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11 betyg

Ponntanelli ,

So much good!

So good. So, so good. All the good!
- Favorite conversations on best cereal - Ooda Loops.
- Meditation - feel your ears! So good.
- Is gun good? Doesn’t matter all is good!
- Aim for head! Move around is must to be good!

Now also with hosts reading from diary - They learn mouse and keybord, but not so good. Hear about the thrill of playing a game on high fps. It’s fast and it’s good!

Juaninho Blge ,


Great podcast

Bro_tendo ,

A podcast by amateurs for amateurs.

Very amateur like production. The hosts stumble through every episode with awkward pauses, slow and boring anecdotes and misinformation. They could easily edit out 45 mins every week.

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