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Welcome to #Farside, a Podcast about the Weird, Strange, & Paranormal

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Welcome to #Farside, a Podcast about the Weird, Strange, & Paranormal

    Episode 1 - Can a Doctor Clone Their Child?

    Episode 1 - Can a Doctor Clone Their Child?

    Welcome to #Farside a Podcast where we dive into the weird, strange, & paranormal.

    On this first episode of #Farside hosts Brian, Robert and Deej exchange their own ghost stories, question if a clone could experience their own ghost, and finally we got a plate full of creepypasta just for you!

    So sit back and enjoy the journey through the #Farside

    Make sure to find us on the social sites, and please if you have any experience or expertise within the weird, strange, and paranormal reach out to us so we can get your story heard on the show!

    Twitter - @FarsidePod
    Facebook - @FarsidePod
    Email - Farsidepodcast@gmail.com

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    Episode 0 - Introducing: #Farside

    Episode 0 - Introducing: #Farside

    We are #Farside, a Podcast that will cover things Weird, Strange, & Paranormal.

    Do those *bumps* in the night make you curious? Have you ever wondered if you have been abducted by Aliens? Do those weird coincidences that seemingly have no explanation get you excited? If you said yes to any of those this Podcast is for you.

    We will cover all of those strange, weird, and paranormal events that makes one scratch their head and wonder.

    So subscribe, sit back, and get ready to enter the........ #Farside.

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    #Farside is a Nerdalkalypse Podcast Network show

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