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#impact Podcast proudly presents people making a social impact with the work they do.Produced in Hong Kong.Presented by Regina Larko.Find all the links and show notes at www.hashtagimpact.com

#impact Podcast Regina Larko

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#impact Podcast proudly presents people making a social impact with the work they do.Produced in Hong Kong.Presented by Regina Larko.Find all the links and show notes at www.hashtagimpact.com

    The Value of Donating Skills | LocalMotion

    The Value of Donating Skills | LocalMotion

    Ask yourself, do you want to live a more meaningful life? Have you ever felt like you would like to contribute to a cause, but don’t know where to start? Belinda and Sarah have built a beautiful, user friendly platform that makes it easy for you to add that extra meaning into your life. LocalMotion allows ordinary professionals to contribute to charities, social enterprises and the community in an extraordinary way!

    LocalMotion matches professionals with charities & NGO’s to contribute in an extraordinary way. Here one of the impactful connections they made. LinkedIN Strategy and Sample Content, Alice Man and Cheryl Wilson, Charitable Choice.

    “I think a more meaningful life occurs when you do something for a reason that’s  bigger than yourself.”Belinda Poole

    Belinda shares the extensive and thoughtful market research they went through to make sure LocalMotion was a benefit to the professional donating their time, as well as for the recipient organization. They realized that solving the skills gaps through training in the charities themselves only provided those teams with more work and added pressure, so instead they realized that short term projects by professionals with those skills already developed was the solution they were looking for.

    Another valuable lesson learned in their market research was that the volunteers asked to be able to see or understand the value of their time that they are contributing. As a result, Belinda and Sarah have added on their website the hours that have been donated, and the total value of that in HKD. Not only that- they have the charity/organization send the professional a personal message explaining how their work will benefit the organisation going forward.

    Public Speaking Coaching. Felicity McRobb and Rooftop Republic.

    “The secret of presentations that engage others is to be yourself.”Felicity McRobb

    In this episode you will learn about…

    * How the platform works from both the professional and the organization’s perspectives.* How ‘stupidity’ was an enormous asset in getting their project started, and even to the scale it is today.* Belinda’s outlook on the general goodness of people.

    “Understand what sparks passion and joy in your life.”Sarah Fowler

    Belinda mentions that despite their platform being up, live and gorgeous- due to the unrest and strikes in Hong Kong, they have not been able to blast their platform out as much as they’d like to. She says, ‘Quite frankly, it’s not appropriate to say how amazing LocalMotion is when others in Hong Kong are having such a hard time.’

    Despite that, she has been surprised by how many people are already ready and eager to volunteer their skills and give back to something bigger than themselves. She has realized that people are so much better than you ever think they are going to be, and encourages listeners to get out and do something nice for someone else today. That is one thing you can do today to make the world a better place.

    “Do your best to be kind to people.”Belinda Poole

    Marketing Strategy, Josephine Chan and Zoe Chan, Happeriod.

    “You don’t have a choice in what happens to you, but you absolutely have the choice in how you respond. And you can always, always do something positive.Belinda Poole

    LocalMotion truly is a brilliant way to use your acquired skills to move the needle for someone else and make positive change in the world. If you are looking for some way to contribute to a great cause, or if you’re an organization needing some important projects compl...

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    The Ripple Effect of Tech Education with Lavine Hemlani

    The Ripple Effect of Tech Education with Lavine Hemlani

    Lavine Hemlani is using his company XCCELERATE to empower his students to face this new era of technological advances with confidence. Millions of jobs are going to be automated and that can cause a lot of unrest, however Lavine is passionate about using education to provide employees with meaning and purpose.

    In this episode you will learn about…

    * How educating yourself on technology advances can amplify your success in any job type.* The mindset Lavine has learned is most important when building a fast growing start-up company.* The role technology is playing in the world today and how you can feel peace with that aspect.

    “We want to accelerate human consciousness.”

    You can hear in his voice that Lavine truly believes that educating millions of people to apply these skill sets will change the world. The possibilities are endless, whether it be food creation, ocean conservation, global warming… you name it! He relays his important it is to encourage our youth, women and all those who feel stuck to view education as something that can be applied to do better for yourself or your firm.

    “What’s been absolutely beautiful is to see the sheer passion that these people can throw themselves into these complex areas of technology and try and use that for social good, for impact.”

    One of the purposes of his company is to have man and machine work effectively. If you apply AI, or a program that saves you hours of a specific task you do at work- you can use that time you are saving to do those things that you couldn’t get to before that can make a real impact.

    “We really believe there’s a ripple effect that we can empower entrepreneurs, young people, older people with these skills- kind of like giving them superpowers and saying ‘go do something great for the world with it.’ That to me is just absolutely beautiful.”

    Have you felt a sense of fear or stress due to the fact that technology/automation is going to replace your job? Have you ever considered a job position or career path, but decided not to pursue it because of a lack of technological skills? Would you like to feel empowered and confident in any job type because you are aware of the developments in the tech era?

    Check out Lavine’s website here: https://xccelerate.co/

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    End of year Special

    End of year Special

    We hardly ever give ourselves credit for what we have achieved already, always hustling and trying to reach that next goal, that next milestone, grow our impact, scale our reach. 

    This time of the year is perfect for hitting pause, even if just for a few days and just be. Being grateful for where we are at at in this very moment. Not comparing ourselves to others and their amazing achievements, but celebrating our own.

    * Reflecting on the things we did achieve in the past. * The little and big milestones. * The impact we made. 

    We took a moment to look at the impact that #impact made since we launched in Spring 2017

    Some of our #impact journey milestones

    Since #impact launched in Spring 2017 

    * We put out 4 Seasons of #impact Podcast! * That’s 100+ episodes!* 70+ hours on air for social good!* Featuring 60+ impact organisations (Non-Profits, Social Enterprises and Startups)! 

    We supported the featured organisations to get more exposure, find volunteers and donors, connected them with each other so they could scale their impact

    * #impact founder Regina Larko mentored and introduced 5 co-hosts on #impact.* Regina also supported many new Podcasters inside and outside of Hong Kong to get their own show off the ground. 

    One of the biggest #impact achievements of 2019 is the launch of Regina’s Podcasting Online Programme Start your Podcast. Make an impact. Now she is able to empower even more people globally to get their voices heard with her mentorship guidance.

    #impact Podcast made an impact on our community too!

    “My favourite part is definitely when the speakers share how they started. After all, they are not superheroes, but people like you and I! This podcast is great to remind us that everyone can have an impact, whether it is global or local!”A #impact listener from France.

    In our End of Year Special, you will hear from one of these people as he shares how he got started. It’s one of the most most precious and empowering #impact recordings we did to date. One of our early recordings from Spring 2017.

    It impacted our team and listeners immensely. There are so many learnings in this recording that are so useful for anyone trying to make an impact with their work.

    Its our little New Years present to you. 

    All the way back in Spring 2017 we sat down with Clean the World Founder and CEO Shawn Seipler.

    Join us as Shawn shares about scaling and measuring impact, about not being ashamed to sell your impact idea and to always keep improving, learning and growing. It’s an encouraging story of resilience and how one simple idea, that started back in 2009 in a garage can reach global impact.

    We take Shawn’s advice to heart and Clean the World has scaled their impact globally since we last spoke. For our listeners here in Hong Kong, Clean the World has an amazing and very dedicated team here in our city too, lead by the incredibly talented Gyneth Tan Murphy. If you ever look for a way to give back and donate your time or skills, you should definitely check out Clean the World Asia at cleantheworldasia.org

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    Employment and financial tech that’s making an impact with Xania Wong | JOBDOH

    Employment and financial tech that’s making an impact with Xania Wong | JOBDOH

    “You need to know how to quantify your social impact and be accountable for it.”

    Xania Wong, Founder of JOBDOH, is a powerful influence in the employment and financial tech industries, matching able and willing people to the appropriate positions for their needs using AI.

    Today we meet the founder of JOBDOH, Xania Wong, who was named Global Innovator, was a finalist for the Cartier Women’s Initiative and has won many other awards for her achievements. We met Xania the first time all the way back in Episode 8, recorded in autumn of 2016 and we were thrilled to find out how she has grown her impact and team, taking JOBDOH to new markets in the region.

    In this episode, you will learn about…

    * How Xania was able to forge her way into Southeast Asia, starting with the first stop; Myanmar.* An exciting new project that will help employers stretch their payroll cash flow and help employees get paid faster.* The reality of the emotional aspect of founding a business and the challenges and successes that brings.

    Xania and her 12 person team are thoughtfully assisting their users to pursue their potential in the working industry. They really have thought of it all with their complete triangle consisting of 3 points:

    * Job Placement* Financial Assisting* Upscaling User’s Skillsets

    They are working with single parents with limited time/schedules, the elderly who need to ‘taste test’ different industries to know which to pursue, and any person who needs temporary work, whether that be for a week or just a couple of months.

    In regards to making an impact Xania said:

    “What we actually need to do is to understand your users…. What kind of changes are you making in their lives?”

    Even through unpredictable setbacks such as blackouts in Myanmar and the conflict in Hong Kong, JOBDOH is still able to provide users with remote and physical jobs because of their diverse network.

    “Go to your place, by yourself, and think about ‘what’s your purpose in life?’ And see what kind of legacy you want to leave when you leave the earth.”

    Want to get more of Xania’s entrepreneurial tips on how you can get to know your target group better to bring more value and create more impact along the way? Join #impact Club and get access to this Bonus recording today.

    You can find out more and get involved with JOBDOH by visiting their website.

    Join #impact Club here

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    Special: Happy Birthday, Claudia!

    Special: Happy Birthday, Claudia!

    A special message for a special person. Happy Birthday, Claudia! May all your wishes come true. As a little audio gift I just wanted to say THANK YOU and share the amazing work you do with your charity ZUKI- Zukunft für Kinder with our listeners one more time.

    Notes for our listeners:

    * Find out more about Claudia’s impactful work at http://www.zuki-zukunftfuerkinder.at * Make sure to check out their online-shop too if you look for conscious, beautiful and unique Christmas presents for your loved ones. * Find a written summary of this episode (in German and English) at www.hashtagimpact.com/podcast28

    Photo Credit: Zukunft für Kinder

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    Bonus: Rebuilding Communities through Hospitality, Supplies and Service | Lin Chheouy, The Green Leaf Boutique Hotel

    Bonus: Rebuilding Communities through Hospitality, Supplies and Service | Lin Chheouy, The Green Leaf Boutique Hotel

    “During that time was a civil war. We had no school to study. No teachers to teach as well.”

    The Green Leaf Boutique Hotel is located in Siem Reap, Cambodia and offers a way for travellers to give back to communities during their stay. This non-profit hotel uses its funds to provide water wells, filters and baskets to rural communities in Cambodia.

    They also purchase school supplies for students and make an effort to encourage young girls especially to pursue an education. Listen as you hear our #impact Podcast co-host Carol Li speak to Lin Chheouy, co-founder of this hotel, to learn more about this country’s history, his personal story and why this hotel plays a role in rebuilding rural communities in Cambodia.

    In this episode, you will learn about…

    * Issues that people in Cambodia, especially in rural communities, are facing* Lin’s story and why he believes in the Green Leaf Hotel’s work and vision* How the Green Leaf Boutique Hotel started * What you can do to get involved in helping to provide clean water and school supplies to communities in Cambodia

    As a Cambodian who grew up in a rural area himself, Lin understands the hardships people faced especially after the civil war. He struggled to pursue an education, but after he moved to the city and went through school, he eventually became involved in the founding of this hotel.

    “That is my experience and why I love to be involved with this project. I love this job. I love this because we help our community. ”

    Are you or anyone you know travelling to Cambodia soon? Want to find a way to give back during your trip? Interested in efforts to provide access to clean water and education? Have you ever wondered how developing nations are uplifting their own communities? Is cross-cultural exchange something you want to learn more about?

    You can learn more about the Green Leaf Boutique Hotel, ask about volunteer opportunities and book a reservation on their website. You can also get connected to them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

    “Do not be scared of Cambodia anymore. When you do come, please look around and help when you can. We are still develop[ing].”

    *all photos courtesy of The Green Leaf Boutique Hotel

    Special Thanks to Carol Li, our #impact Podcast Ambassador Seoul, who brought this beautiful and inspiring story to our listeners from around the world.

    Like what you hear? Join the #ImpactClub to support our work and vision.

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