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Podcast by The Terms & Conditions

    Episode 8 - Harassment

    Episode 8 - Harassment

    Welcome back to The Ts and Cs! I've got an episode inspired by recent experiences around gendered spaces in the world and the ways in which people interact publicly. This is an exploration of how we characterise and view harassment and how to go about fixing it.

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    Love Trumps Hate, Martha xo

    • 20 min
    Episode 7 - Holidays

    Episode 7 - Holidays

    After a hiatus for a big international move and the holiday season, I'm coming back with another themed episode about all the things that come along with mixing generations towards the end of the year. Hope you enjoy, would love to hear your feedback for future episodes!

    Adam Ruins Everything episode - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D11jAEKgB2o

    • 17 min
    Episode 6 - Halloween

    Episode 6 - Halloween

    Here is my Halloween episode, slightly late but still important. In this episode, I talk about the politics around blackface, cultural appropriation and girls wearing "slutty" costumes.

    Things mentioned!

    Blackface example

    Buzzfeed costume video

    Dear White People movie

    Studio 10 episode

    Feel free to email me at martha@thetermsandconditions.net or head over to my website for more stuff! www.thetermsandconditions.net

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    Episode 5 - Feminism

    Episode 5 - Feminism

    Feminism! What a huge topic! As something that is firmly a part of my own identity, it seemed important to discuss the legitimacy of rejecting or accepting the movement as part of everyday life.

    Stuff mentioned:
    Freakonomics Radio – The True Story of the Gender Pay Gap
    Sarah Silverman on Ellen
    Aziz Ansari on The David Letterman Show
    Clementine Ford novel - Fight Like a Girl

    Would love to hear your feedback at martha@thetermsandconditions.net

    Big love xoxo

    • 19 min
    Episode 4 - Girl Squads

    Episode 4 - Girl Squads

    Bet you weren't expecting another episode so soon! This was eating at me so I decided to make a podcast about Taylor Swift and girl squads and the power of female friendship. Hope you enjoy, would love to hear your feedback! martha@thetermsandconditions.net

    • 18 min
    Episode 3 - Pornography

    Episode 3 - Pornography

    Here's my porn episode! Had a bit of a tricky time recording this one but hope it all makes sense. Porn plays such a huge role in our new culture of sexualisation and oversharing, but I think there's a way to navigate it that's sex positive and emphasises sexual health and wellbeing. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    For more good stuff, check out:
    Hot Girls Wanted
    Don Jon
    Thanks for Sharing

    See you next week! xo

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