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Tune in to hear the latest mountain bike news and reviews from around the world.

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Tune in to hear the latest mountain bike news and reviews from around the world.

    World Cup MTB Mechanic Brad Copeland Takes Bike Tuning as Seriously as Kate Courtney Does Racing [Podcast]

    World Cup MTB Mechanic Brad Copeland Takes Bike Tuning as Seriously as Kate Courtney Does Racing [Podcast]

    Brad Copeland worked his way up the bike tuning chain, from shop mechanic to a full-time position at Specialized Bicycles, and eventually landed a spot wrenching for the brand’s domestic teams. His racing and career interests laid deep in the dirt side of cycling, and when asked to travel with the Specialized World Cup XC athletes to a few events, he excitedly accepted. Copeland developed lasting friendships with several riders, eventually becoming the primary traveling wrench for Kate Courtney, who would then go on to win both a rainbow jersey and a World Cup overall title. 

    When Courtney switched to the Scott-SRAM MTB Racing team she was able to bring Copeland with her, which doesn’t happen in XC as often as it does in downhill racing. The pair are working hard to prepare for what the 2020 season holds, and we recently chatted with Copeland to get the story from his side of the pits. This discussion wasn’t originally intended to be a podcast, but given Copeland’s passionate descriptions, we wanted to share the raw recording.   

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    Industry Veteran Larry Pizzi Explains Gravel Biking [Podcast]

    Industry Veteran Larry Pizzi Explains Gravel Biking [Podcast]

    Larry Pizzi is the Chief Commercial Officer for Alta Cycling Group, the parent company of wll known bike brands including Diamondback, Raleigh, and Ghost. He is also a board member at People for Bikes, a non-profit organization dedicated to making bicycling “safer, easier to access and more fun.”

    In this episode, we get Larry’s take on gravel biking: Who are gravel bikers? How much are they spending on bikes? What does gravel advocacy look like? Will we see a gravel biking World Cup someday?

    Larry also talks about electric bikes and the challenges facing local bike shops today.

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    Ken Avery from Vittoria Talks Mountain Bike Tires [Podcast]

    Ken Avery from Vittoria Talks Mountain Bike Tires [Podcast]

    Ken Avery is the Vice President of product and marketing for Vittoria, the world’s leading producer of bicycle tires (?). As an industry insider for many years, Ken has a wealth of knowledge on everything from mountain bike product design to marketing.

    In this episode, we talk about how mountain bike tire design and technology evolved over the years, the tradeoff between tire weight and traction, and how preferences for lower tire pressures have influenced tire design. Ken goes over the basics of tire construction and talks about current demand for various widths and diameters. We also discuss tire inserts, sealant, and get the inside story about Ken’s involvement in the introduction of the original Maxxis Minion.

    So how did you get your start in the bike industry?

    I grew up skateboarding and I always liked individual sports and things like that. And I played regular sports, too, but it was the kind of thing where I always was drawn to that type of a thing where there weren’t rules, you could do it however you wanted and kind of a self-expression thing.

    A buddy of mine who I used to skate with, he grew really tall, really fast when we were kids, and his knees were really weak, and his doctor told him to ride a bike. And that was right around when mountain biking was starting to pop, in the early… it was literally 1990 when this happened. I’m 42 years old, but I still act like I’m 20, I guess.

    So anyway, he got a mountain bike, this new mountain bike thing, and I was like, that’s pretty cool. You can cover a lot of ground on that thing. And we lived in suburban Eastern Connecticut, almost by Rhode Island, kind of. There were just a ton of fire roads everywhere and trails and stuff. And so I used to ride an old Schwinn 10 speed around and explore these trails, and then finally saved up and ended up getting a mountain bike. And then I was totally hooked and grew up racing through my teens, did okay.

    The super short version is, I bumped into Kathy Sessler, who actually runs the Syndicate team now. And she was at the Mount Snow World Cup. Mount Snow, Vermont was sort of our East Coast big mountain bike race at the time. And so I got a flat tire during practice. She gave me an inner tube. I was totally starstruck that a pro would give some kid an inner tube. And literally, was so floored and went out to a bike shop, bought an inner tube, came back after the race and gave it to her.

    And she thought that that was funny, because she was a pro who rides for a tire company. And anyway, we just kept in contact and I would send her drawings from study hall, of tires that I was thinking about. And literally when I was in high school. She would fax them, fax machines were a thing, because it was the ’90s. And she would fax them to Maxxis. Maxxis was Cheng Shin Tire and Maxxis had been making bike tires for a couple years at this point, but they were still very new.

    And then they started sending me tires to test, and by that point, I had gotten a UCI license and had gotten an upgrade and all that stuff, and was doing okay racing. And then just kept on giving them feedback. And when I got out of college, Russell Webb, at the time was their marketing guy and running the bike division and he gave me a job right out of college and we started designing tires with all the athletes.

    Wow, that’s super cool. Sounds like you were a hustler from an early age.

    You know what it is, man? I think what it comes down to is that I just love bikes and I love the scene and I’m always so grat...

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    Mountain Biking in Quarantine Times [Podcast]

    Mountain Biking in Quarantine Times [Podcast]

    It’s an understatement to say Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it. Mountain biking is no exception.

    In this episode, Matt, Gerow, and Jeff talk about what’s going on in Colorado, Italy, and Georgia, respectively. We discuss the latest on mountain bike racing, athletes, tourism, brands, and of course everyday trail riders. If you haven’t been paying attention to mountain bike news lately — and we don’t blame you if you’ve been preoccupied — this will serve as a good recap.

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    Mountain Bike Skills with Paul Howard of ZEP Techniques [Podcast]

    Mountain Bike Skills with Paul Howard of ZEP Techniques [Podcast]

    photo courtesy Paul Howard

    Paul Howard has been coaching mountain bikers all around the world for over 20 years now. He’s a co-founder of the Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association (PMBIA) and is the owner and head coach at ZEP Mountain Bike Camps in Whistler.

    In this episode, Paul shares the #1 skill mountain bikers actually need to work on, and how that’s often different from the skills they think need improvement. We talk about mountain bike skills myths, how mountain bike skills and fitness are related, and whether watching videos online can be a substitute for in-person skills coaching. Paul also fills us in on the PMBIA and its role in improving coaching in the mountain bike world.

    Learn more about ZEP at zeptechniques.com.

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    How MTB Trails and Tourism can Help Struggling Communities [Podcast]

    How MTB Trails and Tourism can Help Struggling Communities [Podcast]

    photo: SBTS

    Greg Williams is the founder of the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, a non-profit group based in California that’s dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and enhancement of recreational trails. The group’s Connected Communities plan offers an innovative roadmap for bringing tourism through trails to former timber and mining towns.

    We talk about how the group formed, and how their trail work is impacting the local economy. Greg shares some of the strategies the group has used to bring various trail user groups together that are applicable in other communities facing similar challenges. We also discuss the ways mountain bikers can help the trail communities they visit and how groups like the STBS measure success.

    Learn more at sierratrails.org.

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