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I put these together primarily for the love of it, so that I have something to listen to in my journeys, and to share with my friends and family. I've formatted these mixes so that they fit nicely onto a single cd. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

So go ahead, click on FOLLOW, download, leave a comment, subscribe for future updates etc... most of all, enjoy.

Blessed LOVE.


Kader's Soulful/Deep/Afro House Podcast (Live Mixes‪)‬ KAS

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I put these together primarily for the love of it, so that I have something to listen to in my journeys, and to share with my friends and family. I've formatted these mixes so that they fit nicely onto a single cd. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

So go ahead, click on FOLLOW, download, leave a comment, subscribe for future updates etc... most of all, enjoy.

Blessed LOVE.


    KAS - Podcast # 106

    KAS - Podcast # 106

    I've been meaning to get a mix done for the longest time now, I finally got to it today.

    Stay Blessed and stay safe all.

    Much LOVE.

    Track Listing:
    01. Ziyon - Supreme
    02. Sio - 800 Minutes (Cuebur Remix)
    03. KIngsfiso & Mbuso Khoza - Khala Zome
    04. Deepsoul & Vuyisile Hlwengu feat. Mimie - Umuntu Wam (Sean Ali & Munk Julious Remix)
    05. DJ Kabila feat. WendySoni - Somnyama (Manoo Remix)
    06. Coflo & Lady C - Wind Cries
    07. Kings Of Tomorrow feat. Veselina Popova - Babylon (Sandy Rivera's Extended Mix)
    08. D.General feat. Samantha Lake - Because I Love You
    09. Do Moon feat. Klow Dy - Komare (David Montoya Remix)
    10. Floyd Lavine & AWEN - Kusimama
    11. Saint Evo - Wiyyan
    12. DJ Nastor - My Girl (Oscar P Rework)
    13 - Oisima Feat. Jimetta Rose- Blue Shade (Yoruba Soul Remix)

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    KAS - Podcast #105

    KAS - Podcast #105

    For Christian.

    01 - Mr. Eclectic - Clouded Judgement
    02 - Paso Doble, Andyboi - Never Forget Your Roots (Paso Doble & Madoras Mezcla)
    03 - Oscar P & FNX - Filtered African Blues (FNX Remix)
    04 - Manoo - Kromosome X
    05 - Wicked_Men Do Wicked Things (Coflo Remix)
    06 - Infinite Souls ft. Kaleem - Kokula (Caiiro's Obeah Remix)
    07 - Nyaruach - Gatluak (Hyenah Beat Version)
    08 - Saint Evo Feat. Idd Aziz - Kamulole (Original Mix)
    09 - Yotam Avni - Jorniel
    10 - DJ Satalite - Abantu (FNX Remix)
    11 - Hallex M - Oggun (feat Carlos Mena)
    12 - Caiiro & Black Motion feat. Tabia - Prayer for Rain
    13 - Ancient Deep - Titles (Original MIx)
    14 - The Heavy Quarterz - Hungry Hyenas (Original MIx)

    And there you have it, my first upload since late 2017... working on soulful joint as well.

    Stay blessed.

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    Podcast #104

    Podcast #104

    I know I owe you a "house" mix, or something like that, but this is MY HOUSE!!! I am guided by the drum. So I give you some deepness, some afro, some tech, some funk, some hot shit. I'm interested to see how many of you make it all the way to the end... let me know how your journey went please with this one. Safe travels.

    Stay Blessed.

    01 - King Britt, Oba Funke - Uzoamaka (Dixon Update)
    02 - Alsarah & The Nubatones - Fulani_(Pablo_Fierro_Remix)
    03 - Floyd Lavine - Masala (Pablo Fierro remix)
    04 - Mr ID - Salat Ala Nabina (feat. Kawtar Sadik)
    05 - Celia Cruz - Herencia Africana (Jose Marquez Salsafrican Mix)
    06 - Coflo - Lamento (feat. Mestre Acordeon)
    08 - Boddhi Satva - Zid Lmel (feat. Maalem Hammam) [FNX Remix]
    09 - Mabiisi - Pagba (FNX Remix)
    10 - FNX - Manayou (feat. Said Damir)
    11 - Manoo & Raoul K feat Ahmed Sosso - Toukan (Dixon Rework)
    12 - Henrik Schwarz - Take Words In Return (Jimi Jules Remix)
    13- Alsarah & The Nubatones - Nar (Nickodemus & Kiko Navarro Remix)
    14 - Hyenah ft. B'utiza - Usutu
    15 - Randomized Coffee - Baba
    16 - Oscar Sulley, The Uhuru Dance Band - Bukom Mashie (JKriv's King Mashie Edit)

    Please feel free to leave a comment.

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    KAS Podcast #103

    KAS Podcast #103

    Greetings Podo’s, Here’s a little something while I run off on vacation!!!!

    Stay Blessed and please do leave a comment below letting me know how you are. I miss you guys.

    I’ve set it so that I have to approve comments because I was getting way too many adverts and weird shit. So don’t worry about the comment not showing up when you press enter, I’ll approve them as soon as I get back.

    Music wise, this one flows “soulful” but off course with deep organic sensibilities. Lyrically strong and no instrumentals, although I do give you that instrumental mashup in the transitions. I begin and end with Luka/Sio Blackwidow combinations… you’re welcome.

    1. Luka feat Sio Blackwidow – Invite Me In (Original Mix)
    2. Mi Casa feat Pascal Morais – The Power Is You (Enoo Napa Travellerz Remix)
    3. Julian Gomez feat Sio – 1000 Memories (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Remix)
    4. Marie Joly & Black Coffee – Gratitude feat Rebeca Murray (Pablo Fierro Remix)
    5. Kid Fonque & D-Malice – Life Is Real feat. Ruby White (D-Malice Expression)
    6. D.General feat Samantha Lake – Because I Love You (Original Mix)
    7. Marcel Vogel – Moon Child (Soul Clap Remix)
    8. Afro Warriors feat. Toshi – Uyankenteza (Hyenna Remix)
    9. N’Dinga Gaba & Jaidene Veda – Beautiful feat Josh Milan (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Remix)
    10. Oscar P, Marcus Pearson – Violet (Hallex M & Loic L Remix)
    11. Addvibe feat Tamba Benoit – Sada (N'Dinga Gaba Diplomacy Soul Remix)
    12. Jamie 326 & Masalo – Testify (Original Mix)
    13. Luka feat Sio Blackwidow – Yum Yum (N'Dinga Gaba Diplomacy Soul Remix)

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    KAS - Podcast 102

    KAS - Podcast 102


    So this one I had crafted to record live at a BBQ here in “sunny” Florida a few weeks ago, but that didn’t happen because a storm was passing by and people panicked, and then there were three of us, so it didn’t happen! Nevertheless, the word was out that it was going to be recorded and I was being asked about it so on a rainy day last weekend, I got her done.

    Continuing with the Latin flavors here... I cannot remember when the last Mojito was published but it has to be several years now. I had recorded a Brazilian affair a little while ago but don’t believe I published that, maybe I’ll put that up as a side distraction now that Rio is happening. Let me know what to do.

    I’ve had this building for a minute but as always, I have too many “buckets” going on and can never seem to settle on a concept. I had to force this out as the Afro/Latin rhythms seem to be coming at us left right and center so the track list kept changing. I must admit that the plan was to go hard in the middle, but that changed with some key new releases so I had to remove the Luciano and Michel Cleis that were taking the center stage/peak.

    You all know I love the drum, and I’ve really pushed it center stage here. As you might be able to imagine, blending such complex rhythms is difficult when both tracks come hard so I tried to focus on making the transition as interesting as possible without cluttering the sound. As you also know, I consider the transition/cross over to be a track in its own right so I particularly enjoy creating something in between that should be able to stand on its own. The cross-overs here are not too long but in some instances I was kind of forced to make them elaborate to allow the tracks to maintain their own identity and intent. I believe musicians construct their tracks deliberately so who am I to shortchange their sound eh? In some cases though, I was able to find a convenient loop half way through to chop.

    Anyway, onward, track list:

    1. Christian Vinci – Son Sol
    2. Pepe Citarella, Isidro Infante & Luisito Quintero– Celia y Tito
    3. Hector Lavoe – Aguanile RMX
    4. Manoo, Alex Finkin, Louie Vega & Jose Mangual Jr. – Soy Latino RMX
    5. Pablo Fierro & Justin Imperiale – La Libertad RMX
    6. Pablo Fierro – Herencia Latino
    7. Southern Groove – Sufre y Vive
    8. Novalima - Beto Kele RMX
    9. Buyepongo – Maestros RMX
    10. Southern Groove & FNX – Candela RMX
    11. Myles Bigelow & Toto Berriel – Los Ojos RMX
    12. Nicodemus & Sammy Ayala – Conmigo RMX
    13. Christina Vinci – Habana Vieja
    14. Pablo Fierro – Solos Tu y Yo RMX
    15. Ezel & Tamara Wellons – Girl From Ipanema RMX

    REMIX CREDITS: Jose Marquez (3, 8, 9), Justin Imperiale (5, 14, 15), Hallex M (11, 12), Louie Vega (4), FNX (10).

    So there you have it, something that should have come out at the beginning of summer, will instead extend your summer vibe.

    Many thanks for stopping by and giving this a listen. Please take a second and let me know what you thought. And your thoughts for Belize please. We got hit hard.

    Blessed LOVE.

    Favorite track: Southern Groove – Sufre y Vive

    Oh, and be warned, channel 2 was a little sticky and I had to mess with it a couple times, but decided to trod on.

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    KAS - Podcast # 101

    KAS - Podcast # 101

    Greetings and good tidings.

    Went on the tech side of things for this one, heavy on two producers in particular... &Me and Dennis Ferrer, the later who seems to be getting ready to drop something heavy for summer!

    Anyway, have at it and let me know what you think please.

    Blessed Love.

    Track Listing:
    01 - &ME, Sabota - Trilogy
    02 - Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - Vermillion (&Me Remix)
    03 - Hyenah - The Wish (Manoo Darkside Remix)
    04 - Kenny Dope, MWAC - Bust a Move (Dope & Clue O'gutta Mix)
    05 - Sante Sansone - Rising EP (Original Mix)
    06 - Dennis Cruz - See Line (Wade Remix)
    07 - DJ Le Roi feat. Roland Clark - I Get Deep (Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix - Emanuel Satie Rework)
    08 - &ME - Empire_State
    09 - Luciano - Directions (feat Jaw) [Dennis Ferrer Dub Remix)
    10 - Ane Brun - To Let Myself Go (Dennis Ferrer Remix)
    11 - Dennis Ferrer, Ben Westbeech - Right Thing
    12 - Sabb - One Of Us (feat Forrest (Dennis Ferrer Remix)
    13 - Steve Bug, Mr. V - The Long Run (Mr V's Vocal Mix)

    Wear decent headphones please!

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