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The Well & Worthy Life Podcast, hosted by certified Health Coach Deanna Pizitz, aims to inspire and encourage you to become the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

Each week Deanna and a guest invite you to listen in as they discuss strategies to improve physical health, mental health, spiritual health, and everything in between. Let's find the way to your best life together.

Well & Worthy Life Podcast Deanna Pizitz

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The Well & Worthy Life Podcast, hosted by certified Health Coach Deanna Pizitz, aims to inspire and encourage you to become the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

Each week Deanna and a guest invite you to listen in as they discuss strategies to improve physical health, mental health, spiritual health, and everything in between. Let's find the way to your best life together.

    A Strength Training Program for Midlife Women

    A Strength Training Program for Midlife Women

    Episode Overview We are beyond excited to share Balance Movement Method with you all, a well-rounded strength training program for midlife women! Lori is a fitness, nutrition, and functional movement specialist, and a women's fitness instructor. I can't think of a more perfect person to lead this program with me.
    Feeling fit and recapturing your energy when you hit midlife can be discouraging if not downright disheartening. Especially if you hit the peri and post-menopause stages. In the Balance Movement Method, we're here to teach you how to adapt to get awesome results.
    Questions Answered in the Episode How does strength training support symptoms of perimenopause? The benefits of joining a strength training program for midlife women. Is it necessary to spend hours in the gym to see the results of strength training? What is NEAT and why is it important for our health? How does physical strength impact mental strength?  
    Action Items The Balance Movement Method is going to make you feel your BEST using our efficient and effective movement method! Get on the waitlist and join us starting March 15th. Follow Lori on Instagram for fitness and healthy lifestyle tips.  
    Key Moments in the Conversation [4:17] We want to show women that they are stronger than they think mentally and physically. Often times when you are in strength training and resistance training you start to see that about yourself.
    [7:40] Muscles are torn down during the workout, but they're rebuilt in the kitchen. You have to pair both fitness and nutrition to reap the benefits.
    [28:05] I don't do one-on-one coaching anymore because the magic happens with the group. I found that I don't have all the answers, and when we're all together, we can bounce things off one another and learn so much from each other. 

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    #153 - When the Mess Becomes the Message

    #153 - When the Mess Becomes the Message

    The Mess Becomes the Message Overview I’m a firm believer that we can turn things around and see how the mess becomes the message we share with the world. In this solo episode, I’m getting vulnerable and sharing how my mess was a pivotal part in creating Well & Worthy Life. It took me a while to learn what wellness truly meant in all aspects of my life and believe that I was worthy of such a life. I want each of you to know and believe that for yourselves too! 
    Questions Answered How the mess becomes the message with Well & Worthy Life? What was I doing that was depleting my energy? How a getaway with friends in Napa was the turning point of change.   
    Action Items Join me in one of my programs if you need the support to make the changes you’re looking for to know that you CAN live a Well and worthy life.
    Balance Eating Method Balance Wellness Method  Balance Movement Method If you're new here, be sure you're part of the Well & Worthy life Instagram community!
    Key Moments in the Conversation [8:59]  I had to hit rock bottom and I knew I could not live like that anymore.
    [11:35]  The problem was, I wasn’t sleeping well, had low energy, and I wasn't feeling great. I was in perimenopaus and didn't know it for 14 years.
    [19:50]  Getting my health coaching certification was one of the best decisions of my life. In the one year program, I learned so much about food as medicine. The biggest lesson I learned was we are all different and there's no one size fits all, we have to be in touch with our own bodies.

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    Explore Your Relationship with Alcohol

    Explore Your Relationship with Alcohol

    Episode Overview This community has had such a positive response to conversations with my friend, Jenn aka the Sober Sis that we're taking it back to one of the first episodes with her. The conversation helps you explore your relationship with alcohol, recognize when it's unhealthy, and how to work towards changing your mindset and lifestyle. Jenn talks about how the stigma of sobriety often puts pressure on women to drink socially and the way in which alcohol consumption can affect us both physically and mentally. We also discuss the importance of understanding the root cause of your relationship with alcohol before you can quit successfully.
    Questions Answered How do you get to the root cause of your relationship with alcohol? How does alcohol consumption affect us physically and mentally? What is a healthy approach to alcohol that will bring lasting results? Action Items Explore your relationship with alcohol and join Jenn's 21-day Reset Listen to our previous episodes on the topic of alcohol: Can you drink in moderation Alcohol and weight loss The connection between alcohol and menopause Follow Jenn on Instagram for daily inspiration  
    Key Moments in the Conversation [3:34] I'm really grateful that God pointed me in this direction, although it was a very unlikely direction and not something that I ever really thought that I would be so vocal about and so passionate about sharing.
    [6:07] There I was in my thirties navigating being a mom, being married, working, and socializing around something that really instantly made me feel relaxed, made me feel a part of things, and it made me feel like a grownup in this new world that I was in.
    [11:18] There were nights where I thought, "nope I'm going to be good tonight" and I used willpower. I white-knuckled it with a  deprivation mindset, so I was miserable, but I wasn't drinking. I thought it was a win but really all it did was make me want it more when I went back to it the next day or two or three.
    Join A Balance Program Balance Eating Method Balance Wellness Mehtod  Balance Movement Method  

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    Unlocking the Secrets of Hormone Replenishment Therapy

    Unlocking the Secrets of Hormone Replenishment Therapy

    Episode Overview With all of the misinformation out there about hormone replacement therapy, or as Dr. Ana calls it, hormone replenishment therapy, I thought it was a good idea to have her back to continue educating us! She has worked with thousands of women one-on-one to help them understand and improve their health and manage their hormones. Dr. Ana is committed to supporting women so they can thrive physically, emotionally, sexually, and even spiritually as they go through the natural and inevitable life shift of menopause.
    Hormone Replenishment Therapy Questions Answered What’s the difference between progesterone vs progestins
    How did Dr. Ana come to learn so much about hormone replenishment?
    What are the symptoms of progesterone deficiency?
    What are Dr. Ana’s thoughts on pellets and testosterone replacement?
    What is the best way to measure hormones?
    What are some good ways to increase oxytocin?
    Is it too late to start hormones?
    Action Items Check out Dr. Ana's Menopause kit. It provides nourishing, replenishing, evidence-based ingredients for whole-body menopause relief. Order her books to continue to learn from her expertise.  
    Key Moments [2:48] I talk about hormone replenishment, not hormone replacement.  We want to support our body's natural hormone production as much as possible.
    [5:09] It takes more than hormones to fix your hormones.
    [7:44] The longer we keep our ovarian function working, the better, healthier longevity we have. That is key.
    [13:01] I think it's the little changes that trigger you and motivate you. The hardest thing to do is to change, but we have to rewire because the past is comfortable. Those habits are comfortable and we have to change them. 
    [20:05] We want to empower our body to take care of itself, and there's a fine art to it. 
    [30:29] I’ve seen so many women struggle when they're not feeling well and we've got to get to the root cause. Number one, we have to have hope. We have to know that we have many purposes and we can improve our physiology.
    Connect with Dr. Ana Go to Dr. Ana's website to find all the information you need about her podcast and products mentioned in the episode, and to find her social channels so you can continue to engage with her.
    Join me in Balance: Balance Eating Method Balance Wellness Method  Balance Movement Method

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    How to Create Healthy and Sustainable Eating Habits

    How to Create Healthy and Sustainable Eating Habits

    Episode Overview Melanie is your girl if you want to know how to create healthy and sustainable eating habits! She has taught me many tips and tricks over the years on making quick and easy nutrient-dense meals which is why we created Balance Eating Method. We discovered too many women struggle to get the nourishment they need to live energized and whole from the inside out. In this episode, we invite each listener to join the conversation as we, two best friends, chat about our health journeys and share why we do what we do for women coming up after us.
    Questions Answered Why does alcohol affect us differently as we get older? Is it too late to change, even if we’re in our 40s, 50s, and 60s and beyond? What is it like to be on the Balance Method calls? How will the Balance Eating Method help me create healthy and sustainable eating habits?  
    Action Items Are you looking to give going alcohol-free a try? Check out Sober Sis’ 21-day challenge. Get on the waitlist for one of the Balance groups 
    Balance Wellness Method Balance Eating Method Balance Movement Method Balance Bundle (all 3 courses)  
    Key Moments in the Conversation [2:34] Every time I'm on the phone with you, I leave better. I've learned something. I've been encouraged. Maybe you're doing something that I was slacking on, like going on a daily walk, and Deanna's walking and talking and I think, “you know what? I need to move today because Deanna is my encourager.”
    [3:51] What I do is try to be better this year as opposed to last year. What can I let go of that didn't serve me in 2022?
    [12:38] We were talking on our Zoom call about community and how important community is with like-minded women, and that's exactly why we created the Balance Wellness Method, Balance Eating Method, and Balance Movement Method because there aren’t any programs out there for women our age.
    [15:22]  I can tell you I feel better now in my fifties probably as good as I felt in my twenties, if not better.
    [32:02] Start learning to say no more. You can make time to better yourself, you just have to learn to say no to the things that are not the best for you.
    Connect with Melanie: Check out her website Follow her on Instagram Listen to previous episodes with Melanie Meet your Balance Wellness Method Coaches  Staying Balanced Through the Holidays Lessons From a Plant-Based Diet

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    #149 - Break the Cycle: Overcome Emotional Eating

    #149 - Break the Cycle: Overcome Emotional Eating

    Episode Overview: Emotional eating is a common struggle that can lead to negative consequences such as weight gain and decreased self-esteem. With years of firsthand experience in the world of food obsession, our guest, Hunter, has the tools you need to find freedom and hope. As a certified emotional eating coach, she has supported many individuals in the journey to overcome emotional eating, lose weight and stop thinking about food so they can be free to live fully.
    Questions Answered: What can you do when you want to lose weight but don’t know how to break your patterns?
    How to know if you need to work with an emotional eating coach.
    The number one thing most people have trouble with when it comes to emotional eating and how to break that habit.
    Action Items: Check out the book, It Was Me All Along by Andy Mitchell, which Deanna recommends in the episode. Find the support you're looking for and book a 20-minute discovery call with Hunter. Download Hunter's four-step guide to overcome emotional eating and stay on track with a healthy eating program.  
    Key Moments in the Conversation: [10:35]  Stopping your thoughts about food may not be a quick fix, but there are steps you can take. It's everything from what you can do physically when you're feeding your body to help those cravings, what you can do to deal with your emotions, and what you can do mentally for mindset change.
    [13:47] Do I want to be thin and fit into all my clothes? Of course. But my biggest thing is to have the energy to do all the things I love to do and play with my granddaughter. If I am not nourishing my body the right way, then I can’t.
    [16:44]  It used to be that we did these things in secret and we didn't have people to talk to. Now that's the biggest message I want to get to people - you are not alone, you've not done anything with food that I have not either done before or had a best friend do.
    [22:27] I think slow is so much better than a quick loss because slow is more sustainable. 
    Connect with Hunter: Check out her website Follow her on Instagram Join My Programs Balance Eating Method Balance Program 

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5.0 out of 5
88 Ratings

88 Ratings

Jardjames ,

So grateful!

I am so grateful to have found your podcast!! A wealth of information!! I am hooked!

CelineRaschel ,

I’m loving The Well & Worthy Life podcast!

This podcast is full of amazing information. I’m never disappointed!
- Grid + Glam

sflayb ,

Relatable and Enjoyable

I’ve been listening to Deanna for almost two years and have enjoyed each podcast! It’s wonderful for all women, it particularly over age 45. She has very informative guests and I’ve learned a great deal!

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