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Some of America's best comedians, writers and performers come together for conversation.

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Some of America's best comedians, writers and performers come together for conversation.

    Is America Really This Ignorant? Episode 1413

    Is America Really This Ignorant? Episode 1413

    On today's show, David asks his listeners, "Is America really this ignorant?" David does The News Chapters: 00:00:00 Florida Congressman offers psychotic gifts to his colleagues 00:01:34 George Santos takes to the house floor to warn of rising crime 00:01:47 California police take out double amputee who, they claim, tried to run away from them 00:08:39 Manhattan prosecutors convene grand jury looking into Trump's hush money for Stormy Daniels 00:11:44 Trump pleads the fifth 400 times 00:14:08 New York Magazine says DeSantis beats Trump 00:15:51 West Virginia presidential candidate's pregnant wife hogs the spotlight 00:19:58 Don Junior finally getting his father's respect 00:22:02 Should parents elect school principals? 00:26:18 Donald Trump campaigns in South Carolina 00:29:38 The photograph Lindsey Graham doesn't want Republicans to see 00:32:12 Trump introduces Congressman Joe "You Lie" Wilson 00:34:54 The story of Obamacare 00:37:54 When civil discourse broke down at town hall meetings for Obamacare 00:44:57 How former Speaker John Boehner landed a cushy job with the tobacco companies 00:48:01 Mike Pence was also a creep back in 2009 00:54:45 What gave rise to Marjorie Taylor Greene? 01:04:33 Donald Trump told 30,573 lies as president 01:14:02 David exposes the lie Trump tells about the economy during his presidency 01:17:18 Trump added 7 trillion to the US Debt 01:21:04 Trump declared bankruptcy six times 01:23:31 Trump's lies about Antifa 01:27:06 White supremacy groups pose as Antifa on social media 01:31:13 Trump tells the truth about Steve Scalise 01:34:01 Dr. Frank Luntz sans toupee 01:37:14 The real reason Twitter wants Trump back 01:39:18 The real reason Facebook wants Trump back 01:40:11 Nick Clegg, who is he?

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    Ukraine, New Zealand and Davos, Episode 1412

    Ukraine, New Zealand and Davos, Episode 1412

    The Professors and Mary Anne talk Ukraine, The Debt Ceiling, New Zealand and Davos. This episode was recorded on January 19, 2023. Due to lightening striking David's building and shorting out the mixer, the file was unavailable until today.  Guests: Professor Ann Li, Professor Mary Anne Cummings, Professor Adnan Husain and Professor Jonathan Bick. Please support the refugees by going to www.Rahima.org

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    Antifa Is Not A Real Thing, Episode 1411

    Antifa Is Not A Real Thing, Episode 1411

    David does The News 00:00 Not saying the name George Santos 01:33 Trump caught cheating at golf. Shocking! 03:12 Trump attends Diamond's funeral 04:48 Mike Pence admits to keeping classified documents in his home 08:47 Don Junior signs for the hard of hearing 11:22 State of emergency in Georgia 13:11 Tucker Carlson blames Antifa 25:26 Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to outlaw Antifa 33:40 Tucker laughs at fatal diseases 36:14 David offers evidence that BLM is not responsible for any violent protests 37:48 David offers proof Antifa doesn't cause violence, because IT DOESN'T EXIST Programming Note: We will drop a bonus episode over the weekend featuring The Professors and Mary Anne. That will be Episode 1412. All new episodes drop at 3 a.m. Eastern on Tuesday and Friday. We add bonus episodes throughout the week. If you think you might have missed a bonus episode, please double check your feed, and pay attention to how I title the shows. Thanks for listening!  

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    The George Santos Saga Continues, Episode 1410

    The George Santos Saga Continues, Episode 1410

    Howie Klein from Down With Tyranny gives us the latest in the never-ending George Santos saga; we discuss Joe Biden’s new chief of staff and why he’s a horrible choice; and the speech Bernie gave last week was the most important most underreported story of the year. And I have some thoughts about guns in America, Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents, Diamond and Silk, and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s rise to power. Time Code: 00:00 David does The News 1:14:12 Howie Klein From Down With Tyranny  

    • 1 hr 49 min
    Alec Baldwin Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter, Episode 1409

    Alec Baldwin Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter, Episode 1409

    David does The News: -Alec Baldwin charged with involuntary manslaughter -Kyle Rittenhouse is cancelled -George Santos might have been a drag queen Our guests: Dr. Philip Herschenfeld and Ethan Herschenfeld talk about David's rage, health insurance and customer service. The Rev. Barry W. Lynn talks about Republicans taking over the House, Hunter Biden and how he deals with annoying people on the phone. Office Hours starts at 6pm Eastern this Friday instead of 8 pm. We're starting earlier to accommodate our foreign members of the community. Please join us via Zoom. Here's the link:  

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    Top Republican SCHLAPPED With Lawsuit, Episode 1408

    Top Republican SCHLAPPED With Lawsuit, Episode 1408

    Guests: Dr. Harriet Fraad and Professor Mike Steinel Your Zoom link for Friday's Office Hours starting at 6pm Eastern: David does The News: Matt Schlapp, America's leading conservative has been SCHLAPPED with a lawsuit involving unwanted advances on another man. David does The News -Kevin McCarthy gives George Santos two seats -Republicans reverse Democratic Party's "authoritarian" rule -Republicans allow smoking in the Capitol -Republicans fight for gas stoves -Matt Schlapp and his wife get sued Guests With time stamps:     SUBSCRIBE TO DAVID'S NEWSLETTER: https://davidfeldman.substack.com Take David wherever you go by subscribing to this show as a podcast! Here's how: https://davidfeldmanshow.com/how-to-l... And Subscribe to this channel. SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MEDIA: https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=PD... More David @ http://www.DavidFeldmanShow.com Get Social With David: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/davidfeldmanc... Twitter: https://twitter.com/David_Feldman_ iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/d... https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=PD...

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