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Brighten your week with the latest BBC Radio 4 comedy, introduced by Darren Harriott.

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Brighten your week with the latest BBC Radio 4 comedy, introduced by Darren Harriott.

    Imran Yusuf: Relabelled

    Imran Yusuf: Relabelled

    We all have labels. Some we're given and some we actively choose. In his first show for Radio 4 Imran Yusuf ponders one label he was born with - man.

    How do you learn to be a man and what does being a 'man' even mean? In this autobiographical audience show, Imran looks at where he got his role models from as a boy, what he thought being a man was all about and how that view changed radically as he became an adult. Jackie Chan might have been his inspiration when he was young but it was a woman who sparked self-awareness and change.

    This is a very funny and honest account of his life and changing attitudes to manliness.

    Imran earned a Best Newcomer nomination in the Fosters Awards for his first Edinburgh show in 2010.

    Written and presented by Imran Yusuf

    Producer: Alison Vernon-Smith

    A Yada-Yada Audio production for BBC Radio 4

    • 28 мин.
    The Skewer

    The Skewer

    Jon Holmes's multi-award winning, 'dizzying, dazzling, haunting and moving' satirical river of sound returns to twist itself into these turbulent times.

    With contributions from brand new and diverse audio talent, The Skewer is the sound the abyss makes as it stares back at you through your ears.

    'A kind of concept album made of music news. There's simply nothing else like it.'

    New York Festival 2020
    Audio Production Awards 2020
    British Podcast Awards 2020
    Audio Production Awards 2019
    (Sound Design) Audio Production Awards 2020

    Nominations (winners yet to be announced)
    BBC Audio and Drama Awards 2020
    BBC Radio and Music Awards 2020

    An Unusual production for BBC Radio 4

    • 15 мин.
    Fred at The Stand

    Fred at The Stand

    Fred MacAulay introduces some of the funniest comedians in the UK doing what they do best – pure stand-up comedy. And since we can’t all get together in The Stand Comedy Club this year, everyone is gathering virtually for a live recording like never before.

    Featuring hilarious Welsh over-sharer Priya Hall; the comedian best known for her fantasy marriage to Jürgen Klopp, Laura Lexx; more cracking observations and brilliant characterisations from Geordie Carl Hutchinson; and one of the country’s most gifted natural comics, Seann Walsh.

    A Dabster production for BBC Radio 4

    • 29 мин.
    Sandi Toksvig's Hygge

    Sandi Toksvig's Hygge

    ‘Hygge’ (pronounced hoo-ga) along with ‘tak’ (the word for ‘thank you’ that we learnt from watching Borgen and other Scandi dramas) is one of the few Danish words to have become known to us in the UK.

    It’s a word that means comfort, contentment and cherishing the simple pleasures in life. In lifestyle magazines it’s faux fur throws, cups of hot cocoa and scented candles; but to the Danish it has simpler and less commercial roots. As these cold Winter nights draw in after a difficult year of scant comfort, it feels like we all need some hygge and legendary Dane, Sandi Toksvig, will do her best to bring it to you.

    Deep in the Danish countryside in her cosy wood cabin Sandi will explore the concept of hygge and the Danish way of life and welcomes celebrity guests who join her in front of the open fire to explore what brings them hygge. In this episode Sandi is joined by comedian and friend Alan Davies who talks about walking in nature, literature, the childhood toy he still wants and escaping from the demands of smart phones.

    Guests for the series are Grayson Perry, Alan Davies, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Bridget Christie, Sindhu Vee, Clive Myrie, Professor Brian Cox, Zoe Lyons and presenters and podcasters Rose and Rosie . We look forward to you joining Sandi in her cabin (there will be pastries).

    Host...Sandi Toksvig
    Producer...Julia McKenzie
    Material for Sandi's opening script... Simon Alcock
    Production Coordinator...Carina Andrews
    Sound Recordist and Editor...Rich Evans
    A BBC Studios Production

    • 28 мин.

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