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    Tech Trip Podcast 012: Daywalker

    Tech Trip Podcast 012: Daywalker

    Tech Trip Podcast 012
    Featuring: Daywalker (@daywalker)

    Daywalker aka Mike Sidebottom comes from Denver, Colorado, United States

    He started producing electronic music in 2007 on an old rusty computer with a simple program called Acid. The journey began with melodic tech house and neo-classical sounds in collaboration with Lauri, aka The Silver Lining. Along with his first release on 2MR2 Records (@2mr2records), he soon found himself in a different place, exploring a deeper level of expression and sound.

    Eventually the sound led him to a multi-track collaboration with Darkflower (@ninotchka). At the time, Darkflower was exploring her own realm of music and offered her tantalizing spoken word vocals to Daywalker.

    Soon thereafter, Daywalker found himself among ambient soundscapes and slower, melodic creatures that moved to beats. He has an upcoming collaboration with Qasebillo (@qasebillo) and a free EP called Undone which can be found on his soundcloud profile.


    As of late, Daywalker has returned from his travels with some new gear, a new DAW, and a new perspective. Expect some deep, dark, dancable stuff from him in the very near future.

    If you like the set please share it and follow Daywalker on:

    Beatport: www.beatport.com/artist/daywalker/193497

    Soundcloud: @daywalker

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/mike.sidebottom


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    Tech Trip Podcast 011: D33P

    Tech Trip Podcast 011: D33P

    Tech Trip Podcast 011
    Featuring: D33P (@d33p_music)


    D33P aka Alex Bass comes from "Hadera" a small city in Israel

    D33P started of as a club promoter, and after that he decided that now its his turn to add something different into the Israeli club scene. He opened a music group with David Mimram called "Sharp & Smooth" and after small amount of time they started to work along with the biggest icons in EDM industry like: Danny Tenaglia, DJ Chus, Phunk Investiagation, Murk and many more.
    After 3 years they split and each and one of them turn to a different musical direction.
    As a solo artist Alex opened a project called "Colorless" and has been working with labels like: Armada, Spinnin, Phonetic Recordings and more. 3 years later under the same name he started to fill that the progressive sound. Not moving anywhere he returned to his first love, a Sexy Deep and Tech sound. He called this project "D33P". These days he is running a sub label of the famous Phonetic Recordings that specialize in Deep House and Techno. These days he runs a club night called "Tika" with a few friends where he is also a resident DJ. He is also the resident DJ for all "New House League" nights. Watch out for his future releases on his own imprint and on labels like: Phonetic Recordings, Off Recordings, Smiley Fingers and more...

    Something about his Gangster's Paradise EP.
    A cover for one of the biggest R&B classics from Coolio, this one did really heavy noise with massive A-Class DJ support and heavy club|radio rotation around the globe. Check it out


    If you like the podcast please share it and follow D33P on:

    Beatport: www.beatport.com/artist/d33p/262726

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/D33PMusic

    Soundcloud: @d33p_music



    1. Bob Marley - Sun is Shining (Moodwax's Love for the Herb remix)
    4. Pablo Fierro - Bring The Night (Original Mix)
    5. Smash TV Feat. Yoko Duo - Go (Original Mix)
    6. Jamie Lidell - Gypsy Blood (luuk d remix)
    7. Philip Bader - Loose Talk (Original Mix)
    8. Samu.l - Hold Up (Original Mix)
    9. M.in, Safado - The Next Shit (Original Mix)
    10. Justin Martin and Ardalan - Wheelgunner (Dub)
    11. Shlomi Aber - The Doppler (Original Mix)
    12. Tom Flynn - Loose Your Mind (Original Mix)
    13. Philip Bader - Crazy (Original Mix)
    14. Ron Costa - Gez Uri (Original Mix)
    15. Tiga & Jori Hulkkonen - Trust Your Body (Danny Daze Dub)
    16. Bazu - Real Deal (Original Mix)

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    Tech Trip Podcast 010: Conz & Wonka

    Tech Trip Podcast 010: Conz & Wonka

    Tech Trip Podcast 010
    Featuring: Conz & Wonka (Stillkids Crew)

    Don't forget to check out Ron Costa alongside Conz & Wonka, Ovi M and Nicholas Nice at Footwork Toronto on Saturday June 15th 2013


    Conrad a.k.a. Conz and Aleem a.k.a. Wonka also known as (Stillkids Crew), came together as a crew in 2010. With their origins mostly residing in Hip Hop, specially Aleem, who used to be a hip hop dj & promoter, it didn't take this duo long to mesh their musical tastes together and begin performing as one unit.

    What started off as a friendly joke, entering a dj battle at Toronto's renowned Comfort Zone, competing for a weekly time slot, their victory lead them to begin their new found musical journey in Toronto's undergroud house scene. With opportunities being presented, this duo began to play for some of the elite clubs and promoters in the city. Playing at venues such as, The Comfort Zone, The Guvernment, Footwork nightclub, and an eray of different after hour venues, Conz & Wonka began to make a name for themselves among the after hours community. Mentored by The Junkies & Chris Larsen, these two have taken great pride in playing some of the finest Deep, Minimal, Tech House music available to Toronto.

    Now beginning their journey into production. It is no doubt these two have a sound that not only makes them distinct, but is a much needed boost in the Toronto house scene.
    Look out for them later this year, as they collabo with some of Toronto's finest DJ's + producers, in releasing their upcoming EP

    Played with local dj's such as: The Junkies, Nathan Barato, Nitin (No.19), Chris Larsen, Nature of Music, Talal & Zoi
    Played alongside international headliners such as: tINI (desolat), Paul Ritch, Philip Badar, Carlo Lio, and Ron Costa (upcoming on June 15th)

    This duo shows great promise in the future, with their versatility and knowledge of music. It is an exciting process to see what they do next!


    If you like the podcast please share it and follow Conz & Wonka on:

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/Stillkids

    Soundcloud: @conrad-nowak

    Twitter: twitter.com/Conrad_Nowak


    1) Kisses (Accapella) - dOP, Circus Company
    2) The Tower (Original Mix) - Microbodies
    3) Back To Me (Original Mix) - Sarp Yilmaz
    4) Tripping In the 16th (Original Mix)- Martin Buttrich
    5) Love Bug (Kate Simko Remix) - Chris Carrier
    6) Sunday Gathering (Dyed Soundorom Remix) - Hanfry Martinez, Terence Terry
    7) Our Connection (Original Mix) - Yaya
    8)Aphrika (Original Mix) - Seth Troxler
    9) Not Easy (Original Mix) - The Glitz
    10) Supercharged Part.1 (Original Mix) - Vadim Svoboda
    11) Smoke Too Much (Jun Akimoto Remix) - Loquace, Synkrone
    12) In My Head (Original Mix)- Liefko, Enzo Siragusa

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    Tech Trip Podcast 009: AL EKS

    Tech Trip Podcast 009: AL EKS

    Tech Trip Podcast 009
    Featuring: AL EKS


    This episode will be featuring a new DJ/Producer named AL EKS. He was discovered on the streets of Spadina Avenue Toronto at 4 am. We don't know much about him but he likes to keep his sound Dark, Deep and Techy. The guy lives in his own world of music will take you on a Tech Trip.

    AL EKS will be spinning at Tech Trips event at Toika on May 25th along side Andrew Choe n Ibzi and the one and only Jeff Button!



    1. Augusta St (Silky Remix) - Vitor Munhoz, DJ Glen
    2. The Traveller (Original Mix) - Samu.l
    3. Shook (Duky's Krook Son Remix) - Michael Rosa
    4. Cunnilingus (Sidney Charles Remix) - Spieltrieb
    5. Lou (Original Mix) - Max J
    6. In My Head (Original Mix) - Liefko, Enzo Siragusa
    7. Flux Two (Original Mix) - Rich NXT
    8. Go Home (East End Dubs Remix) - Sleek & Cheek
    9. Virus (Original Mix) - Spieltrieb
    10. Sunday Morning (Original Mix) - Seb Zito

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    Tech Trip Podcast 008: Isotonic

    Tech Trip Podcast 008: Isotonic

    Tech Trip Podcast 008
    Featuring: Isotonic

    Isotonic aka Talal Wazeer was born and raised in Abu Dhabi but is originally from Yemen.
    Like any kid during the 90's Isotonic became infatuated with Hip Hop and how rhymes and verses were used to tell stories.

    He started with Progressive and Tech House but finally came full circle into Deep House. His earlier sets were quite deep but later he fell in love with a more vibrant, bumpy and playful sound. These days you can hear him play anything from RnB edits, NuDisco, UK Bass and Tech House in his sets.

    Isotonic was completely enamoured with Steve Lawler's Nubreed series, Danny Howell's Marathon sets and he is currently influenced by the sounds of Hector Couto and Rodriguez Jr.

    There is one common theme when you listen to him spin and thats a definite emphasis on groove. Currently trying to introduce the Halifax scene to his sound.

    If you like the podcast please share it and follow Isotonic on:

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/IsotonicSessions

    Soundcloud: @isotonicsessions (Tracklist)

    Twitter: twitter.com/TalalWazeer

    Beatport: dj.beatport.com/isotonic


    1. Hero (Original Mix) - Soukie & Windish [URSL]
    2. Beam Me Up (Original Mix) - Close feat. Charlene Soraia & Scuba [K7 Records]
    3. Bringing You Down - Jonas Rathsman [French Express]
    4. Feel So Free - Leftwing & Kody [Off Recordings]
    5. Nobody Else - Dusky [Aus Music]
    6. Kids Noiz - Cucumbers [SWMC]
    7. These Days (Jimmy Edgar Implication) - Audiojack feat. Kevin Knapp [Gruuv]
    8. Anthill (Giom Remix) - Supacooks [Loco Records]
    9. Whoo (Original Mix) - Round Table Knights [Exploited]
    10. Retrograde (Finn Pilly Edit) - James Blake [CDR]
    11. Herz (Frankman Remix) - Marvin Zeyss [FM Digital]
    12. How It Is (Original Mix) - J. Wiltshire [Hypercolour]


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    Tech Trip Podcast 007 - Corone

    Tech Trip Podcast 007 - Corone

    Tech Trip Podcast 007
    Featuring: Corone

    Corone's interest in electronic music grew in the middle of the 90's when he came in contact with the music from Moritz Von Oswald/Mark Ernestus (basic channel) and G-Man (quo vadis, it's a classic). Since then he's buying vinyls.

    Corone is a collector of good music and from time to time plays at clubs. He likes many different styles but at the moment his favorite is, what he calls "smart deep house",
    He doesn't follow music trends, for him it's very important, that the music has "sex appeal" no matter what style it is.

    Started "Corone's Treasure Chest of Intergalactic Music Gems" on facebook in july 2012 in order to feature sets he liked but then he realized that there are so many interesting artists out there (not only big names), who are making really great music and so he thought why not give some of them something like a little platform to present them and their music.

    Started the podcast series Corone's Treasure Chest on soundcloud in january 2013, so the project isn't that old but has music that won't disappoint

    If you like the podcast please share it and follow Corone on:

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/Corones.Treasure.Chest

    Soundcloud: @corone (Tracklist)

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