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Podcast by TRANS-CANADA: An Exploration of Canadian Music

TRANS-CANADA: An Exploration of Canadian Music TRANS-CANADA: An Exploration of Canadian Music

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Podcast by TRANS-CANADA: An Exploration of Canadian Music

    Episode 05: Chris Cresswell

    Episode 05: Chris Cresswell

    First off, It’s been a while since we released a new episode of Trans Canada - and that’s on me. Things happen and, you know.. life, uh, finds a way. And if you’re asking yourself "is he talking about his own life, or just looking for an excuse to quote Jeff Goldbloom in Jurassic Park?" - the answer is, both.

    But we’re back.

    This episode I caught up with a gem of a human - Chris Cresswell, of the Flatliners.

    Songs used:

    Unconditional Love - by the Flatliners
    Indoors - by the Flatliners
    For everything Flatliners, check out theflatliners.com
    Check out Chris’ podcast, Carry the Banner - wherever you get your podcasts

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    Episode 04: Ty Trumbull

    Episode 04: Ty Trumbull

    Ty is my pal who helps me edit these podcasts. We’ve been in a few bands together, have toured eastern Canada and have been at each others throats more than once. Our history is, well, tumultuous, to say the least. Perhaps thats a sign of good friends? who knows!

    I met him in 2005 in a film history class while attending college in Oakville. - he was the scraggly kid who was clearly from the country, which I identified with. Later, on the train back to Toronto, I would play the entirety of NOFXs the Decline on my acoustic guitar and he sang every word. We then entered some sort of non-verbal agreement to write and drink tons of music over the next 7 or 8 years.

    I initially met up with him half a year ago in Mexico City - where he’s lived for the past few years. This is actually the first thing we recorded for the podcast so I apologize for the not great sound quality.

    Music in this episode:

    The Burnitdowns
    Worst Case, Ontario
    This is a Parade...
    The Sure Things
    Scoop Trumbull & The Wrong Notes
    Los Defenos
    Los Peseros

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    Episode 03: Brad Manners

    Episode 03: Brad Manners

    My old pal - Brad Manners, from School Damage. We actually made a music video for his band. 4 years ago?... Brad and I were actually room mates for years and lived in the worst apartment you could imagine. Holes in the wall, a hole in the front glass door, bed bugs, weird, sketchy room mates, the works. He once said, "as long as we're living in a place better than this some day, we'll be doing good at life".


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    Episode 02: Kirsten White

    Episode 02: Kirsten White

    Formed in 2015, Toronto's Lilim are a nasty ass, sludgy dose of feminist metal. Equal parts ripping punk, equal parts swamp water doom.

    Kirsten White, holy shit. Where to even begin. What a force. Toronto artist / freelance producer / bicycle gang enthusiast / feminism champion / no bull shit artist / sweetheart. Out of all her projects, this one is by far the loudest.


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