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A Podcast by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Journey behind the stories from Niagara's most accomplished founders, leaders, and innovators.

Made in the Mist Niagara Falls Innovation Hub

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A Podcast by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Journey behind the stories from Niagara's most accomplished founders, leaders, and innovators.

    Melanie Sodka, Capacity Creator

    Melanie Sodka, Capacity Creator

    Welcome to season 2 of Made of the Mist! In this episode, we sit down with Melanie Sodka, the brilliant Founder of Capacity Creator and a true connoisseur of human behavior. Melanie specializes in helping overwhelmed individuals who find themselves trapped in the whirlwind of over-commitment and distraction.
    As a seasoned podcaster and renowned international speaker, Melanie has a unique gift for unraveling the complexities of Capacity Management. Her expertise extends far beyond the microphone, as she has spent countless years captivating audiences in diverse settings such as classrooms, boardrooms, and conference halls. Melanie's dynamic journey even led her to grace the TEDx stage, where she shared her profound insights with the world.
    Join us as we delve into Melanie's world of custom talks and virtual series, meticulously designed to empower and serve her clients. Prepare to be inspired and enlightened by her perspective-shifting wisdom that has the power to transform the way you approach your own capacity and commitments.
    Tune in for an engaging conversation with Melanie Sodka, and discover the keys to managing your capacity, decluttering your life, and reclaiming your focus.

    To connect with Mel, find her at 

    • 53 min
    April Mullen, WANGO Films

    April Mullen, WANGO Films

    Join hosts Emma and Dan in the season finale of Made in the Mist as they chat with April Mullen, co-founder of award-winning production company WANGO Films. Discover the journey behind films like "88," "Wander," and "Simulant," as well as other productions shot in Niagara Falls and the surrounding regions. April shares insights on industry evolution, competition, and the joy of bringing a feature film to her hometown. Don't miss the exclusive sneak peek into WANGO Films' exciting upcoming film and TV projects, and this inspiring conversation with April Mullen, an extraordinary trailblazer in the world of cinema.

    Connect with April:
    Official Instagram: @april_mullen 
    website: www.aprilmullen.com
    email: info@wangofilms.com


    00:00 - 01:50 Welcome to the MITM

    01:50 - 08:45 Introducing April Mullen & Entering the Film Industry

    08:45 - 10:20 Premiere of Stimulant in NF & Building Community

    10:20 - 14:49 Next Generation & Personal Film Passions

    14:49 - 18:02 Pushing Through Highs and Lows

    18:02 - 22:40 Evolving Industry & Competition

    22:40 - 25:20 Film Festivals & Awards

    26:40 - 29:45 What’s Next

    29:45 - 35:10 Secret Sauce to Success

    35:10 - 38:00 Stay in Touch & Filming in Niagara Falls

    38:00 - 39:50 Signing off

    • 39 min
    Brandon Mimms, @Mondays

    Brandon Mimms, @Mondays

    Social Media expert and Travel Vlogger, Brandon Mimms stopped by the Niagara Falls Innovation to share how business strategies are evolving and why business owners need to adapt. Brandon has grown and managed multiple social media accounts, coined as, "digital real estate," to enhance how brands communicate on digital platforms. By staying consistent and true to his visionary mindset, he's had the opportunity to work with leading brands from around the global, as an advocate for our beautiful city, Niagara Falls, ON.

    Brandon's Business Social Media:
    Mental Health
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/MentalHealth
    TikTok: www.TikTok.com/@MentalHealth
    YouTube:    / @mentalhealth 

    Mondays (Sub-brand to @MentalHealth)
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/Mondays
    Clothing line and Podcast coming soon

    Brandon's Contact information:
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/BrandonMimms
    Email: brandon.mimms@hotmail.com

    • 47 min
    Vanessa De Prophetis, @GirlWithTheDogs

    Vanessa De Prophetis, @GirlWithTheDogs

    Entrepreneur-turned-influencer Vanessa De Prophetis came to our studio to discuss how she became a business owner at a young age, pivoting during lockdowns and the importance of believing in your dreams, even when those around you don’t!
    Time Stamps:
    00:00 - 03:42 Intro / Background
    03:43 - 05:59 Dealing with Competition
    06:00 - 08:30 Discovering Passion
    08:31 - 10:37 The Hustle
    10:38 - 17:10 From Employee to Business Owner
    17:11 - 21:02 Client Life Cycles /  Moving the Business
    21:03 - 29:09 Becoming an Influencer
    29:10 - 30:01 Being Niagara-based
    30:02 - 33:02 Tips & Tricks
    33:03 - 34:25 Outro

    • 34 min
    Brianna Goldie, Goldie's Museum

    Brianna Goldie, Goldie's Museum

    The incredibly talented owner of Niagara’s newest attraction: “Goldie’s Selfie Museum”, Brianna Goldie, joins our hosts to discuss her impressive accomplishments as an actress & stuntwoman, the need for great support as an entrepreneur and how a medical condition changed the trajectory of her life.

    Brianna opened in August 2022 as a selfie studio, and has recently introduced an on-site cafe and bar, fit for Barbie herself. Goldie's Museum recently hosted their grand opening, showcasing the 3000 square-foot venue was created by Brianna Goldie, and features over 25 photo-ops where you can interact with props and take some insta-worthy photos. You can enjoy installations like an oversized ball pit, life-sized angel wings, and giant lollipops, right here, in downtown Niagara Falls.

    Time Stamps:
    00:00 - 01:05 Intro
    01:06 - 04:54 “Who is Brianna?”
    04:55 - 17:59 Cheerleader, Photographer, Actress, Stuntwoman
    18:00 - 20:51 The Backup Plan / The Hustle
    20:52 - 22:10 Brianna’s Credits
    22:11 - 28:39 “Goldie’s Selfie Museum”
    28:40 - 30:14 Why Niagara Falls?
    30:15 -  39:25 Beautification and Diversifying
    39:26 -  42:01 ‘Loosening Up’ and Golfing in a Tutu
    42:03 - 43:49 What’s Next for Brianna?
    43:50 - 46:43 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs
    46:44 - 49:15 Wrapping Up, Links and Outro

    • 49 min
    Jenn Harper, Cheekbone Beauty

    Jenn Harper, Cheekbone Beauty

    Founder and President of Cheekbone Beauty, one of the top 100 influential entrepreneurs in North America, Jenn Harper, sits down with Emma and Dan to discuss her take on company culture, representation of indigenous people and how Google Analytics played a key role in starting her business.
    Jenn dreamed of crafting lip gloss for young Indigenous girls, but Beauty wasn’t an industry she knew much about—her work experience had mostly been in the food and hospitality industries. She mapped out what became her original business plan, and for the next two years, spent her evenings and weekends learning everything she could about entrepreneurship and working to build her business. Learn first-hand the tips and tricks to her success as Niagara-based entrepreneur!

    Time Stamps:

    00:00 - 01:09 Intro

    01:10 - 09:22 Introductions, Background & Company Overview
    09:23 - 13:48 Getting Ready to Build a Cosmetic Brand
    13:49 - 17:47 Staying Motivated
    17:48 - 18:50 First Products & Google's Influence
    18:51 - 22:06 Turning Down a Deal on Dragon's Den
    22:07 - 23:57 Investing in a Business vs. Investing in You
    23:58 - 29:42 Growing Through Innovation and Change

    29:43 - 32:15 Canadian Support

    32:16 - 35:07 Advantages to Growing in Niagara Falls

    35:08 - 39:32 The Next Big Steps & JCPenney Announcement

    39:33 - 42:58 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

    42:59 - 44:47 Outro

    • 44 min

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