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MRR Radio is a weekly podcast featuring the best international DIY punk, garage rock and hardcore, new and old, from Maximum Rocknroll magazine's astounding, ever-growing vinyl archive.

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MRR Radio is a weekly podcast featuring the best international DIY punk, garage rock and hardcore, new and old, from Maximum Rocknroll magazine's astounding, ever-growing vinyl archive.

    MRR Radio #1748

    MRR Radio #1748

    On this week's MRR Radio, Ehima and Kai are back with another eclectic mix of bands and songs linked to the theme of ANIMALS. You'll hear songs from RORSCHACH, EXIT ORDER, MYSTIC INANE and many more.Intro

    MO-DETTES - White Mice


    SNOB – Piggy

    VULPESS – Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra

    EXIT ORDER - Dog



    FRAU – Snakeskin

    FRAU  – Orca


    THE VIBRATORS - Whips and Furs

    Woof Woof

    K - DOG – All I See Is Beautiful Girls

    TRASH KIT – Cheshire Cat

    NORDA - Snakes and Ladders

    RORSCHACH - Pavlov's Dogs


    ZOOEY – Teddy Bear

    JEZEBEL – Chinese Dragon


    DOG EAT DOG - Rollover

    Fishy Outro

    RIGHTEOUS JAMS - Small Fish

    MYSTIC INANE - My Life as a Fish

    THE FISH POLICE - The Fish Police Theme

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    MRR Radio #1747

    MRR Radio #1747

    On this week's MRR Radio, Bobby plays an eclectic mix of (mostly) 80s Punk/Punk-adjacent music and some choice cuts off some good newer releases in the first MRR show of 2021.Intro

    NEU! - Super

    Sweat and Strain

    FALSE PROPHETS - Functional

    NADSAT REBEL - I Am the Wall

    GROUND ZERO - Will You Please

    GOVERNMENT ISSUE - World Caved In

    BLIGHT - Bludgeon

    I REFUSE IT! - Fall Down

    PERSPEX FLESH - Black Magic

    No Flags Fly Here

    WHITE STAINS - Parasite

    KLEENER - Speedball


    NEKRA - Amang

    SOLDIER'S DISEASE - I Want to Know

    BIG CHEESE - Discrown

    PUBLIC ACID - Spoiled by Hate

    Original Music For a Generic World

    PARIAH - Inside Looking Out

    REJECTORS - Through My Mind’s Eye

    DAMAGE - Jay Walk

    END RESULT - Crazy Like a Fox

    PLAIN WRAP - Green Light, Red Light

    UNIVERSAL CONGRESS OF - Happy Birthday

    VIC BONDI - Healing Moon


    SWA - 100 Bottles of Beer

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    MRR Radio #1746

    MRR Radio #1746

    This week on MRR Radio, we play everything from Philadelphia rippers to California downers and a couple of things in between.


    LYNC - b

    Philadelphia Hardcore

    SOUL GLO – New Humanism

    GREY C.E.L.L. – Weak Grasp

    OPEN CITY - Whose God?

    SOLARIZED - The Engineer

    90s California Emo

    NAVIO FORGE – Yellow and Fed

    YAPHET KOTTO – Torn Pictures

    INDIAN SUMMER - Waiting

    NUZZLE - The Sorting that Evens Things Out

    SWING KIDS - Situation on Mars

    EVERGREEN - Trudy Pushpin

    EMBASSY - Whispers of No Small Intent

    What is New?

    FULL BUSH – Dinner Fingers

    JENNY DIVER – El Rock de la Década

    P22 - Farrowing Crane

    SWEEPING PROMISES - Hunger for a Way Out

    RIBBON STAGE - Personal Hell

    THE UMBRELLAS - City Song

    This is

    SADIE & THE WIVES – Unique?

    AN UNEASY PEACE – Speaking in Tongues


    BITTER BRANCHES - Her Disease

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    MRR RADIO #1745

    MRR RADIO #1745

    On this week's MRR Radio, Rob relives some punk hits from 1980, blazes through a record label highlight and plays lots of new tracks to punish your ears! From KRIEGSHÖG to the TEEN IDLES, you better get ready to rock!Intro

    PLANET ON A CHAIN - Detach

    Beach Impediment Records

    MOMENT OF FEAR - Asphyxiation

    PUBLIC ACID - Condemnation

    LONG KNIFE - Night of the Hunter

    LAFFING GAS - Swinging Back

    HAIRCUT - Les Va A Tocar

    LARMA - Mänsklighetens Mästare

    VAASKA - Atrapados

    Special K

    KRIMEWATCH - Cry Baby/Mother F****r

    KOHTI TUHOA - Vina

    KRIEGSHÖG - Fear the Justice

    KATASTROF - Sista Dagen


    1980 Was a Good Year

    MINUTEMEN - Validation

    TEEN IDLES - Teen Idles


    BAD RELIGION - Slaves

    THE EAT - Nut Cop

    DEAD KENNEDYS - Forward to Death

    THE GEARS - Don't Be Afraid to Pogo

    THE CROWD - Modern Machine

    DISCHARGE - It's No TV Sketch

    MINOR THREAT Makes it Count

    MINOR THREAT - Look Back and Laugh

    LOOK BACK & LAUGH - Fuel the Conquest

    MINOR THREAT - In My Eyes

    IN MY EYES - Courage to Care

    MINOR THREAT - Seeing Red

    SEEIN' RED - I Hate You

    Winter Time Jams

    HEALER - Malandro

    HEALER - Testigos Inocentes

    HEALER - Pesadelos

    NEKRA - Trash

    VENENO - Pacto Suicida

    DEVIL'S DEN = Obsession and Disorder

    HUMANT BLOD - Flykten Från Verkligheten

    CROSS CLASS - Pissing Contest



    NO FAITH - Permanent Weapons

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    MRR Radio #1744

    MRR Radio #1744

    It's that time again... step up and join Biff Bifaro in the Crowbar Hotel for your first glimpse at some of the hottest demos this side of the sun — only on Maximum Rocknroll Radio.VIRVON VARVON – Mind Cancer

    HOTMOM – Crutch

    SISSYFIT – Anxiety

    GESTURE – Poisonous Isle

    NIGHTMARE – Overreaction

    REGIME – Existence Not Living

    SPAM RISK – Google Bookchin

    SCIENCE MAN – The Mask

    BEWITCHIN POOL – When the Needle Gets Fixed

    THE MAXINES – Burn it Down

    SILICON HEARTBEAT – White Shoes, Summer Friends

    PONO AM – Creator

    BLOTCHOUTS – Cockroach Milk

    TOMMY BAHAMA BOYS – Cliffs of Sober

    DZTN 1980 – Catalyst

    RICKY HELL – She’s My Angel

    FUTURO – License to Fail

    NAG – Page 24

    CAGE KICKER – Protect and Serve

    INVALID – “Invalid”

    BOOTLICKER – Nuclear Family

    SHITLOAD – Hang On

    CURB SITTER – Overlapping Voices

    DIE BONZEN – Keine Gefahr

    FLESHY MOUNDS – Romantic

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    MRR Radio #1743

    MRR Radio #1743

    On this week's MRR Radio, wild and uncut punx from eliot (headcleaner) based in glasgow!!!Intro

    PRIESTS - Watch You (party mix)

    Inner Circle ('Death Stranging' is a game I'm playing ATM)

    VEXX - Stress

    C.H.E.W. - Moral Panic

    ARTIFICIAL JOY - Waegukin (외국인)

    BYGONES - When A Vegan Eats A Vegan

    DOWNTOWN BOYS - Wave of History

    Lower Circle ('Escape from New York' has a great soundtrack)

    SPAM RISK - Fuck the Kids

    GOOD THROB - Culture Vulture

    NAKED CITY - Torture Garden

    BANANA OIL - Nippin' Pincers

    Even Lower Circle ('Crimewave' is good in premise)

    ALIEN NOSEJOB - Bone Clean

    MYSTIC INANE - Pervert in Society

    BLACK FLAG - Fix Me

    BLEACH BOYS - Puke Wave

    DEAD KENNEDYS - A Child and His Lawnmower

    MAlA RACHA - a.c.a.b.

    LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS - The Clatter Song

    Second to Bottom Floor ('Evil Dead II' is Better than 'The Evil Dead')

    JOBBY - Jobby

    BRAIN FLUID - Bad Things

    GROVES - Bees

    HOT SNAKES - If Credit's What Matters, I'll Take Credit


    LIMP WRIST - The Ode

    ULTIMATE THRUSH - Abortion Clinic

    ROCKET FOR ETHIOPIA - Playgrounds Have Been Deserted

    Basement/Hell ('Metal Gear Solid V' Didn't Happen)

    ANXIETY - Human Hell

    TWOMPSAX - Diddly Squat

    SOAKIE - Power Tool (demo)

    HEX - Dick Pick

    SCOWL - Retail hell

    DENIM & LEATHER - Aging Process


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