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We help professionals & executives every day advance their careers or go in a whole new direction!

Sherri Thomas, Career Coaching 360 Sherri Thomas, Career Coaching 360

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We help professionals & executives every day advance their careers or go in a whole new direction!

    Going after your dream career.

    Going after your dream career.

    Do you dream of doing something different in your career? Something energizing, fun and creative that actually fills you with energy and passion?

    I fully believe that life is way too short to stay in a meaningless job where you feel unfulfilled, unchallenged and under-valued. I’ve had a few of those jobs and I remember waking up every single morning and dreading going into work. The highlight of my day was stopping at Starbucks every morning to get my daily dose of lattes.

    If you’re in that same position and now you’re ready to reinvent your career, then I’m here to help you! First, I’m going to tell you why it’s hard to do. I know that’s probably not what you expected me to say (or want to hear), but I’m going to tell you why it’s difficult to reinvent your career, and then I’m going to help you overcome those challenges so that you can get into your new career and get on with loving your life!

    The reason that most people stay in an unmotivating and unfulfilling job is because it’s easy to do. It’s familiar, it takes minimal effort, it’s easy to blank out and be a zombie for 8 hours a day, and there’s comfort in knowing you’re getting the bills paid.

    It’s easy because there’s minimal risk and minimal effort. But there’s also minimal reward. I recently attended a leadership training in Oregon and the instructor said, “Those who take on more risk, get more opportunities.”

    Do you think that’s true? Do you think that when you step into a new organization that allows you to stretch and grow, that you might actually be inspired to go into work every day? Do you think that if you’re energized about doing work that excites you, that you’ll be making more significant contributions, and therefore, have more opportunities for promotions and career advancement?

    Stepping onto a new career path is not easy, but it can absolutely be done! I’ve jumped onto a new career path four times, and it was well worth the risk! So, how can YOU make a successful career change?

    1. Define your passion. In which industry would you like to work? Advertising? Finance? Health Care? In which job role would you like to work? Software Engineer? Financial Analyst? Management?

    If you’re not sure, then read trade magazines, business publications, and talk to your friends, neighbors and colleagues about their job. The key to being in a career that excites and inspires you is to find out where your passion is.

    2. Lead with your transferable skills. Once you’ve determined where you want to go in your career, lead with your transferable skills. Those are skills that transition from industry to industry, or from job role to job role. Examples include: managing people, managing projects, managing budgets, as well as negotiating contracts, and proposing new ideas that helped an organization generate revenue, save costs or increase market share.

    These are excellent skills that can help you get your foot in the door at a new company. You’ll want to highlight these on your resume, and talk about them in your interviews and networking opportunities.

    3. Attitude is king. I’ve found that reinventing your career mostly depends on two things: passion and confidence. Don’t worry if you don’t match all the job requirements. I got my TV gig even though I missed the two (2) biggest requirements – I didn’t have at least 2 years of TV experience and I didn’t have an audition tape.

    To compensate, I focused my resume on my transferable skills which were being highly creative and a solid copywriter. Then, in the interview, the hiring manager told me I got the job because I was passionate about the company and the job!

    Reinventing your career takes some perseverance, determination and a bit of risk taking. But the rewards are HUGE! Your next career is out there waiting for you –

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    Don’t let your environment stop you from getting your dream career.

    Don’t let your environment stop you from getting your dream career.

    Many times when we’re looking for a new job, we’re doing so because we need a fresh start in our career. Whether it’s a sudden change such as being laid off, or a gradual shift such as realizing you’ve been in an unchallenging or unfulfilling job for too long - you’ve made the decision to make a career change and start fresh.
    One of the key factors that will impact your career change will be your attitude. Yes, you’ll need the right kind of skills and experience, but also just as important will be your ability to remain positive and upbeat in the job interview, as well as throughout your entire job search.
    I know that attitude was a key factor in my own personal four (4) successful career changes. Specifically, it was a mix of resilience, confidence and passion. I found that more doors opened for me, and I had more career choices and opportunities than ever before when I had the attitude that I’m excited about the skills and talents that I provide, and that I will be making significant contributions to the next organization where I’ll be working.
    I know how hard it is right now to remain positive in your job search. It would be super easy to let yourself get down and think that you can’t get a new job because it’s a tough economy, or that nobody is hiring during the Christmas season, or the notion that because you’ve had been laid off then you’re unemployable.
    But the reality is that none of those are true roadblocks to transitioning into a new career. Companies are hiring professionals and executives every day – so why shouldn’t one of those jobs go to YOU?! Plus, many companies hire mid-level managers and professionals during 4th quarter so that they can hit the ground running in January. Twice in my own career I was hired during the month of December.
    Also, there’s no shame in having been laid off. In fact, never having been laid off is now the exception (not the rule!) and there are many, many professionals who have been laid off and gone on to get hired and enjoy fabulous careers!
    People, including those who could hire you or introduce you to others who could hire you, are naturally drawn to professionals who have confidence and a positive attitude. I’m not saying that you need to be Little Miss Sunshine every second of the day. Everyone gets frustrated in their job search (it’s like a crazy roller coaster ride!) and it’s okay to get cranky – but save Mr. Grumpypants for when you can lock yourself in a room by yourself at home.
    Many of my clients get stressed out at some point during their job search (everyone does!), yet they’re able to get job offers because they have the confidence and optimism in knowing that something better is waiting for them ahead. They know that they want more in their career and truly believe that a better job is out there that will allow them the ability to do more meaningful and purposeful work.
    Having the right attitude includes having the confidence that you can do the job and be an asset to any organization. Even if you’re reinventing yourself into a new job role or industry. Once I was working for a high tech company and hiring for a communications position. It came down to two extremely qualified job candidates. Both had significant talent and the same type of great experience, so I made my decision based on their response to one question, “Can you do the job?” The man shrugged and said, “Yeah, I think I can.” The woman said, “Absolutely!” (Guess which one I hired? J)
    I’m not talking about arrogance, but instead a quite confidence down deep inside that you’re a valuable employee who can do the job, and that any organization would be lucky to have you (of course I never recommend actually saying this out loud J) This kind of quiet confidence will help you remain positive and upbeat throughout your career change.
    Your next

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    5 Great Resources to Help You Make an Easier Career Change

    5 Great Resources to Help You Make an Easier Career Change

    Hi this is Sherri Thomas. I’m a Career Coach and Founder of Career Coaching 360 – and I’m passionate about helping professionals and executives reinvent themselves into a career that’s motivating and inspiring.
    Today’s podcast is on: 5 Great Resources to Help You Make an Easier Career Change
    Change is scary. Change can be intimidating. The fear of change, fear of failure, even the fear of the unknown. EVERYONE has trepidation about change. EVERYONE. But when the time comes that you cannot stay in the same situation any longer - it’s time to make your move.
    If you’re ready to take action and make a career change, here are five (5) resources to help you make the change and transition into your dream career.

    Work your network – Talk to people who have successfully made a change in their career and learn their personal story of challenges, lessons learned, and the result of their efforts. These success stories can inspire you and pave the way to help you make a quick and easy career change.
    Professional Organizations – These are organizations like the American Marketing Association, or the Professional Management Institute, or Society of Women Engineers. If you’re thinking about changing job roles, or changing industries, these associations can help you learn more about these industries and careers to help you figure out whether or not that’s really where you want to go. Google “professional organizations” and the name of your city to see a list of industry associations and business organizations and start attending their luncheons and networking events.Also, these organizations offer excellent volunteer opportunities where you can learn a new skill – such as leadership, marketing, sales, event planning, project management and all kinds of others skills. Plus, it’s a great way to network and meet other professionals and executives in that industry who could potentially hire you, or introduce you to others who could potentially hire you.

    Company Websites – Not all companies will promote their job openings on external job boards, but they will promote them on their own company website!Make a list of companies where you’d like to work, then spend time perusing their website. Read their “career” web page to learn about hot jobs and the skills that are in high demand. Also, read their blog, their press page and investor relations section to learn about their company culture, and to get an idea whether or not you really want to work there.

    Professional Networking Sites – Add your professional profile to LinkedIn.com (you can look for me and join my network!) I’m not a big fan of MySpace.com or Facebook.com for professional networking. Those sites were created for social networking.Start sending updates to your contacts saying that you’re looking for your next opportunity and ask them for leads. Also ask them for a virtual introduction to others in their network who work in the company or industry where you want to work.

    A Personal Career Coach – Look for a career coach who offers experience, confidence, and results. This is someone who can partner with you and give you the career strategies, motivation, and a proven roadmap so you can get into your new career quicker and easier.

    There you have it – 5 great resources to help you make an EASIER career change.

    I’m Sherri Thomas and I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Podcast: 5 Great Resources to Help You Make an Easier Career Change
    If you want to learn more about making a career change, or how a career coach can help accelerate your career change, then check out our website at “CareerCoaching360.com”
    As a free gift, you can even d

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    Four Signs You May Be Targeted for a Lay-Off

    Four Signs You May Be Targeted for a Lay-Off

    Hi this is Sherri Thomas. I’m a Career Coach and Founder of Career Coaching 360 – and I’m passionate about helping professionals and executives reinvent themselves into a career that’s motivating and inspiring.
    Today’s podcast is on: 4 Signs you may be targeted for a lay-off, and what you can do to protect yourself
    As a career coach, one of the questions I get asked the most is, “How do I know if I could be laid off?”
    Although there are not any hard and fast rules for companies to warn employees about upcoming layoffs, there were some key indicators that you may be targeted for a lay-off, and that you should start preparing a “Plan B” for your career…

    Your Physical Health – Many times, we ignore signs around us that a layoff could be in our future by telling ourselves that we provide too much value, and are too well liked to be laid off. So even though you may be able to logically dismiss the thought that you could be laid off, there are physical signs that are harder to ignore.

    For example, if you start getting a pit in your stomach when you drive into work, or your heart beats faster, or you get a headache – these are all physical signs that something in your work environment could be drastically wrong. Also, if you find yourself hitting the snooze button 46-times, hating Mondays, or having wild mood swings including depression, anger, or becoming introverted – these are all physical signs that something in your work environment may be toxic and that your subconscience is telling you something is wrong.

    Your Environment – Look around at the organization where you work. Have there been layoffs, or talks of layoffs? Are programs or services being cut? Is funding being reduced in your department? These are all signs that the company may be in trouble financially, and employee lay-offs could be a next step.

    Another environmental sign is a shift in management’s attitude. Right before lay-offs are announced, there is a kind of heaviness in the air throughout the building. It’s a depressed, shush-shush environment. Is your manager more stressed than usual? Are you getting less face-time with your manager? Do senior managers seem preoccupied, and not attentive to employee needs or concerns? These are all environmental signs that a lay-off could be near.

    Your Job Role – Have your assignments shifted to performing less valued and lower visibility projects? Do your deliverables align to the company’s strategic objectives, or department’s quarterly goals? If not, then here’s what I want you to do… I want you to do everything you can to transition onto more high priority assignments. I want you to volunteer to get onto those higher profile projects by talking to your manager and the Program Manager telling them how you could add value and make contributions to those projects.

    Your Influence – Are you finding that your opinions are no longer valued? Are you being left out of business decisions or meetings? Do you find that your sphere of influence is shrinking? If so, here’s what I want you to do – I want you to increase your visibility and your credibility by talking about the results you’ve helped to achieve on your current or previous projects. Volunteer to help out on high visibility projects, and ask your manager what you can do to help him out or to help out the department or team members.

    Again, these are not sure fire signs that you’re doomed for a lay-off. However, if you’re experiencing one or more of these changes, then you should definitely be putting together a “Plan B” for your career – an action plan to help you hit the ground running and transition into your

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    Creating a Powerful Personal Brand

    Creating a Powerful Personal Brand

    Personal Branding is a hot topic these days, and I have 5 ways you can create a powerful personal brand and leverage it to get into the career you really want…

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    3 Strategies for an Easier Career Change

    3 Strategies for an Easier Career Change

    It’s a tough job market right now, and if you’re looking for your next career opportunity – then I have three (3) strategies to help you change your career faster…

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