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The Daily Becoming Podcast was created with the Everyday Women in mind. Join in with host Danielle Boyd to gain insight, information, and inspiration to help you navigate your journey of becoming who God created you to be!

Daily Becoming Danielle Boyd

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The Daily Becoming Podcast was created with the Everyday Women in mind. Join in with host Danielle Boyd to gain insight, information, and inspiration to help you navigate your journey of becoming who God created you to be!

    My Entrepreneurship Truth

    My Entrepreneurship Truth

    So you want to know the truth? Here it goes!

    I'm taking the time to share a little about the past 7 months of my entrepreneurial journey. I try to sum up this rollercoaster in three words and offer brief insights and examples for each one.  There's so much to say but I tried to package it up my roaming thoughts into this brief episode! 

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    Confidence and Mindset

    Confidence and Mindset

    In this episode of the Daily Becoming Podcast I welcome Alicia Renee' Roberts, Confidence and Empowerment Coach and Founder of the Confident Lily.

    Confidence is an area that I'm sure we've all experienced struggles with and Alicia and I speak candidly about a personal experience that created the seed by which The Confident Lily was birthed.

    Alicia shares about
    - the importance of getting into the Word and being rooted in truth
    -mindset shifts for quarter 4
    -confidence stealers to look out for and avoid and so much more!

    Read more about Alicia Renee below and follow her at her various platforms for more encouragement:

    Alicia Renee' has face her fair share of obstacles, but perseveres in the face of adversity and empowers other women to do the same. She has successfully balanced life as a single mom, working in Corporate America, obtaining an MBA, and serving her community through church work as a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated.

    Her commitment to helping others achieve their goals inspired her to become a best-selling author, blogger, and certified confidence and empowerment coach. In 2020, she founded The Confident Lily, a personal development company that equips women all over the world to find their personal power.


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    Becoming A Woman Of Substance Part Two

    Becoming A Woman Of Substance Part Two

    Here's part two of my carside chat, Becoming A Woman Of Substance.

    I hope you'll join me in reading Becoming A Well-Watered Woman In A Parched World reading plan by Gretchen Saffles https://bible.com/p/53924954/783d95348a7e0ba1088022e8a36c2951

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    Becoming A Woman Of Substance Part One

    Becoming A Woman Of Substance Part One

    Welcome Back!

     I decided to record some thoughts and reflections on the eve of my 40th birthday while  performing "Dance Mom" duties from the car. I even jumped on a soap box or two for the sake of sharing my intentions for this next phase of life. 

    Becoming a Woman of Substance is the goal and I've learned that the only way to accomplish this goal is to uphold the following pillars:
    Embracing Identity
    Securing The Foundation
    Being Time Conscious
    Nurturing Relationships 
    Making A Difference 

    This is a two-parter so tune in to both episodes because in full transparency, I get an unexpected call...real life recording at it's finest. Tune in now! 

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    A September To Remember

    A September To Remember

    Hello September! Episode 32 is a solo episode and you're invited into the living room for a quick life update. I'm sharing ALL the things taking place in my life and with Daily Becoming. September is my favorite month for a number of reasons and primarily because it is my Birth month! I'm turing 40 ya'll and I have a renewed sense of purpose and tenacity. Tune in to get all the details and tell a friend. Also, stay tuned for new episodes in the weeks to come! 

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    Have You Considered Coaching?

    Have You Considered Coaching?

    In this episode I have the privilege of chatting with Rena T. Williams about her role as a Brand Positioning Strategiest and Coach for Female Entrepreneurs. Rena and I go way back before we became Boyd and Williams so we could talk for hours but this conversation was strictly business. If you've considered any type of coaching, this episode is for you. Rena and I  talk about :
    her role in helping service based entrepreneurs
     her entrepreneurial path, how to know
    when you are ready for coaching and so much more!

    Tune in now and learn more about Rena below:

    Rena Williams is a brand coach and consultant with over 15 years of corporate experience in strategicbranding and marketing. Through her company, Rena T. Williams Consulting, Rena helps establishedfemale business owners create high-end online brands and offers to attract and retain their ideal clientsso they can scale.
    After co-founding her own lifestyle brand, SoRen Tea, Rena knew that other entrepreneurs needed helpwith positioning their brand to attract the right opportunities. Rena focuses on infusing purpose andpersonality into brands, enabling them to be more authentic and relatable. Her coaching and consultingtechniques are driven by her faith, data, strategy and innovation; positioning her clients to be thepremier and obvious choice for their clients.
    Rena is based in Atlanta, GA and has a BS in Marketing from Hampton University and an Executive MBAfrom Kennesaw State University. Aside from working with clients and running her business, Rena enjoystraveling, entertaining, dining out, and spending time with her two daughters and husband of 12 years.

    IG: @renatwilliams
    Facebook: renatwilliamsconsulting
    Clubhouse: @renatwilliams

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