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To live is Christ, to die is gain.

Victus Letum Jason Franklin

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To live is Christ, to die is gain.

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    U.S. History: President Andrew Jackson

    U.S. History: President Andrew Jackson


    The Mob

    Not Elite

    “Farmer Presdident”
    First president not from East Coast Elite

    Friend of the Ordinary Citizen

    Strict constructionist
    Self made man
    Respect for God’s word
    Kitchen cabinet.

    Concerns over a Central Bank
    Rechartered in 1816
    Had great influence over other banks
    No constitutional checks and balances.
    Jackson insisted the idea of national bank violated the Constitution & free enterprise system.
    Original purpose of national bank was to keep nations money stable and on the gold standard.
    Western banks had to borrow at hight rates - people demanded Jackson do something.
    Sold stock to investor (many british)
    Jackson warned against foreign control 
    Jackson vs. Nicholas Biddle
    Branch offices
    National bank lent to congressmen in exchange for favors
    Jackson vetoes Bank Charter Bill in 1832
    Withdrew nations money from National Bank
    Biddle called in private loans causing the Panic of 1837
    Tried to blame that on Jackson
    National bank lost charter - Biddle lost power.  
    Land Speculators
    Borrowing money, buy land sell for higher price (Gov selling land)
    Western banks, paper money not backed by gold.
    Inflation making it near impossible for common man to buy land.
    Specie Circular
    All public lands be paid for in gold and silver.  
    Temporary financial panic but long term stabalization.
    During two terms
    1) Championed sound money backed by gold
    2) Did away with a strong central bank that controlled the nations money supply.  

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    Gloria in Excelsis Deo

    Gloria in Excelsis Deo

    The chief end of man is to glorify God by enjoying Him forever.*

    Psalm 100 confirms the Genesis account that it is God who made us, and not we who made ourselves (or a series of random mutations).

    Psalm 24:1 tells us that everything on the earth belongs to God, including all the people who live on it.

    Isaiah 43:7 further informs us that it for God’s glory that we were created.

    We were created to glorify God. Perhaps one of the easiest sins to fall into is that of ingratitude. We come to feel entitled to what we receive and what we have. A small boy and his mother were in the market when the grocer give the boy an orange. “What do you say to the nice man,” urged the boy’s mother. The boy looked at the orange as he thought for a moment. Holding it up to the grocer, the boy said, “Peel it.” In like fashion we receive blessings from God, then in our arrogance demand of God, “Give me something better!”

    In Luke 17:11-19, ten lepers cry out to Jesus for healing. Go and show yourselves to the priests,” he tells them. As they journey to the priests they are healed of their dreadful infirmity. One of these men turns back and tracks Jesus down (who had presumably continued down the road on his journey). He praise God in a loud voice, and upon finding Jesus “he fell on his face at Jesus' feet, giving him thanks.”

    Have you given Jesus appropriate thanks for all He has done for you?

    * John Piper’s modification of the 1st question and answer in the Westminster Catechism.
    ** The graphic image (sans the text) was drawn by some guy named Mike. I yanked it from his blog The Daily Sketch. I did ask for permission to use the image, but have yet to hear from him. If he decides he doesn’t want me to use it, I’ll change the image. In the mean time, take a gander at his sketches. They’re rather good.

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    Fraudulent Faith

    Fraudulent Faith

    Christ crucified is enough of a stumbling block for people without church people putting up more obstacles to faith. Jesus’ harshest words were for religious leaders who set man-made rules in place of biblical instruction.

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    What are you filled with? Nature abhors a vacuum. The same is true spiritually. Your life will be filled with something. The question is what will it be. And that which you fill your life with will be reflected out from you. Many people fill their lives with material possession. Some choose to fill their lives with experience and pleasure. One doesn’t need to be a Christian to realize that all these things will not satisfy one completely. But as we were created in God’s image, God is the one thing that will fill our lives completely. To paraphrase C.S. Lewis: Being created in the image of God, the more God shapes us into Christ’s image, the more like our true selves we become.

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    I Want To Say

    I Want To Say

    “I Want to Say” was also written while on mission. What do you do when the amazing love and grace of God washes over you? What do you do when you realize that you don’t love God half so much as you ought? And what do you do when suddenly the grace of God grants you that ability? Me, I write about it.

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    Prophet's Lament

    Prophet's Lament

    Again, one of my earliest works, this piece is a cry out to God. The many scripture references weren’t intentional. The composition of this piece taught me much about the power of scripture.

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