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Doha Heat is a weekly, communal podcast created for every type of individual who currently calls Qatar home, has in the past, or may one day.

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Doha Heat is a weekly, communal podcast created for every type of individual who currently calls Qatar home, has in the past, or may one day.

    Interview With Ahmad Abbas

    Interview With Ahmad Abbas

    You're listening to Doha heat. This is episode 334. It is the second to last podcast to go out here on Doha heat, as we are rounding the show-up. And if you would like to listen to me, you can listen to my podcast and it is called Stefan Lindberg- Jones' work, rest, and play podcast. Today's podcast is with a great guy called Ahmed Abbas.
    He is the podcast host of the Sit-down with Seth. Fantastic guy, full of energy, and we have a long chat about his whole life and what makes him tick. And we have a real good laugh. So enjoy the show. And remember, this is the second to last podcast before we switch Doha Heat off. And please go and visit me on Stefan Lindberg- Jones work, rest, and play podcast.
    Have a great day. Bye-bye.
    Actually, pick up. I'm like, dude, I don't know what to tell you, but it, it takes a while the podcast scene here is a bit, on the, no one really knows it. I mean, let's be honest. I mean, there's like, I think four known ones. Right? Well, are there, well it's, I mean, I'm going to count mine. Okay. But you know, you're, you're the, you're the OG ones you've been here for a while, but when did you start with your voice?
    Do I hate 2014, your onion 2016? Okay. So that's Oh, gee. That's like, I think before that, what was it usually? I think I love Qatar tried for about six months and then they gave up, I think that, yeah, I briefly remember seeing something. cause I know I started something and 2011.
    No, not love before that. And it was, you want the godfather, but even that didn't even, that was called didn't last. It was called the coffee shop podcast. And I think I told you about yeah. Yeah, but that's, that is on-air. It's on YouTube, but it's not on the audio side. So it's a tenant. Tell us, tell us about the coffee shop, the coffee shop podcast, dude, that that was the F like I don't know how it all started, so not to take credit, but I was kind of the brainchild of it because I used to be a big fan of the Ricky Gervais show, the cartoon animated, a podcast where Ricky JVs and his friend make fun of that.
    The other friend, Karl Pilkington. Okay. Was an animated podcast. That was it. How'd you get an animated Podcast? Okay. So for anyone listening guys, go check out the Ricky Gervais podcast, . It's just, what's called, it's called the Ricky Gervais show, but it goes out on podcast platforms. Cause it's like a cartoon, but it's a podcast.
    It's going to be a podcast. It's no, because the way they're set up, it's like a podcast, and the conversations they're having are very conversational, very podcasting. And it used to be a podcast. Okay. So they've kept the name. They just changed the records of the show and they essentially took the conversation.
    They just animated it, you know? So whenever, like whenever, like, Karl or the guy they're talking to Alexa's story that animate like the story, you know, and it was really interesting to see. And I just, I loved, I just loved the fact that they just sat and they just talked. and then they animated the actual shows pretty much.
    Okay. And I was like, I have a similar idea, but because we always sit constantly at the same coffee shop and we just talk nonsense, we talk absolute nonsense. I know, but I want to stop you. Okay. You're talking about nonsense. Yeah. But is it, did you think that people would actually want to listen to that nonsense at the time?
    I didn't care. I just wanted to release our conversations. Cause there were so funny. That's exactly what I wanted. I was like, I don't care if people listen to this, I just want to get the same people to have mikes on them and just talk. It was me, my good friend, Sid, and then Deep, Deep was kind of the main guy.
    And he was like that bad luck person. W he was the one that you would take the Micky out of a kind of, you would do it to himself. He would do it too. So by the prompts, the deep cause he's the one who kind of helped me set me up on OBS and going live now. So I'm not going to pull one o

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    Israa Sameer - Diving Changed Her Life

    Israa Sameer - Diving Changed Her Life

    Welcome to Doha Heat podcast. Unfortunately, this is one of the last few podcasts I recorded in 2020 and Doha Heat will be no more. It's going to be shelved, but you can still go back and listen to all the other episodes. It will be available on any of your podcast apps. And, there is a lot of good content that we recorded over the six years and we've had some amazing guests.
    So I like to do a big shout out to all the guests that have been on Doha Heat. And I would like to give a big shout out to all my fabulous hosts that have taken this journey of this great podcast. It's a great six years snippet into. The life of the community that is here in Qatar. So a big farewell, I think there are three more episodes to go out and this is one of them.
    And this episode is an interview with Israa Sameer. She is an amazing lady who just by chance had, was doing a film for a school project. And she was inspired by the first Qatari, woman diver here in Qatar. And it changed her life. So I hope you enjoy her story. Bye-bye so diving, how did you get into diving?
    It all happened. suddenly I was looking to make a production from, with wa, which was my year capstone to be graduated from the university. And I had like 10, ideas and the 10 ideas in that time, they all like vanished. I couldn't do anything. My brother just suggested that I will make a film about the first Qatari and.
    instructor in scuba diving. I said, no, no, not very interested. I love swimming, but I don't like scuba diving at that time. And they really, I really don't know anything about it. So, it all happened like that. I contacted her and she said that I have to get a course, to capture her inside the water. So that happened.
    And from that time to now, every year I take a course and sometimes every, like, At six months, they get a course. Then I reached the instructor and assistant instructor. Wow. So how many years has that taken for you to become an instructor from 2016 to right now? No. So four years. Yes. But people can do it like in two years or one year, but I like, for me, it was like a funny thing.

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    Amr Abbas - A young author who reimagines a classic.

    Amr Abbas - A young author who reimagines a classic.

    02.54 – Plays loop of music would spend 2 hours playing.
    03.30 – same as writing would spend hours
    04.19 – Wrote a book out of a problem, class students did not like the book Jane Eyre.
    05.22 – Classical literature is tedious
    05.30 – Past out just reading a page of Moby Dick, wording is so dense.
    05.40 – What to make something a little more tolerable,
    07.00 – Give a French a go and don’t worry if you get it wrong.
    07.30 – Just like writing just write something down.
    07.50 – Don’t worry if its right or wrong just do it.
    08.20 – A judgment-free zone when you first write something or compose something.
    08.30 – We are our own biggest judge.
    08.50 – How do you stop that inner critic?
    09.00 – No magic formula, just power through it.
    09.10 – Just inhale two hair cow farts. No magical formula.
    09.30 – The objective was to make Jane Eyre more understandable.
    10.33 – Not aware of any readaptation of Jane Eyre making her a really good Batman.
    10.50 – Took out the literal characters and put them in a new frame.
    11.14 – Outline of the book, you don’t have to have read the original book to understand the book.
    12.00 – Jane had a really abusive childhood.
    12.45 – Gets locked away in a haunted bedroom.
    13.30 – Similar story to Batman losing his parents at an early age.
    13.55 – I love Batman.
    14.36 – Jane Eyre pulls has other characters to help her. Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson, David Copperfield, and Robin Hood.
    15.20 – Good guys going up against literature villains, such as Macbeth, Dracula and Frankenstein.
    15.45 – Book is not too violent.
    16.00 – Audience from 18 and above.
    16.35 – Hopefully will get people interested in literature and investigate the characters.
    17.00 – Some research into the characters.
    17.55 – One of the characters is similar to the Punisher from Marvel.
    18.40 – Inspired by the Walking Dead
    19.30 – Went through a lot of potential characters when planning the book.
    20.40 – Started reading comics, that got me interested in storytelling.
    21.20 – Then went into drawing my own comics.
    21.50 – Was the school student that was in the corner drawing comics.
    22.00 – Then started writing short stories.
    22.10 – Then got into rapping.
    23.25 – Amr’s mother is Nevine Kamel, check out her show on Doha Heat
    24.35 – Have a younger brother, completely different.
    25.20 – I am a listener, love listening to people.
    26.20 – One Direction Fan club in the education city.
    26.55 – Extended universe, extend the universe for the characters.
    27.50 – Working on a musical that is not related to the book.
    28.10 – There will be rapping.
    28.45 – Book is out on Kobo – ebook official site.
    30.30 – Other publishing sites were a pain.
    31.27 – Tips on self-publishing.
    32.20 – An idea for another book is coming.
    32.50 – Had a friend look over the drafts of the book.
    33.40 – Had my Aunty critic the book although has not finished it yet.
    34.10 – Since the release what has the response been?
    34.30 – It's one thing to self-release but the other thing that is really hard is to sell it.
    35.10 – The book is an ebook.
    36.00 – Both parents believe in me.
    36.30 – A little rap for you.
    38.00 – Find him on Instagram
    38.50 – Amr writes poetry. Performed at Words & Strings
    40.30 – Going to George Town University
    41.20 – Great support system for students at the University.
    44.31 – Safe age group for the book + 15 

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    Carla Magdalene, the school teacher & parents friend.

    Carla Magdalene, the school teacher & parents friend.

    00.20 – Born on the West Coast Of Scotland
    00.33 – Moved to Nottingham at the age of 9 – The Meadows
    01.27 – Stapleford College for A-Levels but dropped out.
    01.45 – Studied Education at college then returned to study when she was a lot older and did a Bachelor's In Education.
    01.51 – Did a Foundation In Education Support focusing on Special Needs Education.
    02.14 – Had a child when Carla was 17 and had to drop out of school.
    02.26 – Had a difficult Childhood.
    02.30 – This led to her wanting to learn about how to educate children.
    03.00 – Had no support system, so needed to find work that gave her the flexibility to look after her family.
    03.20 – Carla was a single parent by the age of 21. Had two children by the age of 19.
    04.00 – Trained in Business Administration.
    04.39 – Hated being on income support while caring for her two young children.
    04.45 – While looking after her young children she decided to study hard.
    05.00 – Grateful that she had two daughters that were well behaved to be able to study.
    05.35 – When the girls were 9 & 11 Carla studied for her degree and would take them into the lecture hall during night school.
    07.10 – Big Fan of Super Nanny, where she would learn certain techniques to get the girls to sleep, so she could study.
    07.40 – Has a passion to always keep learning.
    08.40 – As a child always loved reading and loved school. The teachers were amazing.
    09.15 – There was never a problem because you could always find a solution by reading.
    10.15 – Only wanted to study to then go out and apply what she learned.
    10.40 – There has never been a course that hasn’t been relevant to Carla’s life.
    11.05 – Studied formal education as well as online courses.
    13.00 – Learning method by doing and applying. Struggle with memory.
    13.25 – So gets round the struggle with memory by talking about the subject and how it relates to her life.
    14.32 – Left the full-time employment to go it alone, mainly for well-being and for her son.
    15.40 – Single Mum second time around, now in another country. Homeschooling her son.
    17.00 – When pandemic hit, it was time for reflection and quit her job.
    19.00 – Set herself up in coaching and consulting for parents and teachers in education.
    19.05 – For parent and teacher well-being, avoiding burn-out.
    19.25 – Speaking from experience on burnout and ignoring your health.
    20.05 – At the time didn’t realize she was going through a burnout.
    21.05 – The burnout affected her mentally and physically then she knew something wasn’t right.
    21.30 – Went to down the path of traditional as well as alternative medicine.
    21.55 – The past emotions and stresses were the things that needed to be resolved.
    23.00 – Carla had been taking care of her physical well-being before the burnout but not her emotional health.
    25.00 – At the age of 40 she ended up in the hospital with Gall stones, a non-functioning gall bladder, and a hernia.
    27.00 – Gall Bladder removed and hernia fixed. This was a big wake up call.
    29.30 – That was the time to start thinking about an exit plan to leave her full-time job.
    32.20 – Thought about well-being coaching, as it had been a big part of her life in raising her children.
    34.00 – Makes you a better coach, consultant when you have experienced life’s lessons.
    35.15 – There is a lot more awareness today about the energetic level, how anger, stress, the environment affect you physically.
    36.40 – Had no mum growing up and was raised by her Dad who was Jamaican in his 50’s. Brought up in an old fashion way. Carla was the eldest of three so she took on the responsibility of looking after her siblings.
    37.50 – People find Carla on social media or through referrals
    38.05 – Will only take on people that want to develop themselves and have to be evident.
    40.30 – Parents already have the tools to teach their children.
    41.05 – Give parents the e

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    Meet The Real Steve Mackie

    Meet The Real Steve Mackie

    2.08 – Joined The Army at 16
    2.45 – Why Joining the army – age 15,16 had 3 options Wind Surfing, Scholarship Bristol Alvick, Apprenticeship with Anglian Windows,
    3.35 – Religious retreat, roman catholic going away at weekends. Heard a voice in his head, what should I do and it said to join the army. The next day he signed up.
    5.07 – Someone had belief in him and never forget it, so wants to give back when it comes to other people.
    6.15 – Chef in the army. Wanted to go in the household cavalry but they didn’t let him.
    7.30 – The love of home economics led him to be a chef in the army
    8.04 – Army marches on its stomach
    8.48 – Been all over the world for 10 years in the army.
    10.04 – I can't read and I can't write but I can drive a tractor – saying because he was from Bristol.
    10.50 – If he was told he can't do it, he always wanted to prove them wrong.
    13.10 – Didn’t stand for bullying, but wanted to help people and to be fair.
    13.40 – Being in the service industry to do your best, provide quality.
    14.00 – Stupid & Nieve – Chef with 22 SAS – Followed the steps of Lawrence Arabia, Jungle with Ubon tribesmen, flown an Agusta 109 helicopter.
    15.00 – Fighting on the rugby pitch with a lieutenant, which ended up Steve being on show parades for 6 months
    15.35 – Leave the army then go into the fire brigade, which was a fail but he failed the multiple choice because he didn't focus on the questions, so didn’t get in.
    16.36 – World fell apart after leaving the army
    17.15 – HGV 3 HGV 2 never used those skills after leaving the army.
    18.04 – Fortune teller said you must stay on the Lilly pad and not jump around to achieve your goals. Didn’t listen.
    18.25 – Only now does he realize that he should have stayed on the Lilly pad
    18.45 – Much wiser.
    18.51 – Top 10 earners for a door to door salesman for Cobra Group – Commission Only – earning stupid money
    19.15 – Thought he had to be and act someone he wasn’t due to the kind of money he was earning. Confident and arrogant
    20.00 – Envy someone but do you really know what it is like to walk in my shoes.
    20.45 – Churchill Arms – Sausage factory. – Sold 35 different types of sausages.
    21.14 – The chef got ill so Steve stepped in and saved the day with his chef cooking ability.
    21.20 – Luton to Tyne over the weekend. Didn’t want to let the team down
    22.05 – Wife, 4 kids, and 4 grandchildren. They are Steve’s grounding
    22.40 – 53 years old, I have the tools, now how do I use them do my best abilities.
    23.30 – Outside Wandsworth Prison, having ex-prisoners chasing him down the road.
    24.20 – People come up to Steve thanking him on what inspiration he said.
    25.13 – Sports Podcast making a difference – about the story to inspire.
    26.00 – All guests have something special to give.
    27.00 – Bring out the best in their guests.
    28.00 – Become a mentor in your career
    28.20 – Life Change 2 years ago arriving back in Qatar with 200 QR in his pocket
    28.58 – Wanted to promote Street Soccer
    29.21 – Didn’t know where his next meal would come from
    29.40 – Mentoring at Carnegie Mellon based on a free lunch.
    30.20 – Didn’t think he was worthy because he wasn’t educated but realized his natural ability and experience.
    31.00 – Intimidated by the educated
    31.45 – Natural ability to match peoples skills
    32.10 – Still intimidated
    32.29 – Untethered Soul – Big inspiration
    33.00 – A journey of self-discovery and during the pandemic has given individual support.
    33.50 – Scary, horrible but a chapter that has given me inner strength.
    34.57 – Work as hard as you can, love what you do, someone will find you.
    35.35 – Qatar has no fear, next generation
    36.15 – I am a different person.
    36.45 – Sometimes you get bogged down and not looking for help.

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    How To Delicately Take Care Of Infants Who Needs Utmost Attention?

    How To Delicately Take Care Of Infants Who Needs Utmost Attention?

    We always want the best for our little ones, catch on #DohaHeat this week as we have Charlotte Casper talking more about what we can do for our babies! 👶🏻 #LISTEN: bit.ly/DHCharlotteCasper #Doha #Infant #Medicine #Doctor #Qatar

    • 30 min

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