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My whole life I’ve been allergic to normal. This is a podcast I created about what happens when you focus on following what feels good, instead of doing what you’re told. If you’re looking for powerful permission to be exactly who it is you are, it’s here

Slaying The Status Quo In Total Style Angel Phoenix Arsenal

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My whole life I’ve been allergic to normal. This is a podcast I created about what happens when you focus on following what feels good, instead of doing what you’re told. If you’re looking for powerful permission to be exactly who it is you are, it’s here

    Show Me That Money Honey

    Show Me That Money Honey

    I've missed you so much and I feel like there is just too much to speak to you about after the incredible rebirth that I have gone through (yet again) after my recent Radical Resurgence Retreat in Bali. Amidst this so much has been happening in the backend of my business in the obliteration of systems and structures that were not supporting me and all the money that was being used in ways that was not serving me, or my business to its full potential. Today's episode is more about the solution to my problem than the bandaid to the b******t.
    On the podcast today, I'm bringing the fiery truth teller and financial wing woman Coraline Dufroux back on to spout some wisdom. I recently put together an incredibly sexy offering called The Entourage Experience. This experience made it possible for one person to follow me around the world for six to twelve months to learn my business, gain visibility for their own pursuits and be involved with everything that I do. Coraline contacted me about taking up this offering and my head exploded. Of COURSE she would be the one. Of COURSE.
    I'm so excited to shatter your money beliefs this year with the help of Coraline. This woman is a wealth of knowledge, experience and we're going to be doing podcast episodes, videos, instagram lives, speaking gigs and literally anything else we can think of to get this message out to you.
    Break up with your limiting money beliefs and get ready for a wild twelve months.

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    Alchemising Struggle to Strength

    Alchemising Struggle to Strength

    Everybody wants shit to work out for them, until they realise what it takes to make shit happen, and what it costs you to follow your dreams, and what is happening behind the scenes.
    It's so easy to lust after what somebody has. We create these illusions around what someone has, who someone is and the life that they live. But you'll never really know what it takes and how hard you need to work, unless you start doing it for yourself. Take the focus away from what everyone else is doing and how you want to be like them, and start doing something for yourself, then you'll see how much work it actually takes. It's f*****g hard. It is relentless day in, and day out. Entrepreneurship needs to be an obsession. You need to live and breathe your mission, what you want to create in the world, and then it won't feel like you're ever really working. But you need to be committed to doing the work, and relishing in the good and the bad.
    I could have given up so many times by now and just gone to work at Telstra or McDonalds and had a perfectly acceptable, stable life. It would have been a lot easier than the journey I'm on, but that's not the way I'm wired. I feel so lucky to be able to live the life that I have in the way that I choose to live it.
    So take the focus off of what anyone else is doing and use your struggles to create strength beyond your wildest dreams.
    For more, head to my website angel-phoenix.com (https://www.angel-phoenix.com)

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    The Absurd Neglect and Abuse Of A Misogynistic Government

    The Absurd Neglect and Abuse Of A Misogynistic Government

    I’m coming at you today with an absolute doozy of a conversation. It is a conversation that I have been too scared to have in the past, for fear of possible repercussions. For fear of how I may be seen. For fear of who may be watching and listening. But you know what, no more. If not now, when? When will we stand together and speak up about the issues that affect us the most, and demand for change.
    So let’s have a real conversation about the complete non-existence of support top to bottom for single mothers, single parents and the absurd reality that we’re forced to live in on a daily basis. On a policy level, a government level, political level we are in crisis mode due to the complete lack of support for those of us that need it the most. We have to jump through so many hoops, fall in line, live a life according to the checks and balances that the government determines are best, but who is it really “best” for? We’re unable to make the choices that we want to make in the timeline that works for us. We must submit to what society has allowed to happen, or we will be severely penalised.
    Join me in speaking up. Join me in thinking more deeply about the ways that we can affect change, and demand to be heard, understood and taken seriously. This is a recent Instagram Live that has been turned into a podcast episode for your listening pleasure. Enjoy and spread the word.
    For more, head to my website

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    Opening Up The Pussy Portal

    Opening Up The Pussy Portal

    I want to talk to you about what a shame it is that we don’t know ourselves. In fact, it is an absolute tragedy that we don’t know ourselves. And aa result of not really knowing ourselves, we then have no hope in hell of actually loving ourselves either. I’m talking about the truest version of ourselves. You’ll never be able to fully grieve with integrity the ways that you should be loving yourself if you don’t even know yourself to begin with. You are not this one-dimensional skin suit that only needs to shit, eat and sleep. You need to be cracked wide open, and I’ve got just the thing to help you do it.
    Enter the Phenomenology Of The Pussy Portal. This is an online course exclusively available as a once-off learning experience that has just begun, so jump in before it’s gone.
    This course is a hot pot of philosophy, sensuality, blood, ritual, practice, conspiracy theory, astrology, extra sensory perception, witch based learning experience that will stimulate you from your clit to your third eye. A deep dive into esoteric erotica of our true nature, past, present and future.
    For more info, head to my website reverenceofself.com

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    A New Era Of Unprofessionalism - Strategy That Comes From Soul

    A New Era Of Unprofessionalism - Strategy That Comes From Soul

    What is it about money that everyone seems to hate so much? Why are you automatically considered an asshole if you have a lot of money and you’re not afraid to spend it? Where are these ideas born from? They are born from a lack of understanding and a lack of financial literacy. We grew up learning absolutely nothing about our financial health, creating independent wealth, creating flexibility and freedom. This was not part of the curriculum in any school I ever attended. And as a result we’re left super reliant on the people around us for financial support.  When I tell you that financial abuse is the number one abuse in this country, I’m telling you this so that you understand how desperate it is.
    Instead of the negative money talk you tell yourself, how about you step back for a second and just think, “How do I want to feel? How much money do I actually want to make? What would it feel like if a billion dollars was dropped into my bank account right now? What would happen if everything I ever wanted was given to me right now?” See how uncomfortable you feel in that feeling. Witness how your body recoils from simply imagining that.
    In order to meet the needs of the future, we have to be agents of change and we have to be visionaries. We have to embrace the unknown.
    For more, head to my website www.reverenceofself.com

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    Manifesting Your Misery

    Manifesting Your Misery

    It seems like “manifestation” is such a buzzword right now and there are people from both sides having arguments that don’t need to be had. But listen up people, manifesting is not something that is up for debate. It’s actually just a fact. What are you creating in your reality? I want you to just sit within yourself and think for a second, “What are all the shit things in my life that I am attracting?” Just as easily as you can manifest good things in your life, you can sit and wallow in the filth and the lies and the excuses, and keep yourself stuck in a place you do not wish to me. You can manifest the good and the bad.
    You need to understand that there is so much happening in you and around you at all times. You are a f*****g living black hole, and whether you use that voracious and that vitality to attract everything you want or everything you don’t want. That magnetism is not up for debate. It’s a fact.

    Humans have made self-sabotage their unique art form and it’s a tragedy. Don’t keep yourself stuck, complaining, cynical and unwilling to try new things. Don’t manifest your own misery.
    For more, head to my website www.reverenceofself.com

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Yohannet ,

Brilliant as always

Thank you. As always you confront every bit of me that needs to move in order for me to change. To finally be able to meet the next version of me. I am in awe with what you share and how your mind, body and soul bleeds on to everything you touch.

Forever grateful I found you.
Forever grateful I found me.

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