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Weekly conversations with extraordinary progressive mountain bike riders (professional and amateur), coaches and industry leaders. We talk about Freeride, Dirt Jumping, Downhill, Park, Street, Trials, skill development, bikes and gear, digging and building, strength and fitness, industry trends, and much more.

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Weekly conversations with extraordinary progressive mountain bike riders (professional and amateur), coaches and industry leaders. We talk about Freeride, Dirt Jumping, Downhill, Park, Street, Trials, skill development, bikes and gear, digging and building, strength and fitness, industry trends, and much more.

    Lee McCormack: Mtb Coach and Rip Row Creator interview

    Lee McCormack: Mtb Coach and Rip Row Creator interview

    Show Notes for Lee McCormack Lee Likes Bikes Coaching, Books and much more
    Lee McCormack on Youtube
    Lee Likes Bikes on Facebook
    Lee Like Bikes on Instagram
    1:00 Realities of self employment as a parent
    3:00 Lee’s beginnings with biking
    4:19 1988 Nishiki Pueblo. Mtb’ing for weight loss and fitness
    6:30 Overcoming childhood obesity
    7:10 Mountain biking community acceptance (vs road riding)
    7:19 David Weens. six consecutive winner of the Leadville Trail 100 MTB
    9:38 Mountain biking as an individual sport, unique challenges
    12:30 “Gravel riding”
    14:00 Brian Lopes
    16:07 Kurtis Keene
    16:14 Lee McCormack’s beginnings as a downhill/progressive mtb’er
    16:20 Sacramento Bee
    16:40 Mammoth Nationals
    16:56 Kamikaze Downhill. Ridiculous Kamikaze Downhill edit from “Tread, the movie”
    21:00 Lee’s Career change
    24:46 Bike Magazine
    25:00 Watching the film, Whale Rider and realizing his purpose
    29:15 Seeds of ‘Mastering Mountain Bike Skills’ book
    31:48 Ned Overend, author of ‘Mountain Bike Like a Champion’
    32:56 Lee McCormack beginnings as mountain biking skills teacher
    32:50 SMBA Mountain Biking Club
    36:00 Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey
    36:15 How to find your purpose
    37:31 How Lee McCormack landed a desirable, high paying job with a cutting-edge tech firm with no experience
    40:47 The roles of Brian and Lee in ‘Mastering Mountain Bike Skills’
    44:27 Lee McCormack talks about the Rip Row beginnings, how it works and how it builds mountain biking skills
    100:12 Understanding fear, tension and body energy when facing a new jump or other scary feature
    105:00 Understanding what you’re feeling in the moment and how to set and adjust internal goals accordingly
    110:57 Aaron Gwin Chainless Win in Leogang 2015 World Cup DH Video
    115:09 How dead lifts help with progressive mountain biking
    117:10 Brandon Semenuk Does It Again | Raw 100, Version 3
    118:32 Pro BMX Skills by Lee McCormack
    118:39 Chris Powell demonstrates how to case a jump

    • 1 hr 22 min
    Phil Kmetz | Skills with Phil YouTube channel | Downhill Racer

    Phil Kmetz | Skills with Phil YouTube channel | Downhill Racer

    Show Notes for Phil Kmetz Skills with Phil on Instagram
    Skills with Phil on Facebook
    Phil Kmetz on Tumblr
    Skills with Phil YouTube Channel
    1:10 Phil’s beginnings with bikes
    2:50 BMX Grand Nationals USA
    3:50 Woodward Camp BMX
    4:10 Rebull Rampage
    5:25 Drummer Hills Trails
    8:05 Todd Lions, SE Bikes. Brian Foster
    10:45 Downhill mountain bike racing beginnings
    11:00 Dual Slalom Mountain Bike Racing
    11:30 Aaron Chase
    12:10 Joey Schusler
    15:15 USA Cycling pro upgrade
    15:25 Richie Rude
    17:20 Relax to go faster
    25:20 Evil Bikes
    28:10 Race Financing
    29:30 Jordie Lunn Pinkbike Interview. And, uh, this.
    30:20 Lees-McRae College Mountain Biking Team
    31:40 Walker Shaw, Shane Leslie, Dakota Norton
    33:40 Danny’s Cycles, New York
    34:30 Mountain Creek Bike Park
    38:20 2015 National Championships at Mammoth
    39:20 Snowshoe Bike Park
    37:35 Niko Mullaly
    40:00 UCI World Cup Mountain Bike Races
    40:10 Windham Bike Park
    42:00 Gee Atherton
    45:35 Seth’s Bike Hacks on YouTube
    47:10 GMBN- Global Mountain Biking Network on YouTube
    51:20 Eight cool mountain bike tricks you can learn anywhere | Skills with Phil
    55:20 Generating speed without pedaling - Pumping flat ground | Skills with Phil
    56:50 Drummer Hill Berm Roosts | Skills with Phil
    58:35 Phil Kmetz film making: Production, work flow, filmography, gear...

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Clayton Peterson | Ride It Out Founder | US Army Special Operations Flight Paramedic

    Clayton Peterson | Ride It Out Founder | US Army Special Operations Flight Paramedic

    Mtb Jumper Podcast on iTunes
    Show Notes for Clayton Peterson
    Ride It Out on Facebook
    Ride It Out on Instagram
    Ride It Out on YouTube
    00:00 Disclaimer
    02:50 Early family life and biking experiences
    05:55 Marine Corps enlistment
    06:30 X Games in Oceanside CA
    07:30 Dave Mirra. Haro Signature Blammo
    8:00 Gummo, film
    8:45 Flatland BMX
    10:40 Torker Bicycles
    12:00 Eben Fischer
    12:40 Rick Moliterno
    12:55 Tree Bicycle Co.
    13:40 Fufanu Bike Trick
    15:20 S&M Bikes. Terrible One, Etnies Forward BMX Film
    16:50 Shoots Brah BMX
    19:00 Post Military Employment difficulties
    19:30 Adam Watkins
    21:50 Enlistment in Army Medic program
    24:55 Ryan Nyquist, Early Dave Mirra
    25:55 First Deployment to Iraq as Platoon Medic
    31:00 Brian Conolly
    35:30 Specialized P1
    37:10 Selected for Special Operations Combat Medic Course
    40:05 Snoqualmie Pass View
    43:00 Experticity
    43:10 Diamondback Scapegoat
    44:20 Friends of Capitol Forest
    47:45 Duthie Hill Mtb Park
    48:40 Steven’s Pass Mtb Park
    50:00 Origins of Ride It Out project
    50:30 Commencal Supreme DH
    51:50 Whistler Mountain Bike Park
    52:50 Giant Glory Downhill Bike
    55:40 Leatt Neck Brace
    57:45 THOR 3 Performance Training
    106:48 Trials Training Center Tennessee Knockout
    107:30 Neko Mulally
    109:38 Windrock Bike Park
    115:00 Tiger Mountain Mtb Trails
    1:18:45 Ride It Out
    1:24:15 Time Perspective Therapy
    1:28:00 How mountain biking helps to relieve PTSD
    1:37:40 Veterans Adventure Group. Veterans Adventure Group on Facebook.
    1:38:00 “I’m a Mountain Biker with a Skydiving problem”
    1:39:00 Jeb Corliss
    1:41:50 Travis Pastrana
    1:49:10 I.E.D.
    1:53:15 Arizona 300 and 750
    1:58:10 Recon Racks

    • 2 hr 3 min
    008 Charlie Sponsel | Pro Downhill Racer & Mtb Industry Influencer

    008 Charlie Sponsel | Pro Downhill Racer & Mtb Industry Influencer

    Mtb Jumper Podcast on iTunes
    Show Notes for Charlie Sponsel
    1:13 Charlie can bake a cake.
    2:05 Gravity Components
    3:30 Team Robot
    10:15 Clay Porter Films
    12:00 Charlie Sponsel views on marketing in the mountain bike industry
    13:20 Charlies mountain biking beginnings
    14:00 How to teach your kids to ski/ “the run bike of skiing”
    16:00 Buck Hill Mtb Race
    16:40 Whistler Mtb Park , Kona Stinky
    17:10 Tioga Tires
    19:45 Ski Bowl Mountain Biking
    20:20 Mountain Cycles Shockwave
    20:50 Atomlab
    27:35 Charlie Sponsel on slope style, tricks… Wham Bam Thank You Jam, 2007
    29:40 Brandon Semenuk. Redbull Rampage 2016
    30:30 Nicholi Rogatkin Cork 1080 at Crankworx Les Gets 2016
    32:40 Downhill mountain bike race beginnings for Charlie Sponsel
    34:20 “I race in the pro category. There’s a big difference.” “Rapid Fire” video with Charlie Sponsel, by Cory Tepper
    35:33 “The entire nation of Poland came out to ruin my day” ~Charlie Sponsel
    37:00 Charlie Sponsel Wambulance Tour
    37:50 How to get professional sponsorship
    40:40 Internal conflict re sponsorship, racing and products
    41:20 The, Charlie, why did you burn out and quit, question.
    43:10 Dirt Diaries Contest with Cory Tepper
    53:15 Eric Porter interview on the MtbJumper Podcast
    54:30 Charlie Sponsel on Slow vs Fast Practice for downhill Mountain Bike Racing
    56:50 The elements of practice and preparation for Downhill Mtb Racing
    1:00 “I’m a bad person”. Understanding the emotional side of race preparation.
    1:02 Charlie Sponsel Sea Otter Classic Race Results 2015. Steve Wentz
    1:03:04 Chris Kovarik
    1:05:00 “Oh! I’m not a robot, I’m a human being with emotions and feelings...”
    1:07:00 Influencers and Mentors: Gabe Owens. Jim Karn, Brad Watt, Phil Wearing
    1:10:10 Charlie Sponsel trail building philosophy and concepts
    1:12:05 River View Mtb Trail, Portland, OR. Outside Online article. “Portland Hates Me”
    1:15:00 Aaron Nactrab and Patrick Funk from Team Robot
    1:15:40 Origin of “Team Robot” name. “You’re on the kill list!!”
    1:17:40 Kyle Thomas
    1:17:50 Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner
    1:20:15 Lars Sternberg
    1:22:00 Alex McGuinnis. Krunk Shox
    1:23:15 John Kennedy, Mike Lawless, Kevin Walsh
    1:23:40 NW Cup founders interview on MtbJumper Podcast
    1:25:40 Mtb Injuries
    1:28:30 Charlie Sponsel Skibowl NW Cup #4 Full Run (5th Pro)
    1:29:30 Enduro and Cross Country Mtb racing is serious and hard
    1:30:00 What it takes to win Enduro vs Downhill
    1:33:50 Professional Influencers: Adam Craig
    1:35:00 World Cup Mountain Bike Racing: Why you should at least go and watch
    1:36:44 Verg Interview on the MtbJumper Podcast

    • 1 hr 38 min
    007 Ryan Verg Vergeront Pro Bicycle Mechanic

    007 Ryan Verg Vergeront Pro Bicycle Mechanic

    Show Notes for Verg 1:44 HowVerg started out biking and wrenching
    3:15 USA Cycling Mechanics Clinic
    5:25 Shimano Multi Service
    5:55 Bike Shops where Verg Started out: Open Road Bicycles, Fat Tire Farm, Revolver Bikes, 21st Avenue Bicycles
    7:45 Sea Otter Classic, Ironman Hawaii Race, Paris-Roubaix Race, World Cup Mtb Races,
    9:18 Traveling and work life of a traveling bicycle mechanic
    12:20 Wrenching during a race, effective attitude, getting and sharing parts and tools, cooperation with other teams.
    15:20 Attitudes of community in mountain biking
    18:15 Diamondback Bicycles
    18:20 Kyle Thomas
    18:25 Charlie Sponsel
    20:50 The difference between a ladder and stairs
    21:40 Is it easier or more difficult for tall people to do push ups
    22:55 Working with pro riders
    23:00 Kelly McGarry Canyon gap back flip at Red Bull Rampage
    24:00 Carson Storch, Eric Porter
    25:00 Redbull Rampage
    25:50 Digging and building at Redbull with athletes
    29:45 The multi-faceted job of helping a team achieve success
    30:30 Flying with tools as a pro bike mechanic
    31:20 Finding resources in strange places
    32:30 AJ Johnson
    32:54 Mountain Bike Suspension Design
    37:40 Geographic influence of Mtb designs
    38:30 Devinci Traveling Demo Program
    39:30 “Quiver Killer” bike?
    43:05 Devinci Django. Devinci Troy
    45:10 Wheel size discussion; allowing 29’ers in Mtb Downhill racing
    48:45 Tour de France Bicycle Weight Limits
    59:20 Verg’ role as a Devinci Bicycles demo specialist
    1:00:45 Devinci owner, Felix Gauthier
    1:04:20 Devinci Hatchet, “Gravel Bike”
    1:11:10 Working with Slope Style Athletes and their bikes
    1:12:47 Colorado Freeride Festival
    1:15:00 Slope Style suspension purpose and design
    1:19:00 BMX beginnings: Darren Berrecloth, Jill Kintner, Lars Sternberg, Matthew Slaven
    1:19:40 NW Cup Casey Northern and Scott Tucker interview
    1:20:00 Accessibility and Cost of BMX vs Mountain Bike riding
    1:20:45 Does the rear shock help with boost on full suspension Slope Style bikes?
    1:23:40 Full suspension slope style bikes for kids & shorter riders

    • 1 hr 27 min
    006 AJ Johnson of Go Huck Yourself Bikes

    006 AJ Johnson of Go Huck Yourself Bikes

    Show Notes for AJ Johnson of GHY Bikes Mtb Jumper Podcast on iTunes
    GHY Bikes on Facebook
    GHY Bikes on Instagram
    01:54 Evel Knievel
    02:42 AJ Johnson’s first bmx bike
    03:09 BMX Race beginnings
    03:57 Competitive Soccer
    07:35 Advanced skills development
    11:25 Downhill Mountain Biking beginning’s
    13:13 John Cowan, Randy Spangler, SuperHeros Mtb Film, Garret Thayer, North Shore Mtb, Wade Simmons, New World Disorder Films
    16:54 Darrin Berecloth
    17:06 Thomas Vanderham
    18:35 Go Huck Yourself Shop Origins
    20:00 GHY T-Shirts Origins
    22:38 The Gathering
    23:29 Steve Cominsky
    25:23 Aaron Chase, Joe Prisel, Darren Berecloth, Cam McCaul and Tyler McCaul, Paul Basagoitia, Randy Spangler, Kirt Vorheis (Instagram), Scott Matual, Phil Sundbaum, Robbie Wright, Andrew Carpenter
    27:12 Decline, Mountainbike Action magazines
    27:58 The Gathering impact on Mtb events
    30:03 GHY Bikes place in the Mtb community
    32:23 Transition Bikes, Devinci Bikes, Norco Bikes, Fit Bikes, S&M Bikes, Kink Bikes
    33:08 Redline Bikes, Torker Bikes, Raleigh Bikes
    34:05 Deity Components
    34:21 Chromag Bikes
    34:36 Raceface Components
    34:47 Custom Wheel Building at GHY Bikes
    35:08 Phil Wood
    36:16 GHY Bikes, shop Culture and staff
    40:50 Brandon Semenuk
    40:57 Tony Hawk
    41:13 GoPro
    41:37 GHY Bikes Shop Rides
    42:21 Go Huck Yourself Bermsled Holloween Race
    43:01 Jill Kintner on Instagram, and her Website
    46:28 Luke Strobel, Bryn Atkinson
    46:52 James Stewart “Bubba Scrub”
    47:22 Bart McDaniels
    47:37 Casey Northern Mtb Jumper Podcast Episode #1
    49:12 GHY Bikes Softies Jump Jam
    52:01 North shore, Mt Seymour, Mt Fromm, Woodlot Trails
    52:12 Kona Stinky
    52:54 Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance
    53:31 Tiger Mt Mtb Trails
    55:27 How AJ Johnson deals with new, big features. Visualization and mental preparation methods
    58:01 Wade Simmons talk re safety and skill development
    102:04 AJ on basic jumping skills
    104:21 Bmx vs Mtb Jump digging
    105:54 Travis Erickson
    106:19 Damon Snow
    106:28 Lucas Chalcraft
    Photo of AJ Johnson courtesy of Walter Yi

    • 1 hr 9 min

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4.8 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

huckersteve ,

Understated but hopefully not underrated

Norm has a wonderful interviewing style and his guests really share a lot. This show is a must listen for Pacific NW riders who not only have an interest in hearing from some of their heroes, but to pick up some. Ore skills along the way.

Great stuff Norm keep them coming!

Cvegan ,

Great interviews

Diverse guests and conversations with a laid back interview style.