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Deep,Afro,Tech,Tribal and Ancestral!

Zedian Touch On House Zedian Touch On House

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Deep,Afro,Tech,Tribal and Ancestral!



    Another deep session, Listen, Share, and tell you friends "AM SOUL DEEP"
    DOWNLOAD HERE: https://zediantouchonhouse.wordpress.com/2015/07/19/am-soul-deep-ep-9/
    TRACK 1: Lars Behrenroth - Time (Original Mix) Deeper Shades Recordings 2015 *****
    TRACK 2: Cloud- Thinking Of You [feat. Yoanna]
    TRACK 3: Jimpster - Solitude [Freerange Records] 2015 ******
    TRACK 4: Problem Child Ten83 - Mothoba Ditho (Ten83 Main) Mo funk Records 2015*****
    TRACK 5: Maurice Aymard & Sasse - Backwards (String Mix) 2015 *****
    TRACK 6: Deep Active Sound - Sleeping (Deep Spelle Remix) New Born Records 2015
    TRACK 7: Luna City Express - Celebration Of Life (Kevin Yost Remix) Moon Habour Recordings 2015
    TRACK 8: Frankman-White Rabbit (Original Mix) Deep Pressure Music 2012
    TRACK 9: Rufus T - Dreamwork (Original mix) We Make Names Records 2014 *****

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    Welcome to another journey through sound with Zedian Touch On House. This time around we have a special guest in the mix for the fourth time coming hot with a steaming set, Lucas Thee Tall from under his brand label KCP. You can read all about his latest works, objectives and goals via the biography after the designated playlists a big thanks to Lucas for being part of this movement and all "thee" best brother. Support the artists, support the labels by clicking on track IDs to purchase.
    FOLLOW US HERE: https://zediantouchonhouse.wordpress.com/1st Hour By Soulfreqtion (ZTOH)
    Playlist :Track 1: Master Piece (SA) - What's On Your Mind, 2015
    Track 2: Frankman-White Rabbit (Marc Cotterell Sax Mix)
    Track 3: Miss Luna, Q DeRHINO-Not the Same Old Day (Helly Larson Remix)
    BLUE DYETrack 4: Rooted Channel Brothers (SA), Marcus Pearson - Love & Happiness (Main Mix) OPEN BAR MUSIC2015
    Track 5: Pablo Fiero -Check The Boogie (Soul Minority Remix) ONETHIRTY RECORDINGS
    Track 6:Honesty - Bleep Me (Jimpster Perspective) ROOM WITH A VIEW RECORDS
    Track 7: Andre Lodemann - Piece Of Mind (Original Mix) HOUSE IS THE CURE RECORDS
    Track 8: Ralf GUM feat. Hugh Masekela - In The City (Atjazz Astro Remix) - GOGO MUSIC 2015
    Track 9: ccc'gqoko & Emdeep - Everything Is Gonna Be Alright ***
    Track 10: Ladi Adiosoul, Houseville, Miller - Earthquake (Original Mix) DEEP RESOLUTE 2015
    2nd Hour BY LUCAS THEE TALL Playlist :001 Ten Walls - Sparta (Original Mix)002
    Hyenah - King Kobra003
    Rabs Vhafuwi & Mizz - Count Your Blessings (Abicah Soul Remix)
    004 Frankey & Sandrino - Starchild (Hyenah Remix)
    005 Ame - 119 BPM (Original Mix)
    006 DJ QU - SS1007 David Mayer - Smoke (Rampa Remix)
    008 Monique Bingham - Bloody Lucky (Chymamusique Remix)
    009 KANT - Kiss (Original Mix)
    10 Culoe De Song - Stig Boardersman (Original Mix)
    011 Eddie Fowlkes - That's What I Think About (Culoe De Song Remix)
    Blog: http://keycoreproductions.blogspot.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Key-Core-Productions Twitter: https://twitter.com/key_coreTraxsource: http://www.traxsource.com/KeyCoreProd. Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lucas-thee-tall-k-c-p Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/lucastmaseko/ Resident Advisor: http://www.residentadvisor.net/profile/keycoreproductions Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/Keycoreproductions 
     E-Mail: keycoreproductions@gmail.com Podmixes: http://www.mixcrate.com/Keycoreproductions

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    "Dapro Vida George Excursion On ZTOH Iland" Guest Mix part 3 ( Deep,Soulful, Latin, Afrosoul and Tribal house ) Mixed by Dapro & SirDavidm

    "Dapro Vida George Excursion On ZTOH Iland" Guest Mix part 3 ( Deep,Soulful, Latin, Afrosoul and Tribal house ) Mixed by Dapro & SirDavidm

    Greetings everyone, back again in the mix of things this time we going exoctically deep with a guest mix by the talented Dapro Vida George, Music producer/DJ with a loads of talent under his sleeves. Been jamming most of his productions and must say house-heads be aware  . His Session comprises tracks from various producers as well some commercial hits and his own. You can catch his poductions at sites like Kasi, soundcloud etc which will be provided please do support. 
    Please Support the artists by Clicking on the Track to download, some tracks are free...enjoy & Stay Blessed.
    Lets be friends & Promote this Beautiful music :https://www.facebook.com/zediantouchonhouse.ztoh
    Session 1 ; Zedian Touch On House
    Track 1: Rancido Ft. Lex Empress - Brighter Day (BDBM 2014 Remix)
    Track 2: Nikola Gala - I Was So Wrong feat Sylwia Van Der Wonderland (Original Mix)
    Track 3: January Tuesday - True Love's Sake (Andre Lodemann Vocal Mix)
    Track 4: SOUNDQUEST FT KHOLI   Apocalyptic Love (Original Spectrum Mix)
    Track 5: Local Instruments feat MJ White - Living My Dream (Lemon & Herb Afrotech Remix)
    Track 6: Terry Lee Brown Junior-Evryday (Nikola Gala Remix)
    Track 7: Milton JackSon - Open Your Eyes
    Track 8: Deeptwelve- El Kaziba[Black Jean Deep Mix]
    Track 9: 3 Amigos  Jellybean, Marlon D - Lords Poem(3 Am2)
    Track 10: Tuccillo, Kiko Navarro feat. Amor - Lovery (Yoruba Soul Mix)
    Track 11: Boddhi Satva - Wolo Lalou feat. Aski (Main)
    Track 13: Kuniyuki Takahashi ft Kristina Taumo - Deliverance ( Culoe De Song Remix)
    Session 2: Exclusive Guest Mix By Dapro Vida George 
    Track 1: Divine brothers-Morning breez
    Track 2: Divine brothers-Walk away
    Track 3: Divine Brothers- ust the music
    Track 4: Divine brothers- see through you
    Track 5: Divine brothers- lonely
    Track 6. Divine brothers- Comfort Zone
    Track 7: Black Motion-Rain Bow
    Track 8: Culoe De Song-No Contest
    Track 9: Cuebur- No Doubt
    Track 10: Black Coffee Ft Black Motion-In the jungle
    Track11: Dj Clock ft Beatenburg - i still remember(Plutomix)
    Track 12: Dj Kent- Spin My world around(Original Mix)
    Track 13: Zakes Bantwini- Ghetto
    Track14: George Vida-When George Goes Deeper
    Catch him on the following sites:
    kasi: http://kasimp3.co.za/DaproVida 
    SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/george-vida
    Twitter : https://twitter.com/DaproVidaGeorge
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MintirhoYaMatsonga

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    Bemba's Excapade With the Mau (Deep, Afrotech, tribal and Ancenstral House) ZTOH compiled by SirDavidm

    Bemba's Excapade With the Mau (Deep, Afrotech, tribal and Ancenstral House) ZTOH compiled by SirDavidm

    Happy valentines to all house-heads much love and respect from ourside . ZTOH crew decided to release a session despite the delay we thought why not share this podcast today, comprises of full mixes less promo's. Sounds from Rancido, Da Capo, Invaders of Africa, The mighte Djeff afriozilla ETC jam packed with afrotech sounds from Echo12inch be aware!! Cutting the chase join us on facebook lets get rowdy & have fun with house music our page links will be provided. Thanks to all supporting us owe it to yall. PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTISTS BY clicking on the track to DOWNLOAD.
    Fee free to follow & Comment
    Track 1: Bucie - Not Fade (Charles Webster Deeper Vocal Mix)
    Track 2: Anane - Walking On Thin Ice (Antonello Coghe, Rancido's Madame-X Vision Main Mix)
    Track 3: Echo12inch Feat. Puncu - My Life (Dub 12inch Mix)
    Track 4: O-KA-PI - Bolingo (Djeff Kazukuta Remix)
    Track 5: Black Motion ft. Upali- Islaam Prayer ( Promo mix)
    Track 6: Echo12inch_3.0(Echo12inch_Dub)
    Track 7: Bullet ft Olona - Impilo (Jerry Deeper mix)
    Track 8: Invaders Of Afrika - Walk The Dance (Invaders Of Afrika Exclusive Edit)
    Track 9: Said Chaara - Violins Mood (Da Capo Bapedi Tribe Remix)
    Track 10: ********
    Lets be friends & Promote this Beautiful music:

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