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Mind body engineering podcast with Saumik Bera A series of experiences in human body and functional anatomy that you can practice yoga and other forms of exercise safely

Mind Body Engineering Saumik Bera

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Mind body engineering podcast with Saumik Bera A series of experiences in human body and functional anatomy that you can practice yoga and other forms of exercise safely

    #7. Personality Trait

    #7. Personality Trait

    Listen to this podcast if possible twice to get to know yourself better. I created this episode based on my study and in a recent course where I taught my students on how to identify themselves and their students in order to help them better.
    This is scientific and physiological explanation given by the masters of the trade and I feel 99% is true. If you follow the methods of the way to find out your personality types, it may also help you to develop and maintain a good relationship with your loved ones. Happy listening.

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    #6. Power of our mind

    #6. Power of our mind

    Our body can change by our thought alone. In this podcast I will give you an insight of our mind and how our thoughts have the power to change and re-create our life. our physical behaviours is designed by our mind and which is based on our thoughts or emotions for that moment.
    In this podcast I am sharing my real life and teaching experience and my study on physical body, also in my recent study on human mind and psychology that opens a new possibility of our existence. 
    Our thoughts affect our brain and body, and our emotions create a great difference into our physical body. So we need to give time to heal our body. Our brain is one of the most largest and complex element; Cortex is the thinking brain, Basal Ganglia helps the brain to process the thoughts, and Cerebrum helps us to balance and co-ordinate. 
    Knowledge is for the mind, and experience for the body. Our body chemically understands, where our mind understand intellectually.  
    A new thought leads to a new new choice, and the new choice gives you a new feeling or emotion. 
    Our thoughts have something to do with our destiny. What we think today will be manifested tomorrow. Our personality creates our personal reality, as we need to know who we want to be, or who we don't want to be in the process of who we want to be.
    Where we put our attention, we put our energy. Our mind has the power to create the changes and that is what I call Mind Engineering. It is a process of super power of mind.
    At end of listening this podcast, close your eyes and ask a question who you want to be in next 1-3 years down the road, and who you don't want to be. Create your visualisation to make your actualisation, practice that more!

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    #5. A student's inspiring yoga journey and transformation

    #5. A student's inspiring yoga journey and transformation

    In this episode, I share a discussion with my student who has gone through a transformation in her yoga journey. In past 4 decades of her life, she has been suffering in pains due to scoliosis. Bearing with the physical pain, but mentally she has been psycho-ing herself that there is "no pain".

    She took up yoga 4 years ago and since then yoga has been part of her life, and has transformed her physically and mentally. Do listen to her and and I am sure you will be inspired by her real life story.

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    #4. An Interview by Michelle Lui

    #4. An Interview by Michelle Lui

    It was my great honour to be interviewed by my dear friend, colleague and student. In this episode, I am sharing with you the whole interview which is all about yoga business and meditation. Do listen to the interviews as it may help you in some ways.

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    #3. Physical Body & Injury

    #3. Physical Body & Injury

    True wisdom is knowing there is always room to learn and grow.
    Learning has few curves: 
    Step- 1 - receiving the information and accepting it
    Step-2 - Sharing with others
    But why do we get injury onto our body? This is something I have been hearing from my students, such as injury or pains on their wrist, shoulder, back, knee or any other parts of their body.
    Our body has the mind element which is through the sensory nerve. Every time if we injured there is a memory on our body, and thereafter when we do the same action that caused the injury, our body know how to protect themselves, and it tends to move the weight to another joint of our body. This is I called the body engineering system, as the body moves and may do many things with or without our knowledge.
    If we have a great awareness then we may know what is happening but many of us do not have this awareness so we injure ourselves more and we keep seeking others' help to heal the injuries or pains, such as like doctor, therapist. 
    In my last episode I spoke about our existence of Pancho Kosha.  Balance is the key factor in our physical body and our mind. When we experience stress in our mind, our mind transfer that stress onto our physical body, and unknowingly the body is in stress too, and when we move our body by exercising, yet the body may not know that it is already in stress. The lack of coherence between the body and the mind, and the body get penalised as our mind is much stronger than the body, and thats what I called compression, contraction or injury.
    Other reason for any bodily injury is we are moving our body in the way that our body is not as it is, We are not moving the way our body is. Our mind has a super power and our mind takes over our body, and we do not know about it. Many time body listens to the mind, so if the mind and body do not have a proper balance then each time we may feel every of our action can cause damage to our body.
    Our body language is sensation not instruction. All the time our body listening to our mind, and if our mind is not able to take the sensation of the body then it becomes one way traffic.
    So keep your body joint healthy and balance that you can live in a happy body, then any injury you may have you can heal yourself.
    A happy body is a happy mind!

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    #2. Pancha Kosha

    #2. Pancha Kosha

    The true wisdom is always learning to grow. Often I receive questions from my students why they get injured in yoga or other sports. Surprising when trying to understand their injuries, I realised most of the time when they said they are injured, in fact they are not injured. It is just an "awareless" sensation in their body which they called as injury. Every injury is unique in our body, and each of our injury is very different from one to another. Most of our injury is on the superficial fascia and deep fascia, which most of it can be healed by ourselves by resting and doing traction or breathing to heal the muscles.
    We move our body based on our mind, we do not move our body they way they are. To move our body the way we are, it is based on our mind. Balancing between the mind and body is the key, but how do we find the balance? Breathing is the key, and most of our problems in our body are asymmetric, that is the reason for most of our problems.
    In this new episode, I am sharing my life experience in human body's yoga or sports injury, where and why we may have injured in our physical body and the knowledge behind the injury and healing techniques.

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4.9 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

chienocl ,

Extremely helpful guidances

Always on the dot advises n relates well to real life issues. Thank you Master.. Namaste.

Su 🥰 ,

A Great lesson to learn for better understanding

Firstly, thank you Master Saumik for bringing in this great lesson base on “Mind & Body Engineering “🙏😊 Through my latest years of my yoga journey, I have attended numerous workshops and courses but in this particular one which base on “Mind Body Engineering & Anatomy” by Master Saumik Bera, have given to me much more greater knowledge and with deeper understanding to know why some can and can’t do the posture. Its always good to learn more to understand our own body type so that we can enjoy our yoga practice with greater awareness. With respect & love to oneself 👍🥰🙏

GreatReds ,

Key of success

Dare to dream, dream BIG and seize your day💪💪

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