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Flamingos visit platforms EVERY MONDAY to discuss what they have seen, heard, and experienced during the week, so sit back and enjoy the Flamingos discussing what's hot and what's not INTERNATIONALLY & LOCALLY.

The Flamingos Podcast with YAD, Kanzi & Awab The Flamingos Podcast

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Flamingos visit platforms EVERY MONDAY to discuss what they have seen, heard, and experienced during the week, so sit back and enjoy the Flamingos discussing what's hot and what's not INTERNATIONALLY & LOCALLY.

    Episode 70 | "Distance"

    Episode 70 | "Distance"

    In this episode, YAD is quarantining and talks about the experience. The guys talk about the legendary Biz Markie passing away. Kanzi talks about Netflix gaming. The guys give their thoughts on LOX vs Dipset. T-Pain's rant. The guys give their takes on XXL Cyphers. YAD talks about when is Drake's album is out. The guys discuss Pop Smoke's 2nd posthumous album and more releases. 

    The Flamingos talk about the racism in football and what happened after England losing.

    Local: The guys talk about Social Knockout in Dubai. UAE plans for the first Arabic cryptocurrency & Abu Dhabi's national sterilization programme.

    Local releases from Mjeezy "Stories of Venus", Wesam ft. Kali-B "Keep a Distance" Zein Gowie "Simple Guy" 

    Flamingos picks: YAD l Wesam ft. Kali-B "Keep a Distance" & Zein Gowie "Simple Guy" 

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Episode 69 | "Nice !"

    Episode 69 | "Nice !"

    In this episode, YAD starts off by talking about the lifestyles in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, talking about McGregor vs. Porioier. Jeff Bezos retirement. Kanzi talks about 4-Day work in a week. The guys talk about Drake being spotted on a date. 

    Music releases from Vince Staples, Snoh Alegra, and MORE!

    The guys give a quick recap on Argentina winning the Copa America. 

    Local; YAD talks about UAE giving golden visa's for top students & their families. The guys talk about deep dive Dubai

    Local Music releases: Jindi "Hassa", Adam Nabeel "Madness for Two" EP, Hawsa "Till I got it, till I get it" Album, and The Circle "Many a Nights"

    Flamingos Picks: Awab l Adam Nabeel "Hold"

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Episode 68 | "Wet Cupping"

    Episode 68 | "Wet Cupping"

    In this episode, the guys start the episode off by talking about their week then YAD asks Kanzi about working from the office vs working from home. Awab talks about Keith Sweat vs Bobby Brown Verzuz. YAD talks about McGregor vs Poirier 3 and the guys give their predictions. Trump starting his own social media platform. Norway implementing fines on not labeled retouched pictures.

    Music Releases from Dennis Lloyd "Some Days", G Herbo "25", and Brent Faiyaz ft. Drake "Wasting Time" song.

    The guys give a Euro update, & Skateboarding officially becoming an Olympics sport.

    Local: Kanzi talks about the Delta variant & YAD gives a message to all. Flash partnership with Anghami. Abu Dhabi's new rules starting on the 20th of August.

    Local Music: G-Salih "More in Store" EP.

    Flamingos Picks: Awab | G-Salih "Genie". YAD | Akram x Viirgo "Thru That"

    Find us on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX_9J2BzBsb_85NINvoyImQ

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    • 1 hr 19 min
    Episode 67 | "Mix & Release"

    Episode 67 | "Mix & Release"

    In this episode, The flamingos switch places AGAIN, and they kick it off by talking about whether Twitter is becoming toxic. Kanzi talks about Windows 11 specs and compatibility, Kanzi also asks if Video game skills help in securing jobs. YAD talks about Soulja Boy vs Bow Wow. The guys talk about BET Awards. Music releases from Tyler the Creator & Doja Cat. More Euro's updates. 

    Local, the guys talk about The Recipe's documentary. Big Hass's "Spitter Vol.4". 

    Local Music releases: B-Element & Kriracha feat. Riiiiko, Ntitled & Kali-B, 

    Bu Kolthoum, The Synaptik, Felukah, Malak, & Arqam Al Abri.

    Flamingos Picks: YAD | Ntitled & Kali-B "Let's Get it on". Arqam "The Light". Awab | Malak "It's Alright"

    • 1 hr 27 min
    Episode 66 | "Colors & Stuff"

    Episode 66 | "Colors & Stuff"

    In this episode, the guys talk about Father's Day. YAD asks the guys whether it is better to be set then get married or build up with their partner. Kanzi talks about TikTok's privacy breach. XXL 2021 Freshman List. YAD talks about Logic's comeback announcement. Music releases from H.E.R, Vince Staples, Tyler the Creator, Majid Jordan, Don Toliver, Isaiah Rashad, Wale & Chris Brown. YAD & Awab give a quick Euro's update.

    Local: The Flamingos talk about Tariq JPEG's sexual harassment accusations. Talk + Cypher recap. Albaik in Dubai Mall. Soulja's"Nomadic's Journey". 

    Flamingos Picks: YAD l Vortex "Mood".

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Episode 65 | "Mango Season"

    Episode 65 | "Mango Season"

    In this episode, YAD talks about him getting his vaccine, the guys talk about summer's heat. Awab brings up a new ocean discovery. Zara head designer's hate message. Kanzi talks about Apple's WWDC 2021 & YAD talks about Dolby Atmos experience. Music releases from Migos "Culture lll", Pierre Bourne TLOP 5, also releases from Megan the Stallion, and French Montana. Kanzi Speaks about the Youtubers vs TikTokers Event, and YAD speaks about UFC event. The guys talk about Euro 2020.

    Local: The Guys talk about the upcoming "Talk & Cypher workshop" by Manarat al Saadiyat & Sole. New Rules starting June 15. Local Music releases: Freek "Mia Mia", Marsimba "Maalouf Aloyoon", Walgz "Elb3d Elthalth", Narcy & Thanks Joey ft. Redveil "Evoloutionary Suicide".

    Flamingos Picks: YAD l Figurez "Mn Ba'eed feat. Shqzu & Babylonjah", Walgz "Elb3d Elthalth". Awab l Freek "Mia Mia".

    • 1 hr 11 min

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