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Algarve Podcast - Algarve Addicts interviews interesting people who live, work and play in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal.

Algarve Addicts: a thriving community of healthy, outdoor people connected by the Algarve, Portugal. Nick Robinson

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Algarve Podcast - Algarve Addicts interviews interesting people who live, work and play in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal.

    Life on the Algarve coast - Sunseeker's perspective

    Life on the Algarve coast - Sunseeker's perspective

    Meet Steve from Sunseeker

    Steve Handy from Sunseeker Portugal
    Steve moved over to Portugal with Sunseeker as it makes a lot of sense for this international boat builder to have a presence down here in the Algarve. I got to chat to him about how it all started for Sunseeker in the Algarve and what life is like for Steve in Europe's favourite holiday destination. Listen along!

    Show notes

    Steve has been here for three years and relates the story of how Sunseeker came to be in Vilamoura.
    He was selling a boat to a client on the marina and the client was hesitating as there was no representation in Portugal. He suggested it to the Sunseeker Group and they did it in 2014.
    Hunting for an office, hiring staff and having high standards in the Algarve business environment. Steve mentions how to adapt to the working environment down here.
    Choosing a location to move the business to: Vilamoura and then Boliqueime.
    That pub in Boliqueime is called Pub 37.
    We discuss finding long term rentals and how tough it is. We have a lovely lady in our Algarve Addicts Facebook group who has a business helping people find long term rentals.
    The Algarve from a boat owners perspective and naturally the weather plays a big role (as any seagoing person should know :) ).
    6-8 restaurants run boat tender services:
    Estamine Restaurant
    Restaurant A Sardinha at Praia Arrifes near Albufeira.

    Gibraltar isn't far away, Lagos is 2 hours away from Vilamoura, Faro is a fantastic destination to cruise in the Ria Formosa.
    Steve mentions how much fun you can have on a boat as a floating platform and he mentions a Seabob (a type of underwater mini jet ski).

    Check out the Seabob! That might be quite fun for those cave visits AND surfing!
    The Guadiana River for cruising and we talk about Vila Real Santo Anonio and the proximity of Spain.
    Can you just drop anchor wherever you want?
    Motorbiking in the Algarve and off-roading buggies. If you'd like to do the same thing get in touch with Maverick Tours and Vista Experience.
    Great motor cycling road between São Brás de Alportel and Tavira - EN270.
    Steves recommendations:
    Beach: Praia do Carvalho and the West Coast.
    Restaurants: The Shack and Pure in Quinta do Lago.

    You can find Steve online through Sunseeker Portugal or axoparlondongroup.com

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    Trail runner!

    Trail runner!

    Alexandra Vanstalle is a mother of four kids, husband of one and runs unbelievable distances along rural tracks. Her latest adventure is to train for a 111km long trail run… Listen to her story:
    Show notes
    Alex was born in Oeiras, close to Lisbon, studied in Lisbon and worked at a Mexican restaurant, before setting off for Mexico and heading back to the Algarve!
    Holidays in her youth were spent in Manta Rota in the Algarve. Teenage party times!
    We talk about Praia Verde and Pézinhos na Areia.
    Her first few months living in the Algarve just outside Loulé near Boliqueime.
    Trail running and how she became addicted to it and the free group Corridas a Sexta Feira
    She joined ATR (Algarve Trail Running) and helped with the Rocha da Pena race and ended up entering the 50km run which is held in August in 40ºC temperatures.
    Alex trains 50, 60, 70 kms a week before a big race.
    We discuss the ALUT which stands for the Algarviana Ultra Trail which is a 300km race from one end of the Algarve to the other (Alcoutim to Sagres).
    If you’ve just arrived in the Algarve and want to do some great trail runs, Alex suggests heading for Querença, Salir or Falesia or even Monchique! We talk about the Cerro do São Miguel above Moncarrapacho.
    Alex’s Algarve recommendations:
    Loulé – schools, hospitals, restaurants and safe to live in.
    Beaches: Ilha Deserta and Restaurant Estamine
    The west coast (Costa Vicentina).

    You can find Alex online on Facebook or at http://byvanstalle.com/ where she does image consulting. She helps people build self confidence through clothing and body language among other things.

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    The easiest way to gorge on the Algarve's gourmet delights and other stories

    The easiest way to gorge on the Algarve's gourmet delights and other stories

    I interviewed Maria in the new Centro de Congressos do Algarve and we managed to sneak into an empty conference room as the sound was GREAT in there. Her life is really varied taking in a lot of projects like online tourism startups, the Lagos Food Fest, other big events, food tours, the Rota de Petisco (read all about it as we didn't have time to discuss it).
    Show notes
    Born in Lisbon, moved to Macau, China when she was 2 due to her fathers involvement with Portugal broadcasting.
    Her first impression of the Algarve was at Cabanas de Tavira when she was really small. The next time she visited was Vilamoura in her teens... (!)
    Typical vacation spot for the whole of Portugal.
    Escaping from the Algarve in August.
    How she moved to the Algarve.
    First job in the Algarve and then working for Eddie Murphy!
    Algarve Tech Hub makes its way into one more of our conversations.
    Share Algarve is coming soon and we discuss the new vision for the conference.
    Maria has a food tour company which started "by accident" over three years ago. Canned food from Maria do Mar in Portimao.
    Culinary Tourism as an incentive from the Tourism Boards, both the Região Turismo Algarve and Portugal Tourism.
    Lagos food fest 25,000 people come to Lagos for one weekend. It's in July 2019.
    Gastronomic Conference has been designed to build a strategy around the food and beverage industry in the Algarve. The web site is coming soon and will be here: http://congressogastronomiadoalgarve.com/
    Maria's top spots! Beaches (all Google Maps links):

    Restaurants: Polvo e Compania (Santa Luzia), Come Na Gaveta (Tavira), Ferradura (Lagos)
    Coastline: Walk the cliffs of Lagos from Ponta da Piedade to Burgau
    (about 10kms)
    Monchique: Find a medronho distillery and then enjoy the different food. Maria talks about the origin of Carne de Porco Alentejano (pork and clams).

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    Move to Portugal, set up a business and kick back!

    Move to Portugal, set up a business and kick back!

    Jason Brown, originally from South Africa made the move to Portugal a few years back and loves it here. We met at my house in São Brás de Alportel and had a great 30 minute discussion filled with tips for people arriving in the Algarve and how to acclimatize to the area.

    Show notes

    Moving to Portugal and pre-arrival impressions: A sleepy fishing village and similar to South Africa.
    Vilamoura, Carvoeiro and Lagos get heavily marketed but smaller and more local places don't get as much attention which is totally understandable.
    Getting off the plane from Wales and looking forward to an outdoors lifestyle with beach, barbecues and getting out and about. What more could anyone want?
    Why Lagos? His parents were already there but Jason mentions history, tradition and culture all richly present in Lagos' modern day appearance. Young, vibey travellers, sometimes surfers and #vanlife followers. We chat about the Three Monkeys bar in Lagos and here's the blog post I mentioned.
    Activities in the Algarve: how to join a group?
    Jason suggests typing in "soccer algarve" (for example) into Facebook (or ask in our very own Algarve Addicts Facebook group!),
    asking at your local sports store or local sports centre,
    or chatting to the staff of a local bar/restaurant.
    Be bold and set your own group up.

    We talk walking football and the Burgau Barbarians!
    The reality of moving to and living in Portugal. Basic Portuguese is helpful and makes you feel more at home, but not entirely necessary. There are quite a few companies that can do the awful bureaucratic services for you. :)
    Where to settle in the Algarve. Do a recce trip and use Airbnb to experience life like a local. Look at the main cities - you can find more info in my Algarve Geography podcast. Drive around and explore! Speak to people online and listen to all the Algarve Addicts podcasts, they really will help you to acclimatize.
    Jason's tells us the story of his business: Access Algarve. In a nutshell it is a 2 for 1 voucher system.
    Buy the book from Intermarché, Yellowfish, Visacar or
    get the app directly through www.accessalgarve.com It costs €10 but I have organized a 10% discount for you if you quote "ALGARVEADDICTS" in the promotion section.

    Jason's Algarve recommendations: "A Rampa" restaurant in Monchique for chicken piri piri.
    Best beach is Praia da Mareta in Sagres.

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    The ONE piece of advice you need for enjoying your Algarve holiday

    The ONE piece of advice you need for enjoying your Algarve holiday

    Yvette Martins
    Yvette grew up in Canada and moved to our beautiful Algarve. She now owns an online travel business and is brimming with advice and tips. Listen to her one important takeaway from this podcast.
    Show notes
    Yvette grew up close to Vancouver in Canada from Portuguese parents.
    In her youth figure skating was a pastime, motocross was a passion.
    Her move to Portugal when she was 14. Her parents were from Sabugal, near Castelo Branco in Portugal.
    On moving to the Algarve, 4 Estradas near Almançil, she fell in love with the people and the natural landscapes.
    After school she focused on nutrition and sports (The Academia Gym in Loulé, now called Moov Fitness Centre), the restaurant industry, real estate and now online business through www.olalocal.pt
    We talk about being a local social media influencer and product placement.
    A brand she recently worked with was The Holiday Inn in Armação de Pêra, which you may have seen our video of back in VLOG number 3.
    She also works with local clothing brands too.
    Yvette's tips for young, budding Instagrammers. Be genuine, be yourself and get your profile up on www.influence.co
    She prefers writing (inside tips for the Algarve) and photography and she tells a story from a community member requesting some romantic advice off her. See the related image on www.algarveaddicts.com/39 
    Yvette's Recommendations 
    Loulé: one of her favourite places in the Algarve, a great place to experience local Portuguese culture, especially at the Loulé CineTeatro (this link is a Google Translate version of the original Portuguese website). Also Ferragudo.
    Yvette's most important piece of advice for you - hire a car!
    Where is the best place to visit:
    Lagos and Ponta Piedade, Praia do Camilo, Meia Praia
    Beaches and caves in Lagoa: Praia da Marinha, Benagil
    Our five barrier islands in the Ria Formosa and especially Armona Island.

    Yvette's recommended seafood restaurant: Sol e Mar in Quarteira. Also O Chiringuito Last Chance in Sagres.
    Coffee shop in Loulé called Cafe Q!

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    Moving to the Algarve - advice, tips and stories

    Moving to the Algarve - advice, tips and stories

    Moving to Portugal
    The Tilleys arrived this summer, hailing from Surrey and settling in the Algarve. We talk about where exactly a little later into the podcast. It was fantastic meeting them and great to hear their story! Listen along...





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    Show notes
    They're currently living in Olhão but originally from Kent and Surrey
    Prior to the move, they spent a lot of time in Portugal and actually got married in São Lourenço church in Almançil, with a reception at Pine Cliffs (Albufeira).
    Sam runs a software company and has always been keen to move to Portugal full time.
    Schools - we discuss quite a few issues with schooling.
    Working in the Algarve and the opportunities for growth, particularly in the IT industry. Sam has a wonderfully positive outlook. We discuss the Algarve Tech Hub and the Share Algarve conference.
    Using Algarve Removals to relocate their entire house was a stress free experience.
    They found a villa in Santa Barbara de Neixe but didn't stay for long, are staying in Olhão now and will be moving to Faro.
    Lou has found a lot of help from Facebook groups with Loulé Mums and Tots and other groups.
    We talk about the shopping centers a little: Mar Shopping, Forum Algarve in Faro, Algarve Shopping, Tavira Shopping.
    How to connect in the Algarve? Find a group that shares similar interests to yours. Go to events. Get out there.
    From Olhão we talk about Farol Island and Armona Island.
    We talk about boat trips to the caves near Armação de Pera, dolphin watching in the wild (and in Zoomarine).
    Ria Formosa walking trail with tons of chameleons and a tide mill next to the Ria Formosa.
    We talk about Olhão and the fish markets, the nature trail, the fish rodizio restaurants (all you can eat) and all the things that are good about Olhão (including it's history).
    Suggestions! Restaurant Sardinha in Arrifes.

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