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The Ministry of Testing Dojo Podcast - Look out for new episodes on a regular basis...

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The Ministry of Testing Dojo Podcast - Look out for new episodes on a regular basis...

    Annual Partner Peek - Mabl Update #3

    Annual Partner Peek - Mabl Update #3

    In this podcast, Thoms Lavin, Product Manager at mabl, joins the Ministry of Testing to discuss trends in artificial intelligence and low-code, and how mabl makes it easier for anyone to contribute to test creation and maintenance.

    Learn more about mabl's Salesforce testing capabilities in this recorded webinar.

    • 10 min
    Annual Partner Peek - Ranorex Update #2

    Annual Partner Peek - Ranorex Update #2

    Conor Wolford has spent the majority of his young career specializing in software test design optimization. He works with many of the Fortune 500 companies around the globe to ensure teams are taking smarter, more systematic and efficient approaches to designing software tests. As the world gets more and more complex, Conor believes we must find ways to be much more thorough, while still remaining highly efficient, with our software testing efforts.

    We encourage you to connect with Conor Wolford on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/conorwolford/

    You can sign up for a free, 30-day DesignWise trial at any time at: designwise.ranorex.com/signup

    Check out the full DesignWise demo / webinar here: https://www.ranorex.com/automated-testing-webinars/the-how-tos-of-designwise-with-ranorex-studio/

    • 12 min
    Ministry Of Testing's Annual Partner - Xray Update #2

    Ministry Of Testing's Annual Partner - Xray Update #2

    Kristof talks to Sergio about how making tutorials can be a great way to share knowledge, by giving concrete examples that teams can use as a booster to get started quickly and increase the adoption of new testing frameworks or of new CI/CD tools. But making tutorials is not something that is done in an unstructured way; if we want to increase the impact of our tutorials, technical or process related, we need to be more professional. Making a tutorial is like making a recipe; first we need to understand the recipes that are most worth it, then we need to deliver our message in a way that is easy to follow, and then we need to evaluate what we did. Sergio shares his experience with the many tutorials he made for the broad Xray community; maybe something you can also try internally to leverage knowledge within the teams or even as a way to share hands-on information with your customers.

    • 13 min
    Ministry Of Testing's Annual Partner - Mabl Update #2

    Ministry Of Testing's Annual Partner - Mabl Update #2

    Kristof talks to Darrel Farris from Mabl about accessibility testing. How can testers start to identify and report accessibility issues and Darrel will provide us a real life use case

    • 12 min
    Testers' Island Discs Ep58 - Callum Akehurst-Ryan

    Testers' Island Discs Ep58 - Callum Akehurst-Ryan

    The usual Testers’ Island Discs schedule is back on track, and we’re resuming things this month with Callum Akehurst-Ryan, who chats about activities during the recent Pride Month, the importance of embracing people’s authentic selves, and espousing love for the joy of exploratory testing.

    Along the way, we get into discussions about videogame crushes, tactical tattoo selections, watery mammals, using Dungeons & Dragons to help with healing from trauma, and there’s a little light excerpt of Callum’s DM storytelling which is perfect for ASMR fans.

    In Callum’s musical selections, there are covers, AI recommendations, songs with videogame connections, and a track which allows Neil to share a peculiar punctuation-related statistic.

    Podcast Links:


    Dungeons & Dragons

    TestBash Brighton 2018: 99-Second Talks (Callum’s is at the 8min mark)

    Library of Congress: About LGBTQ Pride Month

    Twitter: Nicola Martin (namechecked by Callum)

    Season One Tattoo, Preston (as demonstrated on Callum’s arms)

    Instagram photo showcasing Callum's sleeve 

    Resident Evil Wiki: Leon Kennedy

    Amazon UK: Explore It! by Elisabeth Hendrickson

    Callum’s blog: Why I’m Talking To Developers About Exploratory Testing

    Ministry of Testing: The Awesome Power Of The Debrief: Why Debriefing Is The Key To Successful Exploratory Testing

    Wowpedia: Kobold

    YouTube: BCS - Being LGBTQ+in Tech and STEM (Callum's talk)

    Callum’s blog: I Am Proud

    Callum’s blog: I Get So Emotional - The time I got dismissed for being myself in engineering

    LinkedIn: TED Talk by Christine Porath - The emotional and financial cost of working with jerks

    Twitter: Callum and Ramone sharing tips on slide design

    Ministry of Testing: The Awesome Power of Hosting Test.bash(); 2021

    The Addams Family @ Richmond Theatre, October 2022

    Callum’s blog: Introducing Ramone, Our Testing Mascot!

    Callum’s blog: How Dungeons and Dragons helped me to become a better agile team member

    Chaotic Adequate podcast

    SurvivorsUK: Using Dungeons and Dragons therapeutically

    Emma Hopkinson-Spark: Agile 101

    TestBash UK 2022 - Manchester Lowry, 22nd-23rd September

    Callum’s interview with Nicola Lindgren

    Callum on Twitter: @CAkehurstRyan

    Regular Links:

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    Ministry Of Testing's Annual Partner - Xray

    Ministry Of Testing's Annual Partner - Xray

    Kristof talks to Sergio Freire about using and contributing to open-source testing related projects. He goes over some recent contributions made back to the community to well-known projects such as Playwright and other contributions that were made from scratch and the rationale behind them. During the conversation,  we'll see testers not only as consumers of open-source testing tools but also as contributors, no matter if they have coding skills or not because testing goes way beyond automation.

    • 12 min

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