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If it's Catholic, we'll talk about it and probably sell it.

Behind the Catholic Counter Aquinas and More, Ian Rutherford

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If it's Catholic, we'll talk about it and probably sell it.

    Saint Benedict for Children – Behind the Catholic Counter Episode 25

    Saint Benedict for Children – Behind the Catholic Counter Episode 25

    Welcome to episode 25 of the Behind the Catholic Counter Podcast. I'm Ian Rutherford, President of Aquinasnandmore.com. I interview Catholic authors, publishers and manufacturers to give you the latest news about great new Catholic books and gifts. You can listen to this and past episodes at aquinasandmore.com/podcast.

    This week, I interviewed Brother John McKenzie, a Benedictine monk in Italy about his beautiful new children's book, The Life of St. Benedict. We'll have a special on the book that I'll mention at the end of the show.



    There are three book reviews I'll mention now and put links to in the show notes.

    First, the Curt Jester has a review of The Reality of God from St. Benedict Press about how science actually points to a creator.

    Second, the Catholic Book Blogger has a very timely review of The Way of the Passion: Forty Stations with Jesus from the Daughters of Saint Paul.

    Finally, CatholicMom.com has a review of a gripping conversion story called Loved as I Am.

    Also, if you want a little controversy, check out Steven Greydanus's article about the proper way to read the Chronicles of Narnia. What do you think is the proper way?

    Okay, on to the interview.


    Ian: Today I am joined by Brother John McKenzie, a monk with the order of Saint Benedict who is living in Norcia the home of Saint Benedict and he's written a wonderful children's book called the life of Saint Benedict. Welcome to the show.

    John: Thank you Ian again for having me on, I know you're come from Colorado, Im here in Rome, Thank you for having me.

    Ian: This is a wonderful book you've written for children, but before we start talking about the book. Can you tell me your vocation story, how did you end up as a monk in Rome after growing up in the U.S.?

    John: Yeah, well that's a good question Ian, as I've said before you know I wake up every day and I've realize where I'm at and it is a surprise. It's one of the divine surprises that our Lord creates sometimes for people and I'm just a living witness of that so I'm really glad of that. I grew up in Detroit, Michigan for the most of my life. I went to catholic school there. I ended up moving to Saint Louis, Missouri where I spent about another 8-9 years going to middle school then high school and then I did about 2 years of college and that was, that time in college that I discovered that I had a religious vocation – you know I was planning to get married and all that, but something deeper inside was calling me to something else, you know and it took a while for me to realize that. I had a really good spiritual director who is a Jesuit and he had given me some information about this discernment house in Rome and how it helped him and helped others, and to find their vocation and I took him up on that offer to spend 2 years in Rome discerning. And it was during that time in Rome where living in the center if you want to say of Holy Mother Church, of the Catholic Church, it was there that I discovered even more profoundly my vocation to the monastic way of life versus other types.

    Ian: Now, how did you come to that conclusion, because this is a very different life to be leading?

    John: You're right, it's a very different life but at the same time it's a lifestyle so, in a way I've always been kind of driven towards a certain way of living ...

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    Gifts of the Visitation – Behind the Catholic Counter Podcast Episode 32

    Gifts of the Visitation – Behind the Catholic Counter Podcast Episode 32

    Show Topics:

    G.K. Chesterton's birthday was last week. I found a couple of quotes about his praise of beer. I also noticed that two Catholic authors both published books this month that involved drinking. Hmmmmm.

    This week I interviewed Denise Bossert about her new book, Gifts of the Visitation – Nine Spiritual Encounters With Mary and Elizabeth.

    Denise's does a wonderful job of describing her conversion and relating it to Mary's journey to visit Elizabeth. She also explains how to bring yourself closer to holiness through her reflections on Mary's personal qualities.

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    Links from the show:

    * Gifts of the Visitation – Nine Spiritual Encounters With Mary and Elizabeth.

    * Denise Bossert's website

    * Drinking with the Saints

    * The Catholic Drinkie's Guide to Home Brewed Evangelism



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    How to be Holy – Podcast Interview with Dr. Peter Kreeft

    How to be Holy – Podcast Interview with Dr. Peter Kreeft

    You all know how the Bible says “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” right?

    Actually, it doesn't. That is a quote popularized by Sir Francis Bacon, Anglican and anti-Catholic.

    What the Bible does say is that we are all to strive for holiness.

    And there is the rub. Being holy isn't easy. Heck, sticking with your Lenten resolutions may sometimes seem like an insurmountable challenge.

    And yet, if you want to get to Heaven, holiness is a pretty important requirement.

    So what should you do?

    You could get a library of books by spiritual masters:

    * Dark Night of the Soul

    * Spiritual Combat

    * Interior Castle

    * Story of a Soul

    * Imitation of Christ

    * Abandonment to Divine Providence

    While I think you should eventually read many or all of these books, they may not be the best starting point on your quest for holiness.

    Instead, I recommend a book by Peter Kreeft. Dr. Kreeft has been writing books for you and me for decades.

    * He's shown how You can understand the Bible

    * He's summarized the Summa for non-Thomists

    * He's explained Angels (and Demons)

    * He's taught beginners like us how to pray

    In his latest book, How to Be Holy – First Steps in Becoming a Saint Dr. Kreeft explains:

    * the meaning of life.

    * why belief doesn't make us holy (and what does).

    * the main obstacle to holiness and how to overcome it.

    * how to “get back to nature” – the right way.

    * why you can't bypass suffering if you want to be holy.

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    Show Links

    * Get How to be Holy

    * Subscribe on iTunes

    * 5 Tips for the Lent Home Stretch

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    Finding God in the silence of contemplation – New Behind the Catholic Counter Podcast

    Finding God in the silence of contemplation – New Behind the Catholic Counter Podcast

    Contemplative prayer is not easy. Even people who you would expect to be “professionals” at contemplative prayer, nuns and priests, say that you can't every get really good at it.

    If that's the case, why should we even try? Father Haggerty talks with me about the importance of contemplative prayer for everyone.


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    Show Links

    * Get Contemplative Hunger

    * Contemplative Provocation

    * Father Haggarty recommends:

    * Paradoxes of Faith

    * God or Nothing

    * Joseph Pieper

    * Subscribe on iTunes

    * Saint Joseph Sale

    * Saint Patrick Sale




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    Thieves. Gang members. Drug dealers. Evangelists.

    Thieves. Gang members. Drug dealers. Evangelists.

    Meet the St. Paul Street Evangelizers. Started by Steve Dawson, the street evangelizers have spent the last four years spreading the gospel on street corners around the world.

    The evangelists are regular Catholics committed to sharing the Good News. But some of them took a little extra grace to get there. The stories in Catholic Street Evangelizers are stories of divine intervention, conversion and reaching out to those in need.

    Listen as I talk with Steve Dawson about:

    * The origins of St. Paul Street Evangelizers

    * The training you have to go through to get involved (it's easier than you think)

    * The amazing stories of some of its members (you'll need to get the book for most of them)

    * What happened when one of the evangelizers went to meet with the head of a gang in Chicago.

    For the next week, save 20% on an inspiring book that reads like pulp fiction – except that it's true:

    * The gang leader shot nine times who now hands out Miraculous Medals

    * The murderer who found forgiveness and now shares the Good News

    * The family that found a renewed zeal for the Faith because of a Baptist boyfriend

    * How teens in Flint, Michigan are spreading the Faith and praying for hundreds of intentions a week

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    Show Links

    St. Paul Street Evangelizers

    Catholic Street Evangelization (save 20% through 2/23)

    Steve Recommends

    Catholicism and Fundamentalism

    Theology and Sanity

    Scott Hahn

    Mystical City of God

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    Remembering God’s Mercy – Finding healing in Christ with Dawn Eden

    Remembering God’s Mercy – Finding healing in Christ with Dawn Eden

    How do you find true healing for traumatic events in your life? Burying the memories only leads to more pain down the road.

    Dawn Eden has been reflecting on this topic for many years as she is a survivor of child abuse. Her book, My Peace I Give You addresses this topic specifically.

    In her new book, Dawn looks at the broader topics of healing and peace and how she found both through prayer. Prayer is about remembering – both the blessings in the past and pain from the past so that you can see how God is working in your life today.

    Dawn uses stories from Pope Francis' life as well as St. Peter Faber's writings to show how we can all experience true healing in Christ.

    Listen to the full interview and get a copy of Dawn's new book Remembering God's Mercy at 20% off through 2/16.

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    Show Links

    * Remembering God's Mercy Sale

    * Dawn Eden's blog

    * Crucifix sale

    * Rose vestment sale

    * What Dawn is reading:

    * Lord of the World

    * The Name of God is Mercy

    * Father Elijah

    * God or Nothing

    * Subscribe on iTunes


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