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Wei-Shen Wong and Anthony Malakian discuss the hottest financial technology topics in the capital markets every week.

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Wei-Shen Wong and Anthony Malakian discuss the hottest financial technology topics in the capital markets every week.

    Episode 179: Deepfakes and the Capital Markets

    Episode 179: Deepfakes and the Capital Markets

    This week, Josephine Gallagher, UK senior reporter at WatersTechnology, joins Wei-Shen on the podcast. They talk about the feature Josephine wrote about the proliferation of deepfakes (https://www.waterstechnology.com/management-strategy/4780806/the-proliferation-of-fake-information), and what it could mean for the capital markets. As firms increasingly turn to new and unique alternative data sources such as sentiment scores, and web scraping, they need to ensure the data they plug into their systems is authentic.

    1:00 – Josephine joins the podcast to talk about what interested her the most about deepfakes.
    3:00 – Then, they discuss two well-known deepfakes and how it’s near impossible to spot signs of tampering.
    5:30 – Josephine and Wei-Shen then talk about an example that NICE Actimize’s Robert Tharle made on how criminals used a deepfaked voice of a CEO to steal $250,000.
    6:30 – Does that mean firms need to implement multi-factor authentication or multi-factor authorization?
    9:00 – They discuss how some big tech firms like Facebook and Google are creating tools to detect manipulated forms of media, and what is involved in that.
    11:00 – How will these firms address the issue of scalability?
    16:30 – Although not directly impacted by deepfakes as yet, why should financial institutions seriously consider this issue?
    18:00 – They wrap up the podcast by talking about their separate vacations to Turkey, including some close run-ins with the local dogs and cats.

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    Episode 178: MEMX’s CEO & COO

    Episode 178: MEMX’s CEO & COO

    This week, Jonathan Kellner, chief executive officer, and Tom Fay, chief operating officer at the Members Exchange (MEMX), join Tony on the podcast. They talk about why there's a need for a new exchange in the US (https://www.waterstechnology.com/management-strategy/4082911/challenging-us-exchanges-will-be-uphill-battle-for-memx-experts-warn), the work that has gone into getting it off the ground, and what else needs to be in place before launching. 

    1:30 – Wei-Shen and Tony briefly highlight some of the stories new to the website this week, including a deep-dive into API security (https://www.waterstechnology.com/technology/4774536/apis-frontier-of-a-new-threat)and how the likes of UBS and BlackRock are looking to break into the Chinese market (https://www.waterstechnology.com/management-strategy/4772186/asset-managers-look-for-partnerships-to-expand-in-china).

    4:30 – Jonathan and Tom join the podcast and talk about what MEMX is all about.
    9:00 – Then, Jonathan explains how MEMX fits into the already-fragmented exchange marketplace in the US.
    14:00 – Tom explains what has been done and what else needs to happen before MEMX can go live.
    21:30 – How is MEMX unique from a technological standpoint, and which aspects will be built internally or outsourced?
    31:00 – Jonathan explains how culture will drive the exchange’s success.
    37:00 – Then, he talks about his brief dalliance with Coinbase, and what he thinks of cryptocurrency and digital assets.
    38:30 – They wrap things up by talking about the pressures that the buy-side and sell-side want answers for in 2020.

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    Episode 177: Data Implications of 5G & IoT

    Episode 177: Data Implications of 5G & IoT

    This week, Wei-Shen and Tony discuss the increase in data that firms will see coming to market as a result of 5G networks and IoT-connected devices. They talk about how firms might tackle this, following on from the current challenge firms face with alternative datasets. Then, they discuss some of the concerns surrounding the rollout of 5G and what that means for the future of financial firms and people.

    2:00 – To start, Tony gives an overview of his 5G and IoT story. (https://www.waterstechnology.com/technology/4743391/5g-iot-are-you-ready-for-the-data-deluge)
    4:00 – They discuss the vast amount of data that will come to the market as a result of 5G rolling out, coupled with more IoT-connected devices.
    6:30 – Then, they question how firms will deal with this mountain of data coming in, as this is one of many key challenges firms deal with now?
    9:00 – Is the key deciding when to fail when experimenting with noisy datasets?
    13:00 – Will this mean we’ll see more consolidation in the industry?
    15:00 – Tony breaks down some of the political, privacy, and potential health concerns 5G could bring.
    21:30 – Then, they talk about whether there’s a need for New Year’s resolutions.
    26:00 – Wei-Shen and Tony wrap up the podcast crooning to Max Bowie’s latest Christmas data song. (https://www.waterstechnology.com/data-management/4732271/let-it-snow)

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    Episode 176: Data Hungry AI; Women in Data

    Episode 176: Data Hungry AI; Women in Data

    This week, Wei-Shen and Tony talk about how firms experiment with AI and ML and how firms should be more specific when they talk about these techniques. Then, they discuss the issue of gender and industry working groups, and what that might mean for the future.

    1:30 – First, they talk about Hamad Ali’s Wells Fargo story. (https://www.waterstechnology.com/data-management/4714551/wells-fargo-exec-banks-struggle-to-feed-hungry-ai)
    7:00 – They discuss the need for failure when experimenting with machine learning.
    15:30 – What’s the timeframe when it comes to implementation?
    16:00 – Then they talk about the EDM Council’s formation of a Women in Data interest group
    21:00 – What’s the ROI for these groups?
    26:00 – Tony explains how he’s not ready for the next 20 years.
    27:30 – They discuss changes the industry needs to make when it comes to managerial styles.
    33:00 – Wei-Shen wraps up the podcast for 2019 with jolly holiday wishes. (aka, see you all in 2020.)

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    Episode 175: Tradeweb's Billy Hult

    Episode 175: Tradeweb's Billy Hult

    On the podcast this week, Wei-Shen and Tony briefly discuss the Waters USA conference. Then, Billy Hult, president of Tradeweb Markets, speaks with Duncan Wood, global editorial director for Infopro Digital, about the changing face of trading, how Tradeweb stacks up against the likes of tech companies like Bloomberg and Symphony, the dimming allure of exchanges, and much more.

    3:00 – Billy joins the podcast with Duncan
    7:00 – Billy and Duncan talk about Tradeweb post-IPO
    14:30 – Next, they discuss Tradeweb’s expansion into new asset classes
    18:30 – Duncan asks about how Mifid II’s best execution requirement creates challenges
    21:00 – Which trends are having the greatest impact on the market structure debate
    28:00 – What is the difference between an old-style exchange and an interdealer broker
    32:00 – Billy responds to whether Symphony is a disruptive force
    39:30 – To wrap it all up, Billy bravely answers Duncan’s random quick-fire questions

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    Episode 174: Waters USA Preview

    Episode 174: Waters USA Preview

    Prior to today, there have been two hosts of the Waters Wavelength Podcast: Dan DeFrancesco and Anthony Malakian. Now, we have a third: Wei-Shen Wong! Anthony, aka, Tony, will still co-host, but Wei-Shen, aka, Shen, will run the show from here on out. Here's to new beginnings!

    This week, Shen and Tony discuss Waters USA, which will be held on Dec. 2-3 at 1 Liberty Plaza Convene in Manhattan. They discuss digitization, new jobs in data, and the problem with polls painting a broad stroke.


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