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    Tuned In

    Tuned In

    Acts 16:6-15
    The Lord will open and close doors on our journey.
    1. Be active doing what we know to do.
    2. Listen for the Spirit’s voice: Scripture,
    other believers, spiritual sense,
    passions, skills, gifts
    3. Choose obedience.
    4. Seek like-minded alliances.
    5. Don’t expect convenience or ease.

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    Agreeing to Disagree

    Agreeing to Disagree

    Acts 15:36-16:5
    Believers must work through their disagreements properly.
    1. Check our own fruit.
    2. Accept that disagreements will occur.
    3. Make other more firm in the faith.
    4. Be a real disciple.
    5. Don’t be turned off by the dogma.

    • 40 min
    Rules to Live By

    Rules to Live By

    Acts 15:12-35
    Salvation IS free, but it does include some requirements.
    1. Be open to how God is working.
    2. Do not be a hindrance to God’s plan.
    3. Always follow the moral law.
    4. Maintain our biblical traditions.
    5. Offer support to those doing the Lord’s

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    The Battle Cry of Love

    The Battle Cry of Love

    Luke 1:26-35
    Christmas is all about God making war against sin. Make sure we’re fighting on the right side.
    1. Accept that Jesus came to make war.
    2. Reject pride and self-dependency.
    3. Choose to defeat the snake.
    4. Avoid judgment and be made right.
    5. Have a Merry Christmas!

    • 40 min
    Grace Alone

    Grace Alone

    Acts 15:1-11
    Our salvation cannot be earned.
    1.Understand that there will be
    2. Try not to argue.
    3. Focus on the result of salvation, not the
    4. Don’t require what the Bible doesn’t.

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