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Learn to think biblically about everything. Teaching theology, apologetics or verse by verse Bible Studies. Mike Winger teaches with clarity, doesn't shy away from controversial topics and always seeks to teach the Bible accurately. This will equip you to know and defend the Christian faith and understand the Bible in a deeper way.

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Learn to think biblically about everything. Teaching theology, apologetics or verse by verse Bible Studies. Mike Winger teaches with clarity, doesn't shy away from controversial topics and always seeks to teach the Bible accurately. This will equip you to know and defend the Christian faith and understand the Bible in a deeper way.

    20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 24)

    20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 24)

    Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:
    0:00 - Introduction
    1. 0:13 I'm a follower of Christ, and I have several major illnesses which makes me uninsurable, and I can’t afford a funeral plan. My family will likely cremate me, but I’m REALLY troubled about this. Can only buried bodies be resurrected? Will I miss out on eternal life and go to Hell if my body is cremated? When I asked a pastor nearby, he said cremation is Pagan and only burial is biblical. Is this true?
    2. 8:10 How do you see God when you pray? My mind wants to envision a person.
    3. 10:29 Is there a possibility that “Lady Wisdom” in Proverbs 8 is actually the Holy Spirit? Is there ever any definitively male or female pronouns used in the Hebrew or Greek to know?
    4. 13:26 Romans 11: 25-32 seems to say that the Jewish people will turn back to Christ. Do you have any thoughts on that or see a connection between that and the rising number of Messianic Jews is Israel?
    5. 18:59 I am a new Christian, formally LDS. Many LDS folk have been very active at challenging my new beliefs (the Trinity, etc.) I want to share the Gospel with them, but I recognize I'm still learning. Do new Christians have an obligation to defend our beliefs and evangelize, or is it o.k. to ask these challengers to give me space?
    6. 22:02 If God is timeless, how could He have sequential thoughts, especially before time was created (e.g., His decision to make time and creation)?
    7. 25:36 What are our "non-negotiables" as Christians? What doctrines do we unapologetically plant our flags on and refuse to back down from?
    8. 32:33 To what extent do we expose works of darkness? (Ephesians 5:8-14) A family member who claims to be a Christian is openly selling food w vulgar text & images and I found out she’s supplying alcohol to minors as well, through her business. The 1st part was bad enough, but I can’t stay silent anymore. She is already unhappy with me and another family member calling her out on behavior that endangered her child & our family, but admitted at the time that she “should be a better Christian.” How do we handle this?
    9. 34:12 Is the Paradise mentioned by Paul in his vision of being taken to the third Heaven, Jesus to the thief on the cross, and in the account of Lazarus the same place?
    10. 37:11 How can God love the whole world while hating sinners like in Psalm 5:5?
    11. 41:23 Any advice for a wife whose husband has admitted he is not as spiritually mature as the wife? She doesn’t want to lead *him,* but is more spiritually mature.
    12. 44:07 If a born-again Christian dies suddenly with an unconfessed sin (not a lifestyle) like momentary lust or deceit, will this lead to Hell? Or does Christ's sacrifice cover all sins (past & future)?
    13. 49:05 Where are we when we are judged? On Earth, in Heaven, or somewhere in between?
    14. 50:51 In Matthew 27, who are the people coming out of the tombs when Jesus rises? Did they continue earthly life and die again, or ascend too?
    15. 54:22 How can I get close to God and overcome demons I have and oppression?
    16. 57:31 My wife and I think we are called to move to Alaska for missions (to Remote Alaska). How can I know God is guiding us there?
    17. 1:01:47 Would you please explain Matthew 10: 23? What is meant by “before the Son of Man comes”? Mark does NOT state this in his rendition of “Jesus Sends Out the Twelve Apostles” (Mark 6:7-13).
    18. 1:05:04 Have you ever read anything on the Eastern Orthodox view of the Holy Trinity called the Monarchy of the Father? If you have, do you have any thoughts?
    19. 1:06:22 I think I'm getting diagnosed with Covert Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Proverbs 16:5 scares me. Am I unsavable? I want to be saved and truly converted, but fear is my motive.
    20. 1:13:22 My heart has become hard due to continued rebellion which led to a problem trusting Christ and resting in Him. How do I know if

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    What Will The Second Coming Look Like?: The Mark Series pt 54 (13:24-27)

    What Will The Second Coming Look Like?: The Mark Series pt 54 (13:24-27)

    This is part 54 of the Mark Series, going verse by verse through the Gospel of Mark. Today we are in chapter 13:24-27

    Feel free to use my videos in your own gatherings as an aid to studying Scripture.

    See the WHOLE Gospel of Mark playlist here. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ3iRMLYFlHuGenHwUdeiQ5M-uj5XW4sF

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    20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 23)

    20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 23)

    Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:
    0:00 - Introduction
    1. 0:38 The NT has a lot of examples of demons being very active, and Jesus & the Apostles had to cast many demons out of people - there was a lot of activity and possession. But in the OT, demonic activity and possession is not talked about at all (or very, very rarely). I was wondering what happened to cause the change and huge increase…or why we rarely read about it in the OT but there are so many examples in the NT.
    2. 9:32 How can Jesus be fully God and fully man if He died? How can God die? I can understand Him putting aside some of His divinity in order to die, but don’t we believe that He is both fully God and fully man? How can He be FULLY God at the crucifixion?
    3. 13:44 Some pastors I respect live in in huge homes in gated communities. Their salaries are higher than about 90% of their church members. Do you find anything wrong with this?
    4. 16:42 My sister has decided to make a vision board and was asking me to follow. I did a bit of research and it looks like it has ties with the New Age. Could you explain how Christians should deal with goals & dreams?
    5. 20:42 In Matthew and Mark, Jesus calls the first disciples before healing Peter’s mother in law and heals her by touch. In Luke, they're called after, and she’s healed by “rebuking the fever.” Is this significant?
    6. 21:38 What's your view of 2 Timothy 2: 20-21 saying people can "cleanse themselves" & using the same “honorable vs. dishonorable” wording as Romans 9? Does this refute the Calvinist view of “Total Depravity”?
    7. 27:14 What should we do when confused on doctrine? I’ve seen your videos on Catholicism, but recently had a debate with a Catholic and feel so confused. My faith is shaken, and I don’t know what to believe.
    8. 31:09 Any thoughts about the ecumenical movement? If my church is in it, should I get out of that church? In Finland, most churches have papers that you are officially in it. Is that biblical?
    9. 34:15 If Jesus doesn't return until the Temple is rebuilt, how is the Temple rebuilt when the ark and its contents are gone? Perhaps I have a big misunderstanding of prophecy or the specs for the Temple.
    10. 36:55 What happens to animals/insects when they die?
    11. 39:31 Is there anything Christians should fear apart from God?
    12. 41:41 Can you please comment on John 8: 30-38? Why was Jesus talking like this to those who believed Him? Would love to hear your insight!
    13. 46:49 What does the Bible say about modesty in clothing? Are there certain parts of our body that we cannot show, or is it just a heart issue? If the uniform for a sport is a bikini, should we avoid that sport?
    14. 51:18 Could you run through an explanation of the Armor of God in Ephesians?
    15. 59:07 Does Psalm 121:6 literally mean that God can protect you from being sunburnt? I want to not wear sunblock but don’t want to ruin my skin if I’m wrong.
    16. 1:01:44 Why do people go to Hell? Is it a penalty for sins, or for not believing in Jesus? Some say everyone's sins are forgiven, but that doesn't seem to square with Ephesians 5:5-6 and Colossians 3:5-6.
    17. 1:04:44 In one of your past Q&As, you shared your thoughts on “JESUS CALLING.” I was wondering if it’s okay for someone to get quiet and try to hear God and write it down just for themselves. Is that wrong?
    18. 1:07:18 You mentioned in an earlier video that you do not believe one goes directly to Hell once dead. Can you elaborate on that?
    19. 1:09:29 Given the fact that evolution occurs, is observable, and is supported by a vast body of scientific evidence, earning it the highest degree of scientific support, how do you interpret Genesis 1 & 2?
    20. 1:13:00 I have ADHD, and while looking for a Christian perspective on my condition I came across a website that calls mental illness a myth and attributes any abnormality in thinking to

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    What Ravi Did and Where We Go From Here.

    What Ravi Did and Where We Go From Here.

    Lori Anne Thompson's full victim impact statement video - https://youtu.be/4kDe8caElaw

    This is not a video I'm looking forward to. But this is why I'm doing it.
    1) Ravi's victims need vindication. In particular, Lori Anne Thompson has been continually maligned and horribly treated because she brought TRUE accusations against Ravi. I believed the worst about her because of the comments from Ravi and the echoes of those comments from RZIM. This only made her a continual victim. We need to clear her name.
    2) Ravi's sins have left a lot of open wounds that need tending. Both in the body of Christ and in RZIM. Believers need to be reminded of how to process all this as a follower of Christ, of how true Christ remains regardless of this tragedy and how to handle this situation so that we don't wrongly treat RZIM staff, Ravi's family or continue to make the error of ignoring red flags that may still lead to more discoveries. I've seen every kind of wrong response online already. I pray to God that I would have wisdom to help us all to have wisdom here. If you are reading this before I go live then please stop and pray for me as I prepare for this video.
    3) Scripture commands us to openly deal with a leader who persists in sin, which is proven by evidence, by telling the local body so that other leaders can properly fear their own falling (1 Tim 5:19-20). Since Ravi was a leader in worldwide Christianity with personal character endorsements from countless other leaders this command can only be fulfilled by taking the truth as public as his endorsements were.
    4) If we as the body of Christ do not deal with this issue openly then I feel that we implicate ourselves in some sort of complicity at this point. The witness of Christ in the world has been harmed by Ravi's sin and we do need to publicly deal with it. Due to my own place in ministry as a public figure I do feel compelled to speak on this.

    Like many of you I am angry and I'm sad. But we can't respond with conspiracy theories that deny the overwhelming evidence of persistent sin, abuse of power, abuse of ministry funds, abuse of women and how calculated and deliberate it all was. The facts are in, all that is left is to face them and try to respond in ways that honor Christ.

    To Ravi's family, I'm really sorry I am making a video about your father/husband/relative. It breaks my heart and I hate the idea of adding hurt to what you are going through. Please know that I don't mean you harm and I'm not on the bandwagon of heartless crowds. I am compelled that this must be done and I pray that you will find, in some way, some help in it as well.

    The PDF of the full Miller & Martin investigative report on Ravi https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/rzimmedia.rzim.org/assets/downloads/Report-of-Investigation.pdf

    The board of RZIM's most recent statement (as of 2/15/2020) https://www.rzim.org/read/rzim-updates/board-statement

    The timeline according to Brad and Lori - https://julieroys.com/open-letter-to-rzim-from-brad-lori-anne-thompson/

    Christianity Today Spa Article https://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2020/september/ravi-zacharias-sexual-harassment-rzim-spa-massage-investiga.html

    World Magazine Spa Article https://world.wng.org/2020/10/new_sexual_misconduct_claims_surface_about_ravi_zacharias

    Open Letter from Thompsons - https://julieroys.com/open-letter-to-rzim-from-brad-lori-anne-thompson/ 10-13-2020

    My teaching explaining that all sin is NOT the same. https://youtu.be/Tp_lAMuX16k

    My website https://BibleThinker.org

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    20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 22)

    20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 22)

    0:00 - Introduction
    1. 2:11 If Revelation was written after 70AD, why wouldn't John say anything about the destruction of Jerusalem? Wouldn't he write about a prophecy of Jesus that came true? Pretty big event to ignore.
    2. 6:09 Do we have free will? If not, how does that affect God's sovereignty? If yes, how can we be punished for sins when we had no other option?
    3. 13:11 As a conservative Christian, is it wrong to enjoy New Age music? I enjoy playing and listening to the relaxing piano music, but if it is connected to New Age, I do not want to disrespect the Lord.
    4. 16:08 From a Christian perspective, do you have any advice on dealing with and overcoming the fear of death? I've been experiencing a lot of anxiety over my own death and the death(s) of my loved ones.
    5. 21:01 How do you view the false prophecies of Trump winning? Pride? A lying spirit spreading the same false prophecy? Do we stop listening to all those who claimed this?
    6. 26:50 In a futurist view of the end times, which current country do you think would best represent Babylon?
    7. 28:27 What is your advice for a young adult who wants to start a ministry platform similar to yours, but who doesn’t have any formal training? I want other young adults to care about theology like I do.
    8. 31:02 If God is omnipresent, would His presence also be in Hell?
    9. 34:23 Can you help me understand why Paul would permit Timothy to drink wine for his sickness in 1 Timothy 5: 23 even though it seems that he was under the Nazarite vow? (Numbers 6:1-4)
    10. 38:25 In Galatians 4: 27 who is "the desolate" referring to: Sarah or Hagar? My Bible study disagreed and I can see arguments for either one.
    11. 43:13 Who can baptize? Can I baptize my kids?
    12. 45:56 Why is it that big name Calvinists, in general, are super arrogant and ultimately unloving? And shouldn't this disqualify them from leadership and make them false teachers?
    13. 48:11 Should I stop reading the devotional on my “Bible in one year” plan? It seems to be eisegetical and groups the Old Testament, New Testament, and Psalms/Prov. daily reading under one common theme each day.
    14. 49:05 Can it be argued that the authority and power Jesus gave to the 12/70 disciples in Luke 3: 15 and Luke 10:9 to heal the sick and to cast out demons is different from using our spiritual gifts?
    15. 52:37 In Matthew 11: 22-24, Jesus says if Sodom saw and heard the miracles you have they would have repented. So why didn’t Jesus do those works in Sodom instead of destroy them?
    16. 57:41 In your marriage videos, you referred to men as “knuckleheads” that weren't acting as the “head” in decision making. Is it permissible to actively consult with and make decisions with your wife, cooperatively?
    17. 59:18 Am I a covenant breaker if I agreed to a divorce that I didn't want? My wife is divorcing me, and I told her we need to go to counseling first but she said she doesn't want to fix the marriage.
    18. 1:01:11 Does the Bible teach that we can “feel Gods presence,” or is it just human emotion in response to our minds receiving biblical truths?
    19. 1:05:26 What advice would you give to me who struggles with apathy in my spiritual life?
    20. 1:07:11 Do we need to feel bad for our sin when we repent? Or is knowing it’s supposed to be wrong enough? My ex-girlfriend and I sinned and I feel bad about it, but she doesn’t.

    Every Friday at 1pm PT
    Here’s how you get your questions answered in the Q&A
    1) Please reread your question before you ask to ensure that it will make sense to me. Clarity is paramount.
    2) Wait till we go live before asking. We don’t take questions until then.
    3) Put a “Q” at the beginning of your question.
    4) Please only ask once, our mods are checking the chat continually.
    5) I’m truly sorry if I’m unable to get to your question. I know its a bummer, but I am doing my best.
    6) If you arrive late we

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    Jesus Said THIS Was The Sign to Watch For.. But What Does it Mean?: The Mark Series pt 53 (13:14-23)

    Jesus Said THIS Was The Sign to Watch For.. But What Does it Mean?: The Mark Series pt 53 (13:14-23)

    I'm surveying different interpretations of "the abomination of desolation" and comparing them to the Scripture to see if they fit.

    If you want to see my teaching surveying 6 different end times perspectives then click here - https://youtu.be/xmw0uVLunwU

    Here’s my video on Daniel 9 https://youtu.be/pK5RsOaVy4U

    And here’s one on Daniel 11, the most prophecy packed chapter of the Bible https://youtu.be/lXrPhtQLj9E

    This is part 53 of the Mark Series, going verse by verse through the Gospel of Mark. Today we are in chapter 13:14-23

    Feel free to use my videos in your own gatherings as an aid to studying Scripture.

    See the WHOLE Gospel of Mark playlist here. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ3iRMLYFlHuGenHwUdeiQ5M-uj5XW4sF

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