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An undead favourite. From Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross, the creators of "Watch Out for Fireballs!", Bonfireside Chat is a podcast dedicated entirely to the Souls series of games. Starting with Dark Souls, we take a journey through the areas of the game and comment on lore, gameplay, bossfights... everything. Praise the Sun!

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An undead favourite. From Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross, the creators of "Watch Out for Fireballs!", Bonfireside Chat is a podcast dedicated entirely to the Souls series of games. Starting with Dark Souls, we take a journey through the areas of the game and comment on lore, gameplay, bossfights... everything. Praise the Sun!

    Where are the Sekiro Episodes?

    Where are the Sekiro Episodes?

    Since we re-launched this show, people have asked us where to find the episodes about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Though we explained it in a few places, it cannot hurt to do so once more here.

    Bonfireside Chat Rekindled is a show that's exclusive to our Patreon campaign. Main episodes come out every other week, and we will begin doing off-week episodes again shortly. For $5 per month you get a lot in addition to Bonfireside Chat, and we encourage you to check out our network's other offerings.

    So go become a Patron today to hear us talk about Sekiro, other soulslikes, and other FromSoft games!

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    Sekiro First Impressions

    Sekiro First Impressions

    Sekiro is different. Sekiro is hard. Sekiro is here! Listen in for our nascent opinions on the game, based on the first few hours.

    This episode is free and available for everyone, and if you want other episodes of Bonfireside Chat Rekindled, and want to hear the rest of the Sekiro season as it releases, please consider backing us on Patreon..

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    Duckfeed Patreon 2019: Big New Things

    Duckfeed Patreon 2019: Big New Things

    Hello, listeners and patrons alike. We come to you with some exciting news: We are changing the Patreon around! It feels like we just did this, but the last major change was back toward the beginning of 2017. We’re trying to constantly observe what’s happening with the network and learn what to do better. That means making changes like this from time to time.

    We’re also aiming to never shake things up in a way that is too disruptive to you, the listener. We want to give more (or at least focus up and give better). So we put a lot of thought and consideration into making sure these changes either solve problems or help us achieve goals.

    Here’s the summary of what we’re planning, and you can find the details below. In order to grow the network, give patrons more, and cover rising costs, we plan to:

    Bring back Bonfireside Chat as a Patreon show.
    Give Patrons a whole episode of Watch Out for Fireballs!
    Move from theme months to covering big-name games more frequently.
    Change WOFF! Listener Response episodes to WOFF! Dispatch, make it more interactive, and have broader topic discussions.
    Make Adaptation Decay a monthly show.
    We are getting rid of the content store, and making premium episodes available on Patreon in perpetuity.
    We are phasing out the promise of physical goods, and sending out an “I’m Sorry!” package to people who never got theirs.
    In general, we are simplifying the Patreon drastically, while offering more at each tier.

    So without further preamble, let’s get into more detail.

    We want to grow.
    We want to grow in both listenership, patronage, and income. We are proud of the work that we do, and never want to stagnate in any of the aforementioned areas. Growth requires change.

    We want to give patrons more.
    The best way to keep listeners and members around is to always try to give more (or give better). This is also the best way to bring new people in. We are grateful to our patrons, past and present, and we want to make sure we’re giving them stuff they want.

    We want to meet rising costs.
    There are costs associated with doing this at the professional level. Traveling to live shows is expensive. Hosting, web services, applications, and equipment are expensive. Being self-employed is expensive (both Gary and I do this full time and need to cover things like health insurance). And since we’re covering more new games, we’re spending more on games! This is not a hobby for us, we’re committed to doing this full time as our main means of support, and this means keeping up with costs.

    People want Bonfireside Chat.
    And we want to give it to them. We also want to play to our strengths as a network whose bread and butter is games club content. We put Bonfireside Chat to bed when it felt like it was the right thing to do. We stuck with our guns for a long time. But with Sekiro on the horizon, and some damn-fine Soulslikes already here, it feels right to take the show out of cold storage.

    So we are bringing back Bonfireside Chat as a Patreon show, with a slightly different format. Listen to Bonfireside Chat 2.0 Episode 0 on the feed to learn more. Our first game is the Soulslike shooter Immortal Unchained!

    We want to value WOFF! appropriately.
    Watch Out for Fireballs! is the network’s flagship show. It also takes a lot of time to produce. We play through the entire game (whether it’s 1 hour or 100), research the games, write outlines that total in the thousands of words, record for hours, and edit. In looking at how to make this tenable in the long run, we have decided to make one episode of WOFF! per month premium.

    This does two things: It makes the Patreon more valuable for our members, and it incentivizes more membership.

    But don’t panic! When an episode goes premium, we will include a good portion of it on t…

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    This is it. Thank you so much for everything.

    • 1 hr 51 min
    Episode 125: Dark Souls Revisited

    Episode 125: Dark Souls Revisited

    Gary Butterfield, Kole Ross, and John Hurst take one final look at Dark Souls.

    Please stick around for the next episode, which will be the proper conclusion to Bonfireside Chat as a whole.

    • 2 hrs 43 min
    After Dark: Demon's Souls

    After Dark: Demon's Souls

    Gary Butterfield, Kole Ross, and Mitch Benes read your questions, prompts, and thoughts about Souls in general.

    • 1 hr 5 min

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1 Rating

KoldPT ,

The definitive Dark Souls fandom podcast

After listening to lots of videogame podcasts, I always find myself coming back to Bonfireside Chat. The duckfeed.tv boys have clearly put in a lot of work here - it's very much a labor of love, love for the series and love for their audience. Thankfully, all you have to do to get immersed into it is have played the games they talk about, which everyone should get around to. I recommend starting with the Dark Souls 2 episodes, though, as they're done with more experience and more technical quality, and you can always go back and listen to the Dark Souls 1 / Demon's Souls episode once you've fallen in (entirely platonic) love with Gary and Kole.

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