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We never expect perfection so EXCELLENCE is about being the best we can be. These podcasts explore multiple areas of business and life to bring the best of the best in our search for excellence. Hosted by Lindsay Adams OAM CSP and Rael Bricker CSP bringing 60+ years of entrepreneurial success and professional speaking together.

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We never expect perfection so EXCELLENCE is about being the best we can be. These podcasts explore multiple areas of business and life to bring the best of the best in our search for excellence. Hosted by Lindsay Adams OAM CSP and Rael Bricker CSP bringing 60+ years of entrepreneurial success and professional speaking together.

    In Conversation - Dave Bricker - Story Sailing

    In Conversation - Dave Bricker - Story Sailing

    "I made the opportunity to have the stories, what I was really afraid of was getting old and looking back and regretting all of the things I hadn't done. Because I wasn't supposed to do that. Because I needed to focus on my career or because something bad was gonna happen to me. I just had marvelous adventures and found the stories I was looking for no regrets."

    I tell a story about a very rough crossing, where I was in my little boat, my lights went out. And I was in very rough seas. And there were these ships all around me. And I mean, in the beginning, I've seen people start to show signs of physical seasickness. When I tell the story, people get pulled into that story. But after a few minutes, I don't have much time. And at some point, I say, Have you ever felt like that in your business? Like you're out there in those rough seas, and there's no lights on and these big opportunities are going by you, and they can't see you, they run you right over and never even know it?

    01:02 - Why Stories
    02:02 - Sailing Away
    04:03  Who is the Hero Story
    08:10 Size matters
    09:30 Imposter Syndrome
    11:30 100% truth
    16:00 Corporate World and stories
    18:01 Engaging stories
    22:28 The Big Stories


    As a young man, Dave Bricker was inspired by the remarkable people he met in Miami’s “secret floating village.” The sailboat anchorage a quarter-mile off-shore from Miami City Hall attracted world travelers, squatters, and dreamers. All had remarkable stories to tell.
    By his senior year in college, he was living aboard his own tiny sailboat. Soon after graduation, he set sail for the Bahamas with a locker full of food and dreams … and $40 in his pocket.
    His voyages took him up and down the Bahamas, up the east coast of the US to Chesapeake Bay, and across the Atlantic to Gibraltar. He ran aground, dealt with mechanical breakdowns, got seasick more than once, slept in a volcano, survived powerful storms, and returned to the land of clocks and calendars with what he’d gone in search of—stories of his own.
    Today, as a speaker, trainer, and coach, Dave Bricker helps remarkable people tell remarkable stories—through writing, speaking, graphic design, video, technology, and music. If you want to say it, share it, or sell it, bring him your story; he’ll help you tell it.

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    In Conversation - Stacy Sherman - Doing CX right !

    In Conversation - Stacy Sherman - Doing CX right !

    “Customer Experience is about people, how do people want your brand, stay loyal to your brand, refer your brand and it's about the human aspects, not just process, and not just about price tags.”
    What is it like when a customer signs the contract, or buys a product or service? What's that experience going to be from that point on? It has to be intentionally designed, depending if it's a service or a product, and how it's delivered and set up and used.
    3:07 Onboarding customers
    7:11 Creating a customer experience
    10:05 Measuring customer happiness
    15:31 Humanizing business
    20:00 Stacey Sherman’s Inspiration
     In a world in which impersonal customer interactions are the norm, Stacy Sherman is an empathetic customer experience (CX) pioneer who has devoted her career to leading with a heart and creating lasting customer loyalty through engaged employees. Recognizing the humanity in others is critical to any business’s success. Whether a company is marketing to other businesses or consumers, its ultimate audience is an individual. There is a person at the other end of every campaign and communication; for businesses that desire to be competitive and acquire customers, making a human connection is critical.
    Passion & Dedication
    Stacy’s mission is to help brands delight customers, meet their needs, and create superior experiences that build not just relationships but lasting, meaningful connections with people. Through her company, DoingCXRight, Stacy advocates for the humanization of business and delivers a framework rooted in the customer. Stacy’s approach aligns cross-functional teams from critical parts of the organization—sales, marketing, product, and leadership to allow stakeholders to deliver a customized customer experience that goes far beyond price of services or goods.
    Proven Methodology
    Applying a holistic view of CX, Stacy incorporates employee engagement strategies to realize positive client outcomes. Engaged and happy employees are also loyal and satisfied customers. Stacy partners with clients to execute an integrated, measurable CX strategy that increases customer loyalty and satisfaction, heightened brand value, and reduced market friction. In 2019, she led the first-ever annual CX Day at Schindler Elevator Corporation to drive awareness of the importance of customers’ experiences and show gratitude to employees for their efforts in delivering superior customer service. After its initial success, the company adopted and transformed the program into an entire week dedicated to recognizing CX as a strategic imperative across the global organization. Further, she collaborated with leadership to drive historic customer satisfaction and net promoter scores (NPS) and achieve a year-over-year CAGR of 6%.
    Continuous Learning & Improvement
    Stacy is committed to developing the next generation of talent, and coaches and mentors those who are looking to break into the field. She has been featured in multiple publications, including Forbes and Psychology Today. She has also received numerous awards and accolades for her leadership in the field, including CX Leader of The Year. In addition, Stacy is a vocal advocate for workplace diversity and inclusion and promotes recruiting and developing talent from underrepresented groups. The results of these efforts are immediate and remarkable—heightened competitiveness and improved productivity. She continues to drive cultural transformation by creating environments focused on empathetic leadership, stakeholder accountability, and open and honest communication among tea

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    In Conversation - Heather Williamson - Magnetic Trust

    In Conversation - Heather Williamson - Magnetic Trust

    To develop trust, you've got to be consistent, when you're not consistent, your employees see that and if they start seeing that you treat others differently, that’s when trust is broken.
    You've got to be able to learn how to build trust, do it in small doses, one task at a time, where you feel comfortable, then they are going to do what you need them to do.
    2:47 Magnetic Trust
    7:33 The importance of trust
    9:39 Virtual trust
    14:55 Tips to develop trust
    17:18 The importance of clear communication

    Specialized in performance management and organizational development, Dr. Heather Williamson heads Transformation Group, LLC, a leading growth and performance firm. For the past twelve years, she and her team have worked with a diverse array of clients across multiple industries in an effort to provide the highest quality executive coaching, strategic planning, managerial, and team leadership strategies. 
    Assisting businesses to reorganize and break out of problematic patterns requires serious out-of-the-box thinking. Dr. Williamson’s approach to leadership and business development is unique in that she utilizes a non-traditional approach to work through problems and enhance the hidden potential in each client. For her professional efforts, Dr. Williamson has been distinguished with a number of prestigious awards. She is an active public speaker and has presented lectures regarding achievement motivation, subordinate leadership satisfaction, creating high performing teams and building employee trust. She is also a facilitator with Executive Women International Academy of Leadership. Additionally, she co-authored a chapter on personality and crime and contributed to the book, “What’s Your Genius.”  Dr. Williamson’s latest achievement is becoming a #1 Bestselling author for her book, Magnetic Trust: How Great Leaders Keep Top Performers and Get Extraordinary Results.  Recently, you can find Dr. Heather giving leadership tips on her new YouTube channel at Dr. Heather Williamson.
    Dr. Williamson earned her Ph.D. from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2007. She holds a master-of-science in psychology and a bachelor of science in psychology from the same institution. Dr. Williamson has been active and held leadership roles in many associations including the Powhatan Chamber of Commerce and Executive Women International. Dr. Williamson was also an adjunct instructor for Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business for several years.  Dr. Heather has been married to her husband, Kent, for twenty-four years and they have a fourteen-year old son, Temple.

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    In Conversation - Kris Grant - Leadership in a Day

    In Conversation - Kris Grant - Leadership in a Day

    I am very passionate about leadership, and more importantly, how do we invest to back into our people to so that they can be successful?  So that's probably what started me on my crusade.
    You can’t be trained to be a leader in a day.
    1:53 Leadership in a day
    3:18 Human centric leadership
    8:53 The neuroscience approach
    11:37 Importance of interaction
    15:25 Leadership by walking around

    For the past nine years, Kris Grant has been leading ASPL Group as CEO, overseeing its management consulting, training and recruitment divisions to deliver major transformational projects, strategic leadership training, and personnel resourcing to improve business functions and increase productivity across Australia’s public and private sectors. 
    A champion of emerging leaders and an ambassador for workplace equality, Kris has built a successful career and a stable of key clients through living her own mantra of always being an authentic leader and empowering her staff, and her clients’ personnel, to create opportunities for success.
    Kris reached C-level by age 32 as a mother of two young children. She honed her management skills while leading over 50,000 staff throughout Asia Pacific at a global talent management firm where she held the position of CFO and COO.  
    At ASPL, Kris has developed a team of highly engaged staff and a roster of industry experts who work to deliver co-designed goals for a national client portfolio which includes all levels of government, major telcos and commercial clients in the banking, mining and health sectors.
    Kris offers a leadership and coaching program that empowers executives to progress to the next level in their careers with a focus on personal leadership development.  From her own experiences working to balance career and family life, Kris is passionate about women being supported in the workplace through every stage of their career. She is an advocate for flexible return to work arrangements and also providing women with leadership and coaching programs to assist in building self-confidence, self-awareness and techniques to overcome pressures faced in the workplace. 
    Outside of work, Kris is a keen Pilates student and enjoys spending family time with her children Aimee and Adam and their fur babies, Apple and Angel. 

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    In Conversation - Darryl Lovegrove - Entertainment Entrepreneur

    In Conversation - Darryl Lovegrove - Entertainment Entrepreneur

    One of the things I talk about is that your journey is going to be not what you think it is. It's just the slings and arrows the curveballs are going to be chucked you way are going to be often and you have to have a tough skin and foremost, I guess a resilience to be able to handle the constant barbs that you're going to receive.

    The GFC when Lehman Brothers dismantled, that actually changed corporate entertainment hugely by that we had the 11 golden years of the late 90s  right up to 2009 and it as just an extraordinary time where people were throwing money at events, they were wanting to wine and dine their clients, they were wanting to make sure that their event was bigger and all of a sudden, the next week  it wasn't going to be $300,000 at the Hilton, it was going to be office drinks.

    02:02 - The Three Waiters
    07:15  900 shows in 70 countries
    10:17 The GFC
    13:15 Performing for the Three Tenors
    17:30 The Three R's
    26:35 The Book



    I am a combination of entrepreneur, international speaker and showman. My presentation is an inspiring blend of business smarts, engaging storytelling and live opera! As the co-creator of the world’s most booked corporate entertainment act ‘The Three Waiters’, my compelling stories and key take-home messages are a ‘must see’ for conference attendees worldwide. I have addressed audiences at over 100 conferences around the world, and was a star speaker at the world famous 'Million Dollar Round Table’ in the USA.


    I draw on more than 25 years of experience as an award-winning performer and theatrical producer to deliver a motivational ‘walk-the-talk’ address. I deliver a number of ‘how-to’ messages that can be applied to their own lives and businesses. My audience is inspired to realise that it’s their time to shine and to see that peak performance can be achieved time and time again. My unique ability to include live opera allows me to emotionally engage with an audience and THAT’S when the real learning occurs.

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    In Conversation - Jeff Peroutka - What is SEO

    In Conversation - Jeff Peroutka - What is SEO

    We help great storytellers tell their story and be heard by a larger audience.
     SEO, is really, important for any business, I describe it as the Rolls Royce of traffic.  It's basically a consistent traffic source that comes to your website each month and converts visits into business.
     2:49 An entrepreneurial upbringing
    8:16 Key SEO tips
    10:52 The service ethic
    14:46 The American Dream
    15:31 The Steve Jobs inspiration
    Jeff Peroutka, 23 years young, is the Founder and CEO of Pror Marketing LLC, an SEO service provider that works with Digital Marketing Agencies on white-label projects. At the same time, the Pror team becomes the external "employee."  Because they have a company culture that values lifelong learning and pursues SEO excellence by adopting leading trends early and implementing those newest strategies, they are swift at making significant improvements to their client's SEO rankings.  
     Jeff loves to catch waves, giving back to others, snowboard, and learn about the hottest technology in his free time.  He currently lives in San Diego and often visits his native home in Hawaii.

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