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Where in the world is LN- and what has she learned today? These are LN's stories and observations from around the world. Most clips are questions that I pose to different people with unique cultures.

What question do you want to learn about? Send me a tweet @hydrix13 or an email at LN.Lurie at yahoo dot com.

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Where in the world is LN? LN Lurie

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Where in the world is LN- and what has she learned today? These are LN's stories and observations from around the world. Most clips are questions that I pose to different people with unique cultures.

What question do you want to learn about? Send me a tweet @hydrix13 or an email at LN.Lurie at yahoo dot com.

For more blogs, travel stories, etc- go to my blog at www.LNLurie.com

    ep34. Packing part 3

    ep34. Packing part 3

    This is part 3.
    If you haven’t heard the previous ones- stop now. Go back- listen. We’ll wait….

    A friend of mine went to Hawaii for 38 days
    The text from her read: “omg! The craze!
    I miss my dogs, I can’t wait to be home,
    I don’t understand how you can just roam…”
    I empathize with this. I really do.
    Being homesick is no joke- It makes you quite blue.
    And the only solution that works for me
    Is to download some apps before I flee
    That help me keep in contact with friends and family
    Yea. That’s a stretch… sorry.
    I’m mostly talking about Voxer, Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook messenger.
    Voxer is my favorite app for staying in contact with people. Here is my friend Dana explaining what it's like for her.

    Whatsapp is another one that I use. Here is my Canadian friend, Sarah.

    Viber is another one- and all three of these apps allow you to record your voice and deliver it to someone anywhere in the world, via the internet. You can also send text, pictures, videos, etc. All that is available on all of these- for free.
    The differences between whasapp and voxer - since these are the two I use most often- are that
    -Whatsapp is way more popular throughout the world.
    -Voxer has a function where you can speed up the message (incase the person is drunk messenging you)
    -Voxer tends to chew up more battery life and internet usage, somehow, but I like the quality of the message better.
    -Whatapp messages will be saved forever as Voxer is only saved for 30 days unless youre a subscriber.
    -Whatsapp allows you to also call the person… Kinda like what Skype does.
    Which is a great segue…. Skype is a program that uses the internet to make phone calls to other skype members for free- or for a small fee, calling landlines and mobile numbers.
    Now, while in SE Asia, my brother wanted to call his GF, Bonnie, in real time, because they're old-skool like that… So they tested a few different apps:


    This show’s about packing and not really doing a good job. So I asked my friend Victor at Victorstravels.com what momentoes he travels with.
    afscheidskaart ING?
    VT: Ha. No. (Pronounces it properly). It's ING, really. It's the bank. I used to work there. And afscheidskaart is a "Goodbye card". I think it's very sane/necessary to bring something from your own place on a trip- something personal- a window- that people have written. And this was a card that my team wrote to me when I left and I thought it was a nice thing to carry with me. And I was going for 6 months, if I was gone for a week, I wouldn't bring it- but when you're gone for so long you get in this zone and it's nice to reflect a bit and open the card and remember "oh yea. Those people.">
    What helps you from getting home-sick?
    Email me at LN.lurie@yahoo.com or write a review on iTunes.
    Also- as always- if you want to see photos and links of these things- go look at my
    website LNLurie.com or Facebook page /whereisLN
    Next and final week? LISTS! All the lists…
    One last thing: My friend Dana voxed me this message a few days ago….


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    ep33. Packing - part 2

    ep33. Packing - part 2

    Podcast players do this weird thing in queue…
    Where your part 1 is AFTER part 2.
    So pause… and go back
    And listen to “part 1: Don’t over pack!”
    Because it’ll just make more sense to you.
    This is my brother, Josh….
    -4 pairs of shoes and 3 flip-flops.....>
    What could he have done instead? I'll tell you!
    listen to his sister and follow the list.
    I mean, really, Josh....... I love you.
    But I have experience in this.
    And We’ll be back
    With a list
    About what to pack
    Right after this.

    If you ask for advice from those who know:
    The answer will usually be right on the nose:
    Double the money and half the clothes.
    My list, by the way, is in the show notes
    Along with pictures of my new fancy coat.
    Ok- but really- what is the bare minimum that you need.....
    To succeed
    In traveling over seas…
    What if you’re bored and want to read?
    Do you bring a book or a nook? What about a guidebook?
    What should you leave at home? And what can you find elsewhere- like in Rome?
    Let’s start with reading…
    LN: I love my Kindle.
    VT: I love it. Yes.
    LN: I've had one since 2008. It's one of those items where I think… "I could read everything on my phone. I'm trying to consolidate and think 'how much can my phone do?' but then I lose my phone, I'll be really $^&%ed.
    VT: Yea. It’s always smart to keep everything on the cloud, as far as personal stuff on your phone, because if you lose the phone you can always get it back if you get another phone. But yea- that's definitely something I would definitely bring now. I used to have a compartment of books- I used to have 3 books- a lonely planet and USA guide books.. And if you've ever seen them, they are really heavy! And huge! Amazing big books! I needed them- some kind of reference of where I was going, so that's what I brought- but with the kindle/e-reader it's so easy and super light thing that you can take out on the bus and read for days because the battery is so amazing.
    LN: there's actually an app that I use called Triposo. I use this exclusively. I found someone and we exchanged data through a thumb drive- and he gave me all the lonely-planet books on PDF form and I was all 'THIS IS AMAZING!'- they are a little out of date now, who cares? But I can put those on my kindle and read them. But with Triposo - I really like because it's like lonely-planet-lite. And it's on your phone and available off-line and all you need to do is download the countries you're going to go to, which I did, and then read it while on the bus. I've never taken a single book. It's heavy.
    VT: some people have the nastalgic value. I mean, the e-readers come close. They don't have a cover,
    LN: or the smell….
    VT: of course… yea….>
    The most useful thing in my bag is my iphone.
    And before you start to groan-
    You know that I’m addicted,
    And conflicted
    Because it has so many purposes- yet I know
    That it’s a device
    That has limited battery life
    But it’s my wifi, camera, email, communication device,
    My journal, credit card and microphone- all compact. Isn’t that nice?

    A sarong, or, as I like to say, sa-right,
    Can be used as a towel, or a kite,
    A head-covering or shawl to block light,
    Impromptu skirt for those nights
    when you might….
    Go out on the town
    Jump up, fall down,
    Now it’s a tourniquet, yea. Write it down.
    Other examples are rubber bands
    YT: yea. Always handy. In any situation- there is always a need. Things falling apart, throw a rubber band on it.
    LN: Yea. I use hair-bands. Because they are even more multi-purposed. For hair, but chips, and holding things together.
    YT: yea- definitely. I don't have hair, though. (Laughs)>
    This concludes part 2 of the Packing mini series
    If you have any queries or theories,
    Make sure to send an email

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    ep32. Packing

    ep32. Packing

    #Confession: I have stopped listening to other podcasts. I know… I know… I'm confessing this even though this is a link to listen to a podcast. I can hear you now: "BUT! LN! HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO GET BETTER AT MAKING PODCASTS??!?"
    #Tangent: I had this problem when I graduated from college- where I had to stop listening to music because all I would do is analyze it. (I-V-vi-iv)… Over and over again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOlDewpCfZQ
    The same thing happened to me with podcasts. I can hear the script. I can hear the agony of stupid decisions of "Should we pause here? Should we have a bigger music swell here? What will this nuance of ____ convey to the listener? Should we use a different word here that is gooder than that other word?"
    And you know what? I really hate all that. I dispised the naval gazing. I cringed at the thought: "is this creative enough? Is this conveying the message I want to convey?"
    So I stopped.
    And I've been SO MUCH HAPPIER with what I've been creating!
    With that said- I don't want you to stop listening to my podcast :P If it's helpful for you- keep listening! But I've changed how I make it. It's more for me.
    It's *MY* creative outlet.
    I don't have an editor marking my scripts.
    After November, I'm going to be switching to Reaper- so I don't even have to pay for audio software anymore.
    I don't have people in the sidelines saying "eh… but this is how ____ does it! You should, too!"
    Fuck that noise.
    I'm done being like someone else.
    It's using skills (my useless audio degree) that I don't get to use while fighting fire.
    Oh.. Right… update: I'm a wildland fire fighter/disaster response girl now- and much happier because of it. For once- I have a 5-year plan!
    And this summer, during downtime inbetween fires, I hope to get more chunks of my book done. I kinda need to- because my grandparents aren't getting younger- and they don't listen to podcasts, either.
    So there ya go. THIS is the reason this podcast has taken so long.
    This is the reason it's in a weird format. This is what I'm doing with my time.

    I’m currently obsessed with Hamilton the musical
    And sometimes it’s usual
    To be inspired by something beautiful
    And potentially do-able…
    So I’ve been going cuckoo
    Trying to dream up something new
    While I was on a fire-crew
    And this may be useable…
    I am currently in Grand Rapids, Minnesota
    Where I need to fill my quota
    Of classes for wild land fire-fighting—
    but in truth, it’s kinda really boring.
    And the girl in the next dorm packed like she was moving in.
    Her bag un-thin, bulged like double chins,
    Looked like she had rubbermaid bins,
    All for some classes over 5 days,
    At the end of may,
    That was given high praise,
    2 rolling bags,
    A duvet with the american flag,
    A month’s worth of rags,
    All wheeled out of her little chevy
    To be walked up the stairs… man, I bet that was heavy.
    I packed accordingly,
    And probably quite boringly.
    Which I’ll give you my list
    At the end of all this.
    This is a mini series where my lips will be smacking
    And I’ll be racking
    My brain to find people to be backing
    This podcast about Packing.
    But before I continue the verse…
    Let’s do this first…..
    Most people over-pack- like the girl in the dorm.
    That’s the norm
    You have to brainstorm- what’s easiest for you?
    Have more stuff? Or more leg room?
    I called my friend Victor- from Victorstravels.com
    And he decided to help me, because he is the bomb,
    We talked about the importance and unimportance of stuff
    And when to get rid of things- which is really tough.
    But he had a good formula which isn’t new
    Or a breakthrough,
    It’s something that all travelers acc

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    ep31. Procrastination and Flight Delays

    ep31. Procrastination and Flight Delays

    A story of a really bad travel experience in 2012.... that ended up with me being alive. Thanks (or no thanks?) to my procrastination. / / / / / ------------- / / Transcript: / / There was a time when I was VERY MUCH into crossfit. It's this exercise cult thing- and they have their own games- like the olympic games, but with weight lifting and way less attention to personal safety. / / / / In 2012, the crossfit games were being held in LAX in July- and I was gonna go. / / / / First problem: I procrastinated too long and didn't have a ticket AND they were sold out.. No scalpers online, either. Hmm. No worries. I called up my local paper and asked if they could give me a press pass. They did, weirdly? And I was off. / / / / The trip was scheduled to go something like this: / / DAYTON- DENVER - LAX. Arrive on Friday morning in time for the opening ceramonies. Stay in LA for the games that weekend? Visit some friends in Ventura. Travel back to Dayton on Wednesday--- plenty of time before my next trip: Family vacation in Montreal- on Friday. / / All in all- it was supposed to be 6 flights in less than a week. Pfft. Whatever. I can do that. / / / / So- I'm off to catch my first flight. / / ?.and?.I accidentally slept a little longer than I should have and?.. I miss the flight?. But 4 minutes?.. / / Which means that I would have missed my connecting flight in Denver, too. Which means that my whole schedule was now screwed up as it was delayed a day. / / / / Ok? I'm gonna miss the opening ceremony? Whatever. I'm not being paid for this- it's just for fun, right??? RIGHT??? / / / / Sigh. Ok. So I'm on the next flight. That one goes?. Kinda?. We arrive in Denver and then get delayed in denver due to lack of planes. Something about a huge storm somewhere else- which means that I'm stuck in Denver for 9 hours. / / / / ?? Ok. Fine?. I try to tackle some writing assignments I had, but I'm in an airport!!! There is SO MUCH PEOPLE watching!!!! / / I put off my assignment until I land. / / / / And?.. By the time I DO get to LAX it's Sunday morning. I totally give up trying to get to the stadium for the last 4 hours of the competition and just go to Ventura to meet with my friends and wash the gross off me. / / / / I have a good time there. And we discuss all the hiccups of traveling?. / / / / Missing flights. / / Getting on wrong flights. (That happened a lot in the 70s, apparently). / / We missed our dinner reservation entirely because we were chatting so much. (Opps!) / / / / Wednesday comes- my friends take me to the airport. My flight is delayed due to lots of reasons, but it's also WAY over booked. I offer to take a later flight- but insisting I need to get to Dayton before FRIDAY MORNING? / / / / They say "yea yea. No problem." And book me on the next flight and give me a 200$ voucher. / / / / Btw- if you heard a previous podcast where I talked about having a voucher- this is how you get it. Except! PRO TIP: You wait (or ask nicely) if they can bump it up to the full value? which is somewhere between 350-400$? ask for cash. Never vouchers. Also get a hotel room and all that jazz? I was a n00b and didn't do any of this. So I just got 200$ cash voucher with Delta. / / / / Ah. Delta? it stands for "Doesn't Ever. Leave. The. Airport?? and it's not talking about the plane? it's talking about it's passengers?. / / / / I was in the airport all day on Wednesday. The "next available flight" they promised? Was Thursday morning. / / / / I "slept" in the airport- thank god for tetnus vaccinations, and woke up ready for all sorts of chaos but DETERMINED to get to Dayton that evening for my 6am flight to Montreal the following morning. / / / / My flight had changed slightly. I was now scheduled to go LAX to SFO to DEN to DAY? ok. No big deal. An additional flight, right? What could go wrong? / / / / ?? Why did I have to ask that? / / / / Our flight w

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    ep30. How to Haggle

    ep30. How to Haggle

    Are you good at haggling? Wish you were better? This is a short episode where I describe how I barter successfully.





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    ep29. Zen vs Technology

    ep29. Zen vs Technology

    Once upon a time, I was a normal person.... I had the "American Life" - the thing that is supposed to make you happy, but I wasn't. I thought back to when I *WAS* happy- and that was when I was younger and unplugged. So... I set off to get that back. 






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    Typhoon Disaster Relief - http://www.lnlurie.com/ep-17-disaster-relief-stories-from-haiyan/


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