 2000, to be honoured for his unparalleled success in the music industry, Jackson had teased in his acceptance speech: “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” But whether the eventual album lived up to Jackson’s hype has split fans for the past two decades.Invincible would be released in 2001 to a lukewarm critical reception, with many reviewers saying the man dubbed the King of Pop for his trendsetting career was now reduced to following trends instead, bringing in younger artists and lending his vocals to their work. With just two entirely self-penned songs on the 16-track album, Jackson seemed to be something of a passenger on his own album.With his physical appearance attracting more interest than his art, and coverage of the album’s release unfortunately coinciding with the biggest news event of the century – the 9/11 terror attacks – the album charted well upon release but quickly sank, receiving little promotion from either Jackson or his record label.By summer 2002, artist and label were locked in a vicious battle, with Jackson accusing Sony of sabotaging the project as part of a racist conspiracy, and the label countering that Jackson’s career had been killed by allegations of child molestation.So what is Invincible’s true place in Jackson’s legacy? Did it deserve the critical pasting it received? Have the songs aged well? Would they have fared better if they had been released at a different time? In what is bound to be one of the most controversial episodes in this podcast’s history, our panellists (Jamon Bull, Shawn Shackelford, James Alay, John Cameron and Charles Thomson) ask and answer these questions, and many more.This episode was edited by Jamon Bull.Participants• Jamon Bull• Shawn Shackelford• James Alay• John Cameron• Charles ThomsonConnect with us• TheMJCast.

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    138: 30th Anniversary Celebration Roundtable

    138: 30th Anniversary Celebration Roundtable

    In 2001, the who’s who of the entertainment industry poured into New York’s Madison Square Garden arena to celebrate the career of Michael Jackson. To mark the 30th anniversary of his solo recording career, Jackson had agreed to appear at two concerts – his first on US soil since January 27th, 1989, and his first with his brothers since 1984.

    Produced by Jackson and long-time friend David Gest, the shows would kick off with all-star salute to the King of Pop. Icons taking to the stage to pay tribute included Gladys Knight, Ray Charles, Destiny’s Child, Luther Vandross, Dionne Warwick, Whitney Houston and Marlon Brando. Then Jackson and his brothers would reunite to perform their greatest hits, before Jackson closed out the show with some of his most famous solo songs. The rights to the concerts were eventually sold to CBS and it was aired during prime time all around the world. Ratings reached 30 000 000 people in the US alone. Jackson and Gest generated a fortune in profits. The concerts should have been a legendary affair, but all was not well behind the scenes, and this potentially historic event turned into a damp squib.

    So what went wrong? Was it a complete write-off? And how do these two shows – the last concerts Michael Jackson ever performed – factor into his legacy? Our roundtable guests get together to ask and answer these questions, whilst sharing their own memories and reflections on the shows.This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.Participants• Jamon Bull• Charles Thomson• Vernay Lewis O’Neal• Charlie Carter• Shawn ShackelfordConnect with us• TheMJCast.com• Facebook• Twitter• Instagram• YouTubeIf you have feedback on this Michael Jackson podcast episode, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at themjcast@icloud.com or find the links to our many social networks on www.themjcast.com. Keep Michaeling!

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    137: He Is Not Committed to the Lean

    137: He Is Not Committed to the Lean

    In this regular episode, host Jamon Bull is joined by returning guests Rickey Alexander and Velo Kristina for a big update on news in the world of Michael Jackson. They discuss a restored version of the HIStory album teaser, several upcoming films related to Jackson, including Marcos Cabotá’s greatly anticipated “Sonic Fantasy”, updates on James Safechuck’s lawsuit, a newly released photo of MJ, a new article on Jackson’s time in Bahrain, and much more.This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.Discussion Topics• A restored version of the HIStory album teaser is coming.• A new Netflix documentary on Michael Jackson is imminent.• The second trailer is out for Jin Chohan’s “Trial By Media” has been released.• Marcos Cabotá’s has released a trailer for his documentary “Sonic Fantasy”.• James Safechuck’s lawyer has filed a late appeal.• Billy Porter and Lang Lang have paid tribute to Michael Jackson at the Global Citizen concerts.• Glen Ballard is interviewed on working with Michael Jackson.• A new photo of Michael Jackson, shot by Greg Gorman has surfaced.• Moonwalkers documentary, now titled The Three Michaels, finally has a theatrical screening date coming up soon.• A Tokyo baseball team is collaborating with the Estate on merchandise featuring MJ and their team mascot.• A new article has been released on MJ’s post-trial year in Bahrain.Connect with Us• TheMJCast.com• Facebook• a href="http://www.twitter.

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    136: Living My Danish Gay Life

    136: Living My Danish Gay Life

    In this regular episode, host Elise Capron is joined by Q, as well as returning guest, Bjørn Hannibal. After Elise drops some huge news, the trio discusses a mega-roundup of news in the world of Michael Jackson. From MJ birthday events around the world, updates on Estate projects (such as MJ One, the MJ Broadway musical, and merch drops), a BAD World Tour audio leak, the passing of Luther Jackson and Walter Yetnikoff and a teaser for the Janet Jackson documentary, this episode is jam packed! Plus, Elise moderates a discussion around the topic of Michael Jackson and the LGBTQIA+ community, and whether we should view MJ as a queer icon.This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.Discussion Topics• Lots of great MJ birthday events happened all around the world, including in Las Vegas, Kingvention’s Burn This Disco Out party in London, the return of Brad Sundberg’s In The Studio events, and much more!• The Estate has released Neverland merch.• The full casting has been announced for the Broadway MJ musical, as well as additions to the creative team. (Though, apparently they have not yet found their “young Michael”.)• Taj Jackson’s heartfelt GoFundMe update.• The full soundboard audio of the entire BAD Tour show in Los Angeles, 1989, has been released on YouTube.• Questlove shares never-before-seen Triumph tour footage on his Instagram page.• MJ Halloween party coming.• The Netherlands HIStory statue is still looking for a new owner.• Michael Jackson-inspired K-Pop a href="https://www.mjvibe.com/k-pop-trio-bdc-releases-moon-walker-single-insp...

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    135: Christian James Hand Special

    135: Christian James Hand Special

    Christian James Hand joins host Jamon Bull and regular guests Andy Healy and Velo Kristina for a special interview about Christian’s amazing history in the music industry, his work dissecting Michael Jackson’s multitracks via his “The Session” events on Instagram and live in-person, his deep appreciation of music production, and much more.Hand is a British-born, LA-based musician, music producer, radio personality, and voice-over artist. In his years in the music industry, he has worked in A&R at the British hip‐hop Label, Gee Street Records, as a Stager Manager for major tours, managed a live music venue, and was a radio production assistant and then a radio DJ. During his time at Sirius/XM’s “Faction” channel and “Alt Nation”, he created the hugely popular ”Naked Vocals” segment, which would lay the foundation for his future musical dissection work, including “The Session” events. His methods would continue to evolve through his radio-personality positions on different stations, ultimately leading to popular live music breakdown events called “The Sound Sessions at Swing House”, as well as the radio show “If You Like That” on 100.3 The Sound.Today, Hand’s 20-minute sessions can be heard on Monday mornings at the legendary 95.5 KLOS, and live on Instagram most weekdays. On Wednesday nights, he has a tradition of featuring Michael Jackson songs. Hand has also produced music for many different artists and groups over the years, including The Mowglis, Alexa Melo, The Jet Morgans, The Absolute, Analog Saint, and Mark Mackay.Hand has a unique, deep appreciation for music production, is incredibly well connected in the world of music (Gregory Phillinganes, Jimmy Jam, and others are regulars at his Instagram events), and brings fascinating insights into Michael Jackson’s work as an artist in the studio.This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.Additional Links • Christian James Hand’s website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.Sponsors• Roberta Martin Interiors. Full-service interior design based in Pasadena, California. Founded and run by a long-time Michael Jackson fan!• The MJCast’s official shop.

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4.5 out of 5
214 Ratings

214 Ratings

Uncle Rizzo ,

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

This podcast is the best content for the MJ community out there. I’ve learned so much about Michael and who he was and his work process through interviews with MJ’s family, friends, collaborators, content creators, authors and fellow fans. There are Vindication Day specials, honest looks at current events in the community, round tables and discussions of MJ’s body of work, Thriller Night, mixtapes and so much more. Thank you Jamon, Q, Charles, Elise, Damien, and everyone that’s appeared on the show. I really appreciate your honesty, hard work, and great content. Keep Michaeling! (Hopefully more Q and Charlie in the future!)

wizard70 ,

Last podcast from April 2021 with Charles Thomson

I’m afraid I cannot give this a high rating,.it is not fair to say he couldn’t sing well on invincible..Also saying he was always under the influence of drugs? How can you know this? I do not agree with you..it sounds to me like you feel bored by most of the music..it’s your choice of course..to listen or not...perhaps it’s better for you not to discuss his life or choices..I doubt you know even half of the TRUTH..of this mans life..My intention is to just say maybe you are more of a critic than that of a fan..it is not meant to offend in any way..we all have different opinions and paths to go on..my path is that of a fan and a believer of the man himself..it is important to remember we didn’t walk in his shoes..we cannot assume anything ever..in regard to drugs I will say he did likely need pain relief..I don’t think it means he always was on something..it is perfectly fair to say he had pain issues..my heart went out to him..he is very much missed..thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts..take care..

Kalinda Pacifica ,

The MJ CAST: Amazing, entertaining, on point

The MJ cast tells us about MJ, his music, legacy, art, dance, history, fans and more. The hosts are fabulous! They keep us glued to the program. I never want it to be over. The content is well researched, balanced and professionally prepared. Its fun! It’s varied in format and style. It has pizzazz! I started listening to this podcast last year. I’ve listened to all of them with several repeats. I came across the MJ cast when I started searching for accurate information on MJ after I came across a preview for LN. I grew up with the Jackson 5, but it was only last year that I discovered MJ (I must have been in cloud 9). I was really getting into it when the LN stuff started showing up on youtube. It sounded so ludicrous I had to investigate..... the rest is history! Congratulations for your outstanding work and Thank you MJ cast. I keep you all very close to my heart. Keep it up.

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