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Yoga, wellness, & healthy living for real people. Minimal hippie weirdness and zero pseudo "inspiration." Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/badyogi/support

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Yoga, wellness, & healthy living for real people. Minimal hippie weirdness and zero pseudo "inspiration." Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/badyogi/support

    How to Get Unstuck & Show Up As Your True Self w/Jator Pierre

    How to Get Unstuck & Show Up As Your True Self w/Jator Pierre

    Today's episode is one I thought I'd literally never do.

    I'm interviewing a life coach. I know, I know. Eye roll, right? But here's my thought process: as I was looking for interesting people to talk to, I came across this guy named Jator Pierre who was actually recommended to me from JP Sears. So already that's one level of skepticism removed. Anyway, back to my thought process... lately I've been thinking that maybe *some* of the things I roll my eyes at are actually some of the things I need to hear. Or at least need to be OPEN to hearing. And I think that's the case with a lot of us, too. The stuff we passionately reject or shy away from are exactly the things we need to be open to.

    Jator has been in the practice of transforming lives since 1999. Using a vast toolbox of modalities to bring about lasting change in his clients, his work in emotional trauma and chronic stress is really on display in our talk today. He's passionate about seeing the bigger picture and how that trickles down to the underlying mechanisms which lead to all kinds of imbalance in our lives, both physical and emotional. His purpose is to help people examine and understand not only how the body functions, but how each physical symptom correlates to and is expressive of underlying mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns. Jator works globally through Skype and currently lives in Copenhagen Denmark after moving just a few weeks ago on pure gut instinct.

    In today's episode, we're talking about...
    - Non-aspirational morning routines
    - The point of having a life coach & why some people need one (ie: he explains to me why it's not a bunch of BS)
    - How to deal with toxic relationships
    - How to re-parent yourself as an adult & create a more functional relationship with your parents
    - How to show up as your TRUE self in ALL your relationships
    - How do you know when it's time to move on from a job OR muster the patience to keep going?
    - Why language is important and how to make "mistakes" more empowering
    - How to see when you're living in what Jator calls "control dramas"
    - One thing most people need guidance with
    - How to get out of a funk/a rut

    Follow Jator on Instagram @explorewithjator and on YouTube by clicking here.
    You can even get your own coaching session with him on his website, https://wehlc.com/origins/

    Enjoy the episode & let us know what you think!


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    Sound Baths: A Better Way to Meditate with Sara Auster

    Sound Baths: A Better Way to Meditate with Sara Auster

    I am loving today's episode because it's actually a little interactive. The very best kind of episodes are, in my opinion :)

    Have you ever heard of sound baths? If not, don't worry-- I'm gonna play you a little sample by my incredibly talented guest, Sara Auster. She's a sound therapist & meditation teacher. Using a holistic approach to well-being with the transformative power of music and sound, her carefully crafted experiences allow sound to be used as a tool to access meditative states, support self-inquiry, cultivate deep relaxation, and inspire meaningful connection and change.

    She's been invited to speak about mindfulness and sound for companies such as Google, Microsoft and American Express. Her work has been featured in global media outlets including: The New York Times, Time Magazine, Vice, Quartz and Billboard Magazine and was named a top meditation teacher by Oprah Magazine in 2016.

    In today's episode we talk about...
    - What to expect in a sound bath
    - Why a sound bath isn't just meditation
    - How people with hearing loss can benefit
    - Most transformative experiences
    - How to enjoy a sound bath at home

    Plus, Sara let us grab a sample of her work to share with you! It's a good episode, friends.


    To hear more from Sara, find her playlists, & see where she's coming for live events, head to www.saraauster.com.


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    Practical Numerology with Felicia Bender

    Practical Numerology with Felicia Bender

    Today's episode is a little controversial, apparently! I didn't intend for it to be when I invited our guest, but when I asked the community for your questions for her, that's when I realized this was a touchy subject. Today I have Felicia Bender to talk about her style of numerology which she calls Practical Numerology. I got tons of questions but a fair amount of pushback from people saying this is BS or it's evil or it conflicts with Christianity-- all kinds of stuff. 

    Personally, I found this super interesting & fun to learn about! I didn't feel like it conflicted with my beliefs at all. I take these things lightly and approach them with an open, curious mind. If you can manage to do that, I think you'll enjoy this episode a lot :)

    We talk about...
    - What IS Numerology
    - How it's used
    - How to calculate your own Life Path Number
    - The significance behind seeing 11:11 & other numbers
    - And how to find out more if you're interested :)

    Enjoy the episode!

    We'd love to hear your thoughts on this one! Did you find it interesting? Fun? Or total nonsense? Regardless of where you stand, try to be respectful in expressing your opinions ;)

    To learn more from Felicia, head to her website: https://feliciabender.com/
    Or find her on Instagram for more inspo: @feliciabender


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    Am I "Normal"? & Other Questions with Sex Educator Emily Nagoski

    Am I "Normal"? & Other Questions with Sex Educator Emily Nagoski

    I'm SO thrilled to be sharing this chat with Emily Nagoski. She has her Ph.D. in health Behavior, is a masterful Sex Educator, gifted speaker, and award winning author. She wrote the New York Times Best Seller "Come As You Are: Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life". If you haven't read it, you MUST.

    Today we're chatting about...
    - The one concept everyone should know that will transform how we think about consent & what our bodies "want"
    - The dual control model of sexual response
    - How to find your "on" switches and make sure the "off" switches aren't cramping your style (this will make sense after the episode, I promise!)
    - How to overcome shame around sexuality if you were raised in a repressive household
    - How to have more quality sex even when you have young children/have no time/are struggling in your relationship/have body image issues
    - How to keep sex amazing even in long term relationships
    - Plus 3 mini homework assignments Emily wants you to do!
    There's plenty more we cover, but I'll let you discover them on your own as you listen.

    Want more of Emily?!
    You can find her on her website (www.emilynagoski.com) & stay up to date on all her speaking engagements & find out when her new book, Burnout, becomes available.
    She's also on Twitter @emilynagoski and Instagram @enagoski.


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    How to Silence Your Inner Critic

    How to Silence Your Inner Critic

    How to Silence Your Inner Critic should be the title of a mandatory class in high school, college, and your first job orientation. We ALL struggle with keeping our inner critic in check, but not many people talk about it in the real world.

    You don't have to just "deal with it." Adrien and I are going to share...
    - our own biggest struggles with our inner critics
    - how we manage them
    - how to recognize a good push vs harmful criticism
    - the best creative ways to silence them



    For more Bad Yogi, head to www.badyogi.com
    And follow me on Instagram @badyogiofficial


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    Stop Disease Before It Starts: A Gut Health Masterclass

    Stop Disease Before It Starts: A Gut Health Masterclass

    This episode is unique. And it’s dense– in a good way. In the best way, actually. Today I’m talking with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, a gastroenterologist and gut health expert. When it comes to gut health, “Dr. B” is my go to source and after this, he’ll be yours too.

    His Instagram account @theguthealthmd is filled with tips, research, & even recipes. Everything is science based, it’s free, it’s fun, and dare I say, it’s digestible 😉 But the best part about this guy is that he’s an actual doctor who graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Medicine and he’s not trying to sell you anything– he just does this because he believes in his message, and I thought there was something refreshing about his lack of agenda, ya know?

    Today we're talking about autoimmune disease prevention, what constitutes a good poop, simple solutions for common digestive complaints, and soooo much more!

    Remember our FREE Series: 7 Days to Better Gut Health! Sign up below! http://www.badyogi.com/guthealth/


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