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If youre looking for a good trance podcast with a touch of the hard stuff then you've found it.
Go to powertrance.wordpress.com for the Main Site

The Power Trance Podcast a mega noise

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If youre looking for a good trance podcast with a touch of the hard stuff then you've found it.
Go to powertrance.wordpress.com for the Main Site

    We Have Moved to Powertrance.net

    We Have Moved to Powertrance.net

    After months of slaving away behind the scenes, the power trance podcast now has a new purpose built home over at powertrance.net.

    Now that it’s finally launched, expect regular shows and more powered up, super trance music!

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    The Power Trance Podcast - Questioning Reality

    The Power Trance Podcast - Questioning Reality

    If you woke up one day inside the world of a computer game that was completely identical to real life, how would you ever know?
    It's time for another episode, which this time features samples taken from David Cronenberg's classic movie "ExistenZ". If you haven't seen it, is about a new virtual reality style computer game that when played is almost indiscernible from reality.We also feature some poinenent reality questioning statements from physicist Tom Campbell.

    And we do of course have another mind expanding selection of the very best powered up trance music.

    Always Better Faster...

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    The Power Trance Podcast - Do You Really Remember?

    The Power Trance Podcast - Do You Really Remember?

    This episode features samples taken from the movie 'Momento', in it Guy Pearce stars as Leonard Shelby a man who due to a confrontation with an intruder in which he received a blow to the head, can now only remember for 15 minutes as he is unable to 'make new memories' as he describes it.

    This raises an interesting question, when you think about it, your memories are only as real as your dreams at night or fantasies about your future.

    If you were to lose your ability to make new memories, your only reality would be what is happening to you right now.

    The past would be as none existant as any other thought in your mind.
    It's only your memory that keeps the past alive but as is mentioned in Momento, memories can be distorted!

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    1. Tempo Giusto - Diamonds For Hearts (Original Mix)
    2. Jorn Van Deynhoven - Spotlight (Tomas Heredia Remix) - Jorn Van Deynhoven
    3. Radion6 - Lost In Space (Original Mix)
    4. Kamil Esten - Hola (Suncatcher Remix)
    5. M.I.K.E. - Ecstatic (Original Mix)
    6. Sied Van Riel - Stealing Time feat. Nicole McKenna (Aly & Fila Remix)
    7. Who.is - We.Are (Original Mix)
    8. Tempo Giusto & Ima'gin - Gemini (Original Mix)
    9. Anthony Uder - Supersonic Clouds (Original Mix)
    10. Ram - RAMsterdam (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix)
    11. DJ Ange - S.E.A. (Arctic Moon Remix)
    12. James Dymond - Paladin (Original Mix)

    • 1 ч. 5 мин.
    Powertrance Podcast Episode 5

    Powertrance Podcast Episode 5

    It’s time for us to take you from the serene to the insane once again with another dose of tuffened up trance.
    Hold on tight and feel the POWER!

    … and remember it’s always better faster :)

    • 1 ч. 4 мин.
    Powertrance Podcast - Episode 4

    Powertrance Podcast - Episode 4

    It's been quite a while but we're back baby with another dose of powered up trance!

    Mass in Orbit - Connect
    DJ Spoke - Nightflight Komet
    Fridge - Back in Paradise
    DJ Rodd-Y-Ler Seductions
    Talla 2xlc feat Ely - The Air (Jam X & De Leon Dumonde Dub Mix)
    Signum - Push Through (Manuel Le Saux 4fun Remix)
    Dave 202 Meets Dumonde - Singularity 2005(Dumonde Club mix)
    Skysurfer - Colours 2008 (Russian Mafia Mix)
    Ultraform - Sense Your Mind
    Philippe Rochard - Freak (mass in orbit remix)
    Art of Fighters - Symphony of the Dead

    • 50 мин.
    The Powertrance Podcast: Episode 3

    The Powertrance Podcast: Episode 3

    Powering up for Episode 3 with 10 more Mind Melting Trance Hardend Bangers.
    Including an exclusive Live Mashup between Lost in Love & No Alternative which I name.

    Kaylab - Here We Go(jam x & de leon mix)
    Talla 2xlc - World In My Eyes(cosmic gate)
    Plastic Angel - Enter the Dark Room
    Final Fantasy - Controlling Transmission 2001
    (matt silver mix)
    Flutlicht - Mutterkorn
    Moonrise - Evolution 4 Ward
    Funabashi pres Salwater - The Legacy 2.0 (alphazone remix)

    Legend B - Lost in Love vs
    Merlin & C-Bass - No Alternative

    Mental Miracle - Trip To Fantasy (schwarzende rmx)

    • 40 мин.

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