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Daily Thoughts and Insights on the world of spa, wellness, hotels, business and life.

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Daily Thoughts and Insights on the world of spa, wellness, hotels, business and life.

    The Oxymoron That Is The Right Mistake #1258

    The Oxymoron That Is The Right Mistake #1258

    A mistake, by definition, is wrong. Right?
    So how can you make a Right Mistake?
    Well, sometimes you don't know it was a mistake until much later on.
    Sometimes it's simply the value and benefit of hindsight.
    Other times it's because new factors emerged and evolved that you could not have possibly anticipated back when you made your decision.
    Knowing that you can make a decision today that may turn out to be a mistake, but that it was the right call at the time...is kinda liberating.
    Sound confusing?
    I get it.
    It confused me when I said it out loud. 
    But still, somehow, in my head, it makes sense!?!
    #mistakes #choices #decisions

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    Who Is Your Uniform Really For? #1257

    Who Is Your Uniform Really For? #1257

    We often hear companies talk about the importance of the uniform to the people wearing it.
    It connects them to the organisation. Gives them a sense of identity.
    Well, I would argue that is absolutely NOT the role of the uniform.
    The uniform is for people outside of the organisation.
    Your customers. Your guests.
    Your staff should already know who they are and what their role in the organisation is. 
    If they don't, a uniform is not going to fix that.
    By all means, give some thought to how it makes your people feel.
    But remember, first and foremost, the uniform is not for them anyway.
    #uniforms #identity #people

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    The Simple Problem With Being Right #1256

    The Simple Problem With Being Right #1256

    The problem with being right is complacency.
    You stop trying. You stop searching. You stop striving.
    Whereas those who are still trying to prove themselves right tend to keep pushing until they do.
    As a result, they can ultimately push past those who were right before, if those people rest on their laurels.
    And the interesting thing about being right is that sometimes you're actually not really right at all. You're just not wrong. And that's not the same as being right.
    So, if you're right...just be careful.
    #right #wrong #keepmovingforward

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    Decide How And When To Quit Before You Begin #1255

    Decide How And When To Quit Before You Begin #1255

    At some point in the future, it's going to end. You're going to quit.
    Whether it's your business, your career or even your daily podcast. ;-)
    So, if you know it's going to end, decide now, before you begin, what that end will look like.
    Will it be when you reach a certain target or when sales fall below a specific number?
    Whatever criteria you decide will signify the end, decide it now, well ahead of the end.
    That way, when the end does come, you'll be ready for it. You won't be forced to make rash decisions under pressure as panic sets in when you sense the end coming.
    Actually, maybe you don't need to necessarily decide before you begin. But definitely decide well before the end.
    #quitting #controlyourfuture #destiny

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    Unpacking The Milkman Model Opportunity #1254

    Unpacking The Milkman Model Opportunity #1254

    Once Upon A Time the Milkman used to deliver fresh bottles of milk to our doorstep. Then, the next day, he'd return and collect the empty bottles and replace them with fresh ones.
    These days, we refer to that as a Circular Delivery Model.
    Whilst it might seem like a nostalgic blast from the past, it's actually a model that could make a lo of sense for a number of businesses.
    If you have a product that is consumable and needs to be replaced or replenished, you should consider the opportunities in the Milkman Model.
    It will get you closer to your customer and so you will be able to get real market feedback.
    You can incentivise your 'Milkman' to upsell on the spot.
    And even if the economics don't quite work out now...just wait till Drone Delivery & Pickup becomes a thing in a few years.
    NB: Here's the BIG OPPORTUNITY...create a Milkman Aggregator Business. Provide the delivery and pickup/return services for multiple products and businesses. 
    #businessmodels #businessopportunity #knowyourcustomer

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    We React To Noise. We Respond To What We Recognise. #1253

    We React To Noise. We Respond To What We Recognise. #1253

    Imagine this...
    You're walking down the street and see a guy off in the distance who looks like your friend Steve.
    You call out to him. Hey Steveo! 
    Nothing. So you yell a bit louder. Hey! STEVEO!
    He turns around. It's not Steve. 
    So why did he turn around?
    He wasn't Responding to hearing his name. He was Reacting to the noise.
    If he sees something he Recognises, like you, his name or a problem you might be able to help him solve, he'll Respond in a meaningful way.
    If not, he'll just move on.
    We focus a lot on getting the Response. Creating products and services to serve wants and needs.
    But sometimes in doing so, we belittle the value of the Noise. Too much Noise is bad, we think.
    Remember, without the Noise, he wouldn't have even turned around.
    Sometimes the Noise can be just as important.
    #noise #response #marketing

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