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Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at thegreynato@gmail.com.

The Grey Nato James Stacey and Jason Heaton

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Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at thegreynato@gmail.com.

    The Grey NATO - Ep 105 - More Q and A

    The Grey NATO - Ep 105 - More Q and A

    You sent in questions (a lot) and our weekly Isolation Tapes episodes continue with another Q&A episode. We got questions from all over the world (even Trinidad and Tobago!) and the guys had a blast hearing your voices and attempting to answer a wide-ranging set of questions. A huge thanks to everyone who send in a voice memo question and to The HODINKEE Shop for making this episode possible.

    Jason and James also chat about a new photography contest that TGN is helping to support with Pedro and Tailor, the progress on Jason’s upcoming novel, free books, out favorite NATO straps, some new elastic straps, and an Instagram account dedicated to the history of James’s favorite plane. Thanks for listening, sending in questions, and being part of the Isolation Tapes family - just press play.

    4:34 Pedro and Tailor $1000 Photography Contest https://bit.ly/3bAahMC
    9:27 Instagram for Jason’s Novel “Depth Charge” (follow, signup!) https://bit.ly/3bGaG00
    11:16 openlibrary.org (free books!) https://bit.ly/39AgCGz
    13:13 Jason’s Speedy https://bit.ly/2UAHXDW
    14:00 MKII Paradive Gen3 http://bit.ly/306k337
    14:17 Bill Yao’s / MKII Instagram https://bit.ly/39yGceZ
    15:17 ToxicNATOs! http://bit.ly/2uewAV6
    18:15 Oris Pointer Date https://bit.ly/3aLVo9K
    18:15 Nomos Club Atlantik https://bit.ly/2R4kyc1
    21:20 Aeropress https://bit.ly/3bNYbzH
    22:10 Turk’s West Vancouver https://bit.ly/2yl3asY
    22:32 Melitta cone pour over https://amzn.to/2R37GD1
    22:40 Japanese Kinto pour over https://bit.ly/2WVEBNE
    23:23 Blue Bottle https://bit.ly/2yj5jFw
    23:30 Collectivo Coffee https://bit.ly/3dLb3Iv
    44:55 The Hodinkee Shop https://bit.ly/2UEcQpR
    1:02:20 Horofix strap pliers https://bit.ly/3401alE
    1:97:15 Nick Mankee Straps https://bit.ly/2URI39t
    1:08:42 Romig21 on Instagram https://bit.ly/39AbeCY

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    The Grey NATO – Ep 104 – Isolation Tapes // TGN Bookclub

    The Grey NATO – Ep 104 – Isolation Tapes // TGN Bookclub

    Simultaneously recorded live from their homes in Minneapolis and Toronto, the boys are back with another edition of the isolation tapes. In response to a kind listener request, this episode is all about books as Jason and James co-opt the Film Club template to offer six books you might love to read during this time of limited social obligation. From high mountain peaks and stormy oceans to the stoic mind and more, it’s a set of books that will have you traveling all over the globe without ever leaving your couch.

    Along with the books, stay tuned for more foglight chat (last week Jason had 1/4 of his light working), climbers frozen in time, and a hilarious look at some of the world’s strangest animals. This episode is proudly brought to you by the Hodinkee Shop, just press play and thanks so much for listening.

    9:25 Ben’s Open Letter To The Watch Community https://bit.ly/2WHCz3r
    10:32 Small Brand Highlight:
    Monta Watches http://bit.ly/2yqs9b3
    Everest Straps http://bit.ly/2d2ChK7
    Touching the Void https://amzn.to/2UgaY7Q
    The Right Stuff https://amzn.to/2WETgg5
    Blue Meridian https://amzn.to/39BBJcn
    Into The Wild https://amzn.to/3afvR8O
    The English Patient https://amzn.to/2wAyLGw
    Shadow Divers https://amzn.to/2Ok2l6H
    Submerged https://amzn.to/3bv9Bbn
    18:50 The Snow Leopard - Peter Matthiessen https://amzn.to/3dx2PDw
    22:15 No Shortcuts to the Top - Ed Viesturs https://amzn.to/33JN8o4
    23:15 The Perfect Storm - Sebastian Junger https://amzn.to/3akoehw
    29:15 The Obstacle is the Way - Ryan Holiday https://amzn.to/2UCyXwV
    31:00 The Hodinkee Shop https://bit.ly/2UEcQpR
    32:10 The Watch, Thoroughly Revised https://bit.ly/2WHZ9Jj
    32:40 Italian Leather Vintage Style strap https://bit.ly/39eg4G0
    34:18 Eiger Dreams - Jon Krakauer https://amzn.to/2QJpEdJ
    38:25 Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know - Ranulph Fiennes https://amzn.to/33JIBlE
    49:29 Frozen In Time https://cnn.it/2JhxkQ2
    50:45 ZeFrank’s True Facts Video Series https://bit.ly/2UFnKM8

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    The Grey NATO - Ep 103 - The Isolation Tapes // Work From Home Like A Pro

    The Grey NATO - Ep 103 - The Isolation Tapes // Work From Home Like A Pro

    We’re back a week early! Jason and James are practicing social distancing and in light of having to postpone the NYC hangout, the boys wanted to try to brighten your week by going to weekly episodes for the next bit. We’re all in this together, and, while this will pass, we might as well support each other as best we can. So here it is, The Isolation Tapes.

    While future episodes will explore great things you can do without leaving the house (films, books, and Q+A - send in your questions please!), this episode focuses on how to work from home like a pro (Jason has been working from home since 2004!). From planning a routine to understanding needs both extroverted and introverted, the guys do this for a living and hope to make your week just a bit easier (and more fun!).

    From cutting your work into phases and understanding when you need a break to Jason and James’s disagreement on the merits of working from bed, it’s a chatty episode that should bring you closer to WFH bliss. Stay tuned for an extended final notes (which the guys are calling “Homework”) that cover Bond, brothers, TV survival, and survival guilt in the mountains. Thanks for listening, just press play, and please send your voice memo questions to thegreynato@gmail.com for our upcoming Q+A episode.

    2:08 The CDC’s COVID-19 Page http://bit.ly/2UcHwhW
    35:48 Youtube Cooking! http://bit.ly/2J9JFGd
    36:30 Microadventures! http://bit.ly/2widWzB
    40:35 Read the complete James Bond series http://bit.ly/2Wr7RvA
    42:25 Band of Brothers http://bit.ly/3d9Pn8H
    45:08 Survivours Guilt In The Mountains – The New Yorker http://bit.ly/2QsMnKJ
    47:00 Naked and Afraid http://bit.ly/2QtM5U5
    48:20 Everything on Naked and Afraid is Real, And I Lived It – Outside Online http://bit.ly/3daP5yl

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    The Grey NATO - Ep 102 - Desert Island Picks (And The Meetup Has Been Postponed. Sorry)

    The Grey NATO - Ep 102 - Desert Island Picks (And The Meetup Has Been Postponed. Sorry)

    Hot on the heels of a very popular Q+A episode, the TGN boys are back with some sad news. Due to the public health concerns surrounding the spread of COVID19, the TGN hangout slated for March 18th has been postponed. While Jason and James were very much looking forward to it, they don't want to be an active element in getting people sick. Once the risk has been minimized, the meetup will be rescheduled.

    Back to the episode at hand, it's a special TGN spin on the classic “what would you take to a desert island” question. From essential items to requisite booze, books, and breakfast cereal, it’s a veritable how-to for being a well-prepared recluse.

    Stay in the mix for high-pressure final notes that looks into the history of the HeV and offers up a great list of adventure books that are just as good the second or third time as they are on the first read. If you have a question for the guys, be sure to record it as a voice memo on your phone and email the file thegreynato@gmail.com so it can be included in a future Q+A episode. Thanks for listening – just press play!

    10:17 Desert Island Discs https://bbc.in/2TWKIye
    11:37 Kind of Blue - Miles Davis http://bit.ly/3cNif6C
    14:40 Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes http://bit.ly/3cNif6C
    18:00 Blue Meridian - Peter Matthiessen https://amzn.to/39BBJcn
    23:30 Endurance - Alfred Lansing https://amzn.to/2TQhWyX
    25:50 Rolex Submariner 14060M http://bit.ly/38UlEOl
    27:14 Doxa Sub 300 50th Anniversary Searambler http://bit.ly/2ItMRMi
    29:14 Willet Bourbon http://bit.ly/3aDd5Ij
    29:51 Tobermory Scotch http://bit.ly/3aM2N8Z
    42:00 “The Doxa HRV” - Perezcope http://bit.ly/39CFIFw
    43:45 “6 Classic Adventure Books We’d Read Again and Again” - Outside Online http://bit.ly/38CRvlV

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    The Grey NATO - Ep 101 - A Proper Q And A Megasode

    The Grey NATO - Ep 101 - A Proper Q And A Megasode

    The boys are back and brimming with triple-digit episode energy. Episode 101 features, well, you (assuming you were in the first 12 listeners to send a voice memo Q+A question). For those who might have skipped Ep 100, there’s a new Q+A format in town, with Jason and James asking you to record your questions like a voice memo and then email them to the show. The boys got a bunch, so here is a wide-ranging episode with voices from all over the world.

    From re-falling for a watch still in your collection, watch servicing, EDC, and the future of gas cars in an electric world (and so much more) Jason and James we’re thrilled by the response that the new format received and they hope you love this question packed episode. Stay tuned to the end for a set of final notes that has Jason and James at odds over a strange new watch. Just press play, thanks for listening, and a huge thanks to this episode's sponsor - Alps & Meters!

    6:25 Jason’s post about not buying a 50th birthday watch http://bit.ly/39YzY8B
    13:00 Ocean 7 LM-5 http://bit.ly/2vWj3VD
    13:56 Astor and Banks Sea Ranger http://bit.ly/2VdNhOy
    14:08 Doxa Sub 200 http://bit.ly/2SWJN1j
    28:10 Seiko SKX007 http://bit.ly/3c5I0yA
    33:10 Alps and Meters http://bit.ly/2B6R2bp
    34:08 Classic Waffle Sweater http://bit.ly/2wDufqp
    35:29 The Touring Oxford http://bit.ly/38X8JeB
    43:16 Calibre de Cartier http://bit.ly/38Y7wnw
    46:09 The James Brand Elko http://bit.ly/38UkuSZ
    47:20 Swiss Army Knife http://bit.ly/37WfPyO
    47:59 Benchmade Mini-Grip 556S http://bit.ly/2SSpMJk
    48:48 Benchmade Proper 319 http://bit.ly/32mWk0X
    49:18 Aaron Shapiro’s look at the 319 Proper http://bit.ly/2uuCq7Y
    49:50 Belroy Hide And Seek http://bit.ly/3c2fvBK
    50:47 Fraser Kit Co Wallet http://bit.ly/32EbUF2
    54:32 Episode 52 with WatchMaker Jason Gallop http://bit.ly/38QvyAF
    56:26 Newmark Chronograph http://bit.ly/2xrumT8
    1:05:00 James’ Seiko SKX007 http://bit.ly/3c0bwpv
    1:05:50 SKX779 Black Monster http://bit.ly/2HOxfCD
    1:06:25 Jason’s Rolex Submariner 14060M http://bit.ly/38UlEOl
    1:12:20 Top Shots From The 2019 International Landscape Photographer Of The Year http://bit.ly/38To9Re
    1:13:35 The Solid State Watch http://bit.ly/37O1nZC

    • 1 hr 21 min
    The Grey NATO – Ep 100 – Hang Out With Us In NYC!

    The Grey NATO – Ep 100 – Hang Out With Us In NYC!

    Looks like we made it (to episode 100, at least). To celebrate hitting the 100 episode milestone, Jason and James have decided to treat themselves to a shorter show as the guys take a quick look back at the start of The Grey NATO. After the brief retrospective, don’t miss the introduction of a new Q&A format for future episodes and preliminary details for the true Episode 100 event – a hangout with Jason and James (and others from the Hodinkee team) in NYC next month.

    That’s right, cross off the evening of March 18th on your calendars as the TGN boys have a venue and would love it if you could stop by and say hi! More details to follow so stay tuned to TGN and Hodinkee for an official RSVP in the coming weeks. Finally, Jason and James want your questions for a re-vamped Q&A segment in future episodes. For the new Q&A, please use the voice memo app on your phone to record your question (along with the usual name and location) then email the recording to thegreynato@gmail.com. The boys are excited for the return of Q&A and can’t wait to hear from you and answer your questions “on-air”. Just press play for all of the details and thanks for listening over the past 100 episodes.

    2:46 The First Episode of TGN http://bit.ly/3bHwwRI
    8:37 Interviews:
    Cory Richards http://bit.ly/2QzHwa3
    “Nims” Purja http://bit.ly/35eNzGi
    Rolf Studer http://bit.ly/2SRSF7l
    Paul Scurfield http://bit.ly/2u60z41
    12:00 Episode 66 http://bit.ly/2wdp3JN
    12:50 The new Q&A format (record your question with the voice memo app on your phone and email it to thegreynato@gmail.com)
    15:48 Gold From The Deep – The Salvage Of The Century http://bit.ly/2SjFA7A
    16:19 Stalin’s Gold https://amzn.to/2wdpa8b
    17:40 The Intelligence Coup Of The Century https://wapo.st/2HkHcaV
    20:34 The Conversation https://imdb.to/2Hh4Ip9

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